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Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford promoting the sale of Liberty Bonds during World War 1 at the United States Sub Treasury building (i.e. Federal Hall) in New York City on April 8, 1918.

The three stars appeared together in D.C., New York, and then split up to tour the country on behalf of the Bond Drive.

okay but imagine
  • Sportacus: -talking to the kids, trying to remember a word in English, mumbles the Icelandic under his breath-
  • Robbie: -jumping out of his hiding spot in frustration- IT'S [WORD]!!!!
  • Sportacus: Robbie, I didn't know you spoke Icelandic!
  • Sportacus: I thought that was just your voice.
  • Robbie: ????????????????

james “i don’t know anything about infant care” bond, everyone. 

Bullymagnet |Soul Mate Mix n Match AU

So I wrote a good chunk of this in the bullymagnet discord chat and well, decided to add more and share it with the peeps who are too shy to hang with us in the dumpster club house.

also idk how many words this is.

and here’s the fic!!

“Ahrgh, I cant read this stupid thing,” an irate voice whispers through Max’s mind, the words he’s heard thousands of times now, his soul mate’s ire towards what must be the compass mark. He could probably recite it perfectly, recreate the same emotion and tone - heck even the actions probably, but then people would know. So instead Max coughs, attempting to cover up his snort.

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The One With The Witch

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Summary: In his desperation, Alec seeks out a witch to spell him so he can see Jace, even if it is just a hallucination, but doesn’t anticipate you risking your life to help him nor the attachment he feels towards you immediately after. 

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)


“What exactly are you asking me?” Meliorn asks, leaning back in his chair. He studies Alec intently, watching him pace back and forth.

 “I need to see him,” Alec mumbles.

 “I was under the impression that Jace had… disappeared. That you can’t see him through your parabatai bond,” Meliorn states.

 “Yes, but I need to see him – I –“ he inhales sharply, “I know there are ways you can help.”

 “I’m not following,” Meliorn frowns.

 “Drugs,” Alec snaps, “Drugs that make me see him.”

 “Oh Alec,” Meliorn sighs, “I’m afraid party drugs that downworlders use don’t possess the effects you describe but-“

 “But?” Alec asks eagerly.

 “But there are potions, witch’s spells, herbs – but there’s no accuracy to what you see. They’re just illusions. It won’t help you.”

 “I just need to see him,” Alec mumbles.

 “Then you need to find yourself a witch… or warlock. Have you asked Magnus?”

 “Magnus wouldn’t help with something like this,” Alec sighs, “Know any witches?”

 Meliorn nods slowly, “I should warn you… Y/N is a bit prickly.”

 The whole day you’d been haunted by the dark haired boy standing in the corner of every room you walked into. Not like you weren’t used to having Shadowhunters drop in on you to make sure you weren’t torturing people but being distracted by his pacing in the middle of a surgery when no one else could see him was pretty problematic.

 “Hey,” you finally snap, dragging Alec to your office when you find him standing outside the bathroom. Once you lock your door, you turn to face him, “You have ten seconds to tell me what the hell you want.”

 “I’m Alec Lightwood,” he says.

 You roll your eyes, “Of course you are. I’m surprised they sent one of Maryse’s kids to check on me – aren’t you guys a big deal?” you scoff, “Look, as you can see I’m saving Mundane lives not killing them. I’m trying to do good which is kind of hard when you’re standing next to me during a Septal Myectomy!”

 “A what?” Alec frowns. He waves a hand in the air, “Look, far be it for me to understand why a powerful witch like you would want to live in the mundane world as a surgeon,” he scoffs, “But I’m not here to check up on you. I need you do to something for me.”

 “You… need a favour?” you cock a brow up, smirking, “Well, that’s rich.”

 “Look, I don’t know what problems you have with my family but I assure you I played no part in them.”

 “You’re a Lightwood – you’ve already played your part in the torture and mistreatment of downworlders.” You open a bottle of bourbon and pour him a glass, waiting for him to take it before continuing.

 “Still, I’m curious to know what someone like you would need from me,” you inhale slowly, “You’re not dying are you?”

 “No, I don’t need surgery if that’s what you’re asking me. I need – I need drugs.”

 You bite back laughter, “You’re asking me to give you drugs? So you can get high?” you tilt your head and shoot him a funny look, “There are plenty of drugs in the Shadow World that would be far more effective on a Shadowhunter than mundane drugs from a hospital,” you explain pointedly.

 “I don’t want mundane drugs,” he says stiffly, “I need you to make me like a witchy potion or spell me.”

 “’A witchy potion’,” you repeat, chuckling, “Shadowhunters really are stupid.”


 Suddenly your expression is serious, “Because you come here, asking me to curse you – to drug you using witchcraft when you know I can’t. It’s in the accords.”

 “You’re not breaking any rules if I’m asking willingly,” he insists.

 “Get out,” you spit, “You Shadowhunters are so entitled. Making and breaking the rules. I have a good life and I’ve worked hard for it and I’m not about to throw it away so you can get a fix,” you say, shoving him out the door, “If I see you here again, I’ll kill you.”

 “Wait, wait, wait,” he pleads, holding the door open as you push against it, “I’m not looking for a fix. My parabatai, Jace – Valentine took him. I just want to see him again, even in a hallucination. I need to see him alive and well to keep me going, I just –“ he chokes, his eyes welling up, “I can’t keep going with this weight on my chest that he might be dead.”

 “Can’t you use your parabatai link?”

 “I can’t see him. It’s like he’s disappeared.”

You sigh. The most likely explanation for that was that he was probably dead. Still, seeing Alec crying and desperately seeking your help somehow appealed to your softer side.

 “Only once,” you say, “I finish at 11. I only have a few hours before I have to be back. I’ll meet you in the parking garage.”

 “Thankyou,” he chokes, throwing his arms around you. His height and build almost sent you tumbling to the floor. You struggle to stand properly and push him away, “Don’t hug me,” you mumble, patting his arm with an awkward smile.

 “Hey,” he mumbles in the doorway, “Aren’t you a little young to be a surgeon?”

 “Witches and Warlocks age slowly,” you say, “I may look younger than you but the chances are, I’m not.”

 “I doubt it,” he chuckles, “How old are you?”

 “Goodbye Alec,” you say, pushing him out and shutting the door.

 As he turns around to protest, the door slams in his face, “Meliorn wasn’t kidding about you being prickly,” he mumbles to himself.

 Hospital life kept you busy but you always tried to find time to practice witchcraft – falling out of touch with it was never a good idea. It existed within you, in your blood, in your mind – you could never outrun it. So you learned to control it.

 But with dark magic, there was always a chance of losing control.

 “Give me your hands,” you say, holding yours out. You feel Goosebumps rise on your skin at the warmth of his touch.

 Alec turns his head, examining your flat. It was very cottagey, timber floors and a fire place – the candles filling the room with a warm vanilla scent.

 “I always thought witches would live in like medieval castles,” he says.

 “Bit hard to find one of those in Manhattan,” you scoff, “Concentrate.”

 He smiles, closing his eyes and slumping slightly as he relaxes. He listens to you mumble incantations. He could feel your hands tightening around his and he winces slightly – it felt like you were crushing his bones.

 “Ah- are you sure you’re doing this right?” he asks, grimacing until his eyes flutter open. He pulls his hands out of yours, examining the deep, purple bruises.

 “Y/N?” he waves a hand in your face. Your eyes were open but you don’t flinch.

 “She can’t hear you now – you’re in a whole different realm,” Jace’s voice comes from behind him

“Jace,” Alec sighs, pulling him into a hug, “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

 “Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m just a hallucination. A figment of your imagination,” Jace laughs.

 “I’m going to find you,” Alec says sternly, “I’m going to bring you back.”

 “I don’t doubt that,” Jace says, “But you can’t do that if your mind is over here with me. You’re hurting yourself-“ he looks over Alec’s shoulder, “And her.”

 Alec looks at you, shaking slightly with blood dripping from your nose. He could hear you whimpering.

 “What’s happening to her?”

 “This is dark magic. Forbidden magic. And to perform it on a Shadowhunter when it goes against the accords has it’s price,” Jace explains, turning Alec to face him, “Go back to the real world to find me – what you find here will only bring you short term comfort.”

 Alec nods, pulling Jace into one last hug. As he pulls away and turns back, reaching for your hands, Jace grabs his arm.

 “And stay with her,” Jace adds, “She’ll help you through this and she’ll help you find me,” he says, winking.

 Alec nudges him playfully, rolling his eyes before closing them and taking your hands again. When he opens them, Jace is gone but you’re still there, shaking, about to pass out.

 “Whoa,” he mumbles, holding you up by the shoulders as you begin to collapse. He scoops you up in his arms and lays you down on your couch.

 You’re out cold for hours and when you come to, he’s still by your side.

 “Shit, what’s the time?” you shout, shooting straight up.

 “Don’t worry, according to your phone you’ve still got another 40 minutes before you have to be at work,” he says.

 “Oh, good,” you sigh in relief, lying back down.

 “Why did you help me?” he asks, “Jace said it could’ve killed you.”

 “Don’t flatter yourself,” you chuckle, “I didn’t know it’d take such a big toll.”

 That was a lie but you weren’t about to admit that him fluttering his long eyelashes at you got the drop on you nor were you going to admit that you thought you could handle it when you clearly couldn’t.

 “I doubt that,” he gives you a small smile, “Seems to me like you took a risk for me.”

 “And why would I do that?” you leer, turning away from him.

 “I don’t know,” he shrugs, his voice teasing.

 “Well, I’d better get going,” you say, standing up and pulling on a coat, “I hope you find what you’re looking for. I won’t be able to do that again, Alec.”

 “Thankyou,” he says, walking beside you to the front door. You wait for him to go out but he lingers, leaning against the frame.

 “What are you doing?” you ask, frowning.

 “I found what I’m looking for,” he says with a cheeky grin.


 “Right here,” he says, walking back inside and sitting on your couch, “I’ll be here when you get back,” he sighs, getting comfortable as he stretches across it, cupping his hands behind his neck for support.

 You should’ve been mad or annoyed but suddenly having such a tall, and let’s admit – handsome - Shadowhunter in your living room made it seem less lonely.

 “There’s ingredients for lasagne in the fridge,” you call out. He shoots up from the couch, rushing into the kitchen.

 “I’m on it!” he calls out.

Halloween in the Barrio

Usnavi:  When Halloween comes around, the Bodega stocks up on candies and anything sweet, so Usnavi his living off a sugar rush for half the month.It’s decorated with cut out pumpkins and ghost that have probably been there since his parents ran the store. His decorations are the never change, but he makes sure to dress up differently every year. This year, not wanting to lose his hat, Usnavi centered his costume around that. (Yes, that is one rhyme he came up with to explain it). He’s a Newspaper boy, with a costume and make up all matching the look of a black and white photograph. After borrowing some make up from a terrifying Carla (we’ll get to that point later), his costumes complete. If you were to ask him who he was he say he’s Jack Kelly and begin humming Seize the Day.

Vanessa: With this year being so busy, Halloween snuck up on Vanessa like that! When she had time, she’d actually be very dedicated to finding the perfect costume, her personal favorite was Morticia Addams. But with only a week before the big day, she took a black bra and hat and borrowed Carla’s bedazzler. It’s not her best work and is kinda easy, but, still, when she saw herself in the mirror she couldn’t help but smile. After all, she was Selena!

Nina: As a kid, one of the few character’s Nina connected with almost identically was Hermoine Granger. Who else knew how it felt to be the smartest one with all those stresses and responsibilities? And when she read she also shared the crazy hair trait she flipped out! So one doesn’t have to be Hermoine to figure out why she’s dressed as her, from the curls to the time turner.

(picture of Hermione is from @str0ng3rbrit​, check her out, she’s apart of medblr!)

Benny: Growing up Benny had the best show stopper outfits for Halloween. He was MCHammer. He was Andre 3000. And who can forget the year he was Madea?! But as an adult it’s easy to lost track of the days, even the holidays, especially when you’re working on those days. Last year he was lucky enough to remember to bring a bow tie. And with a bad British accent, he stated James Bond. But after driving people around all day he felt less like 007 and more like a cross between Jeffrey from the Fresh Prince and Morgan Freeman from Driving Miss Daisy. This year he didn’t even remember it was Halloween, until after he was dressed in his uniform. Luckily, with Nina’s wit and her borrowed flag pin he became his next best (and easiest) costume. And that is how Benny got the nickname, El Presidente.

Sonny:  Halloween is Sonny’s favorite holidays. He  has a lot of Halloween Spirit. No matter how old he is he still goes trick-or-treating. Even if he can’t afford the expensive makeup or costumes, he still finds a way to go all out. He’s known for his homemade costumes. He’s also known for going too far, and getting too preachy. How is that possible? Trust me it’s possible. This year he wears glasses and a red and white stripped shirt and hat. So it’s understandable why from behind everyone assume’s he’s “Where’s Waldo”, right? Wrong.  If he were to turn around you’d see Sonny cut out big black felt letters and hot glued them on to the shirt, spelling out: “Bernie’s Votes”.  Making himself: “Where’s Bernie’s Votes” Yep. Somehow he was able to dress as a political question for Halloween. Little to say, it irks Usnavi to no end.

Pete: Like Sonny Halloween is also Pete’s favorite holiday. Not for the candy, it’s just easier to tag and paint on Halloween. And every year he has a job to do to pay off a debt. With so many people on the streets and so many people hooded, it just makes things simpler for the crazy life of an artist.
Now even though Pete is artistic, he’d rather put effort into his work rather than his appearance, so he’s rather not have to dress up. However the only way he can blend into a crowd, if need be, is in a some kind of costume. He’s famous for his hoodies and tee shirts with tuxedos and bones printed on it.  He always wears some kind of mask to protect him from the fumes. That’s all. No make up. If he’s going to be painting he’d rather paint a wall than he’s face. And he needs something he can easily ditch if need be.

Carla:  For Carla, Halloween is the only holiday that can give Christmas a run for it’s money. And it’s because how involved she is with the process of her costume. Here, she can put her make up and sewing skills to the test. With a search history full of Michelle Phan tutorials and a wastebasket full of receipts for the fabric store she has a costume. Each costume each year is, contrary to what most people expect, somewhat creepy. Some how, she finds a way to scare Usnavi along the way. Last year she was a broken vintage doll, which still gives him the creeps; this year it’s Emily for the Corpse Bride.

Daniela: Even if Dani never intendeds it, it seems that every Halloween her costume is always a “Sexy” something. She never means it to be. She usually goes to the store two weeks before Halloween and picks out the cheapest generic costume there. Every time, the hemlines just seem to be a little short and the bust a little snug. Of course no one is offended or anything, that just happens to be her style. This year she’ll be passing out candy as a witch.

Kevin: Whenever Halloween comes around, Kevin always acts annoyed and grumpy. “I have to buy Candy?” “Cami, Why do we even have to dress up?”  However, He really does enjoy it. His favorite thing is thinking of his and Camila’s  matching outfits, though, of course, he gives her the credit for that. His personal favorite is Father Time and Mother Nature  Two months prior to October he’s already thinking of ideas.
This year they both are Famous Artists. He is slicked his hair back, put on a suit, and adhered a fake wiry mustache to his upper lip. He hold a melted clock in his hand as his pocket watch. He’s Salvador Dalí.

Camila: To join complement Kevin’s artist’s theme, Camila pencils in the between her eyebrows and braids flowers into her hair. A shawl covers her shoulders, and with red lips and dangling earrings, she is the beloved Frida Kahlo.  
When Kevin and her open the door for the trick-or-treaters, he always rearranges his mustache in some crazy way to get a reaction. However, Cami seems to be the one who gets the most reactions. The majority of the grown ups love her outfit, but a lot of the kids look up the one giving them candy in fear…
All Cami can think is that have nothing to be afraid of yet…

When Abuela was still here, her favorite thing to do on Halloween was wait until 10 o’ clock. Then she’d appear, dressed in a black dress from wrist to ankle, a veil cloaking her. She’d then mimic moaning and crying  and walk down the street, scaring any troublemaker out of there street and back to their mother.
Now Cami has decided to honor Abuela and continue the legend of the barrio. Reigniting the nightmares of the stories mothers would whisper to children at night, she then would become La LLorona!

Piragüero: In order to stir up some business in the colder months, the piragüero decided to allow a customer of each purchase to be allowed to write in a suggestion for what he dress up as. Beforehand he always wore a Chewbacca suit each year, until some kid (Pete) started the rumor that he wasn’t the beloved Chewie, but the dreaded Chupacabra. That was one year he’d didn’t think he see a kid all day. With that massive loss of Business he had to step up his game, which brought around the vote. Everyone in the Barrio talks about it all October. With the amount of profit he got, the piragüero was able to make a small gift bag of candy to his most valued customers, the ones who voted multiple times. Every Halloween he goes around the barrio, delivering his thank you bags while dressed in the most voted for outfit. Along the way he gives everyone he comes across the little strawberry candy. This year, he’s El Chapulín Colorado.

Thank you so much for reading and Happy Halloween

Ties that Bind pt: 14 The Bonding

The Sequel to Never Say Never

Pairings: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Hella fluffy

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: Merry Christmas!!

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You and Bucky tried over and over again that night to bond. Unfortunately, you both came to the tipping point every time, but never actually bonded. At a certain point in the night, you both had called it quits and cleaned yourselves up before crawling back to bed. Bucky seemed more disappointed than you as he stared into your eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Don’t be sorry,”

“It’s my fault,” he sighed, “We wasted four months apart and for what? Nothing…”

“Hey, it’s okay,” you said while gingerly rubbing his face, “Let’s not think about it. Do you want to cuddle?”

Bucky nodded.

“Do you want to be the little spoon?” you asked.

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A Bail Bondsman is an employee of a bail bonding agency, and facilitates bail with the courts on behalf of a person who has been arrested and accused of a crime. Bail bond agencies have a standing agreement with the court system, in which they pay the courts an annual amount referred to as a “blanket bond” which will pay the court if any defendant they bailed out does not appear in court. A bondsman charges a fee that ranges from 10-20% of the amount of bail money that a judge has ordered to be paid before a jail inmate can be released. The fee is not refundable, even if the case is thrown out. If the jail inmate does not personally have enough funds to cover the cost, the bail bondsman can accept payment from friends or family of the inmate, (“bailing someone out”) or they can take out a security on the resources of family and friends, in the form of property such as houses or cars. If the defendant does not appear in court for their trial, a bail bond agency will hire a Bounty Hunter, who will track down the defendant, arrest them and bring them back to jail.

A bounty hunter is a licensed employee of a bond agency, or sometimes a free agent, who tracks down fugitives who are on the run from a revoked bail bond. A bond is revoked when a defendant does not appear in court after they are bailed out. Bounty hunters usually receive 10% of the fugitive’s bail amount upon delivery of the defendant. Bounty hunters track down fugitives using online resources including social media, interviewing friends, family and employers of the fugitive, and surveillance. Bounty hunters are often former members of the military or law enforcement, but are not police officers. Although they do frequently work together and share information.They are allowed only to arrest fugitives they are hunting. There are an estimated 15,500 bounty hunters in the United States.

dippy-dipstick  asked:

Headcanon where Evan's dad was abusive, and when Connor shoves Evan, he just stands over him, and then Evan has a panic attack and Connor just sits down next to him and pats him awkwardly. Then they ~bond~ and eventually before friends???rip also I love your blog you're the freaking coolest ok

Evan being afraid of having any physical touch from anyone. Connor takes it the wrong way at first but starts to realize hes not okay. He tries to help, even if he himself doesn’t have the best mental state.

They bond and help eachother out.
Good au.

I finally rounded up the designs of my FMA: Mutual Bonds babies so I think there’s no better way to celebrate it than a pseudo-poster thing ♥

It has been a GOOOOOD while since the last time I drew the 4 of them together <3 I’m so happy right now!

Runs In The Family

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Requested by just-a-touch-of-writing:

“I wanted to say that I love your imagines and I was wondering if you could write one where you’re Owen’s niece and you and Zach don’t get along at first but you slowly fall for each other after the many near death experiences and he kisses you at the end.” 

Note: This person asked for a personal but unfortunately I do not write personals, I hope you love this imagine anyway, thank you for enjoying my writing! :) xx Also this imagine will not be exactly to the plot but I’ve tried to stay as close as possible x

Warnings: Swearing

“Can I help you train the raptors?”


You huff in annoyance and roll your eyes at his answer. You don’t know why you thought today would be any different but you had and now you feel totally bummed out. Everyday it was the same routine, you got up early, scoffed down your breakfast, threw on your denim shorts and Jurassic World t-shirt, chucked your hair up into a messy high ponytail, laced up your combat boots, walked to the Raptor’s pen and asked your Uncle if you could help train them and every day received the same answer. 

“Better luck tomorrow, kid.” Barry said patting your shoulder as he walked past you. You stare after your Uncle’s retreating figure as you groan. “Do you think he’ll ever let me?” You ask as you trail after Barry. “I can’t answer that, your Uncle is the most unpredictable man I’ve ever met.” He says as he begins to fill out some sheets. You were about to reply with ‘tell me about it’ when something catches your eye.

“Hey who’s that?” You ask nodding your head toward an unfamiliar car that just pulled up as three unfamiliar figures get out of the vehicle. 

“I don’t know, but they shouldn’t be here.” Barry says narrowing his eyes.

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anonymous asked:

Your theories are an interesting read but at the end of the day that's all what they are, theories. The original author Kishimoto has never officially stated that the two main male characters are gay but rather friends/brothers with a deep bond and I, like many others, are fine with that and rather take the word of the author over anything else. Obviously you want them to be gay but since that’s not the case in this Shounen manga, I think you will find more enjoyment in the Yaoi manga's/anime's.

Thanks, but I have to correct you. 

Once again.

Your first argument: “Your theories are theories.”

a) Begging the question.
→ Begging the question is a fallacy in which the premises include the claim that the conclusion is true. You basically think XY is true because the evidence for this claim is that XY is true. Assuming the conclusion is true does not constitute evidence for that conclusion.

b)  You are generalising.
→ What do you mean by theories? What are theories for you? You didn’t define that. Of course it is easy for you to shut me up if you generalise like that. I have to enlighten you about the definition: A theory is a system of statements; it serves to describe parts of the reality or explain them and provide prognoses for the future. The same would apply to Sakura’s motherhood. Is that also a theory for you, hm? Define. Explain. Free your mind.

Your second argument: “Kishimoto has never officially stated that Naruto and Sasuke are gay, but rather friends/brothers who share a deep bond.”

a) Straw man.
→ You are implying that Naruto and Sasuke are straight. This is, by the by, incorrect. Kishimoto never stated anything about their sexuality. Thus, your conclusion is false. Furthermore, I never said they are gay; therefore, your argument is a straw man. A constructed argument to make it easier to attack my position.

b) Appeal to ignorance.
→ You assume something has to be true because it hasn’t been proven false.

c) There is nothing wrong with stating their bond is romantic.
→ Like I explained in my post [link], Naruto and Sasuke scrapped the notion through unreliable narration. In the beginning, Naruto says that their bond is similar to a brotherhood. Later on, he corrects this, and says that their bond is similar to a friendship. Especially Sasuke wants to know why Naruto is so determined to help him when they finally find the time to talk after all these years. Towards the end, Sasuke asks him the same question and wants to know what Naruto meant when he said they are friends. Suddenly, Naruto isn’t sure anymore how to answer his question because the feelings he has for Sasuke are too great and deep. We, as the readers, can notice subtle changes. Are they brothers? Friends? Lovers? They aren’t brothers, Naruto denied this. And it can’t be a normal friendship, Sasuke questioned this; id est, there is nothing wrong with assuming that their bond is romantic. 

d) Argumentum ad nauseam.
→ An argument made repeatedly until nobody cares to discuss it anymore. This may sometimes, but not always, be a form of proof by assertion.

Your third argument: “I, like many others, believe Kishimoto.”

a) Argumentum ad populum.
→ A fallacy that concludes that something is true because many or most people believe it. Oh, how many people believe that Trump is going to make America great again? 

b) Authorial intent is not important and lost its original sense. 
→ Roland Barthes, French philosopher, author, and literary critic, published an essay called La mort de l’auteur (English for “The Death of the Author”). He postulates that the author has to be treated as dead from a literary point of view.
→ Intentional fallacy. The problem inherent in trying to judge a work of art by assuming the intent or purpose of the author who created it.
→ Weak intentionalism. Mark Bevir sees meanings as necessarily intentional, but he suggests that the relevant intentions can be those of readers as well as those of the authors. Weak intentionalists emphasise that texts do not have meanings in themselves. They believe that meanings are always meanings for people—albeit the relevant people, whether authors or readers.

Your third argument: “You want them to be gay.”

a) Appeal to motive.
→ You are calling my motives into question, and are implying it played a role in forming my argument and its conclusion. I never said they are gay.

b) A little homophobic, don’t you think?
→ By assuming Naruto and Sasuke are heterosexual, you imply straight and gay people follow a certain behavioural pattern. According to you, unconventional characteristics belong per se to other sexualities. That is, don’t pardon my French, bullshit since there aren’t any guidelines for that, and also, there aren’t any evidences or hints in the series about their sexuality. A marriage proves nothing. If you still don’t believe me, I would suggest you to watch Brokeback Mountain. It’s about two men—apparently happily married—that constantly meet each other secretly and have sex. Newsflash, somebody can be in a heterosexual relationship, but that doesn’t conclude the person is heterosexual.

c) Don’t be so brazen.
→ Didn’t you read [link] my [link] answers? Also, did you ever hear of bisexuality? Pansexuality? Polysexuality? Trisexuality? Bicuriousity? Skoliosexuality? And more???

Your fourth argument: “Naruto is a shounen, not a yaoi.”

a) Sigh.
→ I would advise you first and foremost to learn the difference between yaoi and shounen ai. Yaoi stands for on-screen sex between two guys and maybe on-screen or off-screen romance. Shounen ai stands for on-screen romance between two guys and maybe off-screen sex. With that said, you need to replace yaoi with shounen ai. 

Well, but you are still wrong and talk utter and complete nonsense. Following this logic, I could state the same about your ships. After all, Naruto isn’t a hentai, right? Naruto isn’t an ecchi, right? Naruto isn’t a shoujo, right?

Yet, you see no problems with heterosexual ships; however, you see a problem when it comes to homosexual ships. Why is that so? Why? Since, obviously, you aren’t afraid of love. Does this mean you are afraid of two guys loving each other? Does this mean you hate gays? Does this mean homosexuality isn’t normal and therefore, it is necessary to label certain pieces of work with some sort of warning, so that you and your homophobic little friends know that it contains homosexuality? So that you can distance yourself from such things? Because, you know, that’s what your statement implies.

Philosophical Meta by Anon: Eastern vs. Western Thought in LOK

Hello everyone. I certainly hope you remember the wonderful “Anonymous Asami Admirer,” our favorite LOK fan with a psych and philosophy background who from time to time will drop me beautiful and insightful essays/musings?

Well A^3 is back, this time analyzing the Avatar universe’s philosophical underpinnings in a thoughtful essay that tackles Eastern vs. Western concepts and how they shape the Legend of Korra. Enjoy!

Wan, The First Avatar: Recycling Ancient Wisdom

The Avatar universe borrows very heavily from Asian cultures, mingling ancient thought with more recent western ideas. This fusion of east and west makes for relatively creative storytelling with the added bonus of introducing western audiences to some important concepts from eastern cultures. Exploring these eastern concepts can deepen our understanding of the show and its lessons. 

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The last birthday Jason remembered was his tenth because that was the day his dad showed him how to boost a car. Willis even brought Jay along with him to his chop shop and introduced him to the other guys who worked there. He almost seemed proud to have Jay as a son, and as much as Jay hated to admit it, he loved every minute that he got to spend with the man that day.

Willis never had much time for his son or wife. He was a busy man after all, always working to make sure that his family was provided for (he never let them forget that) so he was entitled to spend his freetime as he wished: with his other women or gambling away his family’s livelihood. The nights he did manage to stumble back to their apartment on Crime Alley he was loud and drunk and angry, not in the mood for Catherine’s “nagging,” and certainly not in a state to bond with his boy. Jay grew to resent Willis over the years; not for the lack of attention he showed Jay, but for how sad he made Catherine. The man of the house was supposed to watch out for his family but Willis was never around. Jay saw his mom go from a happy homemaker to a depressed addict who desperately craved a relationship with the man she still loved. But Jay didn’t blame her—a part of him had always craved the same thing.

A month after that wonderful birthday, Willis left for work and never came back, leaving Jay to take care of his ailing mother. Jay was a man now; he had a family to protect so there was no time for something as silly as a birthday after that…

…until he turned 13. Jay was running late for school that morning because he and Bruce were out past 3am the previous night investigating a tip about a serial killer. As Jay raced down the stairs to meet Alfred, he was surprised to find Bruce up, dressed, and waiting for him instead. Bruce explained that Jay was “playing hooky” because Bruce had some friends he wanted Jay to meet. To Jay’s surprise, they took the Lamborghini instead of the Batmobile, and the “friends” weren’t police or informants, but rather the members of the Gotham Knights baseball team. Bruce and Jay spent the entire day at the stadium together—Jay even got to hit a few balls at batting practice—and after the game that night, Alfred had cake and ice cream waiting for them back at the manor.

The Wayne family always made time to celebrate Jay’s birthdays, and Jay’s favorite birthdays were always the ones he got to spend with his dad ♥

anonymous asked:

hey for the prompt set posted yesterday, can you do AG/33 for 00Q but like. not angsty. oh god i'm imagining so much angst TAKEEE THE PAINNN AWAYYYY. pretty please. :D

No angst, coming right up ^^ only warnings are for besotted Bond and anxious and equally besotted Q being in love with one another.

“We’re running low on time here.”

Q scowled. Leave it to Bond to state the obvious.

“Thank you so much for that,” Q said, rummaging through his closet. It ought to have been right there in the right front pocket of his jacket. He’d left it there the day before on purpose, and now… “I hadn’t noticed.”

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