state arboretum


The ship’s arboretum from “Is There In Truth No Beauty” was originally constructed for “Elaan of Troyius”, but the scene in which it featured ended up on the cutting room floor. The only other episode of Star Trek that featured it was “And The Children Shall Lead.”

Interestingly, it’s never stated to be the arboretum by any of the the characters in either episode. Some fans theorize that this is Gene Roddenberry’s first attempt at something akin to the holodeck from Star Trek: The Next Generation. When Kirk and Dr. Jones enter the room, the captain says, “I may be sentimental, but this is my favorite place: Earth,” which could imply that the scene takes place in the “holography area” that Roddenberry had promised to NBC executives for future seasons.

(That said, Dr. Jones leaves the room holding a rose at the end of the scene, which says to me that it wasn’t a projection of some kind.)