These aren't people. These aren't companies. These aren't cities. These are states, ENTIRE STATES suing the FCC

New York, California, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, North Carolina, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Virginia have teamed up vs the FCC. Now who’s gunna win? One company or 17 massive states of the United States of America? Some of which have very big voices.

Under Capitalism everything is commodified, everything becomes a product. What was once a simple patch of woods cannot continue to exist unless it serves a function. Of course, the only function deemed worthwhile or of value is if that patch of woods is making money. To stay a patch of woods it must become a park, which means it must be bought and held by a board of executors or government agency who worry that too many raccoons might cause problems so they’ll have to call an exterminator. To simply be requires that this patch of woods transform itself into someone’s property, or that it be managed and governed, and that’s if we still want it to be a patch of woods! Unfortunately very few people have the time for such an endeavor (time is money after all) and would rather bulldoze and rip up the woods to make something profitable. All the lives and spirits contained within literally amount to nothing in the face of “the market” because the wild world exists outside the realms of profit.
Because it cannot grovel before capitalism, it must be destroyed.
—  Dr. Bones, Curse Your Boss

king5seattle😲 Alicia Cee took this video in University Place, Washington: “Thousands of crows flock to my neighborhood every night. This has to be one of the largest roosts in Washington State.”

“For all your educational needs, visit scenic State University.”

“We may not know which state we’re in, but we promise it’s a good one.”

“Probably one with a lot of water. We don’t remember.”

“Our state-of-the-art facilities accommodate the needs of only the best and brightest–

–terrifying, faceless monstrosities.”

“For all you humans with faces worried if you’ll fit in, though, don’t worry! Our groundbreaking new video corruption technologies make everyone’s clothes–

–look like they were run over by a tank, so you can bond over appearing to have survived some great war.”

“Begin your educational journey today at today at State University. We May Not Know Which State We Are… But We’re Definitely Yours™”

The great thing about poetry is that it is simply not ‘commodifiable.’ Materially speaking, it’s worthless in this culture. There’s very, very little money to be made from writing poetry. In that way, it’s subversive since anyone can steal it. Anyone can take it. Anyone can learn it by heart. Anyone can whisper it, can carry it into a jail, through borders, across all sorts of state lines. Poetry is that which can be carried anywhere. It’s invisible. And that makes it very, very precious in a culture where everything has a price. It still has a purity.
—  Marie Howe