stat tattoo

mmfr thoughts/observations

The Capture & Escape Attempt:

• Max isn’t standing still in the opening shot of him. He’s actually rocking back and forth slightly, and fiddling with his hands.

• He gets caught really close to the Citadel. You can see it in the background right before they start dragging him behind them on the chain.

• That tattoo probably took hours to do. At least two. And because it was such a hack job, when it heals he’ll be able to feel the letters raised as scars.

• The guy with the brand was behind Max. He didn’t see it coming. He must’ve felt/sensed the heat of it.

The Blood Shed:

• Max seems to be the only blood bag with his stats tattooed on his back. 

• I get why they left Max his shirt (so they could use it to cover Tom’s arm tattoos), but why did they leave him with his knee brace?

• Continuity error! Max has boots on when we first see him in the cage, then no boots when he’s hanging upside down, then boots again when he’s a hood ornament.

• There is a blood bag next to Max’s cage who isn’t hung upside down. He has an IV cuff on his wrist similar to what Nux wears, but other than that he isn’t tied up, so at least some of them seem to have completely accepted their lot in life and don’t fight it anymore.

• Max isn’t the only muzzled blood bag. The guy that’s hanging nearest to the Organic Mechanic seems to have metal or cloth over his jaw and eyes. 

• The film reverses for a split second when that War Boy says to Nux “An imperator gone rogue!” which is… a very odd editing choice.

• Slit refers to Max as an “it.”

Furiosa & Crew:

• “Fukushima kami-crazy.” Niiiice worldbuilding. 

• We see Furiosa doing part of the kill-switch sequence even before we’re told there is one. 

• I find it interesting that Joe allows a) his Imperators and b) a couple of War Pup helpers to dress him and see him for the diseased old man he really is. Kind of ruins the façade. 

• Joe says about himself: “I am your Redeemer!” What was it that Furiosa and Max spend the whole movie looking for again?

• I very much enjoy this trend of women in positions of authority in movies giving orders and not being questioned. The Martian had that too.

The Chase:

• The audio synch of the dubbed “First it’s my blood, now it’s my car!” line is laughably bad. (Headcanon: Is he actually vocalizing, or is it just in his head?) 

• Continuity error! The length of the metal bar Max is cuffed to changes lengths a couple of times throughout the chase.

• I love the look Max gives Furiosa. Like: “You’re the reason I’m strapped to this car right now. Screw you very much.”

• He looks like Daniel Craig here:

The Toxic Storm:

• I also love the look in Joe’s eyes when he realizes that Furiosa means to drive through the toxic storm. A combination of “oh fuck” and “I really wish I hadn’t hyped everyone up to believe I was indestructible right about now.”

• When Furiosa punches Ace, the rest of her crew starts shouting in confusion.

• I think the Imperator who puts the breathing mask on Miss Giddy is Asian.

• Slit tried to bite Max’s boot/ankle, lol.

• The lightning flashes are in black & white.

• I love the beat of utter disbelief in Max’s face before he shifts to pure survival mode and starts punching the window. 

• Also, the whole suicidal fanatics who follow a religious cult leader shouting catch-phrases before they kill themselves (“Riding to Valhalla!” / “Witness me!” / “I live, I die, I live again!”) is such a product of the times we live in, but I wonder if it would have been included in the film if it had been made back in the early aughts (remember the flack the 2nd Lord of the Rings movie got for including the “suicide bomber” orc?)

• The final shot of the flare being snuffed out was so artsy and creative. I fucking love it. 

The Meeting/Fight:

• I could listen to the sound of the sand and the chains rustling as Max wakes over and over again. 

• I love the foley effect of the water glugging inside the rig for the close-up of the water hitting the mud.

• Max smiles and laughs eagerly right before the water hits him in the face.

• This is the best fight scene ever and Furiosa is so fierce and competent and tough and I love it.

• The part where she pins him against the rig and curls his finger around the trigger in order to get him to shoot himself is so hot, haha.

• The sound of the gun scraping against the side of the rig is my favourite sound effect in the whole movie.

• He makes a hilarious “mmph!” sound right before accidentally faceplanting into Furiosa’s crotch.

* Capable wears little slipper-boots with curly toes.

The Rig:

• Furiosa picked up and carried the metal thing she’d been using to clear sand all the way up until the point she reaches the rig, and then throws it to the ground just before she approaches the door.

• The look on his face after Furiosa says “You’ve got about a 5-minute head start” tho, because he’s clearly terrified and just being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn at that point.

• The look on her face, when she realizes this stubborn fool would rather sit there and let himself get caught again rather than let them in, and she’s at her wit’s-end and decides to appeal to his id rather than his conscience as a last resort: “You want that thing off your face?!”

• (The fact that she tried to appeal to his conscience at all just shows how adaptable and quick-thinking she is. This is a man who chose warning shots over the more efficient/logical rout of shooting her and Angharad after all)

* People have already commented on how everything from Furiosa’s voice to the sound of the chains have an echo effect during then scene where Max confiscates all the guns. I just love how everything sounds so crisp and sharp once he lets them back inside, even the creaking of leather.

• I’m pretty sure that’s a knife attached to the corner of the door/windshield on the driver side, next to the little squirt bottle.

• The way he holds the pistol close to his face is so damn strange, and yet also the perfect visual cue for how stressed/afraid he is. It’s a shield as much as it is a weapon.

• Continuity error! The lighting and makeup is just so completely wrong on the first shot of Max using the file on the lock. Just flat yellow lighting and there isn’t even any dirt or sweat on his face.

• Side note: Every single copy of this scene posted on YouTube has guys asking some variant of “What does ‘schlanger’ mean?” (as if they don’t already call their peens the most ridiculous things).

To be continued~