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Beyoncé could make history on Grammy night!

  • She already became the most nominated female in history with a whopping 62 nominations.
  • She has potential to beat Alison Krauss in becoming the most Grammy awarded female in history. Alison has 27, while Beyoncé currently has 20. If Beyoncé win more than 7, then Beyoncé will surpass Alison Krauss and make history.
  • If Beyoncé wins 8 of her Grammys, then she will be tied with Michael Jackson (1984) and Santana (2000) for winning the most Grammy wins in one night.
  • If Beyoncé wins all 9 of her Grammys, then she will surpass Michael Jackson and Santana for winning the most Grammy wins in one night.
  • Beyoncé could break her own record in winning the most Grammys in a night by a female artist. Currently Beyoncé and Adele are tied for winning 6 Grammys in one night.
  • If Beyoncé wins 6 Grammys, then she will be the first female artist to win at least 6 Grammys in one night, twice.
  • If Beyoncé wins more than 6 Grammys, then she will be the most awarded Grammy female artist in one night.
  • She will become closer to becoming the most Grammy awarded artist of all time. <3

amnwolfdog  asked:

Yoosung fluff? Gaming night? That would be cute! :D

  • gaming night is stats out like super serious and a big deal to yoosung, he probably owns one of those orange tinted sunglasses that are to help with preserving eyesight when playing on the computer so often. 
  • he also has the router right next to his computer so there’s no big fuss about slow connection. serious business here, folks.
  • when mc comes along and is settled into his life, gaming night is still serious as hell but just a lot cuter. it starts out as super competitive and there’s so much screaming that people think they’re going at it like rabbits… but the only reason they’re both yelling is because they’re fighting each other.
  • they choose different games by picking it out from a randomizer website and rely on that to decide what game would be played, or if they’re feeling in the mood for a certain game they’ll go for that instead. if they both can’t decide, it’s a game of rock paper scissors.
  • yoosung decided that they both get one energy drink to be at the left hand side and a towel to wipe away seat if needed. if a pee break is in order mc or yoosung is allowed three minutes before it’s considered a forfeit.
  • once things start coming together and they’ve lived together for about six months or more, it starts getting more casual and a lot more cuddly…. instead of sitting next to each other now, yoosung is pretty content with moving to the couch that’s behind them and cuddling together while they game.
  • usually, it’s yoosung lounged on the couch with mc lying between his legs and resting on his chest, and they probably shuffle around a little more in variations of basically cuddling.
  • when gaming becomes too long and they both fall asleep, they always wake up tangled together and one of them probably has a gaming controller pressed onto their cheek
  • sometimes it becomes a makeout session but also sometimes they’re feeling extra competitive so they get back to gaming. they both decided kissing each other so they can be distracted enough to get the upper hand is illegal after mc tried being sneaky.
  • have probably ended up doing the sin once during a boring game night… to be honest though they both seem pretty concentrated on kicking each other’s asses though
  • when they play sandbox games they both are probably cheesy as fuck and try to build a house together or like just make a living together in an online game… when they already live together
  • or they leave gifts for each other when they play in sandbox games and it’s either super adorable or ends up killing one of their characters which ensues a mini argument
  • they’ve definitely made themselves on the sims and honestly them deciding to have a baby on the sims probably sparked some talk about children which is the most ridiculous way for the topic to come up
  • on competitive games they on occasion get into tickle wars after disagreeing about who really won that checkpoint
  • co-op games are the best because yoosung and mc get to work together and it’s always fun and a good time because they make such a coordinated team, especially with puzzle games.
  • sometimes they let each other win because they love each other so much it’s fuckin cheesy 
  • later on they eventually throw away most of the rules and pause together if they want to get something to drink or just wanna cuddle some more so they just basically pause to cuddle up more and make out and be dumb
  • sometimes they have snacks just lying around that they both dig into while playing games and have agreed on a switch schedule of who should get up and get more snacks every time
  • basically everything is pure and adorable and they could play video games forever

Jack goes into the NHL draft on schedule (in 2009) and Bitty keeps up figure skating… for a while. Hilarity ensues. A terrible fic-in-bullet-points that I couldn’t get out of my head. Enjoy. 

  • Saying that Eric got into hockey because of a boy was a little unfair.
  • He got into hockey because of a really cute boy.
  • Andrew, 5’11, green eyes, fellow figure skater, nice to Eric, did I mention green eyes?
  • So Eric likes Andrew and Andrew likes hockey, so Eric does some Late Night Googling™
    • He looks up stats and player names and talking points
    • Watch hockey? What? Why would that help?
  • Next day, Eric discovers that the only thing boys love more than talking about sports is Explaining sports
    • Furthers his hockey understanding
    • However, much of it can be summarized by “Fuck the Blackhawks”
  • Eric does some more googling over the next few weeks - because why not?- and, well, when a boy spends enough time on the Internet…..
  • He doesn’t mean for the fanfiction to show up, it’s just there
    • Not Without You” - 9,764 words, 3 chapters, M/M, angst then smut, For Mature Audiences
    • Jack is faced with a tough decision, and Parse just wants to help
  • Kent Parson and Jack Zimmerman are players for the Las Vegas Aces, and Eric knows their stats (fighting for the Calder, great chemistry, highest scoring pair)
    • And Jack Zimmermann is *totally not* exactly Eric’s type

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my stat teacher selections are:

  • night class with a few reviews mention a “thick accent” and apparent language barrier (not that it’s a bad thing but i have adhd and i’m terrible at math so im nervous) but is also very funny and very accessable outside of class and apparnetly perfect for me except that it’s a night class and he has an apparent accent
  • prof who just has power points and doesn’t do anything outside of class
  • prof who talks too fast but apparently gives lots of extra credit but also lots of homework



Power: E-A

Speed: B

Precision: B

Durability: E-A

Development potential: A

Range: E (2 meters) 


Copying: Able to copy stand abilities with a mere touch. GNP can use this ability as many times as they want. However, If they get severely injured their ability is knocked out of them.

Copy Essence: Able to store abilities. The abilities turn into mini stars with symbols that represent the ability. However, they can be broken, taken back, and GNP can only store up to 4.


93kg/205lbs for a top set of 10 today.

Running on 2 hours sleep after a rough night last night, and had a 7 hour stats course today, so my strength suffered. No biggy, onwards and upwards.

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Mocha, black cherry, neapolitan!! 🍡🍧🍨🍦

mocha: ideal weather conditions?
warm rain! I like gray days that aren’t particularly cold and rain is comforting

black cherry: four words that describe you?
tired, empathetic, learning, whelmed

neapolitan: things that stress you out?
math..dude..I just lost it last night doing stats and cry every time I think about the class good times ;)

new-alternian-mechanic replied to your post: Salutations everyone! I am back from the daily…

|}–> Some progress is better than no progress.

Hoo, you know how I think buster! I’m entirely aware of how dire our situation is, but that isn’t any reason for me to just give up!
I managed to get a stat boosting massage last night and I’ve never felt better >:B

I didn’t actually beat any monsters, but I wasn’t defeated by any either!