stat hex


Yearly lair stats! Can’t believe I’ve been here 3 years now, it’s absurd to think about. Didn’t I just join last year on June 3rd?

Let’s see how things have shifted from last year’s stats!

11 Nature dragons still hold sway in the lair and maintain nature’s top ranking, though Lightning made a move for top place and barely lost.

Last year was decently well balanced between Male:Female, but now I’m tending towards a female heavy lair.

Mirror dragons have taken a solid first place as most common breed in my lair! Last year they tied with Spirals.

Iridescent, Shimmer, and Underbelly remain my top three genes! Last year’s least common’s haven moved up to the middle rankings, and are replaced by Falcon, Daub/Hex/Saturn, and  Gembond/Okapi/Spines as least common. I’m a little surprised because I actually like daub. And I got nothing against gembond.

It still endlessly amuses me that the least common breed and gene combo is more dynamic than the most common together.