Dean and you remained wary after Sam left to find the witch, backs pressed against each other as you surveyed opposite sides of the room.  You worked well together—perfectly, actually, and of course, as any pair would, you had your arguments and disagreements, but when the brothers butt heads over their ideas and methods, you always seemed to be the one to maintain peace.

“Who do you think it’ll look like?” you asked, your voice barely above a whisper as to not disturb the eerie silence of the basement.

Dean scoffed.  “Well, I always had a thing for the chick who played Daisy Duke.”

“Oh, jeez, Dean, she’s, like, sixty now.”

“She definitely wasn’t in the ‘80s,” he answered, and you could hear the cheeky grin in his voice.

You elbowed him.  “Gross.”

“Hey, you asked.”

After staying like that, back to back, you lowered your gun and sighed.  “I’m gonna go poke around over there.  Don’t move from this room.”  You knew he rolled his eyes, but with finger barely brushing the trigger, you rounded a corner into a room you hadn’t checked earlier.  It was dimly lit from the light behind you, and after a quick yet thorough sweep, you came up with nothing.

Should’ve guessed, you thought, a sigh escaping you as you made your way back.

As Dean turned around to face you, made aware of your presence by undisguised clunky footsteps, his expression went from focused, to surprised, to defensive all in the blink of an eye.  He yanked you forward by the wrist and then pushed you behind him, stumbling back a few steps to create distance.

“Dean, what the he—“ you stopped short when you saw what he was staring at.

You.  You saw yourself, or an imitation, you should say.  It was leaning against the doorframe, a sultry smirk heavy on its face.

“Dean, why is it taking on my appearance?” you demanded as the two of you walked backwards behind a table.

He looked conflicted, his eyes never leaving the fake you, slowly sauntering with a swagger that you certainly didn’t possess.

“C’mon, Dean, don’t be shy.  I know that you just… well, can’t think straight when I’m around,” It taunted, reaching the table and leaning forward to expose cleavage shown off by a shirt with one too many undone buttons.

“Dean,” you persisted, gripping his forearm.

Between the aghast expression on his face and the sultry version of yourself, you could draw two conclusions: you were Dean’s darkest desire, and you weren’t sure how to process that.

(this is absolutely awful, and I apologize, but I haven’t posted in years)

Back to Sleep

based on the song by Chris Brown

*contains mature content*

The multiple vibrations and flashing LED light of your phone, woke you up from you sleep and turned over, a string of grumbles and curse words flying from your lips. You snatched your phone from it’s charger and answered the phone as angrily as you could, “Hello?” you snapped, your voice hoarse and thick with sleep. 

“Damn, the welcoming party sure has downgraded since last time I’ve visited.” his thick, husky voice filled your eyes, making your body tingle from head to toe. 

You pulled the phone away from your ear and checked the time before rolling your eyes and scoffing, “Jay are you serious? It’s little one in the morning” 

You could hear the buzz and noise of the late night city behind him all before it disappeared with a simple sound of a slamming car door, “Yeah, I know but I’m in town and –” 

You sighed, “Wanted to see me?”  you questioned, cutting him off. You knew what he wanted as soon as you saw his name flash on the phone. Of course he was in town and of course he wanted to come see you, but not just as your normal friend coming who hasn’t seen you in so long coming to see you. Oh no, it was never that simple with Justin. He was calling in to check up on your little agreement, making sure it was still intact. 

“Can I?” 

With another sigh, you huffed out the response, “Yeah, you have a key so let yourself in…” 

You could just about see the smile on his face, one that stretched across his entire face. You hung up the phone and turned back over before closing your eyes. You’d hoped that once he saw you sleeping, he’d forget about it and not bother with trying to wake you and save his ranging hormones until after tomorrow. You were exhausted after work and wanted nothing more than to stay asleep and so you did. 

Justin grinned as he unlocked the door to your apartment, practically bouncing on the balls of his feet. Despite not being able to visit you or your city often, he still managed to keep in touch but phone calls, texts, facetimes and snapchats weren’t anything like being able to see you in person, hear your voice up close, touch your skin, see the actual sparkle of your smile, not to mention every time he visited you two slept together. That was probably his favorite part. 

Justin dropped his bag and quickly kicked off his shoes and jogged up the stairs towards your bedroom, where he found he sound asleep, little snores escaping your slightly parted lips. Justin smiled softly as he puled his shirt over his head, and removed his ripped jeans before slowly lifting the overs away from your body until you laid exposed in nothing but a small camisole and a pair of boy shorts. 

Justin licked his lips before sliding his hands slowly up your thighs, his fingers pinching the hem of your underwear, slowly tugging it down so that he wouldn’t wake you. Justin flung your underwear somewhere behind him and lifted your legs cautiously, his eyes trained on your face looking for any signs of you waking up. 

Justin licked his lips and propped himself on his elbows, his cold hands brushing your hips creating goosebumps to arise on your skin. Justin lifted your shirt slightly and began kissing every inch of exposed kiss of your stomach and thighs. Little tiny pants began escaping your lips, your back slowly arching. Unable to continue with teasing you from impatience and the painful strain in his pants, Justin lowered his head and brought his mouth to your heat, his lips brushing your damp center. 

A short whimper rose from the back of your throat, causing Justin to glance up at your face, to find your eyes fluttering. Looking back down between your thighs, Justin used his thumbs to spread your folds before completely devoured your cunt with his mouth, licking and sucking your clit so hard you jolted from your wake with a cry, your hands immediately finding their place in justin’s moppy blonde curls. 

Justin pulled away smirking, “Morning baby, you sleep well?” 

You narrowed your eyes unable to stop your hips from bucking forward, “Dammit, Justin”  you hissed, your hips bucking forward in an attempt to get more of Justin’s touch, your body completely aroused by the familiar touch of Justin’s body. Clearly your plan to fall asleep and just have Justin give up on his plan for sex tonight didn’t work. 

“D’ya miss me?” He questioned, that damn annoying smirk still plastered on his face. 

You rolled your eyes and propped yourself on your elbows in order to get a better view. While you were asleep, Justin managed you remove you underwear, get naked and make your sex ache with a desperate need only he could fill. “You’re annoying.” you muttered.

Justin placed a kiss on now dripping center, “Baby girl, I asked you a question” he whispered, his breath tickling your core, sending shivers throughout your body. 

You groaned, bucking your hips once more as your eyes fluttered, “Yes,” you breathed, “Now please stop teasing me.” 

“As you wish,” Holding down your waist, Justin went on eating you out. He trailed his tongue down you entrance, licking and sucking your wet arousal and letting out a throaty moan at your taste. Justin closed his eyes, savoring every bit of you. “God, I’ve missed tasting you…and you’re so wet for me…” 

Justin’s eyes gleamed with pure arousal and bliss, his face looked that of someone who’d finally recovered something that’d been lost. “Fuck,” you cursed under your breath, your eyes rolling to the back of your head, your lip raw and swollen from your teeth gnawing on it as Justin wrapped his lips around your throbbing clit, humming against you as you stuttered out a string of curse words, “Fuck – Oh my god – Justin –” 

Justin’s tongue tickled your clit, abusing the bundle of nerves repeatedly as he flicked his tongue against it. You dug your claws into Justin’s scalp and shoved his head deeper, your sex desperately craving more. Instead of fighting you off this time, Justin obliged to your needs and attacked your clit even harder, giving it as much attention as you desired. You groaned loudly, you body trembling and shuddering beneath him as he added a finger, “Shit!” 

You could actually feel the asshole smirking against you as he added a second finger, curling the digits inside of you, your walls pulsating around them. Justin slowly pumped them in and out of you, finding a steady rhythm and padding the sensitive bed of nerves, all while never taking any attention from your clit, making you moan in response. 

You couldn’t take your eyes off him. He was doing amazing by how he managed to get you this aroused in such a short period of time. His blonde hair, knotted between your fingers, your dark black nail polish standing out against the platinum blonde strands. Justin started moving faster, sucking harder, trying to bring you closer to your peak. He continued lapping at your center, hitting your g-spot so many times you were beginning to see stars. 

You reluctantly let go of Justin’s hair and instead gripped at the sheets, almost pulling off the bed as you began to feel your stomach knot, your whole body trembling profusely due to Justin’s relentless attacks until you could feel a familiar euphoric heat deep within your core.  You arched your back, taking the sheets with you as you whimpered, “Jay –” 

You cried out as your climax washed over you, sending you into such a haze, you barely felt the small open mouth kisses Justin placed all over your body before finally planting one on your lips, his lips wet and dripping with your arousal. You looked to Justin through hooded eyes and smiled, “Did you enjoy yourself?” 

Justin chuckled a devilish hint in his eyes as he removed his boxers, “Oh baby girl, we’re not done. Matter of fact, we’re just getting started.” 

You shook your head a smile slowly stretching across your face, “I have work super early in the morning, you know” 

Justin rolled his eyes, chuckling as he hovered over you, his fingers dancing at the hem of your shirt before pulling it over your head and chucking it towards the floor. Justin grinned and wrapped his arms around your waist and lifting you up on to his lap, “You can call in sick in the morning because tonight we’re going all out.” 

The Alpha

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***Justin’s NOT famous in this imagine.***

**Hope You Enjoy** (Old Imagine Posted On My Wattpad Account ( Aliciax33 )

Justin Drew Bieber… Alpha Male, leader of the DarkShadow pack. #1 in Los Angeles as one of the most strongest packs. Today’s the anniversary of him being turned over as Alpha by his father Jeremy. They say at 12:00 midnight, Justin will find his mate that same night. The full moon will be shining bright in the sky that night. And tonight… Is that night.

Your nervous, your hands are sweating. It’s you out of almost a million girls that could be Justin mate..we all have to admit Justin is a really handsome, sexy, cute, lovable….. You get the point guy. Almost every girl in the whole LA bound wants him.

Right now.. There about to let people in for the party to begin. This is a big deal. I mean… You come from an Alpha family yourself your dad met his mate (your mother) at this same type of event. “I’m nervous.” You told your dad.

“Don’t be… Just have fun.” My dad said walking in with my mom.

“Mr. Y/F/LN <—(your fathers last name)” Justin’s father said greeting your father.

“Man, remember our ball.” He laughed. Your dad laughed and nodded. “Mrs. Y/L/N” he said shaking your mother hand.

“Pleasure to be here.” Your mother smiled.

“And the miss beautiful Y/N… Did you see Justin yet?” He smiled.

“No… Not yet.” You whispered looking down.

“How about you go take a tour around the house?” Jeremy asked you.

You nodded. “Stay close insight were I could see you.” Your dad said sternly.

You walked away to go get some punch or a drink before you took a tour of the house. You looked at the clock. “11:20.”

“Jesus you just got here?” you thought to yourself.

You decided looked around the place and it was big… Meaning it feels like you can fit another smaller house inside.

“Pretty nice house right?” You heard a deep voice say behind you.

You turned around to see a guy he looked similar to Justin but his hair was darker. “Yeah… It’s big.” You laughed.

“You know I could give you a personal tour of the house? I mean… I do know this house like the back of my hand?” He asked.

You raised your eyebrow? “You look familiar?”

“That’s because, I’m In Justin’s pack? You know second in line for Alpha after Justin.” He smiled.

“And you are?”

“Dylan.” He smiled wide grabbing your hand.

You nodded and hesitantly followed him.

Justin’s POV

Tonight’s the night…. In a few more minutes, I will find my soul mate. My lover. My everything. I will protect her with my life.

“You nervous bro?” Ryan said patting my back.

“A little, you know.” I laughed nervously.

I was walking around while the clock was still ticking. I kept feeling pain in my lower stomach but, I think it’s just the food turning in my stomach.

“5! 4! 3! 2!” Everyone cheered as the clock was ticking towards midnight.

“1.” I whispered. I looked around. “I don’t feel anything..” I said making everyone gasp.

“Justin son, it will come to you just start looking around.” Jeremy said

“Has anyone see my daughter?!” A male he had the a mark meaning he was Head Alpha at one point.

“GET OFF OF ME!” I heard a voice scream.

For some reason I felt my blood boil, and my heart start beating faster by the minute. I growled lowly as I felt my self change into a werewolf.

“He’s found her.”

I howled making everyone howl in sync after me. I quickly ran up the steps as fast as my feet took me and I hear crying on the otherside of the door. “Please don’t do this..” She whimpered.

I immediately backed up running into the door now making it break into pieces as everyone was running behind me.

I looked at the girl shaking in fear as the man was on top… But wait that wasn’t any man… It was “Dylan?”

“Aah, Mr. Justin Bieber… King Alpha?! Always has to come and Save the day.” He laughed.

I growled lowly before slowly moving towards him. “Come on, I been waiting for a chance like this to finally defeat you, that Alpha spot was mine!” He yelled.

I growled lowly backing up getting ready to lung at him. “So let’s go Bieber!” He yelled before changing into werewolf form and I lunged at him started to fight.

I felt pain in my chest making me weak. “STOP IT! YOUR HURTING HER!” I heard a man yell making me automatically stop. And Dylan tackle me.

Before my pack came and got him. I looked over to see…. This girl on the floor with a pale face. I quickly run over towards her. I look over at her face and since “Mine.” I growled lowly before nuzzling her. I bit her shirt pulling her making her sit up as everyone sat in awe as what is happening.

I felt the pain in my chest slow down and go away as I sat in front of her as she slowly started opening her eye. I looked into her eyes and I knew she was the one. She was beautiful no doubt about it. I just look at her and I feel my body go numb. “Mine.” I repeated myself now circling around her.

She looked confused. I went over to her before I bit her neck softly making her whimper in pain.

I changed back into human form as everyone clapped and cheered. I picked her up and smiled at her. I see the mark now starting to seal into her neck. “All mine.” I purred into her neck.

“Y-Yours.” She stuttered. I linked our hands together and I felt sparks.

“My baby is all grown up.” A lady cried.

“Welcome to the family son.”

&& @i-shot-kennedy continued from here

Bucky rolled onto his side, sighing as he watched her. “Didn’t say I wanted you to leave. Just expected you to have already.” He teased, his hand coming to stroke her side and hip gently. “I’m glad you didn’t…”

Peggy shivered at his touch and she bit on her bottom lip as she listened to the man’s words, watching him carefully the whole time. “I’m glad too.” She admitted quietly, her dark eyes not looking away from his as she spoke, pure truth dripping from her soft words. The brunette did not know how or when but the man managed to break down through her walls and got what he wanted, not that she had anything against that.


.:Imagine having passionate sex with Hux:.

Request for anon:

“Smutty and romantic (and a little rough) Hux imagine?”

GIFs aren’t mine


Morning sex tho…

You and Hux both had a break today. You took the opportunity to put in a few more hours of sleep.

You awoke to a soft kiss on forehead from your boyfriend. Looking up you meet him with your lips, sharing a sweet kiss.

“Good morning love.” He says, sweetly.

“Good morning. Why are you up right now? Could you just stay in bed with me, please?” You whined, looking up at him with big eyes.

“Well I was gonna make us some food, but-”

You interrupted. “Not really hungry.”

He nodded. “Okay. Scoot over.” He climbs into the bed beside you, and wraps his arms around your shoulder, holding you close to him.

You lay your head on his chest and trace small patterns on his shirt, falling slightly back to sleep.

That is until, you felt his hands your skin. Inching down from your chest, going lower.

“What are- what are you doing?” You asked, breathing heavily.

He smirked, and buried his face in your neck, placing kisses. “You know.. Just passing time.”

“Well then… Keep going.” You say placing a rough kiss on his lips. Getting frustrated, Hux turns you over so you are straddling him, softly grinding himself into your core.

You lean down and join your lips together again. He starts working on your shirt. Pulling it over you head, wearing no bra, he hands go straight to your breasts.

You arch back slightly and let out a soft moan, growing more wet.

Hux releases you and quickly pulls off his shirt. You get off him quickly to remove your pants and his as well, desperate to feel each other.

Straddling him once again, you sink down in his cock. You both let out a moan.

He ran his hands up your skin, feeling the smooth surface under them and having your hands upon his as well.

You begin to roll your hips slowly at first, then Hux, desperate for more friction, held onto your hips and pun des into you.

The both of you were a sweaty, moaning mess. You moving your hips to meet his thrusts. Him holding oh so tight into your hips, leaving light marks. You running your fingers through his red hair.

You both come at the same time. You falling on his chest and him clutching onto you tightly and he came inside you, eyes closed in pleasure.

You look up at him breathless. “You okay?” He smirked and looked down.

“Darling, that was one if the best fucks of my life. Of course I’m okay.” He ends by kissing you in the lips.

You kiss back, “I’m glad.”

iii | i’m not going anywhere [c.h.]

Words: 1169

Request:  Imagine request: you are a model and it’s rumored you and CALUM are dating. The paparazzi catches y'all going into a super bowl party separately but inside y'all are so cute and like sitting on his lap ect

Note: i took a lot of creative license with this since a. i’m australian and i don’t know what a super bowl is and b. i’m not really comfortable with the reader being made a model. i hope you like it regardless :*

Excerpt:  And all of a sudden you were exhausted, wanting to curl up against Calum and close your eyes.

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Project Rebirth (PreSerum!/PostSerum! Steve Rogers x Reader)

Anonymous requested:

Hi!♥ Can I ask you an imagine where pre serum Steve goes on a double date with bucky and meet the reader, but then they go to army and happens all the stuff and Cap Steve now in the future remember about her and wow she’s alive and still young for some reason(?) maybe she’s a mutant(?) or something happens too (Fury founds about her past or idk sorryy) i think something fluff and cute ♥ I’m sorry i got excited and talked too much :C

  • Words:  1.965
  • Pairing: PreSerum!/PostSerum! Steve Rogers x Reader
  • Warnings: Angst (sorry not sorry) and fluff.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name, (Y/L/N) is your last name, (Y/Bf/N) is your best friend’s name. So I didn’t quite like the idea of being a mutant because I couldn’t find a reason to it, so I hope the anon (and all of you who will read this) likes why the reader is young and find it at least coherent and decent. “Nein” means no in German, and “bärchen” means little bear, also in German; it’s a cute name you give to a significant other.

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“(Y/N) it’s passed 6, and you arrived here really early today”
“I know” you turned your head to the man in the white robe that spoke to you “but… I’m feeling better than ever”
“Is it the…?”
“Yes, it is” You nodded “This pile is ready and it goes by date” you pointed at the tall tower of folders in front of you “is it ok?”
“Yes” he took off his glasses and heavily sighed “I’m worried about you (Y/N), the vaccine seems to work but I hate to see that’s you who’s using it” You dad/boss placed his hand on your shoulder and have you a worried look.
“Dad, who’s better than me to prove the effectiveness of this? We have been working on this for a long time and now we proved that it works” You smiled trying to make him feel better “Now I do have to go because (Y/Bf/N) is taking me on a double date because she met a Sargent the other day, and he has a friend” you said taking off your robe and walking to the hanger.
“Be safe ok?” He asked “I want you safe”
“Don’t worry dad” You leaned to kiss his cheek “nothing can who wrong with a Sargent and another man” You grabbed the door handle and got out of the office in which you two worked.
Since your mother died, dad had been worrying and over protecting you. His work was dangerous because everyone wanted it. Your researches had to be in complete secret and that’s why you used a plain office to cover it and you had allies in which you could trust and they made sure you were well secured.
You got on the bus and fixed your hair and make-up there. It was your first date with a boy and somehow your dad accepted to go with you. Since your mother’s decease you two lived by yourselves in a very different place from where you were born. Germany was fully occupied by Nazis and it was just a matter of time until you and your dad had to flee out of the country you used to call your home. Your Jewish heritage was no longer accepted in that part of Europe and the United States promised to treat you and your father well.
Your best friend was waiting for you outside a dinner place in downtown New York City. She wore a black dress which combines perfectly with her red lips and you, wore a flowered dress and also, red lipstick. She waved to catch your attention and quickly walked to welcome you with a warm hug.
“You’re so late (Y/N)!” She scolded “James and his friend Steve are waiting for us inside!”
“Is he handsome?” You asked, trying to sound interested in both.
“James? He’s a hottie!” She squealed “Steve on the other hand is not bad looking, but he could use a few more pounds”
“What if they don’t like me? I mean, I don’t look American and actually I’m not” you asked her before going through the doors of the restaurant.
“I will personally kick their bottoms if one of them makes a comment about Germany, deal?” She assured you.
“Ok, deal” you agreed and walked to the table in which both men were expecting for you.
James was indeed a hottie; his dark hair immaculately combed to the back and his greenish uniform gave him the look of a man, but there was something about Steve that you really liked. He had a childish, innocent face and there was a vibe around him, a good one. The two men stood up to greet you with a handshake and nice comments about your look.
“I’m sorry to ask ma'am, but you have an accent…“ Steve commented with a bit of a blush on his tiny cheeks "from where is that?”
“From Germany. I’m German” you spat “is it a problem to any of you?”
“No, ma'am” The blond man said again.
“I rather being called (Y/N)” you said with a fake smile.
“Oohh… I smell some tension here, or is it just me?” Your friend joked and blew some air in front of her nose “I’m sure they don’t have a problem with you being a foreigner (Y/N), right fellas?”
“Not at all” Steve smiled at you, trying to apologize for his misunderstood question.
“And for the record, I’m Jewish so… I guess I’m not very liked by the German people, Americans are way nicer” you shrugged with a smile.
Dinner after that moment went very well as you tried to explain why you were in the country and everything. Steve was very charming; his lack of confidence combined with how gentleman he was give you a fuzzy feeling inside.
James left with your friend to the dance floor and you kept talking to the skinny man. He told you about his dream of going to the army; it was all he ever wanted. You kinda felt sorry for him because clearly he couldn’t get in, but you wanted to do something good.
“You know… I happen to know some people in the army… Perhaps I can help you” you offered with a smile.
“Are you sure?” Steve’s eyes seemed to shine at the hope of being in the army. 
“Yes” you nodded “you can thank me later and over dinner just the two of us” You bit your red lower lip and felt how warm your cheeks turned.
Unfortunately, that was the last time you saw Steve Rogers. He did get into the army and your dad, who also worked there, kept an eye on him for you. He was the perfect candidate for the secret project you two and Mr. Stark had been working on.
“I really can’t go see him?” You asked your dad while you helped him put his jacket on.
“No, you can’t” he said “it’s not a thing a girl like you should see. He’ll be fine”
“Ok” you sighed “but… You be safe, understood?”
Nein!” He said bursting in laughter and you pulled him in for a hug.
“I love you dad”
“I love you too, bärchen” he said petting your hair and kissing your forehead before leaving through that door.
You always feared for his life whenever he had to do such and today you had a strange feeling inside. Call it female intuition or whatever, but nothing could take that idea from you. Over 4 hours and dad was still missing. You were putting your coat on but a sudden knocking at the front door alarmed you.
You looked through the peep-hole and saw Mr. Howard Stark and next to him, was Margaret Carter, they belonged to the Strategic Scientific Reserve and worked closely with your dad. You opened the door and their faces showed more emotion than any words could explain. They said hi in very low voices and you told them to come in.
“(Y/N)” Mr. Stark started; his eyes were red and swollen, like he had been crying for a while “Can you sit down please?”
“Is there a problem, where’s my dad?” You asked.
“Dr. Erskine…” Peggy mumbled “Dr.…” The army woman always looked tough, unbreakable, but that façade was on the floor, and it shattered with every passing second.
“Mr. Stark, I want to know what happened to my dad” You demanded “Is he ok?”
“I’m afraid not…” He said, pursing his lips “At Project Rebirth we were attacked… By HYDRA and… Somebody…”
“Somebody what?! You are scaring me!” Peggy took a deep breath and finished Stark’s sentence.
“Somebody started shooting in the lab. Dr. Erskine… Your dad got shot and…” He took another deep breath; she was evidently shook by this “He died”
“No…” You took your hands to cover your mouth.
That day, a part of your world died and there was no way of coming back.
The days of the SSR were over and it was turned into the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division, S.H.I.E.L.D and they had news for you.
A frozen Steve Rogers was just found and he was trying to live a normal life in what he thought he was the future. He was so confused by everything and yet he remembered one thing. The beautiful girl that helped him get into the army.
He knew she was still working in the agency, but how old was she? A few years younger than him, was he 80, 90? Was she even alive? Captain Rogers moved a few chess pieces on this new board that the agency meant and he got to your place.
Three knocks at the wooden door and you walked to it. A trained, blond man waited on the other side and it was hard to tell which one of you was more surprised to see the other one. Both alive, both young. Just how you remembered the other. Well, he was way thinner back in the day.
“Steve?” You asked, with the door handle tightly grabbed by your hand.
“(Y/N)?” He asked back; not sure if to get closer or not “(Y/N) is this you?”
“Project Rebirth…” You whispered, at the sudden realization of what happened “Steve… It’s you…”
“It’s me” He smiled, stepping closer to you “May I come in?”
“Sure!” You shook your head slightly and moved to the side so he could come inside.
You two spoke of life in this 70 years. He was still that boy from Brooklyn that you met. Only now he was way more handsome and more built up, but the good vibe you felt on him was still there, and there was nothing you wanted more. Something good from the past.
“So, (Y/N)… how did you know I could get into the army?” He asked, holding the cup of coffee in his enormous hands”
“I’m Dr. Erskine’s daughter” You replied “Or was… Now I live under the name of (Y/N) (Y/L/N) for security reasons. S.H.I.E.L.D has helped me a lot in all of this… And I hope they are helping you too, if not… You can always come to me”
“You know…” He said looking into your eyes and giving you a playful smile “I remember when you told me that I could get into the army I should thank you over dinner…” You smiled back and figured out where he was going “Considering that I made it and that you know more of this crazy world we live in than I do… Do you still wanna go out with me for dinner? You get to choose the place”
“Captain Rogers, is this a date?” You asked.
“Damn right” He winked “Tomorrow, I’ll be here at 8 o’clock”
Steve stayed the whole evening with you, catching up on everything he missed being frozen. He seemed so surprised about the world today and you made the promise to get him closer to it; to become at least accustomed to what 2011 was.
“Thank you for having me here, for coffee and the amazing talk” He said with a smile.
“Thank you for coming back” You bit your lower lip.
He stood under the doorframe and cupped your face and his baby blue eyes pierced your soul. He was more than happy to see you alive and well. He leaned to kiss your forehead but stopped halfway. Your heart beat fast to the proximity of his lips to your face; he changed the direction and kissed your mouth instead.
He felt soft against your skin, and for a man who had not kissed in 70 years or more, he was very good at what he did. You grabbed his wrists and felt your lips melting with his in a kiss that lasted forever.

part 2: waiting (gang au) || c.h.

pairing: Calum x Y/N
word count: 1.2k
a/n: this piece is mostly just background story, etc., but let me know if you’d like to read a third part!

When Calum first joined the club a year ago he didn’t tell you where he was spending all his time.  You thought you were overreacting.  There was a twinge in your stomach that made you think something was wrong, but you ignored it.  You figured you were just jealous; after all, it had always been just the two of you.  
You kept asking him about these new friends but he wouldn’t tell you anything about them.  Then he called you late one night, his words coming out in a rushed whisper.  “Are you at home?” he’d asked.
“Yeah, where else would I be?”
“Good.  Do me a favour, okay?  Lock your door and don’t go out tonight.”
That got your attention.  “Calum… what are you talking about?”
“There’s some crazy shit going on in town tonight,” he explained hurriedly.  “Just promise me, alright?”
“Are you okay?” your entire body flooded with worry for your best friend.
“I’m fine.  I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?  Just stay in tonight.”

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Sweet and Silent


Word Count: 242; My writers block is horrible right now so I’m sorry its short :/

Warnings: Fluff?

A/N: so this was requested by the lovely @ohheyitsmik who actually was the first person to give me a request, so thank you! And apologies for it being up so late ):

This was it: your first time alone with Dean Winchester. Since Sam was back at the motel, you finally had the chance to make a move. You took a sip of your beer and looked away from Dean, anxiety filling your entire body, You were horrified. “You okay?” he asked, looking up at you. You slowly nodded, “Just tired.”

You noticed instantly when Dean’s hand traced against yours, slowly wrapping around your fingers. Slowly, he tightened the grip, like he was holding on for all eternity. “I um.. I hope this is okay…” he said clearly nervous about the situation. 

You smiled small and nodded, “Yeah, this is okay.” The two of you stayed like this for a few minutes, completely silent. Dean continued to drink from his beer, sometimes glancing over at you; but you didn’t stare. This was perfect, and this was how you wanted to remember it; sweet and silent. 

“I really care about you, (Y/N).. a lot,” he said quietly, romantically. You looked up at him and just watched how he waited for your reaction. It was like he expected you to hate what he just said; like you were going to laugh at him. But you just smiled. You smiled as bright as the sun itself. 

Instantly, he knew you were happy and he began to smile as well, his thumb rubbing your hand softly. “I really care about you too, Dean. I care about you a lot.” you said and looked up at his bright green eyes.

“I love you, Barnes.” : Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Part 3)

Author’s Note: I can’t find a good gif for this part, oops. This is the last part of “I love you, Barnes.” and I certainly do hope you guys liked it. This was probably my most violent imagine/story. 

Also I know this is somewhat short compared to the others, but I wanted this to be separate from the violence and anguish. 

I’ll post a PSA regarding other requests and future plans. If you haven’t read the first two parts, here are the links: 

“I love you, Barnes.” Part 1  “I love you, Barnes.” Part 2

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Word Count: 1,646

Fluff & Angst (sorta)


The darkness didn’t feel like how you had expected it. It was as if you were just in a deep, deep slumber. Death certainly did not feel like this.

Your body, it was regenerating, past life’s mistakes being erased from yourself.

It was as if you were floating. Waiting on a mystical being to give you your right of life. Thankfully, that being granted your will of life.

Everything was a mere blur, you could see sounds and hear colors. It was a profound moment of your rebirth.

Air was flowing through your body, enticing your blood to flow. You willed yourself to focus your sight. And the first thing you saw made you feel as if you were in heaven.

“Oh, doll…” Bucky’s bright blue eyes burning into yours. His hands were placed lovingly against the sides of your face. “Welcome back, Y/N.”

You turned your head to look around the room. Everyone from the Avengers, to Scott, T’Challa, Rhodey, and even Dr. Cho was there, standing with large smiles on their faces. Bucky’s cold, metal hand brought you back to looking at him. “I died… I felt it Bucky, why am I here?” His smile vanished from his face when you asked him that.

Dr. Cho cleared her throat, “Well, you were experiencing the first effects of death, you were close but we made it in time to get you.”

That didn’t answer any of your questions though. You looked exhaustedly at the doctor. “Why am I here? Or more like, how am I here?”

The doctor nudged her head towards the corner of the room. How you hadn’t notice the large hunk of metal science never occurred to you. “That, is the Cradle, it’s a device that can heal wounds by grafting a simulacrum of organic tissue to the patient and having it bond to the patient’s cells. Your regenerative abilities could only heal you so quickly. But basically this is what helped you fully and quickly heal all of your injuries, and by judging when we got there… The Cradle was our saving grace.”

You nodded your head, taking in everything that Dr. Cho had said. Everyone watched you closely as you pursed your lips and sighed. “Can everyone leave?” You looked towards your companions and acquaintances. “Except for Buck, I will very gladly talk to you all later. I need to speak to him.” Wanda already knowing what’re you’re feeling respected your wishes and was the first to leave. Slowly everyone followed the Slovakian woman out.

“Doll? What’s wrong?” Bucky stared at you worryingly. He grabbed a chair and placed it by your bedside. “Are you okay? Do you need me to get Dr. Cho again?”

You shook your head, tears started to pool into your eyes. Flashes of Mark covered in your blood ran through your head. Bucky gently grabbed your hand, rubbing your knuckles to coax you into speaking with him. “Is-“ Your voice cracked slightly, “is he dead?” Bucky’s face paled when realizing what you were asking.

“We don’t have to-“

“Yes we do.” You interrupted. The tears you tried to hold back were now freely falling. “He, that monster, did things to me Buck. Horrible things that I was most certain of that I was going to die from. What if that was my fate? What if I was made to die by the hands of some sick, twisted being. The scariest part though Buck, do you want to know?” Your fear and sadness became a mixture of rage now. Bucky nodded his head, unsure of what you were about to tell him. “He was the grandson of the man who first took me. The look in his eyes told me all of the horrors that he went through. The scariest part though… Is that he was human. A fucking living, breathing, in the flesh human had done this. Ever since I left that facility, I was training for situations like these. And you know what! I couldn’t handle it, I couldn’t fucking handle it Buck!”

Bucky was watching your now distraught form sobbing in the bed. He wanted to hold you, to tell you that everything was going to be okay. But he knew, in all honestly that it wasn’t okay. You were taken from the safety of the tower to be brutally tortured and almost killed.

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Arrow: Series (TV 2012)

Word Count: 333

Summary: Felicity leaves Oliver with a little note after he comes home from work (based on photo prompt below).

Author’s Note: Written for day ten of the 14 Days of Olicity fic challenge. 

“Felicity, I’m home!” Oliver announces, dropping his keys on the table and noticing a piece of paper and a plastic nerf gun resting on the tabletop.

Felicity watches silently as he backtracks, grabbing the sheet of paper which reads: Welcome home from work! Two things: (1) This gun w/ ammo is yours. (2) I have one too and you’re under attack as of now.

Laughing, Oliver lifts his gun up from the table and tosses it lightly to his other hand. “I don’t think you know what you’re getting yourself into, hon,” he shouts, slowly turning around, weapon in hand. “Ow!” He whips around as he feels a nerf bullet hit him in the shoulder. “Oh you’re on!”

Felicity runs away as he bounds after her, reaching the top of the stairs and shooting three bullets, all of which he dodges as easily as if it were in slow motion.

“I think you’ve forgotten how good my aim is,” he reminds her, shooting her twice, once in the shoulder and once in the back as she turns away.

She doesn’t reply, but hides behind the doorway to their bedroom, holding her gun close to her body, ready to point it at him when she hears him walk by.

But she doesn’t hear him and he jumps out in front of her without any warning, pointing his bright yellow nerf gun directly at her chest.

“Drop your weapon,” he demands, doing his best to keep a straight face.

“Is there any way I could do some ninja moves and get out of this?”

He raises his eyebrows. “Fine,” she relents, tossing her nerf gun to the bed. “You win. Do I get a hug for trying?”

Sighing dramatically, Oliver pulls her into an embrace. “I told you that you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into.”

“Oh I think I do,” she replies, pulling out a plastic dagger from her pocket and touching it lightly to his neck with a teasing smile. “Gotcha.”


Continued A/N + tagging under the cut

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