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Okay first you are adorable don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Second I love the secret agent imagine! And lastly I was wondering if could do an imagine of the RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC getting a tattoo of their name.

(OKAY WELL FIRST OF ALL, THANK YOU! second, thAnk yOu. And lastly, Of course I can ;D)

• The moment he see’s it, he’s wowed.
• He was happy that you loved him enough to actually have his name on your skin permanently.
• He always loves to show it off when you’re in public.
• In fact, he gets one of your name~
• Shows that one off, too.
• Mostly shows it off if someone is flirting with you, or if he’s just feeling particularly jealous that day.

• “Woah..Did it hurt?!”
• He’s just so shocked that you tattooed his name on you.
• But Tbfh, he absolutely loves it.
• He’s so curious about it, tho.
• Literally always asking you questions about it?
• Like seven, he’ll probably show it off to other people when he’s jealous.

• He’s always on the more possessive side, anyways..
• So, when he sees his name on you?
• You can bet he was a hella lot more than pleased.
• When the two of you are just around at home, he’ll press a delicate kiss on your tattoo, before putting on that smug little smirk of his.
• He’s considered getting one of your name, but just hasn’t gotten around to it.

• He’s surprised at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea of it.
• Of course, he planned to spend his life with you. Nothing could come between that. He was just so sure you two would last forever.
• So, he gets a tattoo of your name on him, as well.
• His is on his chest, near his heart.
• He put it there, to symbolize that his heart beats for you~
• He loves his tattoo, and yours. He couldn’t be more happy.

• She’s a little hesitant.
• I mean, yeah, she’s happy that you liked her that much..
• But its permanent.
• And while she would love to promise forever, she doesn’t like that you took that risk. She doesn’t want you to regret anything in the future about it.
• You assure her that it’ll be fine, and that you two will be able to stay together. You tell her that you could never regret it, and that you thought the decision through many of times.
• She slowly begins to accept the tattoo, and learns to love it. After all, she does love you.

• He liked it..however, he was mildly concerned for you.
• He knows it’s permanent, and can’t help but feel a little scared you might regret it someday.
• He loves you, and knows he could never leave you…but what if you left him?
• He can’t help but sigh, engulfing you into a tight hug when he processes what a great step you took.
• Often times, when the two of you cuddle, he likes to trace his name with his finger, giving you slight chills at his soft touch.
• He never really gets used to it, and is still worried for you everyday..but, he stills loves the gesture.

• At first, he just gives you an unreadable look.
• He doesn’t say anything for a few minutes, as he just stared at it.
• The first thing he asks, is just straight out “why”
• He wonders why you would do something like that, and why his name, of all things?
• You explain to him that it was because you loved him, and saw a future with him.
• He only gives a small grunt in response, before going back to what he was doing.
• But right before you leave the room, he mutters a small;
• “It looks nice on you..”

Draco Abuse

Pairing: Fred x Reader
Request: Hey! I love your imagines <3 I was wondering if you could do a super fluffy one where you broke up with draco because he was super abusive and a liar, so you are heart broken and then fred tries to cheer you up and make you happy, and you fall in love with him, so he confesses his love and you say yes? and then draco and fred fight because draco wants you back but you reject him? It would make me really happy, as I just got out of an abusive relationship.
A/N: To the anon that requested this, I’m really proud of you for getting out of your abusive relationship, because I know from personal experience how toxic that can be. a lot of people lose sight of their self-worth and feel as though the abusive partner is the only one who will love for them. I am so truly happy that you got out of that destructive relationship, and I hope you know that you never deserve to be hurt by someone else, because they don’t have the right to manipulate or hurt you. sadly a lot of people are in your boat with domestic abuse and related issues, and, again, I’m just really glad you got out of it, because it’s a terrible cycle to be in and it almost feels impossible to get out of. Stay true to you boo, and just know that you deserve to be happy with who you are as a person, and if someone can’t accept you for who you are, then they don’t deserve your time. Lots of love <3
Also, I’ve just realised that this wasn’t exactly fluffy oops, i got carried away with the plot AS USUAL!
Squicks: a bit of domestic violence as you’d imagine from the request

“What the fuck was that?” Draco asks you angrily, after dragging you to an empty classroom. It was lunch, and just beforehand, Draco was with you and his friends outside, when he started showing off and trying to impress the others. He went into graphic detail about you and his “alone times”, making fun of how bad you were and how good he was, when you retorted with ‘maybe sleeping with me would be more fun if you could last for more than one minute’, to which he was not impressed with.

“You were making fun of me in front of your friends,” you say, trying to stand up for yourself against your boyfriend, Draco.

“You keep your mouth shut when I’m around them, you got that?” he spat, stepping threateningly closer to you,

“I’m your girlfriend, you’re meant to care about me more than your pathetic ego,” you say back,

“This conversation is over, Y/n,” Draco says, beginning to walk towards the door “And you’re going to hold your fucking tongue next time I’m with my friends if you know what’s good for you”

“You can’t keep treating me like this!” you say, louder than you expected,

“Yeah? And why not? You’re my girlfriend, Y/n, and you’re going to do what I say, you should know that by now,”

“Then go get yourself a house elf, because I’m done being pushed around and manipulated by some dickhead with daddy issues!” you shout.

Before you could defend yourself, Draco was charging towards you, and backhanded you across the face, causing you to fall onto the floor.

“We’re over, you stupid bitch,” Draco says menacingly, walking away.

“Hey, who the fuck are you talking to?” you hear someone say from the doorway behind your now ex-boyfriend.

As Draco turns around, you can see Fred Weasley standing there, his eyes widened and shocked, seeing you on the ground with your hand up to your cheek.

“Piss off Weasley, this’ got nothing to do with you,” Draco says angrily, walking towards the doorway blocked by Fred, assuming he’ll move.

Fred looks between you and Draco, starting to realise what’s happened,

“You better not have hit her, Malfoy,”

“So what if I did, the slut was being a bitch so I gave her what she deserves, it’s none of your fucking business,” Draco replies with a voice of entitlement. He attempts to walk past Fred, but the redhead pushes him up against the wall and starts shouting and swearing at him. The two get into a fight, hitting one another and shouting. You can’t help but feel responsible, so you get up and try to pull the two apart, when suddenly Draco grabs you by the hair and slams your head into a desk, when everything blacks out.


“Guys, guys, she’s waking up,” someone whispers loudly, but your eyes hasn’t quite adjusted yet.

“Shit, is she alright?” another voice says quietly,

“That’s a nasty looking bruise she’s got going,” the third says.

You begin to see clearly your surroundings, with Fred, George an Lee looking down over you.

You were lying down on someone’s bed, your head pounding and things still seeming blurry. Outside the window was no longer sunny, but now dark with the moonlight coming through. It was about 10pm now, ad all the boys were in bed, probably not asleep, but keeping very quiet.

“Was I passed out?” you ask. bringing a hand to your forehead,

“Only for the past eight or so hours,” Lee Jordan replies,

“Minus the few times you’d wake up for a few seconds and pass out again…” George added.

Fred was sitting at the end of the bed, staring out the window.

“Fred, you better fill her in,” George says, standing up and patting his brother on the back, before whispering a quick goodnight to you, followed by Lee.

“Fred?” you ask.

Fred turns to face you, and you can just make out from the moonlight his swollen lip and a deep cut above his eyebrow, his cheek looking swollen too.

You let out a gasp and cover your mouth with your hand. You start to remember the fight he and Draco got into when Fred was standing up for you. And now, you’re remembering everything that happened between you and Draco. You start to sob into your hands, thinking about all the damage you’ve caused. Fred quickly moves next to you and wraps you in his arms, letting you sob quietly into him.


Once your breathing had finally returned to a reasonably steady pace, Fred took it upon himself to gently sit you up so you were looking at him.

You sniffled and looked up into his eyes, that looked sad and hurt. He glanced between your bruising cheek and your tear stained eyes, looking more and more saddened.

“I’m sorry, Fred,” you croak out,

“Sorry? Y/n, why are you sorry? Fred asks, confused and slightly shocked,

“For crying for so long and being so stupidly upset”.

Fred stared at you for a few moments, as if looking for the right words to say,

“Y/n you should never feel like you have to apologise for being upset,” he says, “No one should have the power to make you feel scared or uneasy, let alone make you feel like you should be ashamed about your feelings”.

You let out a deep sigh, wishing that Draco could’ve been more like Fred.

“You’re staying with me tonight, alright? I hope you don’t mind,” Fred asks quietly, “it’s just that you might have a concussion and I can’t take you into the girl’s dorms since I’m a boy, and I kind of want to make sure you’re safe anyway, so…” he trailed off, running a hand through his hair.

“Thank you, Fred, for letting me stay here and for standing up for me against Draco,” you say, still feeling guilty for everything that had happened. even though you were starting to recognise that he was in the wrong and not you.

Fred smiled at you sadly, before looking away and staring into his hands in his lap, looking more lost in thought.

“Let me grab you something to change into,” he says once out of his trance.

Fred digs through his trunk and pulls out an old top that looks like he’s definitely grown out of, and some sweat pants for you to change into.

You were usually made to feel very self-conscious about your body when around Draco; scared of what he would say or think, but around Fred, you felt more comfortable. You took off your school shirt and skirt, leaving you on his bed in your lingerie.

Fred turned around to see you, and his eyes widened immediately. You were scared that he thought you were ugly or disgusting, but he wasn’t. You now felt quite vulnerable of him looking you up and down, maybe checking you out, but he wasn’t.

“Are all of those bruises from him?” Fred asks you so quietly that you could barely hear it. You look down to see your arms and legs, covered in bruises shaped like Draco’s fingers from whenever he took his anger out on you. You could remember the story behind almost every set of bruises, of when he would lose his temper or blame you for something that had happened.

You pull Fred’s shirt on over your head, not wanting to think about all the times Draco had hurt you. Once you were covered, Fred gently put his hand on your arm, his thumb rubbing your shoulder.

“You don’t deserve this, Y/n,” he whispers, “you don’t need to put yourself through this anymore”.

“Fred, are you always going to look out for me?” you don’t know why you asked that, but you did without thinking. You felt safe and protected being with Fred, and wanted him to always be there for you; not just to save you from Draco, but, there was something more.

“Absolutely,” Fred whispers back, resting his forehead on yours,

“Good,” you try to reply, but it was so quiet that you could barely hear it yourself. It felt so cliché, but also so right, to just lean forward slightly and place your lips on his. You didn’t want to rush  things since you only just broke up with Draco, but you feel such a strong connection with Fred, and you didn’t want this moment to slip away. Thankfully, he kissed back, nice and gently. He wasn’t rough like Draco was, but rather soft and caring.

You thought that what you and Draco had was love, but it wasn’t, it couldn’t have been further. The way that you felt right now, with Fred’s hand resting on your cheek as he kisses you back, his other hand still resting on your arm and his thumb rubbing your shoulder soothingly, that’s what love felt like. You thought love was when your heart skips a beat, but now you know that it’s the safety and freedom your heart has when you’re with Fred. You thought that Draco coming back to you after every argument was love; how he would forgive you when you weren’t even in the wrong. It wasn’t, this right here is.

All of this from one kiss. You’ve felt safer right here in this moment with Fred than you ever did throughout your relationship with Draco.

That says a lot, not only about Draco, and not only about Fred. It says a lot about you, and that you deserve to shine and be free: free from pain, free from manipulation, and free to be happy. Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

A/N: Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been super wrapped up in University stuff and life! There’s so much I want to say about the seriousness of domestic abuse, because it’s such a huge issue. Stay safe everyone!

Analyzing Wang Jung

I called this a Jung “defense post” before, but that’s not really what my intention is. I just happen to find him really interesting. I’ve spent some time thinking about him—as with every aspect of this show, way too much time—and I wanted to share some of my thoughts because I haven’t seen them commonly expressed.

In fact, by and large the SH:R fandom seems collectively put out with Jung. I somewhat expected he would annoy folks sooner or later, but I thought Ji Soo-mania would temper it a lot more than it has. Surprisingly, that is not the case. Not to say that I agree with Jung’s conclusions or that I don’t think he very often behaves like an ass, but let me play devil’s advocate as a mental exercise. I think it will result in a deeper understanding of the show at large.

One of the foremost complaints about Jung’s character is that people simply don’t understand why he’s acting the way he is. Why he hates So and is so stubbornly set against all of his goals. That it just seems like dickish obstinacy and sheer immature stupidity at this point. And I agree, it really does seem that way. But in actuality the show has given us plenty of information to piece together the “why” of Jung’s actions, but it drip fed us details about his character so gradually since the early episodes, it’s not terribly intuitive, unless you’ve spent way too much time thinking about and writing about the show.

Let me try to trace it back for you.

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(Y/N): “Barry i think you should dress up as The Flash for halloween!”

Barry: “Well… i do have a pretty cool costume. Do you want to see it?”

(Y/N): “Of course-” you where cut of by Barry running you to S.T.A.R Labs.

Barry: *2nd gif* “Do you like it?”


Requests are open. *Not a request*


Stero Hearts

Your concentration broke away from the books you were nose deep in, and towards the sounds coming through your window. It wasn’t just sound, it was music but questioned why music was coming through window. Getting up and moving closer, you could hear the song more clearly.

So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover, that I know you can’t afford…

Poking head through the opening of the window, you saw Stiles standing there in the dark. Holding a boombox over his head. You burster out into fits of laughter at how cheesy he was being but felt warm inside. He was romantic no doubt about that but sometimes he was a cheesy romantic.

I’m not a Monster part 2

A/N: So i have had a really long day and I don’t feel good. But I’m so glad you guys liked this. I think i might make it a drabble series to avoid the stress of really long chapters. I hope you guys like the chapter. As always feedback is greatly appreciated

Part One

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Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1000 (I may have purposely done that)

When you decided to find out who you were you honestly didn’t think it would be this hard.

Today was the three month mark of you finding the letter, and you weren’t any closer to finding the answers you needed.

After you found the letter you had book a flight to New York. Once you got there you made your way to the Avengers tower, and after standing there for a solid ten minutes you had finally gathered the courage to go inside.

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Hamilton Vs Rosberg: Who is Better?

Saturday/Sunday is debate/rant day on my blog now so buckle up here we go on the first topic Hamilton vs Rosberg (Disclaimer: everything stated is my personal opinion feel free to agree or disagree)

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Screaming: Peter Maximoff Imagine

Warnings: arguing, yelling, sexual innuendo, mild cursing, fluff :)

A/N: Thank you for the request! Not my best work if I’m being honest. All day my mind has been kind of out of it because I’ve been so exhausted, so yeah… hope you still like it though!

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It all started as some stupid argument over Peter leaving pizza boxes lying around his basement, but it quickly escalated from there. You were angry at him for not cleaning up after himself because caused even more work to add onto his mother’s already busy day, as if she didn’t have enough to worry about with the cops showing up once every other week about Peter’s kleptomania. Back and forth the two of you screamed, until you couldn’t take it anymore. Long story short, you were now back in your room at the X-Mansion curled up on your bed.

You just stared up at the ceiling going over everything that had just happened. The two of you didn’t break up, you were both well aware that this was just some random fight that got too crazy too fast. But the problem was, both of you were stubborn as hell, meaning neither of you wanted to make the first move to apologize.

You sighed and sat up, your fingers moving to fiddle with the bottom of your shirt as your resilience began to crumble and you pondered going back over to his place to make up. Before you could even get off the bed, however, a series of quick knocks sounded from your door. You had known Peter long enough to know how he knocked, which was why you cringed at the sound, getting up from your place on the mattress and dragging your feet across the floor. You took a deep breath, opened the door, and then made your way back over to sit on your bed without making eye contact with your boyfriend.

“Hi,” he muttered timidly.

“Hey,” you responded in the same tone.

There was a tense silence that filled the room as he walked over and sat next to you. He sighed and grabbed your hand, giving it a squeeze. You weren’t surprised at the gesture. Although he is hard-headed like you, he is also a very loving person who is practically incapable of holding grudges against those he cares for.

“I’m sorry,” he breathed out, his words surprisingly you as your mind seemed to have gotten comfortable with the silence.

Before you could respond, he continued,

“I’m sorry for yelling at you, Y/N. I shouldn’t have done that.”

After a moment you looked up into Peter’s sorrow-filled eyes with your guilty ones.

“No, don’t be. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said all that stuff about how to treat your family. It’s none of my business.”

“But you are my family, Y/N. You had every right to say what you did, and what you said was pretty accurate actually. After you left, I thought about it some more and came to that realization. It only took me so long to come by because I’m just so goddamn stubborn,” he confessed, lightly chuckling at the last part.

You smiled at his final words, your eyebrows raising as you nodded in agreement. Leaning, your head on his shoulder, your expression grew somber as you played with his fingers nervously.

“I may have been right, but I shouldn’t have yelled at you, that was wrong of me,” you said regretfully.

“It’s okay, babe,” he assured, pulling you close in a side hug before letting himself fall back onto the bed, dragging you down with him.

You giggled at this and rested your head on his chest. His arms wrapped around your waste as you gazed up at your softy of a boyfriend.

“From now on,” he continued, “we’ll save our screaming for the bedroom.”

Your mouth flew open in surprise and you gasped out, 


“What? I think it’s a good solution if you ask me,” he defended with a cheeky smile, his hand now coming to rest on your lower back.

You let out a laugh as you revealed,

“For once, good idea, Maximoff.”

He took this as a sign that you wanted to get more intimate, scooting down on the sheets until he was eye level with you.

“Shall we begin then?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Sure, one second,” you said with a wink as you got up and made your way to the bathroom.

“Hurry back, babe,” he flirted.

“You bet, Speedy.”

Once you were inside the bathroom, you had to suppress the laughter that was dying to escape. Right now, you were just grateful that your mutation was teleportation. Using the thought of standing in front of your bed, you blinked only to actually appear there less than a second later, yelling out “Boo!” in the process.

Peter screamed and subconsciously raced out of the bed, ending up running into your bedroom door. He was about to fall over when you transported right behind him and held the speed-demon up. You may be a prankster, but you don’t want him getting hurt.

At this point, Peter was trying to calm his quick breathing while you were laughing hysterically, practically sobbing you were laughing so hard. As your giggles grew in intensity, your knees buckled and you sunk down, sitting on the wooden floor with Peter on your lap.

“What was all that for!” Peter breathlessly questioned, turning to face you with a deep blush on his cheeks.

“You said you wanted to keep the screaming to the bedroom…” you coyly stated.

He merely shook his head and collapsed in your arms clearly physically exhausted, while you cackled jokingly and hugged him tightly.

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The Halloween Pirate Queen

by @myrish-lace-love

“Tha’ smells awesome and I wan’ some.”

Sansa pointed the long wooden spoon at Rickon. “One, take your vampire fangs out of your mouth when you’re talking to your family in the kitchen. Two, no, not until it’s cooled, the cider would burn your tongue.”

“Isn’t it supposed to be hot apple cider? Like, isn’t that the whole point?”

“Arya, you’d melt that makeup off.” Arya gave her a ferocious grin. “What, you don’t like the goblin get-up? What do you think of my mace?”

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Five Years Part II

Part One Here 

Summary: Dean is trying to be more involved in his sons life but can he rekindle things with the reader and become a real family?  


Word Count: 1,137

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Dean x Bobby Winchester(OC)x Reader 

Warnings: None that I know of unless you think of daddy!dean as a warning 

Authors Note: There was a few of you guys that asked for a part two,so here it is. Sorry it took so long 

  Thanks to the wonderful @fangirl1029 for helping me figure out how to make mood boards 



“What if I said that you were wrong?” He asks

“Wrong about what?” you ask

 “Wrong about me not wanting them. What if I told you I didn’t want to lose anymore time, with you ,with him?” he asks moving over closer to you and taking the little boy from your arms “ So are you willing to give it a shot?”

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Summary: Peter Parker wakes you up for breakfast.

Warnings: Fluff?

Word Count: 931

A/N: This is my first fic on tumblr so please excuse rookie mistakes lmao

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