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Jar Alternatives

While many of us have a plethora of jars, not everyone does. I know I couldn’t use jars in spellwork when I was practicing as a minor. Maybe, you’re a student, living with others, or still in the “broom closet”, either way here is a list of alternative ideas to jars.

1. Christmas Ornaments
(The clear Christmas bulbs you can put things inside of are great for fitting in small crystals and herbs!)

2. Boxes
(I’ve used a small gift box before and filled it with herbs and intent, the box could be any size you want [even a ring box])

3. A Casette Case
(These may not be as common anymore [You may still be able to find at a thrift shop. but I personally like the aesthetic. You can take a lighter to seal it shut or add candle wax if you’d like to use in place of a Witch Bottle.)

4. A Juice/Pop Bottle (Personally, I’d choose something like a Snapple bottle if I were to go this route)

5. Shot bottles
(I found some littered about town when I was 18 and actually used one to store sand I ended up using for putting out my sage. If you’re under 18, I don’t suggest upcycling shot bottles found littered about. If you’re of legal age to buy alcohol, this is another way to upcycle.)

6. Gumball machines
(I remember for my birthday one year, my mom had me decorate a mini gumball machine. You could use it magically as well. You can buy things to make them from dollar tree. You’ll need a terra cotta pot and dish as well as a fish bowl. Turn the pot upside down, glue the bowl to it and place the terra cotta dish on top as a lid. Decorate as you will. I think this would be awesome for something to do with promoting happiness,prosperity, and the like.)

7. Sachets

8. Books
( You can get one of those stash boxes that look like books OR if you’re crafty, take a damaged book and cut into and turn into into a stash box.)

9. Stash Cans
(If you need to be discreet, you can purchase a marijuana stash can. They sell ones that look like Arizona Tea cans on Amazon.)

10. Locket
(There isn’t very much space but you can still fill it with a pinch of herbs and intent.)

11.A Coin Purse
(I had one somewhere…possibly stolen or thrown out… That I used for a set of runes I made out of deer antler buttons. They’re perfect for holding small things like crystals too!)

Zip-lock bags
(This isn’t as creative as other items on the list but it gets the job done.)

13. Witch’s Bottle Necklace
(Okay, so this is still using jars technically. However, it’s easy to make it look more like a fashion statement than a spell. )

14. Sea shells
(They come in many shapes and sizes. You may not be able to close unless you have a whole clam, but they do look pretty and many people do collect sea shells.)

15. Tins
(You can re-use an old Altoids tin. You can purchase tins from Mountain Rose Herbs. They’re convenient if you’re on the go. They can be used as travel altars, containers for crystal chips, feathers, odds and ends, herbs, etc. )

okay, but everyone portrays Trini as “I couldn’t give less of a fuck about school” but… do you remember Spinelli from that Recess animated show? She acted as if she failed every assignment but she actually had grades similar to Gretchen… What if Trini was secretly the biggest nerd (besides Billy of course) and they all find out when they show up in Trini’s house unannounced and her mom, overly excited leads them to a small studio room where Trini studies, that is incredibly organized, yellow accents, sunflowers by the window and a lot of yellow post its on the wall, pretty notes and a lot of books, the tests, quizzes and assignments that had been returned to her in a stash and they all can see she mainly has As? And that becomes the target of the rest of the rangers teasing and Trini becomes Kimberly’s personal biology tutor, in which Kim is great at but uses it as an excuse to spend time with Trini.

Okay, but can we talk about how this kind of confirms that Knaeki never had a secret porn stash?

Because that boy can master ANYTHING through reading. Martial arts? Crossdressing? Cooking? Hair styling?

Boy can do anything, as long as he reads about it.

So that means he probably didn’t read a bunch of porn, since he seems to have LITERALLY NO IDEA other than to cluelessly boob-squish and blush a lot.


Prompt: Congrats on 900! That’s a wonderful big number! Could you do number 40 AOS Scotty, pretty please?? :D For @mustanglegends

Pairing: Scotty/Reader

Warnings: none

A/N: this turned out longer than I wanted. But I really, really love it.  I hope you love it too.

Word Count: 1048

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He goes through three random duffel bags before he finds what he’s looking for. Just as he’s about to make his move, Katsudon decides it’s the perfect moment to take a break from practicing the fastest step sequence anyone’s probably ever attempted and come off the ice to hang out for a bit before I meet Victor for lunch, it’s been a while since it was just us. And of course he immediately zeroes in on the lighter in Yuri’s hand, because there is a helicopter parent trapped inside Katsudon’s chubby ass that finds every opportunity to come out and make Yuri’s life a waking nightmare. 

“Yurio,” Katsudon gasps, positively breathless with disappointment. He looks like he’s two seconds away from crying, turning himself over to the police for gross negligence, or both. “Have you started smoking?”

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🌟back to school witch tips: teacher edition 🌟

there’s all these great back to school witch tips for students but i need some for teachers man. because the difficulty in maintaining a positive environment and keeping stagnant energy at bay in a square, stark white, fluorescent lit class is immense

🌟 if you have a scentsy dish, draw sigils for a positive and collaborative environment in the wax. charge with intent, and then let them activate as the wax melts. your chosen scent boosting and spreading the power of the sigil to the entire room

🌟 posters! no one peeks behind them! all those posters on critical thinking, growth mindset, class behaviors, and ‘hang in there’ kittens? put some sigils on the back to help boost the message of the poster!

🌟 if you have windows, turn off the lights now and then to let some sun in. if you can open them, that’s great, too! let the air cleanse away negativity, stress, and stagnant energy

🌱 bring in some of nature! spider plants, ivy, succulents! i’ve even brought in drift wood and sea shells. bring in your crystals! you can even stash them up high on top of storage cabinets so they are caring sentinels. nature is wonderful for calming, grounding, and cleansing, bring as much as you can in! just be sure to be kind in return and cleanse and charge everything as needed!

🌟 does your school have a chant or motto? how about the classroom? make it a spell! every time you say it channel the energy being built up from you and the students. direct it to productivity and positive thinking!

🌟 have students make pennants of their goals for the year and what they hope to accomplish. hang them up in a place where the AC will ruffle them, sending out that energy each time they move and encourage the students to keep going!

🌟 charge candy, bookmarks, or pens that you give out with self-love, joy, and positivity

feel free to add other ideas!

Movie Sign

Blue Diamond has plans to create another facility on the dark side of the moon where humans will mine raw materials to build new weapons. In order to test the habitability of the new base, Blue Pearl and Holly Blue Agate are dispatched to Earth to kidnap a few test subjects — but after they nab Buck Dewey, Jenny Pizza and Sour Cream, the two Gems discover they’ve also been abandoned on the moon base. Left with nothing better to do, Holly and Blue Pearl decide to torment their captives with a stash of cheesy movies. Can Steven and the Crystal Gems rescue their human friends before they lose their sanity?

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I love the s/o finding the boy's porn stash, so can we get that with monoma, izuku and shinsou? Headcanons or scenario is fine, thanks!

monoma neito

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  • he doesn’t even care (on the outside, on the inside he’s dying)
  • watches them to see if they show any distaste
  • probably acts super smug about it 
  • “Would you like to try some of what’s in here?” *signature smirk*

midoriya izuku

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  • probably dies on the spot, comes back to life and sees whats going on, dies again
  • when his s/o want him to talk about it, he wonders why they’re torturing him
  • “I-ah, oh my god, it’s uh” “relax izuku!”

hitoshi shinsou

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  • would wonder how the hell they found it
  • as they flip through it, wondering what theyre thinking
  • toys with the idea of using his quirk to ask them
  • “this is… pretty wild” *insert a cheesy grin*

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I love your tags on that Liam Is Loved Up with Chernobyl on Vacation pic. Very accurate! And oddly VERY VERY VERY different from those boat fishing trip pics we saw with his Zaynie several years ago when they were both messy and dressed for the occasion and relaxed and Happy :)))

Ah my Anon! You had to take me back there! Now let’s have a side-by-side look at these photos:

This is the photo posted by Liam yestrday (26/8/17) As you can see, he’s wearing a pair of well-pressed bermuda shorts, held in place by a GUCCI belt (fun fact: did you know that the brand Gucci is owned by the group Kering, same as the brands Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen etc? so it’s a generalised promo deal!), a chevalier sovereign ring, a golden watch and a golden chain. And I’m asking you, my Nonnie: How many people do you know who go on vacation (on a romantic vacation nevertheless) dressed like they’re about to make an official photoshoot for GQ or any other magazine? Nope! Liam is clearly there on business!

Here we have one the pics that Cheryl posted today (27/8/17 - and less than 10 minutes later the fail had an article up; either they are very efficient -which they aren’t- or some little bird chirped in their ear!) and we see Liam in the same outfit. Translation: these photos were taken on the same day. Do you want me to make a leap of logic? The pic of Cheryl in the blue Versace (can we all spell “promo”?) bathrobe and Liam (just his face) was taken on the same day too. So, in true “veni, vidi,vici” fashion, they went, they stunted  (via SM of course) and took a thousand different pictures so they have a stash they can release, and they left (but expect more photos the next days, as Cheryl needs to generate more headlines to support her interview and to “beat” her former bandmate Sarah Harding).

And here my Nonnie, we have the photos from the Ziam fishing trip, from 3 years ago (August 2014, right after the very first “love boat”)… Here we see people who look genuinely happy to be there and in each other’s company, who can be themselves with no need to play dress up, who when they smile, it reaches their eyes, who are natural and at ease and not posing… Need i go on?

Make the comparison and draw your own conclusions!

P.S. my Anon, thank you very much for this trip down memory lane!

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Do you have any Raphael headcanons?!?!

Do I have Raphael headcanons?? I’m glade you asked *flips open book the side of the HP & the Order of the Phoenix*

* Raphael can and will easily fall asleep anywhere but his bed.
* One time he got Ragnor and Magnus to dress up as “Wizards” for Halloween then showed up in his regular clothes because “I’m a vampire, this is how I dress”
* Goes to midnight premieres of all of his favorite movies.
* He has read every single twilight book and has highlighted every inaccurate vampire detail.
* Is actually a terrible cook, he only knows to make selected few dishes.
* Buys more than one of the same jackets if he really likes it.
* Is a lightweight, went to a party and had to leave an hour later.
* Is very good with children
* Has a great memory, will remember what you said two decades ago and will hold it against you
* Learned to be diplomatic from Magnus
* Is very update on mundane pop culture
* Enjoys Backstreet Boys/ NSYNC, still listens to them
* Had an emo phase
* Doesn’t like peanut butter
* Bought Magnus a Father’s Day present as a joke once, Magnus still has it.
* Has a collection of classic literature and secretly a stash of comics
* Can play multiple instruments
* Knows every Micheal Jackson dance move and cried when he met him.
* Doesn’t like peanut butter
* Though it might not look that way, he literally takes no more than half an hour to get dressed.
* Never wears the same thing to the same place twice, a habit he picked up from Magnus and Ragnor.
* Knows everyone in the clan, not just by seeing them and their names but he took the time to personally get to know everyone in the clan from their mundane lives to their turning , that’s why they are so supportive of him.
* He likes it when it rains/snows
* He visits his mothers grave a lot
* He spends hours there, telling her about Rosa and Magnus and everything that happened since his last visit.