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NaKniCroMo 2018

Day 21: Share Your Progress!

Let’s break down the goals I’ve made at the start of the month and see how many I’ve managed to accomplish:

▪Category 1: Yarn Stash Bust
- Still working on it; I don’t think I’d be able to use ALL of my available yarn, so I’m changing my goal to use at least half of it. (Also, I bought some new yarn. Oops.)
- Working on project #4 of the month; one more and I’d meet my minimum goal of 5 original projects. Let’s see if I can squeeze 3 more.

▪Category 2: WIP

▪Category 3: Dream Projects
- I’ve made all the squares I could with the yarn I have available for the Weasley Blanket, so that’s one done.
- I have not started working on Harry yet. (I’M SORRY!)

Not bad, if I say so myself. 😆

Just me sitting here pondering if I should rip open my packages of yarn. I am trying really hard to wait till Christmas, so I can focus on finishing up some stash busting projects.
Since we live far away from family and it will be just my husband and I for Christmas. To make it slightly less depressing, I thought it would be such a treat to save all my packages for Christmas Day.
It is proving to be a real test of endurance. Lucky for me my husband offered to hide the boxes from me.

P.S. the package on top has Stranger Things themed yarn inside… oh the temptation!

Craft Challenges February Challenge:  Stash Busters!

The name of this challenge says it all.  For February’s challenge, participants are to work on projects with material from their stashes.  Anything you want to make can be submitted for this challenge, so long as at least 75% of the yarn or fabric you’re using was in your bin(s) or closet or under your bed or whatever before the date you began the project. :)

You may begin your stash busting February Challenge project anytime you like but we will not begin posting photos for the February Challenge until February 1, 2015.  To have your project photos displayed on this blog either submit them to us or post them on your own blog, being certain to tag “craftchallenges” so I can find them.

Good luck, and happy crafting!

(Wondering what the January Challenge is?  Find out more right here.)

More NaKniCroMo Stuff!

If you haven’t seen or been following along with all of the things I’ve been posting about this. NaKniCroMo has been developing over the last week or so. It started with my desire to have a NaNoWriMo type event but with knitting and crocheting. A lot of people seemed interested so I’m trying to put something together!
It’s looking like the event itself is going to be in March. This seems to work out pretty well for most people so it’s post holiday rush and pre exams and pre summer plans. And a break for after holiday gift crunch time. This also gives me time to get stuff going!
I’m currently planning on setting a website up with a forum so that there can be a good area dedicated to people updating/sharing progress and talk to other participants and meet friends and stuff. :)
For the forum, here’s some basic plans. I’m gonna have bigger sections for knitting and crochet, I’ll also have some smaller sections for the other crafts for if people are doing those. Loom knitting, tatting, cross stitch, etc.
I’m also thinking of maybe doing a giveaway for participants? Depending on how many participants there are..
The biggest thing I’m not sure about still is organizing goals. But for the first time this ever happens, maybe I’ll have a bunch of suggestions for goals (yardage, stash busting, number of projects, time spent) but leave it up to everyone to create their own goals? Does that sound good or would having an externally set goal be helpful to you guys?
As always all the reblogs and replies from everyone are super duper helpful!! Thank you!!