I loved this outfit and it was perfect for this scene. Jamie is in a position where he needs to show his importance and wealth, but also wants to highlight his Scottish pride. Everything about this look is money.  The material of his shirt is a fine linen, the waistcoat is silk and the jacket is tooled bone colored leather, but he contrasts all of this with his kilt. He is comfortable and tied to his Scottish roots while in a foreign land.


I remember very moment - every second 😍😍😍
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25 Days of Outlander- Day 6: Favorite Jamie Outfit

Jamie is slowly becoming his true self once again as he continues to recover from the trauma BJR inflicted on him.  When he and Claire go to Versailles, he wears his kilt - the first time he has done so since arriving in Paris.  Here is what Terry Dresbach says about this costume:  

Sam and I talked about this episode a lot, and we were in complete agreement that we wanted – this was a place where we wanted Jamie to really bring in Scotland, that the clothes he’d worn before were sort of his grudging acceptance of the fact that he was going to have to do this and this was their mission, and so he’s drop-dead elegant and very, very wealthy looking, but not particularly French. And this was a place where, rather than us putting him in lighter colors per se being the point, it was much more that we wanted him to really feel Scottish here,“ she explained. "So what I designed was – it’s actually based on an actual leather riding coat that I’d found in some piece of research. And, I wanted it to be very natural and very Scottish feeling, so that when he comes into this world where everybody’s wearing these outrageous colors and brilliant, over-the-top costumes, that his costume is Scotland, but impeccable. … Down the front of that costume is the embossing of a deer hunt, a stag hunt, which is very Scotland, but it echoes the kind of embroidery that we saw in the French court so that it is a very, very elegant, sophisticated garment, but it’s Jamie-style.”


Diva Starz was a series of fashion dolls created and released by Mattel during the Christmas shopping season of 2000.They are similar in design to the MGA Entertainment Bratz dolls released in 2001, and the Flavas dolls released by Mattel in 2003. Four dolls (Alexa, Tia, Summer, and Nikki) were offered in the original debut. The line was discontinued in 2004.

Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 9 "Home Again" - After Ash
It's the 9th episode of #AfterAsh with the Collider Nightmares panel of Perri Nemiroff, Jon Schnepp and Mark Reilly! The official after show of the Starz ser...

In case you needed another reason to watch Collider’s After Ash, here’s one: TED RAIMI is the special guest this week! He’s pretty great. So watch.  

anonymous asked:

Do you know that there are articles all over the internet about Top Shipped Couples, Most Reblogged Ships, The 20 Most Shipped Couples of 2016, Tumblr Releases List of the Most Shipped Couples? They are put out by every entertainment site/blog/etc. I even looked back to 2014. So my question is this. Why in the fuck is Starz and the cast/crew allowing the targeted terror attack from IW towards their shippers? This strategy after reading that makes no sense? Who's making the decisions over there?

anon, I have thought about this almost every day for the last 6-7 months. It’s the one thing I simply can’t make sense of. So I don’t know. I genuinely don’t know what to make of it or what to tell you. But thinking about it makes me want to throw up. 


(via  A wonderful bit of Jamie/Claire shmoopiness. One of my sis’s older vids that we haven’t shared with ya’ll yet. That’s why there’s no watermark. Hope you guys enjoy! Credit for this lovely thing goes as always to my sis Julia LeBlanc. ( @moduinne-and-redjamie )Credit for content goes to Starz. Song credit: You’re The Inspiration by Chicago. Subscribe for more Outlander vids once, sometimes twice a week! 

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I suppose I am what you call a "neutral". I really don't have any interest in the personal lives of actors but I do care about violence (including online bullying) against women. Shatner's misogyny is widely known but I have been horrified at the level of targeted abuse that he has meted out to women in this fandom. That this may have been done with the knowledge of Sam H is even more disturbing. As such, I will no longer be watching Outlander. #lesson1 #howtolosefans #othergreattvshowstowatch

I know. Trust me, I know. I think Sam definitely knows about it though I refuse to think he condoned it, even though I will continue to call him out on it the kindness and anti-bullying bullshit he feels the need to tweet. As for the boycott of the show, I fully support whatever you decide to do. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do. Right now, my interest in the show is negative for multiple reasons but I don’t pay for Starz or anything so me boycotting doesn’t do much. I’m gonna see how I feel when it’s closer to the premiere date.