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Saban’s Power Rangers (2017) Head Canons / Predictions I NEED

Jason x Team

  • Jason tries to motivate the team with his favorite sports movie quotes. At first the others are impressed until Billy starts to Google some of them. Soon his favorite quotes get the team snickering.
  • The more Jason and Zack hang out the more they realized that had they met at a younger age they would have been inseperable.
  • Jason asks Trini for girl advice; sometimes she has wonderful pearls of wisdom. Other times her replies are “I don’t get girls either bro.”
  • Jason spent Friday with Billy watching Dragon Ball Z and spent that weekend marathining it. Mainly so he could connect with Billy (that’s a lie he loved it and needed more.)
  • Jason and Kim tend to disappear at oddly the same time during training or group hangouts. Only to return with smirks and the whole team just knows.

Trini x Team

  • Trini is the queen of the group chat jokes. Her sarcastic remarks mid class cause the team to collect detentions because of cackles. She does it to ensure more hang out time with them.
  • Trini and Kim bonded over stoner comedies like Cheech and Chong, Harold and Kumar and such. They pop popcorn, Zack sometimes pops by if they want some snacks and gets bored and leaves. They also love shows like Parks and Recs, Broad City and Brooklyn Nine Nine.
  • Trini and Zack play Dare or Eat. They have to do a dare or eat some weird food combination; like pickles and ice cream or their favorite food but with too much salt/ect. Both trying to see who says “No fuckin’ way!” first.
  • Trini and Billy bonded over comic books. Trini loves DC and Billy loves Marvel. They either trade what they have collected or send links to Amazon Deals on their favorite trades.  Instead of being two fans at each other’s throats over silly “this is better because” they both value the other’s opinions.
  • Trini always tries to get Jason to do another prank. But eventually she ends up having heart to hearts with him. They both talk for hours over a few stolen beers a fire and some s’mores. After a few he usually gushes about Kim and after a few she gushes about her new crush. Then they as people who drink talk about being so little in the universe and other things that people think are “mind blowing!”

Zack x Team

  • Zack always brings snacks or cooks. Especially when he gets the “Can’t today I’m not feeling so hot.” text.
  • Zack and Jason shared a couple beers and watched “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogeloo” on STARZ. Their inside joke is trying to out “break dance” each other. Most of the time ending in three other rangers laughing hysterically.
  • Zack once the culinary bug bit him he started to bug Trini. He wanted to know her family’s secret recipes. Only to be told that they were not as good but he should keep trying. (No one cooks better than anyone’s grandmother, we all know this.)
  • Zack and Billy found an old PlayStation2 and brought it home. They both had looked around and shared their favorite style games. Zach loved Tony Hawk while Billy loved RPGs. Soon they both sook out other games and would spend hours talking ‘classic’ game.
  • Zack and Kim share music, trade their CDs. They share their Spotify/Pandora playlist. It’s usually just a ‘Hey what’cha listening to know?” text. Zack is still not ready to sing at Karaoke night but maybe soon. He needed to learn the lyrics because he hated failing.

Billy x Team

  • Billy always suggests movie nights and his father had quite the collection of amazing pop cultural gold movies. Jason likes to do out of context movie quotes to get the others to smirk.
  • Billy and Trini always test their “civilian powers” sometimes they race each other. Sometimes they see who can ‘leap the tallest building.” They have a lot of in-jokes as they still both feel like loners.
  • Zack and Billy bake things because baking is more like chemistry while cooking is a bit ‘wild.’ They both team up to make the team birthday or anniversary cakes. Billy always asks how to be more confident. Zack smiles and reassures Billy that he is doing fine.
  • Kim since day one was very protective of Billy. Not because of his autism but because she felt a mighty need to rise him up. She would rather take the licks of a battle so Billy could arise and show his true potential.
  • Jason even though not as tall; his personality towered over Billy. But Jason was protective of everyone. But something about Billy made him feel like a true brother. Soon the three Jason, Zack and Billy would become the best of brothers and they would all support and protect each other in a time of need.

Kim x Team

  • When Kimberly is bored she sings softly. Sometimes she forgets people are around her. Jason always listens. Trini chuckles but only because it has become sort of a meme in the whole group.
  • Kim was always attentive to Billy. She liked when he rambled or his conversations went way far south of their destinations. She loved his passion and was slightly jealous of it as well.
  • Zack always asks about her heritage and cuisine as they are both fellow Asian. They have that connection even though he is Chinese and she is Indian but they were still Asian. Nothing would break that bond. They also shared a made-up languge they created just to tease the gang.
  • Kim had dated a guy Jason knew prior to her “downfall.” But they were nothing alike. It wasn’t like she went from a sedan to another sedan. She upgraded when she had at first befriended Jason and then soon became more. The way he held her made her feel safe and in his weak moments he felt safe with her holding him.
  • Kim and Trini continue to Snapchat each other with filters and silly text. They were the only two on the team to ‘fully embrace’ the trend. But their ‘stories’ always had at least one other ranger. Plus it helped them pick their outfit of the day.


  • Krispy Kream is destroyed and refuses to rebuild. But a jovial entrepreneur Ernie builds a Youth Center/Juice Bar.
  • Two new students transfer to Angel Grove, Farkas Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovitch. They quickly bond in their disdain of Angel Grove’s five delinquents and their obsession of unmaking these new superheroes dubbed the Power Rangers. Misadventures ensue.
  • Zack meets Angela; a trans girl he falls for.
  • Tommy Oliver is a new student from Arizona. She left her Native American Tribe (As a white guy I’ll take any advice) because her parent’s hated Arizona and wanted to move to the better Angel Grove.
  • Rita lands on the moon then is revived by her master Lord Zedd. I want him to look grotesque and sound terrifying. I want them to send more monsters with stupid names. Possible montage of fight/zord/megazord fights.
  • Evil Native American Tommy is Major Villain until Rita and Zedd are stopped.
  • More Jason x Kimberly kissed.
  • Tommy as the End Credit becomes good. Falls for Trini.
  • Uncle Steve teaches Kimberly to fly/make her want to be a pilot and travel the world.
  • Jungle Karma Pizza reference.
Ash vs Evil Dead - Inside the World of Ash vs Evil Dead: Episode 103
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Starz Inside: The Face is Familiar

An interesting documentary that takes a look at the unique careers of character actors. A career that doesn’t necessarily set you up for fame, rather a possibllity for high volume of steady jobs. The actors that take these roles regularly become known for their supporting roles next to stars and starlets. Not many people know the names of actors like John Guizman, Danny Trejo, or Joan Cusack, but they are fairly familiar with their roles in movies like boogie nights, desperado, and Toys. You get to follow along in this documentary in understanding how these people may not go down as the most famous celebrities, but can still be some of the most recognizable.

     I personally liked the film, especially for the sincere and honest answers from the actors themselves. They show a much deeper respect for the art than you regularly see from other celebrities. They accept that they may never be known for their best selling role, but are essential for any great movie. There were definitely some slow parts, but I loved having a chance to look back at the careers of up-and-coming stars and finding out how a single role could have the chance of pigeon holding them into a specific type-cast. I would recommend watching it on netflix, however, don’t go out of your way to see it. It is extremely beneficial if you have any interest in the world of entertainment.