whAT THE FJFJJVOK. IM CRYING SO HARD fuckcingg gg i love this fic so much kill me fam this author broke me so hard oh my god god ((i live for magnus pain fics idk why it hurts alot i just want someone to see that he hURTS TOO)) like pls protect my son magnus jccjd bless the author thank you again for updating u deserve the world

@lightinsidethedark​ asked: Hey; could you rec me some long multi chaptered and completed malec fics? Thank you😊 

Sorry for the delay, but I’ve purposefully neglected delving fully into longer fics because I tend to get caught up in them and I can’t be distracted due to school at the moment. I did quite a bit of research though (which increased the size of my to-read list, so thanks for that!), because I wanted to do your request justice, and this is what I’m currently able to recommend. 

Per your request, all of these fics are over 30,000 words and multi-chaptered. You never specified if you preferred canon universe or alternate universe fics, so I included a bit of both.

For works that have been previously recced and fit this criteria, see: 

There appear to be some really, really incredible fics that are still currently works-in-progress, but I tried to steer clear of them in order to fulfill your criteria. However, these two are fantastic (and the first one is nearly complete). I felt that they are both far too great and original to ignore.

Finally, here is a list of completed fics that fit your criteria: 

The full recs for all of these will be posted within the next few days, but you can use the links provided above, if you so choose, in the meantime. Please be aware that there may be some triggering content. Be sure to read the tags and warnings and take them seriously. Happy reading!