starwars: a new hope

People in the future will be so confused if they start watching Star Wars for the first time.
  • People: Why can't I watch it from episode 1 ?
  • Me: No, No. First you watch episodes 4,5,6 later episodes 1,2,3. After that you watch The Clone Wars which take place between episode 2 and 3. Later you watch Rebels that take place between episode 3 and 4. After that episode 7, later Rogue One prequel to episode 4, but sequel to Rebels. After that episode 8 and Han Solo movie. Han Solo takes place before New Hope. Later and finally episode 9.
  • People: Say what ?

These beautiful set photos from the production of Star Wars: A New Hope were only recently unearthed.

These images were taken by script supervisor Ann Skinner, and provide a rare look at our heroes (Luke and Leia) and an even more rare look at two much more obscure characters. Biggs Darklighter (third image) had most of his scenes edited out of the film, and Camie (fourth image) was cut out entirely.