Kylo Ren being a vampire would include:

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Request:  Lay those vampire!kylo HCs on me -daddyrenn

Warning: Smut.

A/N: FUCK YES…. why is he so handsome. WHY ARE HIS LIPS SO KISSABLE.

  • Him wearing his clothes and helmet because of obvious reasons.
  • Cruising through space makes it possible for him to be awake for much longer than just around 10 hours.
  • After a tantrum he needs blood to calm down. 
    • Luckily he has you. His personal blood bag. 
  • Kylo Ren manipulating General Hux to do stupid embarassing things.
    • Like wearing his underwear over his uniform.
  • When Kylo Ren falls asleep after days of being awake, nothing can wake him up. 
    • Not even the destruction of Starkiller Base.
  • Kylo Ren breathing out of habit, but when he’s asleep, he’s not breathing. 
    • You panicking the first time you’re sleeping at his. 
  • Because his sense of hearing is heightened he’s using ear plugs when he goes to bed.


  • Kylo being horny all the time.
  • Him having super strength and speed as a vampire.
    • Rough, deep fucking. 
    • Always changing positions.
    • You being super sore the next day. 
    • You having bruises and marks.
  • Just before he cums he bites you, causing you to have the best climax of your life.
  • Him eating you out/sucking you off, and just before you cum, he bites the inside of your thigh while using his fingers on you.
  • Him eating you out when you’re on your period. 

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Pictured here is Mark, who portrayed Fett in 1997’s “Star Wars: Special Edition,” is wearing one of the actual actual costumes. This shot is from a #StarWars Summit for #Lucasfilm. His caption for this shot: “Heaven…. Star Wars ‘heaven’!”


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There were so many guys dressed as #StarWars #Rey at #dragoncon2016 – I wish I’d managed to get pics of all of them. And they weren’t dressed in a “haha look at me, I’m a man dressed as a woman, isn’t this funny?” kind of way, but in a “I LOVE REY AND I’M DRESSED UP AS HER!” serious love & appreciation kind of way. It was awesome. (The guy on the right chased me down and was so excited to get a picture since we were both dressed as “lightsaber Rey”)

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Whew boy this took longer than I thought it would… hahaha. Here’s @therealjacksepticeye as a Jedi!! I saw how happy and excited he was when he played Star Wars in VR so I figured he might like to see what he’d look like as a Jedi! (complete with his very own SepticBB8 of course ^_^)

This drawing/animation probably took about 18 hours total… I loved how it turned out and hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do! 

I made a speeddraw video of this and will upload it as soon as i have time to edit. Stay tuned!