Will Poe Use his Mother’s A-wing in Episode 8?

In the teaser trailer of The Last Jedi, we see Poe’s X-wing getting blown during a First Order attack. We also see an A-wing in a blink and miss moment passing the resistance bombers during a space battle.

In the meantime,an A-wing has been spotted both on the Pinewood set of episode 8, as well as at the recently Vanity Fair photo shoot.

The ship bears a strong resemblance to the one owned by Poe’s mother Shara Bey, on which she taught him to fly on Yavin IV. The ship appears in the Shattered Empire comics and the novel Before the Awakening.

I think Vice Admiral Holdo will demote Poe from his rank of Commander and also remove him from his position as leader of Black Squadron due to some disagreement. This would explain why he is listed as ‘Captain Poe Dameron’ on one of the leaked Lego sets for episode 8.

Poe will overcome this challenge by using his mother’s old A-wing get back into the fight, and help the resistance defend Crait from the First Order.