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"Happy Birthday, Wynne!" Weld smiled as he handed her a dragon pie.

The woman blinked in surprise, taking the pie as a small smile grew, “I…I dinna kain fit tae say…’anks Weld, I mean it” she examined the pie with a grin, “Ya wanna share it?”

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✿ -Weld Goldin

7: firm kiss

The brunette coloured greatly, eying the miner with nervous green eyes, “I-I…I’mma sorry ‘bout ‘is, W-Weld” she clenched and unclenched her fists for a moment…before taking a deep breath and stepping closer…much closer. Her hand reached out and caught hold of the brunette’s neck, pulling him against Wynne’s awaiting lips. The kiss was intense, somewhat heated. When she pulled away and released him, the crofter couldn’t look him in the eye.

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"Click!" Weld said with a innocent smile. - Weld Goldin

1. a hug from my character

Wynne rose a brow, chuckling a bit before pulling the man in for a hug. She squeezed him tight before releasing him with a chuckle, “Haha, ya survived it!”