I think ‘eating disorder’ is a crappy name for this illness. It’s too simplistic, too general. It’s invalidating. It suggests that the disorder is all about food & if we fix our “issues” with food and start eating better, we will be ‘cured’. That couldn’t be further from the truth. When we get our behaviours with food under control, thats when the real treatment & healing begins.

I don’t know, maybe something like ‘a starving heart disorder’ would be more fitting…because lets face it, we’re all secretly starving for something that isn’t food. Whether it be love, acceptance, control, strength, perfection, safety, trust, independence, comfort, happiness…the list goes on.
This way not only will people have a better chance at understanding that this is an inner thing, not an outer thing but maybe it will mean less comparisons between those who suffer. No more comparing ‘who is sicker’ or ‘which eating disorder is worse (and therefore more worthy of help)’ because we all suffer from the same thing, a starving heart…we all use different ways to cope with it, that’s all. And the ways in which we cope aren’t half as important as the fact that we’re all hurting and all deserve the love, support & care we so desperately need to get well.

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starvingheart  asked:

Let's say you switch bodies with your favorite animal AND YOUR A SUPER HERO, but just for a week. Tell me about your week of adventure :)

My favorite animal is a bat, and now I’m a superhero?

I would go into detail but knowing me?  Yeah no, I actually would be Batman. XD

Though I suppose if I actually am a bat and yet still a hero, I would probably be…

Yep!  Sounds legit either way.

starvingheart  asked:

top 10 reasons why niall is perf. go

1. When he impersonates girls

2. Hes a carefree mofo

3. How he makes not putting enough salt in his chips a serious matter. C'mon Nandos. Get your act together. Niall needs the proper amount of salt. 

4. Hes just so adorable. I mean how can you not think he is? Hes gorgeous.

5. His laugh. 

6. He plays guitar. Shirtless

7. His hair when his roots are showing

8. His solos. His voice in general. 

9. His eyes. 

10. How good he is with Baby Lux

starvingheart  asked:

I know that some random person online won't help much, especially with such a complicated and messed up situation, but please know that it is not your fault. I can see that you obviously love and care for her and that you were trying to correct things, so please don't be so hard on yourself, dear. I mean, of course I don't know the entire situation, but it sounds like your life might just be better off without her, maybe. If she isn't even putting forth any effort (even pushing against you)...

No, you do help… people always help, even online… that’s why I asked for help. I just need someone to talk to. Someone to tell me what to do, give me advice. It IS my fault. If I hadn’t gotten her into roleplaying none of this would’ve happened. Well… it probably would’ve, just based on how she interprets feelings and intentions, but it wouldn’t have happened so quick. It’s all my fucking fault for even suggesting it. She doesn’t know how to diferentiate between real me and my roleplay character. She just assumes that when I yell at or scold HER character or just am not very nice IN CHARACTER, it HAS to really be Hannah yelling at or scolding or insulting KELSEY. It’s not. Not even a tiny little bit, but she’s not been through all of this like I have, hasn’t learned that RP takes a LOT of mind altering (manual thinking change) to work and not destroy real life friendships. I lost SOOOO many friends when I first got back into rping a couple years ago. I was suicidally depressed and starting cutting myself for the first time in my life… because with rp, it’s REALLY hard to separate real life and roleplay emotions since it simulates REAL relationships, whether they’re romantic or platonic… and she doesn’t get that yet either. I started to tell her she might need to take a step back and that this was a bad idea only about two weeks after she started because I could SEE her getting in WAY over her head and getting extremely attached to her new roleplay boyfriend right off the bat. Shirking responsibilities and losing sleep to be online more… and I feel intensely guilty about that because once again, it was ME who asked her to come play this character for me and my rp husband. I’M the reason she’s in such bad shape and struggling with so much in relation to the rp taking up school work time and fucking.. sleep and just… this is my fault. I literally feel sick with guilt and hatred for myself. And no, she isn’t putting forth any effort, but then she never really did. She never talked to me unless I initiated it, but then she was great and awesome and fun and it was all perfect… but I always had to be the one to initiate, and if I just left her alone I wouldn’t hear from her until I messaged her again or something… and yeah, that DEFINITELY took its toll and made me feel incredibly worthless and just like an annoyance to her.

I just feel like she fucking broke me…. and I’ve tried SO. HARD. to right this and everything else she kept getting pissed at me for this past month or two and she UTTERLY REFUSES to be rational or reasonable in ANY respect at all. I can’t. even. fucking. express how intensely upsetting and FRUSTRATING that is. Like… HOW CAN I BE ANY MORE DIRECT OR HONEST OR FUCKING NICE? I’M TELLING YOU I LOVE YOU AND I’M SORRY AND I DIDN’T MEAN IT THAT WAY AND I’M TELLING YOU WHAT I ACTUALLY MEANT AND YOU ARE SO FUCKING STUBBORN AND SET IN YOUR WAYS, EVEN THOUGH YOU COMPLETELY MISINTERPRETED AND ASSUMED SOMETHING COMPLETELY FALSE, THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN HEAR THE TRUTH.

HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO ACCEPT THAT?! I can’t. I believe too much in the goodness and humane-ness of others… I don’t know… this just doesn’t make any sense in my mind and I feel like it’s breaking me. I don’t know what to do. And honestly, you’re probably 100% right that I’m much better without her in my life, but that doesn’t get rid of the triggers that set me off when I’m reminded of her. I just don’t know what to effing do… :’(

galactic-kitty said: what how could u

im so sorry rosie i have failed u *dramatic music plays*

plz let me make it up to you with brownies that look like pumpkins and a promise to stream the movie on Halloween night u v u<33

castiel-the-companion said:DON’T WATCH OUT WITH YOUR 98 YEAR OLD GRANDMA


(nah but my 98 yo grandma watched the musical RENT which is about homosexual and trans! people in NYC dealing w/ HIV so she might be able to handle it)

itsmyspoopyhat said: if you could you should definitely go to a theater and see a shadow cast of it they’re really really fun and cool

aHHHH I’ve wanted to do that ever since I read Perks of Being a Wallflower but I don’t know if anyone does it near me- or if I’d even be able to make it to a showing. I’ll keep an eye out though! u w u<3

starvingheart said: it’s really terrible tbh all my friends were obsessed with it in high school and wowwww I couldn’t even watch the whole thing (omg don’t hate me please)

oh man really? that sucks to hear. and hey hey no shoooooooshhhh it’s okay. like wow even if I was obsessed with the movie I don’t think I could hate you just for expressing your opinion. thank you for letting me know what you though of it! u v u)/<3

krspaz said: whispers I haven’t seen it either, you’re not alone ovo

ahaha, thanks for letting me know. we can be the minority that have yet to see it u w u<3