Alright here it is! This is my fundraising comic. (It’s an ‘AU’ of those cyclum comics, here they build the shipwrecked portal instead of the muliplayer portal) (It’s also a reaction to my crushing student loan debt!)

I will post a new page of it every time someone gives me a dollar on PayPal. or send to

(One page will be posted per dollar received. If you give me more than one dollar I will post more than one page ;) )

This comic will also take suggestions. (Every suggestion from a donator will be incorporated into the story posthaste; readers who do not donate will have their suggestions taken if there is an opportunity for them! I’m guessing that not everyone who donates will necessarily have a suggestion.)

What should happen next?
a) Maxwell should notice Wilson and explain what happened.
b) Maxwell should notice Wilson and try to convince him that this is all his fault.
c) Maxwell should instead notice that he dropped his flower, and focus on that.
d) We should switch to directing Wilson.
e) [Insert your own suggestion!]
f) I don’t care, do whatever you want blob

Note: I am aware of Patreon and chose not to use it for this project for various boring reasons. There is no need to suggest patreon. Buuut I actually do use Patreon for my original work, so if for whatever reason you would like to donate that way, I can link you there.


I am about 100 short on rent that is due on 5/1 and I have phone bill and 3 credit cards that all go out before my next paycheck on 5/6. I’m around $300 short total. I don’t know how this happened. 

 This is before food. I have about 6 meals left before I run completely out, I’ve only been eating once a day for the past week as it is, and that’s usually a small cup of ramen. 

 If you guys could help me out, I’d appreciate it. I’m not asking for stuff without return! If you’ve donated, I’ll be willing to give you as many bells, hybrids, and lucky clovers as you’d like. I can do some furniture sets, I have most Gracie ones complete. Anyone who donates $10 or more can get a custom embroidered drawstring bag for their 3ds, phone, whatever, mailed to them. I have lots of embroidery patterns and tons of fabric. Please message me for pics and info.

 I really hate asking for money or help at all, I’m usually very self-sustaining. Every bit helps and even if you can’t donate, please signal boost! 

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the story | the tag | the ill-considered sequel

    Reactions to the formation of the Magical Institute of the Arts in 1969 were mixed.
    To the artistically-inclined wizards and witches of the 60s, who felt they’d long been ignored in a world that only cared about whether you could turn a teacup into a rat or apparate without losing a limb, it was a relief. Legends still abound of those early days, when the Institute was never to be found in the same building twice, and art ‘happenings’ resulted in the attendance of Ministry officers on at least five occasions.
    To the Dean of the School of Art in 2024 (who was, coincidentally, called Dean) reflecting on Ministry budgets and repair invoices, the entire thing was a shambles and had cut his life short by at least a decade.
    To Scorpius 'coordination, what coordination?’ Malfoy, it was a chance to escape the confines of Malfoydom and become the tortured romantic he truly was.
    To Lucy Weasley, it was one last paint-splattered middle finger up to the establishment. But mostly her father. 
    The rest, as they say, is Art History.