starving your friends

Starving Your Friends
Envy On The Coast
Starving Your Friends

cause i fall three times as hard if it’s for nothing at all. you all seem twice as tall as i will ever be; i feel terribly small when my mind works too hard. when you think with your chest, there’s not a thing that you don’t see. i’m hardly capable of half the damage that i would like to do. i could swear that i don’t care but you know i’m too full of shit to think this through. so look at me, i pray to god but curse too much to be considered true. i’m just like me, i’m just like me. so who the hell are you?

all night because this is my mind.

Your body is your friend. If you hate your body it will hate you back, if you treat it badly it will treat you badly back, just as a friend would, because both a friend and your body are human. And sometimes friends make mistakes and hurt you but you wouldn’t purposely cut or starve or harm your friend in any way because they’re your friend and if you care for them then you’ll forgive them. And you need to treat your body the same way, as a friend, because if you treat your body, your friend, nicely then it’ll treat you nicely in return.
—  learn to love yourself

Lemme get real with you super quick fam. Prayer is SO important. We are instructed to literally pray without ceasing. And it is amazing. Big prayers, small prayers, and every prayer and thanksgiving in between. But when you see someone shivering on the sidewalk in the middle of winter, you don’t just say, “I’ll pray for them.” You take off your jacket, put it around them, bring them into a cafe and buy them a warm drink or some soup or both. When your friend is married and having a disagreement with his/her spouse and threatening to get a divorce, you don’t just say, “I’ll pray for them.” And leave it at that. You speak truth and love with gentleness and grace that God designed marriage beautifully and intentionally and that nowhere in the design does it say to walk away when things get hard. When you see injustices in the world like starving children, your lesbian best friend being afraid of coming to church because of the hate she will receive, your own family members speaking terribly about the refugees in your community whom you love and adore, you don’t JUST say, “I’ll pray for them.” You get off your ass and take action. You show them Jesus in unimaginable ways. You take their hand, carry their bags that hold the weight of their burdens, and walk with them to the feet of the Cross to lay them before their Maker. Prayer is so important, y'all. But God is a living God and we need to be a living people.

“Starving Your Friends” by Envy on the Coast

Thanks a lot
I’ve been disadvantaged from the start
he constricted the veins heading straight to my head
rerouted the blood to my heart instead
rerouted the blood to my heart instead

I am brain-dead
thinking strictly in blues and reds
Oh, I’m in enough trouble, man
Oh, man, I’m in trouble again
‘cause everyone’s ears are watching me
but I never, ever felt that this would be
anything more than a makeshift personal IV

'cause I fall three times as hard
if it’s for nothing at all
you all seem twice as tall as I will ever be
and I feel terribly small
when my head works too hard
when you think with your chest
there’s not a thing that you don’t see

I’m hardly capable of half the damage 
that I would like to do
I could swear that I don’t care, 
but you know I’m too full of shit 
to think this through.

so look at me
I pray to God
but curse too much to be considered true
I’m just like me
I’m just like me
So who the hell are you?

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Clearing the Air//Hanbin Scenario

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Request: Sequel to Cigarette Smoke

words: 1435

A/N: Hi hi, I hope you enjoy. :3 (especially my favourite Hanbin stan @bi-ai)


The ring hadn’t left your finger in months. You treasured it like it was the only thing keeping you alive. Kim Hanbin was your boyfriend. Boyfriend. You loved the word as it fell out of your mouth when people asked.

“He’s different now…” your friend said softly as you ate lunch together. You were playing with your ring absently.

“Different how?”

“I think you changed him,”

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Request: Hi could I get a Rob x reader fic where they meet after his band plays. Smut please.

A/N: Catching up on requests, sorry it’s taking so long :( this was also partially inspired by this gifset of Rob Benedict’s tongue … yeah idk it just spoke to me.

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected smut (be safe), explicit language, teasing, dash of fluff

Word Count: 6521

Tagging: @nekodresden85 @tas898 @natasha-cole @nerdyforyourbooks @annoyingobsesivechick @fruitiplierq @jack-of-all-arts @peteachu666 @overcastmisfitkid @thewhiterabbit42 @lenawiinchester @magpiegirl80 @mija-novella @feelmyroarrrr @thatone67chevyimpala @lumenella @crushing83 @laffytaffyhumor @super–who–locked @paddy1219 @riversong-sam @yo-ho-yo-ho-thefandomlifeforme @tas898 @sdavid09 @fizonafan @yearoftheweasley @bloodstained-porcelain-doll @lamthetwickster @monicapernas @dont-hate-relate-pls @fangirl-faye @crowleysprincess159 @perseusandmedusa @bad-intentions-22 @wayward-mirage @im-a-slut-for-an-accent @defineoptimist @negansgrimes @royalfunkstar @secretsupernaturalblog @authoressskr @nicmob @ashiewesker @your-not-invisible-to-me @mulit-fandom-fangirl @whovianayesha @zuzaak @spnackleholicswainer @ryleeroseb4 @chloecolbourne @bluehamster13 @weasleys-wizard–wheezes @thatone67chevyimpala @sea-you-bitch @nerdysandwichqueen @wonderlandmoonrose7 @your-silver-and-gold @therealdeanwinchester13 @welcome-to-awesometown @eileenlikesyou-maybe @derivedfromapho @dontwasteyourbreath @amyapathetic @cantchoosejustonefandom @thecandylovingarchangelgabriel @capnjacksparrow14 @ariethegreat98 

The theater was packed full of people, kazoos and glow sticks catching your eyes as your best friend pulled you by the hand to the side of the stage. Your best friend was a huge Supernatural fan, while you were still working through the first season. You liked the show, but you were pretty unfamiliar with the actors and the behind the scenes stuff. When your best friend scraped together the funds to go to one of the show’s conventions, she begged you to at least go to the Saturday Night Special Concert with her. It was actually good timing. You needed a break from work, from basically your life for a weekend. What better way than to travel to a new city with your best friend?

“You’ll love Louden Swain!” Your best friend gushed as the two of you made it to the rope that put a barrier between the people standing on the sides and the stage, which was a few feet away. You had waited for hours in line to get here, but evidently it was worth it.

“Looks like a good turnout,” you commented with a nod, feeling that pre-concert adrenaline buzz within you. You loved music, loved concerts, so you were in a happy place even if you were in unknown territory.

“The lead singer, Rob Benedict, is cute as fuck, too.”

You gave your best friend a smirk, but you couldn’t help but feel a little intrigued. “Oh, really?”

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Can i request svt joshua and "first kiss" please?~~ thank you

Hello Anon, thank you for requesting this prompt with the American hyung. Haha. I wanted to finish this before the new year, but procrastinating is the worst thing. I guess, this is my small New Year present for you instead ~

❤ Admin Blank

Scenario Prompt: First Kiss

You didn’t want to go to this party. You were already worn out from the week’s workload and your friends wanted to drag you to this “mixer” as they called it. You knew it was just a frat party at some frat house. You didn’t want to spend New Year’s filled with people you barely knew, but the constant nagging eventually broke you.

“You’ll have fun, I promise!” Your friend exclaimed. You sighed as you went to go get dressed. How do you even get dressed for these types of parties? You decided to go for a simple, but casual look. A gray off-the-shoulder long sleeve and skin-coloured tights paired with a black A-line skirt.

You looked yourself in the mirror and nodded in approval. This is okay.

“Come on Y/N– You’re looking good!” Your friend teased as she walked into your room.

“Pfft.. Let’s just go.” You said, grabbing your bag and heading out.

The party wasn’t too far, just a fifteen minute walk from your apartment. It was weird, you’ve been coming to school for three years now and not once were you invited to this part of the school. The party was well on its’ way by the time the two of you go there. Before you could get in a boy stopped you. You noticed his face, he was in one of your classes, but you couldn’t remember his name.

“Pick one.” A boy said, coming up to you with a cup filled with popsicle sticks.

“What is this for?” You asked.

The guy just laughed. “You’ll figure that out soon enough.”

Your friend quickly took a popsicle stick and showed you her number. It read: 5.

Grabbing a popsicle for yourself, you pulled it out of the cup and read it out: 2.

“Go right on in, ladies. The party is about to get real fun, real soon.” He said, before stepping out of the way.

You and your friend walked in and found crowds of people. They were everywhere. In the kitchen, in the living room, in the backyard and they were either drinking, dancing, making out or eating.

You let out a nervous giggle before your friend patted your back.

“We’ll be fine. Let’s just stay until we figure out what to do with this popsicles.” She said, continuing on. “Let’s go grab something to eat… I’m starving.”

You clung around your friend as the two of you found yourselves in the kitchen, nibbling on the party snacks. You noticed your friend found some of her classmates and was whisked away with  them. You didn’t mind, it gave you  time to roam around the house. You danced a bit, took some shots with random people and ate a bit more. You were having fun, you weren’t going to lie.

It wasn’t until the music cut off and a voice cleared their throat into the microphone. You thought you were going to get in trouble for being too loud. You were waiting for someone to scream into the microphone to go home. Everyone went quiet as the voice spoke. You noticed that you’ve heard the voice before. You excused yourself and fought through the crowd to find where the voice was coming from. You saw who it was. It’s the guy from earlier.

“Excuse me, the people who picked out a numbered popsicle make your way to the living room. Anyone who has a numbered popsicle, make your way to the living room please.” He repeated.

“Y/N! Y/N!” You heard a familiar voice yell through the crowd.

Your head swung around to find where the voice came from. Your friend clings onto your elbow.

“Let’s go Y/N! I want to know what these popsicles are for!” She excitedly said.

She pulled you through the crowd towards the living room. There was already a small group forming.

“We’re missing two more girls…” The guy in the middle exclaimed.

Your friend pulled out her popsicle stick and waved it up in the air.

“Here we are!” She yelled, nudging you to show off your popsicle stick.

You stuck your hand into your skirt pocket and pulled it out.

“Winner winner, chicken dinner! We can get started then.”  The guy clapped as he continued talking.

“All you guys have to do is listen for your number and head into any room… We’re playing 7 minutes in heaven.”  He said with a smirk on his face.

I don’t like where this is going… You thought to yourself. You looked over at your friend who was chatting up this boy already. You look that this boy was holding a popsicle stick with the number 5.

I guess that’s her partner.

You made your way behind your friend and whispered. “Don’t do anything you’re gonna regret in the morning.”

She turns around and smiles. “I wouldn’t dare.” She takes hold of her partner and disappears into the crowd. You let out a small sigh, she probably won’t do anything… Right? Your thoughts were interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. You turn around and find a boy behind you. A boy with cat-like eyes, sharp jawline, light brown hair styled up wearing a gray long sleeve with black ripped jeans paired with a checkered scarf and black boots.

“Hey… I think we’re partners.” He spoke softly, showing his popsicle to you.

2. He’s my partner. You started to panic a little. He was extremely handsome.

“Don’t worry… We don’t have to do anything you regret in the morning” He said with a sly smile.

“I guess you heard me…” You let out a nervous laugh.

“Name’s Joshua. How about you?”


“Y/N… Cute.”

“Come sit down with me, tell me about yourself.” He says, sitting down on the nearby couch and patting the seat beside him.

Taking the offered seat, you sit down. He scoots a little closer towards you and you lean back a little. He lets out a chuckle.

“Chill, I just want to be able to hear you… So, tell me about yourself Y/N.”  

“Ummm… Well, I’m in third year of college studying to be a teacher. How about you?”

“I’m a music major, third year as well.”

“Are you from around here or are you from out of the city?” He asked.

“Born and raised here.”

His eyebrows went up and replied back. “That’s interesting, me too.”

You and Joshua continued to get to know each other. He was a dork. He tried to have this cool demeanor, but once he cracked a joke… He kept trying to make you laugh with his lame jokes. You found out that he loved a lot of the same music artists, you both attended the same church services at school and yet, never noticed each other. His passion for music was admirable. He just loved it so much and you could see the glint in his eyes when he was talking about it. It seemed like you two were talking for forever. He made everything so easy, it made it seem like you’ve been friends since childhood.

“Hey Joshua, I’m kinda thirsty. I’m going to find something to drink, do you want anything?” You asked him, as you stood up.

“I’m good. Thanks for asking… I’m going to try to find a friend of mine. I’ll meet you back here?” He asked.

“Sure. See you in a bit,” You said, as you waved bye to him. You made your way to the kitchen and found something to satisfy your hunger and thirst. You took your drink with you and made your way back towards back the couches again. The music quiet down for a second as you heard the DJ yell something into the mic. “Everyone! It’s one more minute until the New Year!”

You could hear everyone begin to countdown until there was ten seconds left until the new year.


You took a sip of your drink as you watched people couple up for their New Year’s kiss. Not like you were going to get one anyways.

“9!” Everyone began to countdown out loud. You noticed a familiar face making its’ way towards you.

“8!” You ignored the face and continued to drink.

“7!” You find notice that the music is getting quieter as everyone else gets louder and rowdier.

“6!” Another year is about to pass by without any excitement, you raise your glass, toasting to the new year.

“5!” You heard your name being called out and try to find where its’ coming from.

“4!” You feel a tap on your shoulder and you find Joshua behind you.

“3!” He doesn’t say anything to you and you neither.

“2!” He steps closer towards you.


He pulls you into a kiss, pulling you as close. You drop your drink in shock, but before you could do anything, your body instinctively pulls him closer, wanting to close any space in between the two of you.

“Happy New Year!” You can hear everyone yelling and celebrating.

You pull away slowly away from his face, still in his embrace. Your face is bright red. You barely knew this guy, but something about him made your stomach have butterflies. You touched your lips… Your first kiss became a New Year’s kiss to this guy, but you didn’t mind.

“Happy New Year…” He whispers.

“H-Happy New Year.” You reply back.

He lets out a small chuckle as he tucks a piece of your hair behind your ear. You look down, embarrassed. Joshua lifts your chin and stares into your eyes. Looking into his, you knew that the new year was gonna be interesting.

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Day 2- Protecting each other

“Stay away from him,” Kaneki yelled, his voice cracking from his anger as his kagune slowly appeared behind him. The ghoul across from him laughed and spat on the ground in front of Kaneki. “It’s quite disgusting, seeing a ghoul defend a human like this.” He said and laughed more. “I swear, if you come any closer, I’ll kill you.” Kaneki warned and clenched his fists.

“Why do you defend this human, is the question.” The ghoul asked causally, which annoyed Kaneki. “What business would a ghoul have with any humans?” Kaneki stayed quiet and was still on guard, waiting to attack. “I know you, you’re the half ghoul.” The other ghoul said and smiled a little. “Do you really think you can keep playing human and keep your friends?” He asked. “We eat humans like your little blond friend over there.” He said and pointed to Hide, who was lying unconscious at the end of the alley. “I’m starving, and your friend just happened to be waiting out here for you, so defenseless.” He teased. “Why don’t we split him, then never see each other again?” He suggested and took a step towards Kaneki. Before the other ghoul could put weight into the foot he stepped with, Kaneki already had his kagune penetrated through the ghoul’s heart and out the other side of his body. “You can’t protect him forever, idiot.” The ghoul said with his last breath and spat out blood. “Watch me,” Kaneki said viciously through clenched teeth and violently removed his kagune from inside the other ghoul. The other ghoul lied dead in the alley as Kaneki quickly turned to pick up Hide, bringing him back to the apartment.


“Man, these ghoul fights are getting more and more out of hand.” Hide said and sighed as he watched the news, which was telling about a dead ghoul found in the alley.

“Yeah,” Kaneki said absent mindedly as he looked at clear pictures of the ghoul on the tv. He knew it was definitely the one he killed. “I’m surprised I didn’t hear any of it, since it was right near here!” Hide exclaimed and laughed as he looked at Kaneki. “You must have been right, saying I’m a heavy sleeper. I didn’t even hear you come in.”Kaneki nodded in response as kept his eyes on the tv.

“Do you think ghouls can have friends who are human, or is that just stupid?” Kaneki asked and finally looked at Hide seriously. “I don’t think it’s stupid, but it would be difficult, seeing how different they are.” Hide told him. “They probably won’t be close friends though.” He added. “Unless the ghoul lies,” Kaneki said back.

“Yeah, if the ghoul lies.” Hide said and thought for a moment. “I would rather know the truth than be lied to though,” He admitted to Kaneki. Kaneki nodded and looked down. You can’t protect him forever, idiot.

Why did you and your folk three times try to attack my people at their merrymaking?” asked the king.
“We did not attack them,” answered Thorin, “we came to beg because we were starving.”
“Where are your friends now, and what are they doing?”
“I don’t know, but I expect that they’re all starving in the forest.”
“What were you doing in the forest?”
“Looking for food and drink, because we were starving.
—  I can’t believe they left this bit of dialogue out of the movie.

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Can you do Marlene pregnant while at hogwarts & shes scared to tell Sirius, but she told her friends and one of them ends up spilling?

Marlene returned to the Gryffindor common room with her eyes bright red and puffy. She begged internally that Sirius was somewhere else and sighed relieved when she realized that the common room was empty. She climbed quickly the staircase and entered to her dorm.

“What happened to you?” Dorcas frowned. She was lying on her bed, reading a book and eating chocolate.

The blonde girl sighed and dragged her feet to her friend’s bed. She removed her shoes and got into the bed before burying her face on Dorcas’ chest and started crying again. “Oh, Doe… I’m so fucked up”.

“Hey, no… don’t cry… talk to me, Mar” the girl said and hugged her friend worriedly as she stroked Marlene’s hair tenderly. “What happened, love?”

“I’m screwed, Dorcas… I… I’m p-pregnant” she cried even harder against her friend’s chest.

Bloody hell

Dorcas let out a puff of air and hugged her even tighter; she kissed Marlene’s head and rested her lips on her blonde hair. “It’s okay Mar, we’re going to work this out, okay?” she said kindly. “Does Sirius know?”

Marlene shook her head and kept on crying since she was unable to speak a word properly.

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Nash Grier Imagine for Anon

You walk out of Victoria’s Secret as you hold onto your pink bag. You walk along with your friend as you find your way over to the food court. “I can’t wait to wear this.” Your friend motions to her bag. You both just bought swimsuits for the summer. You continue walking down as you see a little girl near one of the benches. She was by herself. She looked about four years old with the shiniest blond hair ever.

You watched her as she danced around the seats. She wore a small pink tutu with a sparkly tiara laid on her head. She sang as you look over to your friend. You point to the little girl. “Is she lost?” your friend laughs.

You shrug your shoulders as you walk over to the girl. “Hi!” you say with a friendly tone. She looks up at you as you notice her light brown eyes. “Hi!” she says back as she waves her wand in the air. “What’s your name?” your friend asks. “Skylynn.” She simply replies as she takes a seat on the bench. She starts kicking her small legs back and forth as you exchange looks with your friend. “What should we do?” you ask as she shrugs her shoulders. “I lost my brothers” she mumbles as she starts to sing again.

“What’s your brother’s names?” you ask her. “Nash and Hayes.”

“Where was the last time you saw them?” your friend asks as Skylynn begins to ponder in thought. “Well! We were at the arcade. I got boreddd.” She drifts off. You smirk to your friend. “I see.” You say as you look around your surrounding area. “Do you want to go help us look for them?”

“Sure.” She smiles as you all start to walk around. You peer your eyes out for boys who look similar to Sylynn. Blonde hair with brown eyes.

You listen to Skylynn as she starts to hum Royals by Lorde. “Nash and Hayes, Nash and Hayes, where are you?” she sings as she holds onto both of your hands. You all have been looking for 20 minutes now. You finally sigh hoping to reach down to the security desk. “Want to just bring her down to like the office?” you ask your friend as you see Skylynn look up at you. “Am I going to be brought to lost and found?” she asks with gloom in her eyes. You look at your friend and bite your lip. “We’ll stay with you, when your brother’s come.”

You finally reach the desk as you see a security guard there with two older boys. They were maybe a year younger than you, blue eyes and brown hair. Totally opposite from Skylynn. “Hi can I help you?” the guard asks you.

“Yes, I’m here to…” you start to say as you look down to Skylynn, she wasn’t there though.

“Nash!” you hear her shout as she runs into the hands of the boys. “Report….” You continue until you realize that they were her brothers. “Oh…” your friend laughs. “Is there a problem?” the guard asks.

“They found each other.” You say awkwardly. You walk over to the boys who noticed you. You imminently saw the bright blue eyes from the older boy. “Thank  you.” He says as he gives you a smile. “You must be…” you start to say as you notice your friend talk to the younger one and Skylynn.

“I’m Nash.”

“y/n.” you introduce yourself. “Thank you for finding her…I’d be killed.” He laughs. “How did you guys lose her?” your friend chimes in. “Well ya see, it was Nash’s turn to watch her. I was about to win my game but she disappeared.”

“Dude, your all lies.” Nash laughs to his little brother.

“I’m serious, she vanished.” You notice Hayes’s blue eyes as well. “Okay, whatever. It was my fault. But I’m glad she’s back.” He says as he holds her into his arms.

You look at the time and give your friend the look. “Well guys, it was nice meeting you all…but I think we’re going to be going to go eat” you wave.

“Yeah…I’m starving.” Your friend complains as she pats her stomach.

You roll your eyes as you continue to wave to them. “Wait!” you hear Skylynn. “Stay with us.” She begs you both. You look over to your friend with an unsure look. “It’s fine with me…if we get some food.” Your friend laughs. “Yeah, I’m hungry too.” Hayes agrees as you all finally go to the food court. You held hands with Skylynn as she held her other with Nash. You had side conversations with him as your friend and Hayes walk together in front of you. You find a table sitting with your friend and Skylynn.

Hayes and Nash went to get milkshakes for you all. “They seem really nice.” Your friend speaks up as you agree. You smile as they come back with full hands. “Chocolate for you.” Nash says as he hands you the cup. You all start to drink your shakes as you get to know one another.


You finish your drinks, throwing them into the garbage. You turn over to Nash and Hayes and finally decide that it was time to leave, you all have been at the mall all day. You were pretty much exhausted. “I think we’re going to be heading out soon.” You say to Nash. “That was a nice date we had.” Nash smirks to you.

“Date?” you ask.

“If you want it to be.” He chuckles. “Oh sure.” You say playing along. “Maybe, we could have a second one?” he says to you as he pulls out his phone.

Smooth Nash, you thought to yourself. You enter your number on his phone as you say bye to Skylynn. “I’ll see you guys later.” You and your friend say to them as you receive a text from Nash.