starving arts


STARVING ARTIST SALES PITCH! Ok people, I’ve got some arts to sell! First off, I can take on a couple of small paintings (5x7 or so, acrylic on panel, for 50 bucks shipped within USA, comes with frame)! I would especially love to do some fanart of the Swedish band variety (Ghost, Priest, etc), if any of you are interested in that sort of thing. ALSO paper dolls - if you would like any of the paper dolls I make, they are 15.00 shipped within the USA - all assembled and ready to pose stupidly. You have your choice of Omega (12.5″ tallish), Papa 3 in his “casual” outfit (12″ tallish), or Fia from The Great Discord (12″ tallish). I also have this rad green haired elf girl painting that seriously needs a home that I will give away for 75.00 shipped in the USA! I also make hand-drawn buttons of whatever the hell you want for 2 bucks each (plus shipping). Lastly, small monster drawings for 10.00 shipped within USA. THANK YOU KINDLY PEOPLE!