starving african

Smh i was playing Overwatch and for once i talked in the voicechat (usually i prefer to type). Then this person asks “Where are you from ?” probably because i have an accent. I answer “From Cameroon.” “Where is that ?” “In Africa.” And then this person goes “But… do you have money ? Are you poor ? How did you get enough money to buy Overwatch ?” And this person was dead serious like they weren’t trolling or anything.

…………. i’m just so annoyed rn.

Dear Racists
  • 70% of the bloodiest wars and conquests in history have been in China. 

  • The Moors and Carthaginians have all conquered various parts of Europe at different points in history. 

  • Arab Muslims took land and Assyrians and Egyptians and converted them to the religion of Islam. The original cultures of these nations barely exist. 

  • Millions of people have starved to death in African dictatorships.

  • There are multiple Arab states that oppress ethnic Kurds.

  • Japan carved out its own empire by taking islands from indigenous peoples.

  • Nazi Germany literally worked with Arabs, Muslims, and Japan.

  • The Aztecs literally abducted people from other tribes to cut their hearts out.

  • Oppression isn’t just done by Whites.

  • “White” is a mere social construct.

I need feminism because
our oppression isn’t real because at least we can vote
because the wage gap or lack of control over our own goddam bodies cannot be oppression
while there are children slaving away in factories
but when you are hungry, are there not African children starving to death
then you must not be hungry

I need feminism because
it is easier to get a gun in America than birth control
because the womb inside me is not mine, but the government’s
I will not bear children of my own, instead I will bear those of rich white men who can dictate what happens to the cluster of cells inside of me regardless of how that child came to be
do not tell women that the life inside them is more valuable than their own

I need feminism because
society says my body is offensive until convenient to them
men tell women nourishing their child is a thing meant to be done in private
as though the sight of an infant nursing from an exposed breast isn’t normal because it isn’t their greedy lips caressing it
and they will loosen the ties around their necks as girls shake exposed flesh for crumpled dollar bills
while downing hard liquor and making grabs at the waitress’ ass but they won’t leave a tip because she’s wearing more than the girl on stage

I need feminism because
I am not the red lipped pin-up goddess plastered on the centerfold of tattered copies of Playboy
hidden under the mattresses of freshmen boys
boys who are taught to chase tail because women are merely bitches waiting on their haunches
begging… whimpering… pleading… please just tell me I’m pretty
because apparently the thing between my legs is a neon vacancy sign and I cannot function
without a man to fill it

I need feminism because
when I proclaim myself feminist I am met with uneasy sideways glances
people treat me like I am dirty for preaching equality
my feminism is intersectionality
I stand not only for women, but for humanity and I am so
fucking tired
of having to defend my beliefs
because feminism is misunderstood to be man-hating lesbians
or edgy white girls wearing too much flannel who blog about misandry
because in America, we think a radical few must define the entire culture

I need feminism because
the worst thing you can call a man is woman
because pussy and bitch echo through the hallways of every school in the nation
and some would rather die than have these insults directed at them
because boys are told they cannot show emotion for fear that their
masculinity will come into question
because for so long fathers have cried behind closed doors
and brothers have cried in locked bathroom stalls
that crying on mommy’s lap is emasculate
we must not teach our sons that they are any less a man
with tears rolling down their cheeks

I need feminism because
I have to leave work with a group of three other women just to feel safe
our keys clutched tightly don’t drop them
hearts racing don’t look behind you
running move faster
unlock the door
get in
go go go

I need feminism because
stolen innocence is displayed as a trophy like
a notch on the belt of a predator for everyone to see
we are dragged through gravel, dirt under the fingernails
blood running down kicking legs
ravaged raped
disposable objects
prizes for any person’s taking

I need feminism because
equality is not a radical concept but
basic humanity and I cannot fight this battle

I’ve been told that I’m a sick, terrible person for having this opinion before. Let me start off by saying that I think it is unfair for any human being to have to suffer based on the country and life that they are born into. Now onto my point. 

I am absolutely against the fact that we are constantly throwing money at people in third world countries just so that incredibly poor people can continue living to suffer even more and give birth to even more children who will live terrible lives. People always say “Save the starving African children” but honestly, what good is it gonna do? These countries are extremely over populated and saving more children who are extremely poor = more people surviving who are not self-sufficient and are unable to lead useful lives that are contributing to society. 

What we need to do is give these people the skills necessary to be successful and prevent them from having more children. Give people condoms and birth control and educate them on HIV. Teach them how to produce their own food. Teach them how to sew so they can make things to sell. Give children proper schooling. Then they will be able to buy food and raise their family members to have decent lives. For those who don’t succeed at any of this - honestly let them die because their lives will always just be shitty and they’ll continue contributing to the extreme problems stemming from poverty. 

But DON’T “save people’s lives” by giving them some food so they can continue having sex all the time and having many more poor, useless children who are born into a lack of resources. 

The Christmas song I don’t feel gets enough hate is “Do They Know it’s Christmas?”. Say what you will about “Christmas Shoes”, and it’s a terrible song don’t misunderstand me, but at least it doesn’t try to paint an ENTIRE CONTINENT as being full of starving desperate Africans who have never seen rain or fertile ground in their lives and desperately need us to feed them. I realize it was a charity song for the Ethiopian famine in the mid-1980s, but that was a specific event in a specific area of Africa, not the whole damn continent. And it’s 2016.

  • thin person: fat politics are petty
  • thin person: claiming thin privilege is a thing is wrong because africans are starving are they privileged
  • fat person: *too busy trying to convince their doctor to treat their actual illness instead of their weight*
  • fat person: *can't find employment*
  • fat person: *is treated like a societal cancer who must be destroyed through government policy*
  • fat person: *is viewed as a western decadence and a symptom of capitalism which will be cured when Capitalism Is Over*
  • thin person: god i hate these liberal identity politics