Looking for people to talk to

Reblog if you fall under the following categories:

  • Have an eating disorder
  • Hides your eating disorder
  • Has a ugw of under 100 lbs
  • Has a current weight of 160+
  • Likes watching YouTube
  • Likes listening to music
  • Between the ages of 14-17

Those are the only things i’ll pay attention to and some of them aren’t mandatory (like the youtube and the hiding the ED thing) they’re just preferred

Reblog if these apply to you and I’ll message a few people that reblog or you could message me

Excuses to not eat

  • “I already ate”
  • “I don’t feel well”
  • “I just brushed my teeth”
  • “I just went to the dentist”
  • “I don’t like *certain food*”
  • “I’m not hungry”
  • “I ate a lot earlier”
  • “I’m too busy right now”
  • “I’ll eat later”
  • “My stomach hurts”
  • “I have a toothache”
  • “*insert friend* didn’t eat all their food so I helped them finish it”
  • “I’m tired”
  • “I’m just getting over being sick so I still don’t have an appetite”
  • “I’m currently sick”
  • “My throat hurts”
  • “I just worked out”
  • “I just ate a mint”
  • “I’m allergic to *certain food*”

Feel free to add more excuses if you like

These are just some of the excuses I use

How to not binge eat/over eat/eat at all

•find something to distract yourself.. play games on your phone, write music, listen to music, exercise, go to a friend’s house, make art, watch YouTube, anything that’ll make you forget that you want to eat

•only eat food when it’s offered to you.. idk if it’s the same with where you live but where I live I’m hardly ever offered food which means I’d have to make it myself so if your family is like that too then this is a good thing to do

•never finish what’s on your plate… because if you finish what’s on your plate you’ll most likely either end up wanting more or if there’s too much on your plate you’ll eat too much and you’ll most likely end up being upset with yourself

•replace food with something else… such as water or exercise or games or music or whatever you want because by doing this you’ll end up forgetting you were hungry in the first place

•get a job or a hobby or start working… if you get a job not only will you get paid but you most likely won’t have time to eat (aside from your lunch break), if you get a hobby you might not get paid but at least it’ll distract you from eating and same with working

~~~ I know this wasn’t very many tips and things but it’s what I do and it does help if you stick to it ~~~