starv graffiti

how about a modern au where clarke is a starving homeless graffiti artist and her graffiti is really elaborate and beautiful and bellamy and octavia always like seeing her stuff because it’s so cool 

and then bellamy like sees her graffiting a wall and they get to talking and he realizes she’s homeless and so he offers to let her stay with him and octavia for a little while

except for “a little while” turns into a LONG while and their couch basically becomes clarke’s bed and she starts teaching octavia how to paint and stuff and bellamy comes home from work every day to see them spray painting big plastic sheets hung over the windows

bonus if clarke takes bellamy to graffiti for real and he’s like “but omg what if we get caught” and she’s like “chill”

bonus BONUS if bellamy is a cop and when he catches her in the act he’s lenient because her art is rad as hell but it still takes clarke a while to trust him