Mambu, The SaaS Banking Platform, Picks Up €8 Million Funding

 Mambu, the SaaS banking platform, has raised a further €8 million in funding. The round was led by Acton Capital Partners and CommerzVentures, with participation from existing investors. The additional capital will be used to expand its commercial team, invest in the platform and to open new offices in Asia and the Americas. Read More
Appreciating the “Holy Shit” Moment

When you start a business, you have a lot of ideas of what success might look like. Dollar amounts. Ideal clients. Industry awards. Funny enough, after three years working on Mighteor, I have discovered that the feeling of success often sets in at the most bizarre moments. Sure, the big checks feel great. And the brilliant clients keep you motivated. The awards, well, they’re awfully nice too. But lately, I’ve been feeling hugely grateful for something else entirely. 

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Last Friday, I had breakfast with a fellow lady boss CEO and we laughed wildly about the weird things we never expected to face. The fact that we always feel pressure to have a perfect hair day. How we spend an obscene amount at Sephora right before we have to do press or big presentations. And truth be told, it could have made me sad. Being a female CEO comes with a whole host of expectations that are placed on you, both from within yourself and from exterior forces. This breakfast, however, wasn’t a “holy shit” moment because it was funny. It was a “holy shit, we made it” moment because she and I could share that truth. We could look at each other and not question our mutual success or commitment and still peel back our veneers of attempted perfection to connect with one another. 

I left that breakfast energized. But I was also in a rush, because I had to get on a plane for a shoot with my team. When I arrived on set just a few hours later, I was ragged. My hair was no longer perfect. My makeup? A mess. But when I walked into the studio and set eyes on the perfectly crafted set my team had lovingly put together - I nearly cried. Talk about a “holy shit, I made it” moment. You don’t think about these things when you start your dream business. But when you’re standing in front of people who are excited to show you HOW they have carried out your crazy vision with technical expertise and artistic genius - you FEEL successful. Deep in your bones, you feel a sense of: “Holy shit, I am doing something right.” 

Since starting this business, I acknowledge that I have routinely failed to recognize my own wins as a business owner. Oftentimes, I feel most comfortable when I overhear a client say something good about us - because it doesn’t require me to “gloat” about what we’ve done. In 2016, I’ve been focusing on that more and more, because my team deserves for me to be braver. To look at what we do and stand on our metaphorical roof and say: HEY, WE’RE AWESOME.

That’s why that moment on set hit me so profoundly. It’s not like we haven’t crafted sets together before, but this one, this one made me feel like climbing our actual ladder, getting on the roof and shouting: HEY, WE’RE AWESOME. The  people who have chosen to call themselves Mighteorites, THEY ARE AWESOME.

Maybe it’s my midwestern upbringing. Maybe it’s the fear that if I get too proud, we’ll lose what we’ve worked so hard for. Maybe it’s just sheer silliness. Whatever it is that has been holding me back from owning our talent and work ethic - I need to be done with that. I need to give our “Holy Shit” moments the credence they deserve. And if you’re biting your tongue about any aspect of your life that has earned a little credit - I encourage you to do the same. I promise, it doesn’t feel as icky as you think. In fact, it kind of feels like a warm hug with a friend who knows just how hard it is to do what you’ve done. 

The Glacier Point Desktop
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Stranha didn’t leave a lot of information about how he made this beautiful desktop, featuring Glacier Point in the center, but we can figure it out. Here’s what you’ll need if you want to make your Mac look and feel like this.

Read more…

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via: Lifehacker

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4 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Getting Customer Relationship Management All Wrong

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Getting Customer Relationship Management All Wrong

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It has been 15 years since Gartner famously reported in 2001 that 50 percent of all customer relationship management (CRM) implementations were considered failures, and various studies since then affirm the fact that sales forces are still not satisfied with CRM. In…

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Fears Over Zika Drive Demand for Mosquito-Repellent Products
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Generally, demand for bug-repellent products in the U.S. is low in February. One upside to the wintery weather currently blanketing swathes of the country is it keeps insect-related worries at bay. But this isn’t your typical February.

Compared with last winter, sales for Invisaband’s signature blue wrist band, which repels mosquitos, were up more than 400 percent so far this month.

Why? Zika.


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Big companies just aren’t creative. There exist counterexamples to this, but in general, great things are accomplished by small groups of people who are driven, who have unity of purpose. The more people involved, the slower and stupider their union is… And there’s another factor involved, which is that you can divide our industry into two kinds of people: those who want to go work for a company to make it successful, and those who want to go work for a successful company… The company I helped build has been gone for quite some time.
—  resignation and postmortem by Jamie Zawinski
February 2016 NYTM Lineup

If you are interested in joining us on Tuesday, February 9th, tickets are still available via our meetup page:

The MLBAM live stream will be available starting at 7pm at on the night of the show. For mobile streaming, we’ll be tweeting out a link at Be sure to follow along and share your thoughts with #nytm.

We hope to see you there!

Here’s the lineup for the meetup:

CogniToys / Elemental Path

CogniToys: Conversational smart toys, powered by Watson, that learns and grows with your child.  

Councilmatic (Participatory Politics Foundation)

Councilmatic: the NYC Council, demystified - with open data and local issues.

DIDiT, Inc

DIDiT- Discover, Plan, Do.  Because Life is about Shared Experiences.


Funnster is a mobile platform that eliminates the organizational stress & financial awkwardness of bringing friends together. Easily share all expenses by creating a “bring your own stuff” list or collecting free payments from friends.

Mental Canvas

Technology that combines the ease and fluidity of 2D sketching with expansive 3D capabilities.


Shareablee is a big data platform that empowers organizations with social data and insights to help them succeed beyond social.

Trading Ticket, Inc.

TradeIt: trade securities from any website or app, quickly, easily, and securely.


Virgil enables job seekers to assess their competitiveness for any career in < 90 seconds, get connected to jobs for which they are competitive, and  receive a personalized skill development roadmap.

Voodoo Manufacturing

Voodoo Manufacturing offers on-demand 3D printing for making anything from individual prototypes to high-volume end-use parts.  



Are you always late? Use @Neverlate_App to put money at stake and pick an accountability buddy. If you’re late, you gotta pay your friend!



SendGrid has created a new program for startups called SendGrid Accelerate. Everyone here tonight gets access to program, just go to before the event finishes and fill out the form!!!

5 Tips for Giving a Killer Sales Presentation

5 Tips for Giving a Killer Sales Presentation

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A killer sales presentation is absolutely essential to closing deals. It plays an outsized role in attracting customer mindshare, conveying the solution’s value proposition and convincing them to buy. But a  nice-looking PowerPoint presentation and a few well-placed…

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How to get leadership hiring right at startups

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln

No organisation can succeed without great leaders who inspire their people with their vision, their work, and their sense of responsibility. Over the last couple of years, we have grown a lot, and have had the fortune of working with some experienced folks who weren’t with us since the beginning. The experiences of interviewing or working with great people have taught us a lot about organisation building, and some of our most valued learnings are around finding great leaders from outside our organisation.

When interviewing experienced people for your organisation, you should focus less on their skills, but more on their constitution. Testing this is very hard – especially because you can’t ask direct questions – but you should use your conversational skills to check for the other person’s thoughts on the following tenets.

1. Egos and titles are not the same.

If all leaders in a hyper-growth startup perform well, chances are that the organisation will grow faster than some of them. An organisation is always bigger than any of its people, and some way down the line, some of your leaders will be replaced by someone else who is more capable of performing that role at that point in time. During these times, the leaders being replaced can either be strong, or can act weak. The strong roll up their sleeves, get back to action and demonstrate accountability wherever required. The weak become disillusioned, refuse to grow, and hold back the organisation. More often than not, the strong grow quickly to find themselves stronger and more capable of taking on bigger roles in a very short period of time.

In a growing startup – as in any startup – titles and job descriptions exist only to communicate what you are on the hook for.

2. Everything is a new challenge.

We have some brilliant leaders at Zomato across our 46 offices around the globe – they have impressive credentials and an equal amount of promise. But we have noticed that even if someone has been extremely successful in a similar role before, it doesn’t mean that that person will be successful in the prevalent circumstances in the new organisation. For example, having led a team to do big things in a market such as the US doesn’t count for much when someone tries to do it in India. The context, the market, the people, the talent, the motivators – everything is different. And quite often, someone’s apparent success could also be more a function of the people they’ve managed and the circumstances they led a team in, rather than their actual ability to adapt and lead a team or business in a vastly different environment.

Precedents of great outcomes are good to have, but remember, the characters may not have affected the outcomes.

3. Maniacal sense of accountability.

When you report to someone who checks in on you a couple of times a week, there is always a security blanket on top of your work, because you know someone more senior and experienced (and likely better at your job than you) will look at your work before it gets ‘shipped’. That thin, invisible security blanket is the root cause of any lack of accountability that creeps into some people. Leaders don’t have that security blanket. They are completely responsible for a large part of the engine, and they are the last stop to ensure that their part of the engine keeps running and doesn’t bring the ship down.

Back in 2010, someone I highly respect told me – “Anything that goes wrong at Zomato is your fault. Because at some point of time in the past, you could have done something to fix it”.

4. The need for ruthless prioritisation.

When you are in a leadership position, and responsible for a business and the people you are leading in it – there is often no distinction between your personal life and your professional one. While you are going to have clearly defined personal and professional responsibilities, separating your life into these two lists invariably results in one taking a toll on the other. Leaders can’t make one a bigger priority than the other. On one hand, there is a family; on the other hand, there are hundreds of employees. You have to find a way to balance a single list of priorities and juggle the future – you can’t manage the future. Don’t, even for one second, think that this is easy to do. It is chaos, and is an extremely difficult art to master, but some people find a way to make it happen. The first line of the Sith Code sums this up – peace is a lie; there is only passion.

This is the credo we hold our leaders to as we work towards building the organisation we want to build. This is, of course, not the complete list, but definitely top of our priorities. We are doing everything we do for the first time, and we try to learn as much as we can as we go along. If you have anything to add to this, would love to hear from you – I am at

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