When life gives you lemons...

After two weeks of an exhaustive search to find our missing mermaid, it is with great pleasure that we announce the end of our journey. Thanks to the clues received from all over the world, we finally found the location of the creepy chinese guy. He was living in an historic mansion in the heart of Paris, where he meticulously built an imaginary life around our beautiful mermaid.

Without even thinking twice, we called in a whole army of minions - they are actually much stronger than they seem to be - who helped us to carry out a raid. We broke the door and… Surprise! We could not believe! The best description of what was going on inside that mansion is probably something between a zombie apocalypse and a freak show. That parallel universe included angry goblins, powerful dragons, poisonous snakes, green witches, giant cyclops, evil spiders and - as it could not be otherwise - the famous Frankenstein. As if that was not enough, there were also statues of greek gods and gargoyles lying everywhere. Are you picturing this nightmare?

But we are warriors, remember? And we are crazy enough to believe that we can conquer the entire planet! Maybe that is why we won the first round of the battle - do not ask how - which gave us the necessary time to split the group and start looking for our mermaid. Upstairs there were many glossy scales scattered on the floor - resulting from her deep sadness - forming a path which led us to a windowless bedroom where we found our lovely mermaid very pale and weak, almost beyond recognition.

Suddenly, we heard some noises coming from outside the door. Our small, yellow and cylindrical friends started working together at lightning speed to make a hole in the wall large enough for us to escape from that horror house. Et voilà, mission accomplished!

Just when we were running away from the haunted place, we noticed some ashes blowing around in the wind and we automatically thought about that popular saying “where there are ashes, there is a fire”. Ok, it is highly possible that one word or another is out of place.
Anyway, we had a glance back at the mansion and guess what? The kidnapper was setting fire to the whole place and yelling that he would get his revenge on us for stealling the love of his life. In a blink of an eye, everything collapsed and the guy vanished. For a moment, there was nothing but dust and smoke at sight. Incredibly, those tons of toxic waste were quickly turned into a beautiful park, with lakes, swans, squirrels and wood benches. We were speechless, it was like it never happened. Sure we have no proof of what we experienced there, but we promise that this was not one of those freaky trips with shrooms and stuff. We wish it was!

We finally arrived in Lisbon and we are really excited about it. Yes we brought some bruises, scratches and headaches with us as souvenirs but in fact we could not care less about it. What really matters is that everything is back to normal and it is all thanks to you. We are so grateful for all your effort that we are preparing a small - and by small we mean symbolic - treat for everyone. The truth is that we love to spoil you and we are crazy for free stuff! Why not mix both things and make one of those milkshakes that bring all the boys to the yard? Yummy…

Now that you know all about our insane episode, you don’t want to miss a thing… Do you? So stay tunned in the next few days for new updates. You won’t regret it. 

Message in a bottle

As you already know our fellow old chinese guy who is not really chinese loves mermaids. It happened that she disappeared from our sight a couple of days ago. Can you believe it? Exactly, now we have been wondering the streets like mad people looking for our dear mermaid.

Having a dynamic and easy going startup culture, we often take our coffee breaks to have walking company meetings and brainstorm sessions while wandering through the beautiful Lisbon downtown. For your amazement, in one of these breaks we went to Terreiro do Paço and were walking near the river when something completely unplanned happened.

Yes, first we had a glance at a small sailboat sailing around in the Tagus river. That caught our attention for sure, and then when we were about to leave and go back to work that’s when something such challenging and terrible suprised us: We received an odd message with strange news from our dear muse.

Who would guess that we would find a bottle with a piece of paper inside at that precise moment when we were there near the river? And then again, this is the twenty first century! Does this still happen anyway? Well, it happened and the message was for us. It was a message from that old chinese-portuguese guy warning us that we needed to make Pockted available for iOS otherwise we would never see our muse again…

Overwhelmed by this notice the team almost broke itself apart. We could never expect something like this to happen. Does the guy even know that we are already available for Android? Probably has no clue… Fortunately we are about to finish the Windows Phone version and have already started developping the iOS version. For those who are anxiously waiting for this, we can proudly announce that it will be ready in relatively one month. Give or take.

And now, one particular message to our chinese-portuguese “friend”:

Hey gringo, do you think this is fun? First we open our doors to you and let you mingle amongst the warriors. Then you betray us and take our muse away asking for a ransom? That is not reasonable and we will not give in to your demands. Of course Pockted will be developed and available for iOS but never because you threatened us, but because our beloved users and followers want it and have demanded it.
Together with our supporters we will find our mermaid and bring her back safe and sound. Meanwhile, you can keep yourself busy with our Android version. No lollipop for you.