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Hello, su cuy'gar, achuta!

My name is Jacen and I’ve started up @writebetterstarwars, a blog dedicated to answering your questions about everything Star Wars and helping with your writing. If you need to know something about the movies, TV shows, novels, trivia, whatever, I’m your person.

I’m a writer myself, and I know just how huge the Star Wars universe is. I’ve acquired a ton of knowledge just from researching for my own fics and reading so much extended universe stuff. I always try to write as authentically as possible and make every detail accurate and precise, and I promise to do my best to give you the information you need to do the same.

Obviously I’m just starting up over here, but this is going to be an ask-driven blog, so please don’t hesitate to come ask me questions! Adding onto my posts or correcting me if I get something wrong is also always appreciated. I think with a bit of time, and some people in need of writing advice, things will get underway pretty well!

Kaysh meg miit'gaana, oyacyi | Who writes, remains

~ Jacen

Howard, Morehouse Alumni Earn $1.5 Million in Funding for Tech Startup

Techcrunch today profiles Howard University alumna Jewel Burks and Morehouse College alum Jason Crain, co-founders of PartPic and recipients of more than $1 million in initial funding for their online inventorying and mechanical part resale system. 

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