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anonymous asked:

Can you fill me in on all the terrible things Arzaylea has done? I know I'm kind of out of the loop here, but I just want to know why everyone hates her.

Oh man I don’t have the time to write a book so I’ll give you a nice bulleted list. 

  1. She has a really bad history of dating guys & using them for money & to buy her things (i.e. Papi Flacko)
  2. She has been vocal about how “feminism ruined twitter”
  3. She’s biphobic
  4. She uses the suicide/depression card every time she’s called out for ignorance
  5. She throws around terms like “anxiety”, “anemia” & “ADHD” as if they’re not serious (i.e. “when someone else has pics on their phone of you and you haven’t seen them and you have anxiety because you think you look ugly in them“) 
  6. She thinks reverse racism is real (i.e. “i just read a tweet that said you can’t be racist to white people. what. are you dumb??? where’s your mother?”)
  7. She always plays the victim & never apologizes for the stupid shit she’s said
  8. She’ll make sure her snapchats have one of 5sos talking in the background so everyone knows they’re together
  9. She’s plagiarized a ton of shit from other stores to startup her own store
  10. She uses the “n” word often
  11. She favorites tweets that trash 5sos fans
  12. She subtweets Luke like it’s nothing
  13. She rubs the fact she’s dating Luke in everyone’s faces (i.e. posing in his shirts on snapchat, instagram, her current twitter icon)
  14. She blocked me for saying I didn’t want to buy from her webstore lmao?????? 

I’m just gonna end there because she’s exhausting. If you’re really interested you can look up exposing Arzaylea accounts although I’m not sure how reliable those are haha. The things I’ve stated are things she has posted on social media at some point. Hope this helps lol.