startup screen

Every piece of technology I have touched today has failed me in some way. My phone randomly refused to turn on for half an hour, my headphones wouldn’t take a charge until I tied one of them shut with a rubber band, my tablet decided to charge my spare battery instead of charging from it, and now my laptop is locking up on the startup screen.

Like…at this point I’m not even mad, I’m more worried I’ve been cursed by someone who isn’t very good at cursing.

Love Equation | Oneshot

Summary: Me minus you equals zero.
Word Count: 2,648
Genre: angsty-ish with fluff :^)
Member: Lee Chan
TW: none i can think of! let me know if you need anything tagged

A/N: project “try to write something for the loml every day until his bday” is a go! idk if i can manage this, but i’m trying my best :’) also, has anyone caught the trend yet? if you haven’t, then wait until tomorrow’s post and try to see if you get it!

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When it’s two in the morning and the startup screen is so beautiful that you take a zillion pictures.

Pearlmethyst day two: Angst

Ultimately, it was Amethyst’s fault.

Not in a malicious way, of course- it was an accident, after all- but it boiled down to her failing to notice the attack (lightning, or something similar) and Pearl having to save her.

So while no one was exactly blaming her, it was still, technically, her that caused their current predicament.

And it wasn’t even that the injury was that grievous- a small chip taken out of Pearl’s gem, which hilariously caused her to forget basic math problems and sneeze when she saw yellow (two things that Amethyst took advantage of any chance she could), but rather that it required a trip to the healing springs, which was hindered by Pearl having to stop every few minutes to clutch her head in annoyance when asked what 2+7 was (spoiler: not 14).

But finally, after Garnet picked up the confused and frustrated gem (and shot a glare to the one cackling in the background), they made it.


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