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Teen Starts Company To Make Low-Cost Printers To Help Blind People

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — In Silicon Valley, it’s never too early to become an entrepreneur. Just ask 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee. The California eighth-grader has launched a company to develop low-cost machines to print Braille, the tactile writing system for the visually impaired. Tech giant Intel Corp. recently invested in his startup, Braigo Labs.

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This startup is making lab-grown shrimp to end slavery and corruption in the shrimp industry

To combat unsustainable labor and environmental corruption within the shrimp industry, startup New Wave Foods has been perfecting creating shrimp out of “plant-based protein powder” and red algae in labs, according to the Atlantic. Its first product, which will be a breaded popcorn shrimp, will be hitting the market in just eight months.

In 2011, shrimp was the most popular seafood in the nation. But shrimp also has an ugly backstory.

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Private Mission to the Moon: Approved!

Next year private startup Moon Express will launch on an electron rocket (by startup Rocket Lab) to land a robot on the Moon.

This is the first time a private mission beyond mere Earth orbit has been granted full government sanction.

The mission is a part of the Google Lunar X Prize competition, though Moon Express exists independently as a business venture. The long-term goal is to be able to mine the Moon and bring material back to Earth. The plan right now is to bring the first material back to Earth in 2020. The launch to the lunar surface is next year (2017).

Moon Express is about to travel farther from Earth than any other private firm in history.

An interesting side story to the unprecedented success of Moon Express is sthe development of legalism in space. Due to projects like this, the U.S. government is beginning to develop frameworks for the private occupation of space by both individuals and business groups.

The world has seen an astounding growth in space-related startups and private ventures. It seems like, with groups like Moon Express, SpaceX, Blue Origin and Bigelow Aerospace etc. the new space race is in full swing.

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A Bay Area Startup Spins Lab-Grown Silk

“The company has developed a synthetic alternative to spider silk by engineering proteins identical to the natural threads stretched across the nooks in your basement. It’s raised $40 million from Silicon Valley venture capital firms Foundation Capital, Formation 8, and Founders Fund to commercialize its technology and turn those proteins into fabric. “Over the past few decades, as clothing companies squeezed on price, they’ve taken the innovation out of apparel,” says Dan Widmaier, a graduate of the UCSF Ph.D. program in chemical biology and Bolt’s chief executive officer. Widmaier and co-founders Ethan Mirsky, Bolt’s vice president for operations, and David Breslauer, its chief scientific officer, are genetically modifying yeast, single-cell organisms that convert simple carbohydrates to proteins through fermentation, and getting them to excrete silk-like proteins. “What would have been done in cells of spiders is now being done by yeast in our lab,” Widmaier says.”