Here, have some Japanese fan’s reaction to the ending of Bleach.

PS: I’ve taken this from BA, shared by RyXXXX (I hope there are not many usernames that start with Ry lol). I’m not a member on BA, neither do I want to be, so if anyone knows her/him and if s/he wants me to take this down, just inform me please. 

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can we talk about girl meets bear???! any initial thoughts, things that jumped out at you, things we should pay attention to?? 😃

GM Bear Inciting Incident: There’s something Maya wants and she’s all set to go get it, but then Riley can’t/won’t let go of the past so Maya doesn’t get what she wanted.

Gosh, it’s almost like it’s a metaphor for something. 😂

In all seriousness though, GM Bear is like an all-you-can-eat meta buffet and I don’t even know where to start. I’m not 100% on much yet because I need a couple rewatches of the ep + the eps it called back to, but here’s a random brain dump of just a few things kicking around in my head:

• Josh turns out to be a confused 18ish year-old rather than the nearly all-knowing “wise old sage” he presented himself as in Ski Lodge. Shocker. (Interesting too that he took the “don’t grow up” position at first. 🤔)

• Zay appreciates Maya for making him feel welcome when he moved to a new place. It’s clear this is a big part of the reason he really cares about her. A lot of people are assuming this is the start of a romance…but is it really? Or can you care about and feel protective of someone who made you feel welcome in a new city without necessarily perceiving that as “falling in love” or thinking you have to date each other? Stay tuned…


• Not-so-subtle GM Sneak Attack callback with the Mr. Googly bit. It’s almost like they don’t want you to forget that episode or something. 👀 (Also interesting because apparently they’re all still going to the movies together just like waaaaay back in seventh grade.)

• Oh hey, did y'all ever notice how Farkle’s a lot like Topanga?

• “Why did you switch characters?”

• Cory and Maya’s tandem taco freakouts are 👌👌.

• I love how they used Bay Window and Bear to establish that Mrs. Svorski was an important figure in Riley’s life when she was little. Her giving the eulogy in GM Gravity makes waaaaay more sense now.

• The flashback. Little Auggie in orange. Wants attention from the girls. “Why pay attention to you when we can pay attention to HIM?” Auggie bites Barry’s FACE off. 👀

• Topanga (who more and more I think functions as a writer’s insert at times) talking about how maybe she’s not ready for Riley’s childhood to be over gave me some big feels both on the surface and the potential meta-level. Definitely ties in with my ideas on why Corpanga raised Riley the way they did and now that SHT and Bear have aired I can really flesh that post out like I wanted. 😍

• Cory screeching after he dumps the laundry at Topanga’s feet.

• Maya’s ongoing dialogue with life/the universe + her visions of little Riley & Maya. 👀

• Y'all already know what I think about the bubblegum bit…

• Riley crying to get the bobblehead for Maya. Way to use that devil on your shoulder for good, Riles. 👏👏

• Basically every reaction shot in this episode is 👀.

And so on and so forth…

I’m starting to think that I find this meme way funnier if the room isn’t on fire.

In the recent episode of Steven Universe “Mindful Education”, they talk about how bad thoughts, (represented by butterflies) can be harmful to one’s daily life and especially in the heat of battle. They show how it could be one thought or a hundred thoughts, but those painful memories are something that need to be dealt with in a proper manner so one can move on. And may I just say, what a COMPLICATED topic to be covering in a kids show, what is this??

Turns out young Steven has had a LOT of butterflies he’s been suppressing, woops. 

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Edward Elric - Fanart. After a relatively long break at summer camp, this is my come back, and I’m starting out strong. I really love how it turned out. And I missed drawing digitally so I enjoyed every moment of quite complicated shading and lighting and special effects :3

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source.

Aye y’all, I’m starting an art project called DEAD. 

This project is gonna be about showing different sides of my life when it comes to music, fashion, art, comics, etc, all in one place.The things that keep me alive in life. It will be available online. It’ll be updated by issues, and I’m excited to finally start this up. 

Link to the first issue will be coming soon!

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Actual OT3 that needs to be drawn more ♥

MeliMidoMeta for @mari-m-rose & @miru-p (and myself obviously duh) to continue what Miru started. 

Our babies as Soldier Game with a seiyuu playlist as a sort of present for the 3 of us. Soldier Game actually fits them even more than you think. 

Their Idol Group name might now be 

Check the songs sung by them on the speedpaint video!♥

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god I love love love Mystic Messenger, I love Chertiz~ Zen, Jaehee and of course 707 are my faves. I feel a bit late to the joys of this game cause I have ios but oh well it’s here now

I’m starting off with Zen’s route and omg he’s precious, everyone is. I wanna know what’s up with 707 but I heard his route is best for last…


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So I've just started college and I'm majoring in Computer Science, and I've always had an interest in space and I really want to work for NASA or SpaceX, but people tell me I can't do that with a comp. sci. degree, are there opportunities for me???

Well my professor’s husband is a software engineer for SpaceX… so yeah, its possible

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hey ellie i just started college and I'm having a really bad time. I'm too scared to leave my room when I don't have class and I feel like it's pointless to try to make friends bc I'm weird and everyone hates me. (1/2)

(2/2) but I’m so so lonely that all I do is cry. when I’m doin badly I think about you bc your art always makes me feel less alone and bc you’re always so good to ppl. Do you have any advice or good words for me? sorry to bother you. 💖

hi youre not bothering at all!!! the first semester of college i stayed in my room and cried all day – i remember a specific time i was rocking on my floor and sobbing “i wanna go home” while feeling i had no real semblance of a home to go to and wiping those tears with a cookie – but it slowly and surely got so so so so much better. while your pain is very valid, it isn’t at all abnormal to feel so awful and isolated when you start college and youre not alone in this. give yourself some time to heal, to cope, to pick yourself up, and move forward. soon youll meet a few people who might not seem so bad, and there are plenty of weirdos you’ll eventually find who will love you for you, then you might find yourself a couple years later in a secure community you never thought could be possible. be patient, be kind to yourself, savor life’s present pleasantries (like cats or food or parks or art or video games whatever else you might like) and keep looking forward to your time of belonging – it is waiting for you in the future. stay well! <3 

so here it is… finally, my second follow forever!

i told myself i’d do one when i hit 2k, but then the number kept growing and growing and i kept putting it off and now i find myself at a ridiculous 5k followers (?!) and i don’t even really know how i got here, tbh. when i made my blog, i was tired and stressed and not exactly very happy with myself. this blog (and all of you) became an escape. now, a few months later, i’ve started college, and i’m still pretty tired (there’s so!!! much!!! homework!!! lol) but i’m so content with everything that’s happened, and content with myself.

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Back to school bookish photos from my first week back. I’m currently reading Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings and I am loving it! An all girl gang of space pirates? Sign me the fike (😆) up! It has gotten me out of the horrible reading slump I’ve been in for the last month and though I’m not done with it yet I highly recommend it. I am also now the proud owner of a Sirius Black Pop! Fucking finally! I’m starting a bullet journal tonight which I’m super excited about so if any of y'all have any tips please shoot me a message ☺️ Also I’ve ordered 5 books online (pictures to come) even though I’m super broke. I need to be stopped 😪