I can’t stop smiling when I realized I got a package from @zayn… Didn’t expect it at all omg :’) I worked hard on EVERY pic: sometimes start at 9p.m. then work straight to 3a.m. in the morning, or set alarms just to wake up early in the morning so that I could draw. Anita (aka @zquadville ) can prove this. (And now that I could say it was worth the efforts❤) I’m not like the cool kids who draw best pictures and receive love from fandom tho, for most of the time I feel like an outsider. It was mostly him who motivated me. The reason why I chose him to be my ultimate model is that he has that different soul to be seen. To be honest I’ve never fell for anyone after knowing Zayn 😂 This might sound ridiculous but my initial and most intense feelings were all dedicated to this man. He resembles my youth, evoking my pursuit for dreams and teaching me how to face all the frustration in world and how to appreciate. He also gave me access to all the amazing friends I have now, including Anita and all the fellow artists.. And now, my angel has sent me an actual, priceless gift.
Zayn, I’m more than grateful to everything you’ve given me. You lit the hope of a normal girl who was once afraid of chasing her dreams. I’m beyond proud of having an idol like you and you deserve to be treated with the most gentle hearts. It’s cheesy to say this but YOU ARE THE BEST HUMAN BEING EVER. Thank you & love you to the moon and back :’)


Paulie says hes putting up Z. But the way he says he sounds like a dick head. I’m starting to ship Zakiyah just doing her thing. Is this who we really want Z with?😤😡

i can’t believe my 10 dollar drugstore foundation lasts hours longer than my precious 48 dollar too faced born this way like i’m in awe…. i’m starting to think high end makeup is just a very effective con

Fight Alone, Alone I Fight

Aries: everyday I fight alone, I fight alone, I fight
Taurus: every night I fight alone, in my dreams, I fight
Gemini: I fight alone, until I’m gone, until I’m gone, thats right
Cancer: inside my walls the biggest fight, the bigest fight that no one hears outside
Leo: I fight alone, my friends are gone, its only me and me
Virgo: I’m fighting back another strike, I’m starting now to bleed
Libra: I fight alone, I cry alone, I fight until I cough
Scorpio: I fight until I start to laugh, don’t see a thing, this place is dark
Sagittarius: I fight myself inside these walls, outside the freedom calls. No matter how much I will run I’ll never get outside these doors
Capricorn: everyday I fight alone, I fight alone, my tears are gone, I fight myself and start to think I’m fighting just a ghost
Aquarius: I fight myself the scarriest enemy that I have seen, it comes to me I see my eyes they burn of anger about me
Pisces: I fight alone, I fight myself until I kill and everything again is real. so who I am, am I not real?

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Is it true that SU will end 5 seasons? I'm starting to get worried

There’s never been any word as to when Steven Universe will end, although word was given at Comic Con this year that an entire timeline has been drawn up around the show including what has happened before the series began, during, and what happens after the story they want to tell is over.


Yesterday I went up to spend the night at my favorite destination on Mount Hood, alone. I’m starting to find myself up here once every year, but coming by myself this time is a new one. Years ago I don’t know if I would’ve even contemplated the possibility of backpacking solo, but I guess a decade of living and camping the Pacific Northwest pushes you to try new things. There’s something really freeing about going into the wilderness alone. You go your own pace, stopping anytime you want to admire the sky, or to look back behind you to see how far you’ve come. You don’t have to talk just to talk. You move with everything you need on your back. I think a lot of people would balk at the solitude. But when you’re up high and all the bad parts of civilization seemingly hundreds of miles away, solitude is what gives you the space to wrap yourself up in your thoughts and your daydreams, to compress the past and the future into one forward movement, and in those moments the world feels big again, good, and almighty. As it should.

my drawings may look a little different because I’ve been developing a different style and I found a new brush that I now use for everything (and I’m maybe crying a little bit because my art is so much better than it was when i started home and I’m so happy because this means the last drawings will be the best of the collection and EMOTIONS)

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I'm watching old videos of the boys and I'm so sad now. You can literally see louis going from a beautiful flamboyant boy to a still quirky but much calmer one. He obviously grow during the time but it's not about maturity, they just cut his wings.

Oh, I agree, there’s nothing natural about what happened there. I still am not sure if I’m more bothered by 2012-2014 silenced, cornered, subdued Louis or current exaggerated, slightly trashy, poorly average laddy lad, fake smiley Louis. I’m not good at stomaching either and I really really hope he’s able to come out for who he really is soon enough. That boy has such a catching, beautiful, warm smile, a contagious enthusiasm, an enderaing demeanor and to see him shut down is the most painful thing I had to witness here.

Whenever we get to catch a glimpse of genuine Louis or to be reassured he’s been able to protect his real self when out of the public eyes, I just couldn’t feel happier and more proud :’)

A Not Aggressive Plug For Slightly Aggressive Facebook!!!

Hi friends!

Especially hi to those who don’t have Tumblr, cannot read all-caps or just don’t find Tumblr the best way to be affirmed! And also to those who love Tumblr, but have Tumblr-less friends who need affirming!

Have y’all heard about the new Slightly Aggressive Affirmations Facebook page? It’s where I’ll be posting some of the most popular affirmations from Tumblr, in a slightly different format.

Here’s an example:

It’s a Slightly Aggressive Affirmation, in image form, with what I hope is a soothing background texture. There is also a caption, written in sentence-case, for anyone who cannot read the picture. I’m hoping this will make SAAs more accessible.

It’s only one affirmation per day, at least for now. But starting next weekend, I’m planning a weekly Facebook-exclusive event called “Self-Love Saturdays”. There’ll be a Self-Love prompt and then people can share their answers on the page, or on their own Facebook wall. It’s gonna be the funnest!

So, if you’d like to be Slightly Aggressively Affirmed via a brand new medium, then JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK for loads more Slightly Aggressive Love!!!

- The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer

So Jack mentioned Gerard and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance in one of his videos (x)  and as my friend @musicmaniac1825 said: It was crossing fandoms in the best way ever. 

You guys know how much I love Jack and Gee and Mikey so yeah, I freaked out quite a bit and that video was funny as all hell too :D

(Btw I’m starting a holiday job as a maid on monday and this video gave some good advice..I guess so thanks Jack :D )

Future of this blog

Hey guys! I figured I’d give an update on my life.

First of all, I’ve finished my spring semester of my junior year of college. One more year! Then I’ll be graduated and an adult.. with actual adult responsibilities. I’m half scared, but also half excited for what’s to come in the future :)

As evidenced by my last few posts, I met a wonderful trans girl named Lexi. I’m so happy when I’m around her and it’s so nice to have someone I can be girly and go shopping with, but then go home and spend a wonderful night inside cuddling and playing Kirby Air Ride. She makes me so happy.

I’m over 16 months on hormones!!!! Most physical changes have stopped happening, but I started to take progesterone again and my boobs have gotten a lot bigger. Oh my gosh, my hair too! I love it.

I’m starting to give some serious thought and research into the different surgeries I want in the future. Facial feminization surgery, SRS… some of these things may happen sooner than I originally anticipated. It’s crazy how fast everything is moving and I love every second of it.

I’m going to be a lot less busy now so I’ll have more time to start posting again and respond to messages. I love you guys and I owe it to my followers to become active again on tumblr. Although, to be honest, you can expect a lot of cute pictures of my girlfriend and I together :)

             I MAKE THE GOOD GIRLS GO away because they weren’t impressed with my fingerless gloves or my lack of effort to socialize rip