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Gratitude // Be Humble

In the spirit of Ramadan, I’d just like to thank Julie Andem once again for making Sana the lead in the last season of her show. I remember when I saw the trailer, I literally started dancing with joy and I was so happy I almost started crying. It’s just so groundbreaking.

Since season 1, Sana has been portrayed as outstandingly wise, caring, and badass. So much so that she’s become a favourite and a role model not only to muslims, but also to non-muslims. And above that, she constantly educates people about important aspects of Islam (the freedom of choice, the values it promotes, the comfort it brings to people etc).

Julie has created the most beautiful muslim character I’ve ever known and given her the lead role in the last season in this time that’s full of Islamophobia and she really didn’t have to. But she chose to. And I’m very sure the reason was to help people see the human in muslims so that people could be more empathetic and less hateful. Thank you so much for that, Julie.

But let’s reflect. Have we been empathetic? I see people (presumably muslims) get so unnecessarily angry over the “bad representation” the muslim characters have in the few moments they say or do something questionable. Skam is supposed to be a realistic show. As a muslim, I can safely say I’m not a perfect saint and I say and do stupid things all the time. You want good representation, Julie’s giving it to us. She has constantly portrayed the muslim characters to have good hearts and wonderful personalities but we choose to pinpoint the stupid little things and get angry at Julie. Are WE being good representations of muslims by being so quick to get angry?

And have we been less hateful? I’ve seen so much negativity in the discussion about Skam this season and it’s gotten so bad that I’ve stopped scrolling through the tags. It reminds me of how Iman said she stopped reading comments because of all the hate she saw there. And that makes me very sad. It’s the last season guys. We should be cherishing everything that we get and seeing the good in it instead of looking for the bad. Remember, this is Julie’s story. She can tell us whatever the hell she wants and we should damn well be grateful for all the beautiful characters, stories, and lessons she gives us while telling it.

We still have 4 episodes left and Ramadan has just started. Let’s be patient and grateful and forgiving and really show everyone what Ramadan stands for and what it means to be good muslims. Let’s end Skam with love.

Assalamualaikum - May peace be with you

Before Midnight.

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pairing: jeonghan x reader
words: 1262.
au: cinderella

Never had you thought that godmothers were real, neither the thought that you were sitting in a carriage that had once been a pumpkin. Bubbling with excitement, you bounced on your feet. You were truly going to the ball. The carriage slowed down in front of the steps of the castle. You quickly covered your mouth with your hand: it was as beautiful as you ever had imagined it to be. ‘’Thank you,’’ you said to your footman, as you hurried up the stairs, praying that weren’t arriving late.

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Reverse Idol (Taehyung)

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, one part of the maknae line, the love of my life whose cheeks are so fucking cute they just look so squishy and kissable and I wanna give them lots of kisses, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (Tae’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • I’m gonna throw in some single father!Tae (here) bc I have an idea and it sounds so cute in my head I’m kinda squealing I gotta do it and also some youtuber!Tae (here)
  • Okay so Tae is one of the biggest fanboys I may have ever seen like he does not care if he’s in public, if he’s at the dorm, if he’s in the middle of the park, he’s gonna dance and sing his lil heart out
  • He’s so enthusiastic about music and he really genuinely enjoys the performance like that shit isn’t something you can fake
  • He gets so into it and it’s so cute to watch bc he gets so hyped up and he gets everyone around him excited too he’s such a happy virus
  • I could watch him react to performances all day long, he’s so cute about it bc he’ll know the dance and honestly Tae is one of the only people that can still make a whip or nae nae look that fucking cute
  • He would be the type to go all out with the merch, buy all the albums, go to as many concerts as he possibly can he’s just so supportive and loyal
  • He of course gets all of the boys into your music, especially Jimin bc Vmin are attached at the hip and since Jimin and kook live together, chim tells kook who tells Jin who tells joon who tells hobi who tells yoongi so it’s another one of those cycle type of things
  • He obviously gets bby boy into your music asap bc I feel like that’s something really cool about being a parent, being able to help mold your kid’s music taste or at least give them songs/artists that they can look back on fondly and be like that was my favorite song as a kid
  • The two of them are even more hyped up together bc Tae gets bby boy all hype which makes tae even more hyped which makes bby boy even more hyped and it’s never ending
  • Most nights, it ends with them dancing around their apartment with Tae carrying the puppy and both of them screaming the lyrics to your songs in matching pajamas with super fluffy socks on
  • He mentions you in a few videos and he doesn’t even bother trying to hide that he’s got a total crush on you
  • He does this thing on his channel where he and bby boy react to your music videos and they’re so precious bc the entire time bby boy is snacking on grapes or sucking on a pacifier and his hair is always messy, sometimes you can tell Tae tried to tame it a bit by tying it into this super teeny tiny ponytail but that doesn’t last long bc bby boy doesn’t do sitting still
  • He does sit still for the MV though, Sesame Street, Between the Lions, Spongebob and your mvs are the only things that can get his complete attention and keep it
  • Okay so head canon that you discover Tae’s channel through this video that goes viral
  • It’s of him and bby boy dancing to your newest song and it’s the cutest video you’ve ever watched bc Tae’s nonstop giggling and bby boy’s so serious about it and he’s doing all of the moves so perfectly
  • Even people who have no idea who you are, no idea who Tae is are in love with the video bc it’s smol and tol goofing around together and it’s pretty obvious that tae l o v e s his bby bc he keeps giving him this really fond smile and at one point, tae sits back and sings the song for bby boy so he can have his solo
  • Side note I just wanna add in that bby boy would look s o much like Tae, it’s almost scary like they have the same smile, the same eyes, the same lil nose bby boy is just smoller and obviously still has his bby chub bc he’s a toddler
  • So just imagine a super tiny Tae next to normal sized Tae dancing around and singing together and tell me that doesn’t sound adorable
  • You watch it so many times, you show it to everyone around you, you text it to everyone you know you’re just so in love bc cute man with a cute bby
  • You gotta go through his channel a bit and he’s just so funny and unique and his bby is always always always smiling and giggling and they do monthly updates so his subscribers can see how much bby Tae has grown 
  • You also find a lot of videos where he talks about you and he flat out says that you’re his celebrity crush and you can’t stop smiling after you find that out
  • You find his snapchat and his twitter and instagram all the social medias and it’s mainly about bby boy or the puppy or the hamster they just recently got but then there are other pictures of just Tae and he has a few where he’s in your merch
  • You develop a crush on him over the next few days and when he posts a new video you get so excited and watch it instantly and that’s when you figure you should talk to him, he knows who you are, he likes you already so you just go for it and message him on snapchat since that’s where he’s most active
  • “You and your son are adorable, I’d love to meet the both of you!! We should meet up soon, how’s next Friday?”
  • Tae screams in the middle of breakfast when he gets the message and bby boy doesn’t even know what’s going on but he starts screaming too and then Tae’s dancing all over the kitchen out of joy so bby boy’s following him, still a bit sleepy but dancing anyways bc the Kims always gotta dance together
Dancing Away With My Heart Pt. 2

 Summary: You’re a ballerina dancer, and your baby sister is taking up gymnastics, with none other than Lance Tucker as her teacher. 

Pairing: Lance the Fucker Tucker x ofc (Stella)

Warnings: Language

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The annoying screeching of my alarm at 4:30AM jerks me from my sleep. Okay, I know I said I was a morning person, and really I am. I promise, but for some reason today my body just isn’t having it, but I can’t let Sarah be late to her second day of training. So, dragging myself out of bed I head to the bathroom and put on my fluffy robe, don’t want to be walking around half naked now would I? Heading downstairs to start a pot of coffee, and stopping at Sarah’s door. Knocking a few times to get her attention.

“Sarah? You need to wake up babe it’s 4:30.” I hear the soft thud of something hitting the door. She must have thrown the pillow at the door. Chuckling, I head into the kitchen and sit at the table with my warm mug. After checking snapchat and instagram, I hear Sarah come down stairs. She looks just about as put together as I am. Which isn’t much.

“You better hurry up and shower, Sarah. We can’t be late, coach Tucker probably wouldn’t appreciate it too much if we were late on your second day.” She nods, chewing on her piece of bacon. Something tells me she won’t be able to enjoy bacon for breakfast much longer. He’ll probably send her home with a diet plan soon.

She heads up to shower, and I head to my own shower.

By the time we’re done, it’s 5:00 and we’re headed out the door.

After 2 hours and several music jam sessions later, we make it to the gym.

Parking next to the fancy car again, I notice there’s no one else here today. It’s just now that I remember that she said it would just be them today.

Walking into the gym, we’re met with the sight of Lance Tucker doing push ups. He’s in a white tank top and long running pants in blue. He looks good. He see’s us, stands up and walks towards us.

“It’s about time, I was getting wrinkles.” He rests his hands on his hips.

I blush, seeing as it was my fault she was late.
“S-Sorry, Mr. Tucker. It was my fault, I guess we should have left earlier.” I rub the back of my head in nervousness. He smirks an awful cocky, arrogant smirk.

“Don’t worry about it, princess. Just make sure she’s on time next time, alright?” He drags his pointer finger under my chin, making me look up and into his eyes. He winks at me before looking towards Sarah.

“Alright! Let’s start with bars, kiddo.” She clears her throat.

“Um, coach? Do you mind if my sister stays for today’s training session? She doesn’t work today, and I figured we could save gas.” He turns to look at me, and I give him a nervous smile.

“Do you wanna practise gymnastics too? You can use the gym if you like.” He smiles again, however it’s not arrogant. It’s genuine.

“O-Oh, no. I’d make a fool of myself. I don’t do gymnastics.” He raises an eyebrow.

“Really? You were in a leotard yesterday, you looked damn good in it too.” He stands with his legs wide, his arms crossed and tucked under his armpits.

“Oh that? I’m a ballet dancer and I teach dance.” I find myself blushing, and looking towards the ground.

‘What is it about this guy? He’s messing with me.’

“Oooh, this is a dancer’s body then, huh?” He walks towards me, before walking around me and checking me out. If my blush wasn’t evident before it is now. He seems to notice.

“Aw am I making you blush, sweet cheeks?” NOW he smiles that arrogant smile. Sarah, being the doll that she is, clears her throat.

“U-Uh, coach? Are we ready to practise?” He looks towards her and smiles.

“Yeah, go ahead to the bars, Sarah.” She heads across the massive gym and towards the bars. It’s just then that the gym doors open and a little boy, and what I can only assume is his mother, walk in. He walks up to her, meeting her halfway. He leans down and picks up the little boy, balancing him on his hip. This must be his son. He doesn’t seem to get along with her, her being Maggie Townsend, the student he impregnated. Looking towards the ground, at my feet. Anything to avoid looking at them, as not to eavesdrop, as much as I’d like to. She takes her leave, not sparing me or Sarah a second glace. Hell, I don’t even think she looked at us once. She seems like a bitch.

Lance puts his son down, leaning down to talk to him. The little boy can’t be more than 3 years old, and he looks just like Lance. He couldn’t deny him if he wanted to. The little boy goes to play with his toys on one of that mats while Lance goes on to train Sarah. Watching them, I notice he’s constantly looking back to his son, checking on him. It’s cute, and makes me wish I had kids of my own. It’s just, ever since mom and dad died I never really had time to spend on myself, I’ve never had the chance to be with a man, I’ve been too worried about taking care of my baby sister.

After a while, I go up to Lance and tap him on the shoulder. He turns to look at me.

“What can I do for you, dollface?” I roll my eyes.

“Would you like me to sit with him? I don’t mind watching him.” His eyes soften just the slightest.

“You don’t have to do that.” I smile.

“I know, but I can tell you’re stressed out. Trying to train her and watch your son at the same time. I don’t mind, really.” I turn to look at him. He’s playing with an airplane toy, and spitting all over the place trying to make airplane noises. I turn to look back at Lance and he’s looking at him, smiling.

“What’s his name?” He looks down at me.

“Luke. Luke Tucker.” I smile again.

“He looks just like you.” His face lights up, this boy is his whole world, it’s plain to see.

“Yeah, I’ve been told that before.” He looks down at me.

“But yeah, if you want to watch him you can. I’d appreciate that.” I nod and walk over to the little boy, before sitting next to him.

“Hello.” He looks up from his toys and smiles at me.

“Hi pretty lady!” A blush makes its way across my face, this little boy is going to be a charmer, I can tell already.

“You’re Luke, right?” He stands up, jumping up and down.

“YEAH! What’s your name pretty lady?” I laugh, this boy is adorable.

“I’m Stella.” He plops himself down on my lap, hard.

“OOF!” Makes it’s way out of my lips before I can stop it.

“Are you daddy’s girlfriend?” Kids say the darndest things.

“No, baby. I’m not his girlfriend.”

“Do ya wanna be? I bet I can make it happen!!” He stands up and runs towards his daddy.

“DADDY DADDY DADDY!!!!!” Lance turns to look at him, then turns to look at Sarah. I can see the words ‘be right back’ on his lips before he comes down off the taller mat and to his son. He leans down and opens his arms and Luke crashes into them. My face is bright red by now because I know what’s about to happen.

“DADDY! Daddy do you wanna date the pretty lady!?” He laughs a big belly laugh.

“Now what gave you that idea, little man?”

“Because she’s a pretty lady.” He chuckles and brings Luke back over to his play mat, dropping him down on the mat.

After 4 more hours and several rounds of legos and Lance yelling

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, SARAH!?” We’re about done. Lance runs his hands through his hair before walking up to us, and leaning down to his son, ruffling up his hair.

“Get packed up kiddo, we’re almost done here.” Luke whines.

“B-But I wanna stay with pretty Stella more, daddy!” His bottom lips quivers and it tears on my heart strings.

“Don’t worry buddy. I’ll see you soon, I’m sure.” He starts crying and he lays his head on my lap. Lance sighs. It’s just then that I remember, Sarah doesn’t have practise tomorrow, But I work.

“What are you doing tomorrow, Lance?” He looks up at me.

“Day off, why?”

“Why don’t you bring Luke by the dance studio?” Luke perks up and starts jumping in joy.

“YEAH YEAH!!! CAN WE GO DADDY PLEASE!?!” Lance chuckles.

“If pretty Stella doesn’t mind.” He winks at me.


“You can come, Luke. In fact, I’d love it if you and your handsome daddy came to see me.” I look up and wink at Lance. He smiles.

“It’s a date. We’ll see you tomorrow, pretty girl.”

We all pack up to leave, and say our final goodbyes while Lance straps Luke in his carseat.

“See you tomorrow, handsome.” I wink and drive off. Tomorrow is the only day of work that I’ve ever actually looked up to.

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DJ bounces in from his bedroom with ‘just shagged’ hair’. He wears nothing but a silk, paisley-patterned dressing gown and purple, velvet slippers with elaborate gold brocade initials: 'DJ’.
He poses - deliriously. A cigarette in his mouth, bottle of malt whisky in his hand. He snorts a line from a small, coke-laden, mirrored coffee table and leaps in the air with uncontrollable joy. Now he starts dirty-dancing with the women. They bump and grind, having a ball.
—  Don Juan in Soho, stage directions at the beginning of Act Four
Jumin MC week. Day 5- Wedding.

Here comes the story of today for the @juminmcweek! You can also read it on AO3 I’m really enjoying this event <3

I think I’m making poor MC suffer quite a lot this week, so maybe tomorrow you’ll get some fluff!!

Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

“So, my bridesmaid has broken her ankle and won’t be able to come to my wedding tomorrow, and I thought: hey! What about MC? That way I could see her again!! What do you think?”

You sigh, listening to your relative’s talk at the other side of the phone.

“Ok, I’ll be your bridesmaid,” you reply, earning a curious look from your boyfriend next to you.

“Thank you so much, MC!” she says at the other side of the phone. “See you later this afternoon to have you try the dress!”

You hang up and look to the ceiling, wondering again why you should do this.

“So…” Jumin encourages you to talk.

“You see? The granddaughter of the cousin of my grandmother…”

“You mean your second cousin twice removed,” Jumin clarifies.

You think for a while and finally agree.

“That’s it, my second cousin twice removed wants me to go to her wedding tomorrow and be her bridesmaid.”

“That’s fortunate,” Jumin caresses your arm. “It’s not every day that you can meet your second cousin twice removed and her family.”

“I don’t see her since we were twelve!” you exclaim, whining.

You two go to your second cousin… your cousin’s home and try on the horrendous dress that seemed to had come out of a horror film. You look at the pink and red mess of fabric and sparkles that fit awkwardly your body with pins and turn to face your boyfriend in despair. He reads your look and takes out his phone to call a designer to get you a new dress.

“But all the bridesmaids should wear the same,” your cousin complains.

“If it’s not much of an inconvenience, call them and I’ll get them new dresses for them as well,” Jumin simply replies and your cousin nods, amazed.

The day of the wedding arrives and you and Jumin get to the ceremony, both of you with your perfect outfits. The day seems to go by smoothly. You aren’t bothered by your relatives, they probably don’t even remember you, and the ceremony is simple but nice, in a small church with not so many guests, the dress of the bride surprisingly pretty and the couple irradiating love and happiness.

You’re glad you came and helped them in their special day and are willing to enjoy the meal afterwards. Nevertheless, things start getting more asphyxiating there. During the toasts, your cousin insists on thanking Jumin for the dresses, which turns everybody’s attention to you, making them realise who you are.

“MC,” an old lady who you don’t really remember approaches you. “You’ve grown so pretty,” she smiles. “I didn’t see you since you were 12! Do you remember your aunt Augusta?”

“Of course!” you exclaim, feeling nervous.

“When do you finish University?” she kindly asks.

“I finished it three years ago,” you reply.

“Oh, darling!” your apparently aunt Augusta laughs. “Time flies!”

You smile awkwardly and look for Jumin with your eyes, but he’s talking to the bride’s brother in law, who has recognised him as the heir of C&R and is trying to make business with him. You excuse yourself and run to Jumin’s side, dragging him away from the other man, and when you thought you would be able to escape, aunt Augusta and her husband see you.

“Do you remember her, Williams?” she asks him a little bit too loud due to his deftness. “She’s MC!”

“Mancy?” he asks.

“No, Williams, M-C,” she repeats your name more slowly.

A little girl who was running around runs into Jumin and almost falls to the floor, but he helps her before she does.

“I’m sorry, sir,” she apologises.

“Are you her dad?” Williams asks Jumin.

“I am not her father, sir,” he turns to point at you, “but her dadd…”

You shove a muffin into Jumin’s mouth before he can continue, laughing loudly.

“Ohohohohoho! My date, he means my date!!” you try to excuse yourself.

You finally get rid of aunt Augusta and her husband right at the moment the waltz starts playing and the groom and bride start dancing. They look so lovely, radiating love and joy, that you cannot help but smile too. At that moment, you feel Jumin’s hand tossing carefully your hair to the side and whispering in your uncovered ear.

“Would you give me the honour to be my dancing partner?”

You chuckle and turn, nodding.

He takes your hand and puts his free one on your waist, leading both of you expertly to the dance floor. You lean on his chest and let him lead your dance, swinging softly at the sound of the music as you usually do at his living room. You feel him kissing your head and look up to meet his soft smile with yours and kiss him softly on the lips.

“I’m glad we came after all,” you say.

“Me too.”

“Everything turns out right when I’m with you,” you smile broadly at him and he squeezes your waist.

“Everything is blissful when I’m with you.”

You bury your face on his chest, flustered, and he lets out a low chuckle. You continue dancing in silence, focusing on the other’s breathing and warmth, the rest of the guests inexistent for both of you, and suddenly Jumin leans and whispers.

“MC, would you give me the honour to be able to spend the rest of my life with you as husband and wife?”

You move back, your eyes widened in surprise and meet his earnest gaze. You open your mouth to answer, but your voice gets caught in your throat, so you kiss him instead, your dance stopping as he returns the kiss, feeling your tears of joy falling down your cheeks. You move back and he puts his forehead against you to look deep into your eyes to hear you reply:

“I do.”

Moonbin Soulmate AU!

(Notes! Hope this is alright! Sorry it took me so long!!)

•the first thing that your soulmate says to you is in your wrist
•so as a child, having this on your wrist confused you greatly
•'Hello, wannabe your star!’
•because what does that mean?!?!
•so you’ve gone through your life just as confused about your tattoo until high school rolls around
•one of the friends you’ve managed to make likes kpop
•and when he started forcing you to watch
•when you realized
•'is it a greeting?’
•often times if your soulmate speaks to you in a different language first, that’s what is on your wrist
•but since yours is in English, you just thought they were in the Mafia
•but it is entirely possible that that your soulmate was in a band!
•and so you thanked your friend, and he said he would take your thanks if! And only if you went with him to a concert!
•and at first you groaned, but agreed nonetheless because why not? The only other plans you had involved a laptop and your bed for twelve hours straight

•so the day of the concert came, and you were anxious for some reason
•you hadn’t been told what kind of concert it was
•it could honestly be a rave or a heavy metal concert
•or a kpop concert where you meet soulmate, and they decided they hate you and write a terrible song about you! Which you won’t even understand!
•yeah you were panicking, but your friend wasn’t helping either
•he kept droning on and on about how you guys could meet your soulmates, and he won meet and greet passes so you’d meet the group performing
•as you shuffled into the stadium, tightly holding onto your friends hand
•and sat in your seats until there was music starting to play, and people around started to scream in joy and happiness
•members started dancing on the stage with singing
•and it was silly, you’d never seen this band before but somehow you were entranced by a voice
•it was how he was singing and dancing at the same time that amazed you
•sure all the members were doing the same thing but he was just!!!
•so without complaining about the concert, you joined in on the screaming
•seeming to fuel your friends screams
•but sadly as all good things do, it ended
•they had greeted themselves as Astro, a new group
•they thanked the audience for supporting them, and walked off the stage
•to change or something you suppose
•a security went on stage and told the people with passes to line up
•and you and your friend lined up
•squealing with each other, and the other people in line
• group by group you were let inside of the room that held the members
•you guys were the last group, since your friend continued letting people cut in front of him
•when you asked why he laughed and said “you have so much to learn”
•to which you shrugged and continued talking to the girl in front of you
•when they went in your friend grabbed you by the shoulders and shook you
•asking you if you know who was who, names, ages, facts
•and you just laughed, as if he didn’t hear your conversation with the girl earlier
•when the security opened the door, both of you walked in
•but before you could greet them, they greeted you first
•"Hello, Wanna be your star!“
•and it hit you, one of these six was your soulmate
•so obviously you just said the first thing that came to mind
•"wait, metaphorically or literally our star?”
•to which one of the members stared at you while one of the others pointed at you and patted the ones shoulder
•they were talking in Korean which you didn’t understand really
•so you went to greet one of the other members, when someone grabbed your shoulder
•it was wide eyes boy, the dancer you had been watching on stage
•he quickly took his hand off you shoulder, and apologized, multiple times
•he pointed at his wrist and showed you it, it had the words you had said
•etched into his skin, which made you laugh, thinking of a five year old asking his parent what that meant, in Korean
•when you stopped laughing, you looked up at him and smiled
•painting his cheeks a pink while he smiled back
•"I’m y/n.“
•"I’m moonbin!”
•he had tried to tell you that fans call him a cat puppy but you didn’t understand and you just looked at the members for help
•when eunwoo explained what he meant
•which you laughed again, because that’s a tv show!
•(which you put in your phone and showed bin, he was horrified yet amused)
•the meet had to end, but you exchanged phone numbers, and kakao names which would be less expensive to text with

•moonbin is a dorky boyfriend who will try to teach you Korean but will distract you with how cute he is
•or his hand movements to explain things
•he’ll sing to you if you want, and dance
•you can bet you’ll be dancing with him
•whether it actual dances or silly slow dancing depends on you!

Peace (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Requested by: Anon

Request: 47,81,80,90 with Bellamy please if you can??

A/N: First Bellamy imagine of the day, another one come later. Hope you like it!



47. “Not sure if you could tell, but I’m not exactly a people person.”

80. “I’ve liked you for awhile now.”

81. “Are you flirting with me?”

90. “Kiss me.”


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Peace (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

You always have been like this and, actually, you never felt bad for it. You never had more than one or two friends back in the Ark, so you really didn’t care when they send you to Earth, your parents was floated, you’re by yourself anyway.

When Bellamy start that thing about “whatever the hell we want” you just rolled your eyes. Whatever the hell you want? Well, you want some peace. And because of that you start to walk around of camp everyday trying to find a place that you could call yours.

When you finally found it, for the first time in years you felt the peace you’re looking for. It was like a dream. There are a waterfall, some trees with fruits. You’re in heaven.


“Where was you?” Bellamy’s voice catch you.

“Nowhere, I was just walking around.” You answer avoiding his glance.

“Well it’s not safe anymore.”

You nodded a yes and walk to your tent fast.


Since you started to help around with the wall and collecting food, you almost never had time to go to your “special place” and you are needing this. You are needing to be alone for a while. Alone with yourself and your thoughts. So after a long, long day, you walked fast to your tent, just to go sleep sooner, but before you get there, Bellamy stoped you.

“Where are you going, Y/N?”

“Sleep.” You answer, again avoiding his glance.

“You’ll not eat anything?” He try to get closer to you, but you walk back. “You worked hard today, you sure have be hungry.”

“No I’m not hungry. Goodnight, Bellamy.” And with this you walk into your tent.


You woke up before the sun comes up. You dress up really fast, and walk out o the camp. You’ll have you five minutes of peace today. You’ll.

When you walk to the waterfall you feel your smile showing up, you’re almost dancing and singing. You’re full of joy. You start taking off all of your clothes and walk into the water, closing your eyes. Then you heard a noise on water and opened your eyes just to see Bellamy, shirtless, smirking at you.

“So is here where you hide yourself.”

“What are you doing here?” You ask giving him your back.

“I said to you that it isn’t safe here.”

“Yeah, and I heard it.”

“So what are you doing here?” He ask to you with a soft voice.

“I was needing some time alone.”

“Why?” He ask again, but one of his hand grab your shoulder and you jump, letting go of his touch and letting a confortable space between you both.

Not sure if you could tell, but I’m not exactly a people person.”

“Yeah, I notice it.” He started. “But you know, you’re always avoiding me, and I thought that it was personal and…” You turn to face him ready to tell him that you’ve always avoided people. Since you remember you never liked to look people in the eye, because this gesture always intimidated you. You’ve always felt better alone. But then you notice his eyes going down to your naked breasts. “Are you flirting with me?” He ask to you.

“No, Blake! I’m not!” You turn your back to him again. “The world not round around you.” And he just laugh letting you even more blushed.


You never go to the waterfall again, not after the last with Bellamy. You never face him again as well. You wake up, eat something, work and work, do a break, work, eat, and go sleep. Day after day.

On Unity Day, when everyone was celebrating, you could stay alone as you wished. You sit outside of your tent lookingto the sky, counting stars over and over again, when you see someone walking in your way. Not someone, but Bellamy. As fast as you can, you get up and start open the zipper of your tent, but he hold you from behind.

“Don’t run of me.” He whisper when you try to let go of his arms. “Y/N, I’ve liked you for awhile now…”

“Why are you telling me this?” You ask, not sure if you want to heard the answer.

“Because I realize that you should know how I feel.” He whisper again, closer to your ear. “You don’t need to be scared. You can trust me.”

“I trust you, Bellamy, but…”

“So, kiss me.” He turn you around. “Kiss me, Y/N. ”

“Bellamy, I…”But you could’t finished your argument, because he let his lips into yours starting a kiss. And, you don’t know how to explan, but all the peace you was looking for out of the camp, never felt so good like the peace you found in Bellamy’s arms.

Q (ChangMin) as your boyfriend~

Group: The Boyz

  • Q(ute pie)
  • he is so cuteeee
  • ok so let’s begin
  • first..
  • his dimples
  • this boy adores you~
  •  cute lil baby who gets all shy 
  • piggyback rides
  • he’d carry you around
  • sometimes  you’re both too shy to say smth so you will enjoy the presence of one another in silence
  • a lot of skinship
  • his dance OMG
  • teaches you how to dance
  • dates in the practice room
  • you two make the cutiest couple everrrrr
  • loves to make you smile
  • random aegyo
  • he’s the biggest ball of fluff
  • cuddle sessions
  • play with your hair
  • kisses you out of nowhere
  • holding your free hand under the table and rubbing it with his thumb
  • cute dance together
  • you 2 talk anytime anywhere at any time
  • love to hug you
  • the first time you met he knew you were his soulmate
  • Q  is such a sweetheart
  • the first time you told him “I love you” he danced all day of joy
  • he would spend a while getting up the courage to kiss you
  • ice cream dates
  • loves when you play with his hair
  • randomly start dancing of joy when you tell or make smth cute 
  • eskimo kisses
  • your relationship is very cute
  • I will support you 2
  • pls be happy ^.^
Formality Pt 2

Season 1 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,589

Warnings: None

   I turned and riffled through the dresses on the racks around me. They were all very… Well, they were more Lydia’s style. She liked being showered with attention, so her clothing was always very modern and ‘in’. I mean, she dressed like a goddess, but it just wasn’t me. I liked simple. I found three dresses that I wanted to try on, then looked up to find Allison.

   My stomach dropped when I saw her standing with Peter. Alone. I listened in, and he was talking about her skin and how beautiful it was. Buffalo Bill, or what? I quickly walked to her.

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So, What Do You Say?

(photo not mine)

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Rating: Everyone

Characters: Jim Kirk, Reader, Uhura, Ben, Sulu, Bones, Chekov mentioned

Warnings: marriage proposal,Kirk being charming, fluff, fluff, mega fluff, super fluff, did I say fluff? UNEDITED

Author’s note: I love the movie the finest hours. Chris Pine looks so damn good in that movie, so I used it as a theme for this one. Basically, the reader loves 1950’s fashion and aesthetics, and Kirk knows this. So, he uses his position as captain, and this love to melt her heart.

pst! request stuff please. :D

“So, What Do You say?”

The party was a starfleet wide event. Two weeks prior, an announcement was sent to every member of Starfleet with the orders that they must attend. It was to be held at York Town, which was just around a planned stop for the Enterprise. Your boyfriend was buzzing with excitement, you figured it was just because he wanted to hear tales from other captains about what was out in the vastness of space. He would always get excited about that kind of thing. Jim was a man of the stars. You were neutral about the party, till you found out that it was themed; and that the theme was a 1950’s bash.

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How would rin okumura propose you think?

  • Would probably be planning it out for months
  • Made a big ass dinner that was above and beyond what he normally does, even lit some candles to set the mood
  • Starts out with this long winded speech that jumps around a lot because he forgot to practice it about how much he loves you and how much you mean to him.  
  • Like three seconds into the speech you realize he’s going to propose to you at the end of it so you wait patiently for him to finish
  • But the end is no where in sight so you literally just pull him into a kiss and tell him yes, you will marry him
  • Literally starts jumping for joy and pulls you up to dance all silly with you before remembering the ring
  • Still gets down on one knee and asks because why the fuck not 
Red Velvet Reaction to: Their Girlfriend Surprising Them Backstage After a Concert

Irene: with the screams of adoring fans still within hearing range, her eyes land on you. it makes tears well in her eyes. obviously panicked, you hug her and even the other girls come over to see what was wrong with their unnie. “it’s just … I’m so grateful. for the fans. for red velvet. and especially for you,” she says, pointing at you

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Wendy: “did you watch the whole performance? I kind of messed up on one step though, did you notice? hopefully it wasn’t too obvious. and then my outfit at one point …” she babbles on and on, worrying about her performance, as if questioning her talent.

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“babe,” you say, cutting her off, “you were amazing” and it takes a moment for the words to sink in before she smiles brighter than the sun

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Seulgi: was too shy to initiate much skinship with the girls and the backstage staff around. so she settled on nestling against your side, looking like a cute lil bear until she whispered, “since you were kind enough to surprise me like this, I’ll have to repay you when we get home”

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Joy: started screaming and doing a funny dance when she saw you. then she jumped onto your back, arms around your neck, legs around your waist. “my jagi came to surprise me!”

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Yeri: “we were so cool, right?” she runs up to you when she sees you, super proud of how far she and her unnies have come since their trainee days. “and I even seen one fan holding a sign with my name on it!” she gushes. “did you see it? it was so cool! it looked like they put a lot of effort into it. I hope they get home safely.” she’s squeezing your hand tightly, still buzzing from the performance high

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EXO (ot12) reaction to finding out you’re pregnant

@luxlikeagayguysblog said: Your bias in exo (m or k) reacting to finding out they’re going to be your child’s father?

Woo okay, first one this is exciting!
(Thanks for being my trial run!)

Big Bang Version


He’d giggle, unsure of what else to do. He’d be excited, but he wouldn’t be very good at expressing it, other than a fit of giggles, which you would immediately take as a good sign.

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He’d be shocked. The two of you hadn’t been trying for a kid, so his reaction definitely would not be the one you were hoping for. Chanyeol would come around in the end, being supportive.

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He’d be proud. He’d love to show you off and tell everyone that you were his girl, and the baby you were carrying was his.

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He’d be very excited at first, then it would dawn on him that he would have to change diapers, something he had never wanted to do.

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He’d start doing what he called his happy dance. This boy would be happy that it was you he was with, and you’d he’d be sharing this joy with.

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“You’re kidding me,” is what he’d say at first. You two had been trying for a while, with no luck. Once you’d promised him you weren’t, he’d attack you with hugs, excited for this step in your lives.

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He wouldn’t believe it. Kris would be a little lost at how to react, not sure if he was ready himself to be a father. But he would come around and do the absolute best that he could.

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A huge smile would light up on his face the moment you told him. He’d be excited that the two of you would be taking this step in life together. 

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Chen would be shocked, but excited. He hadn’t been expecting the news, as the two of you hadn’t been trying for a baby, but he’d be thrilled nonetheless.

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He’d immediately shower you with kisses and tell you how much he loved you, saying he’d support you the whole way through the pregnancy.

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He’d start blushing, because you told him around the guys, and they would start teasing him about how he should’ve used protection, and saying other stupid jokes like that.

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He’d shake his head in disbelief, but be smiling at the same time, because he did really want it to be true. the moment you told him you weren’t joking around he’d jump up and start dancing, or screaming, in joy.

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Headcanons on Wolffe, Cody, Echo, Fives, and Rex dancing with their S/Os? Slow dancing and/or crazy dancing?

Fives: It’s a toss-up - he’ll slow-dance with you if he’s in the mood, but won’t say no to crazy kitchen dancing if the chance arises. He far prefers to watch you crazy-dancing though - he thinks it’s adorable.

Echo: Crazy dancing! He loves to find the most upbeat, fun songs he knows you love and just blast them unexpectedly because he loves the little squeaks of joy you do when you start dancing.

Wolffe: Slow-dancing, definitely, but it’s not like a sophisticated waltz or anything. Usually it’s just some quiet music at the end of a long day, and you’ll sway back and forth together talking over the day in low, murmuring voices, your head resting on his chest.

Cody: He’ll let loose and crazy-dance with you if you really want to, but he’s a slow-dancing master and dancing with him, either way, will leave you absolutely breathless. He’s actually quite a good dancer.

Rex: Slow dancing! He really loves to spin you around and dip you (and most likely kiss you when you come back up) and even though it’s technically not crazy-dancing, it’s pretty energetic and will usually leave you giggling by the end of it.

Current Internet Antidote: Hamilton Gifs

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 I started this tumblr because of the joy awkward @taylorswift dancing gifs brought me.  It was something I needed; confidence to be awkward as hell, and enjoying yourself to the max no matter how ridiculous you look.

Exhibit A: one of my favs. 

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There’ve been a lot of horrible events recently.  Events that fuel scared and hateful online chatter.  I’ve been silent lately, not wanting to add fuel to the fire, and to protect my heart from its continuous breaking.  

But then I truly found @hamiltonmusical, in all it’s forms. One of those forms in the delightful Gifs.  There’s unity, understanding, connection, and a cast of charismatic AF artists.   It’s a dialogue of inclusion instead of exclusion.  

Everytime I listen to the soundtrack it breaks my heart, but by the time I’ve finished…Hamilton puts my heart back together, but in better condition than ever.  

This musical shows what art can do.  These gifs remind me of that, and also…come on they’re also just damn amazing. So, I’m going to be posting sets of Hamilton gifs.   

I hope these can help mend some hearts. More to come.

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Our Loft 89 experience

Hi guys! We wanted to share our Loft 89 experience with you all and would first like to say thank you to Taylor, Mama Swift, and Taylor Nation. Getting the chance to meet someone who we have both looked up to as a role model for a long time has always been a dream for us and we are both very happy and still very much in shock that meeting Taylor became a reality on September 5, 2015! We are also very grateful and humbled by everyone who liked our costumes, wanted to take a picture with us, and congratulated us. Thank you all! So on to our #1989DenverTour night one experience. :)

We arrived at Pepsi Center around 5:30 PM, and the doors opened at 6:00 PM. The atmosphere outside Pepsi Center was great! Everyone was was taking pictures with each other and randomly breaking out into a Taylor Swift song.
When the doors opened we made the mad dash towards Section 136 where Taylor Nation was located. It’s always a really cool experience at the TN booth because you finally get to see everyone’s costumes that have been posted on social media leading up to the show. We met thisloveisglowing and his sister and they were both so nice! When the time got closer to take our picture, we noticed Aly from TN make eye contact with us, smile, and start to text on her phone. We’ve read previously that this is always a good sign so naturally we were excited! When it was our turn to take our photo, Aly said said she really liked our Catastrophe costumes and she remembered us from the Santa Clara shows. We chatted a bit about the California tour guests and our favorite ones Taylor has brought out previously. We told Aly we would also be at the Sunday show. She told us that if we wore our Catastrophe costumes again tomorrow and come find her, we would not regret it. We thought she might upgrade our tickets on Sunday, but a million ideas ran through our head!

When Vance Joy came on stage, we starting dancing and signing like crazy! He is an amazing singer and we are so glad that he is on tour with Taylor. No more than ten minutes after he was finished, the boombox was lit, Calvin Harris starting playing, and Taylor was on stage singing WTNY!! We saw Andrea to our left at the sound booth walking our way! She sang with us for a couple of seconds, then quickly made her way up towards john-whatson-your-face and no-its-becky-rosen-winchester section!! We weren’t sure what was going on, but we did see her bring some fans to sit in the sound booth with her. HYGTG and I Know Places came and past, and the crew was setting up Taylor’s B-Stage. We both felt a tap on our shoulders and then someone’s arms were draped over us. It was Mama Swift!! She said, “You’ve both met Taylor before, right?” NO WE HAVENT! “Are you sure?!” NO I SWEAR WE PROMISE! “Promise?” WE PROMISE!! “Would you like to meet Taylor?” YES!! We hugged Andrea, got our wristbands, and a glorious piece of purple paper that meant everything. We were going to meet Taylor Swift!!!

After the show, we headed to the designated section. We were both so happy to see John and his sister there! We congratulated all the people who were also invited and we anxiously wanted to hear everyones story on how they were selected. Aly from TN said she was so happy for us and excited that we would get to meet Taylor! We are not sure if Aly had anything to do with us being selected, but we are so thankful for her. We signed in on the iPad and Taylor’s team went over all the loft rules. After a bit, we were escorted backstage.
Being backstage was crazy! We were told to place all our bags on the table outside the Loft space and if we had any gifts or letters for Taylor to also place them on the table. Inside Loft, we were able to get pizza, cookies, drinks, take pictures in the photo booth and around the Loft room, and talk with everyone! After 15-20 minutes, we were told Taylor was about to enter so we had to spread out around the room. She would approach each group and we would have the time to hang out with her individually.

We were the sixth group to meet Taylor. She approached us and said, “Hi guys! Whoa, you guys are both me!” with open arms. We both received one of those famous Taylor Swift hugs that everyone talks about! She said she really loved our Bad Blood costumes, masks, and flare props! She turned on one of our flares, so it lit up and she started to wave it around. We told her that she was one of our biggest inspirations and a huge role model for us. We told her that 22 was one of our favorite songs and thanked her for making it. She said that 22 was a great dancing song and did a little dance move! She asked us if she could sign anything for us, so we gave her our Loft pass and a Polaroid from the 1989 CD. While she was signing our items, we told her the story about how we starting dating. She said she was extremely happy for us and how she’s never been in a relationship for that long and thought it was cool we revealed our feelings for each other while watching her Speak Now DVD. For our photo, Taylor asked if we should all act like “Bad Blood badasses” or pose for a cute photo. We opted for a BFF pose! Our photo was taken, and she took our phone to make sure her eyes weren’t closed. She liked it! She thanked us for supporting her for so long, and she made her way to the next group.

Mama Swift made her way to us next, and we thanked her for making our dreams come true! She complimented our Catastrophe costumes. We told her that on the Red Tour, she selected us to be upgraded to the pit. She said that we were moving on up! We told her that the next step is to move in with them and she laughed! We took a photo with her, and she moved on to the next group. Before we left the Loft space, we asked for a group photo. Our night ended still in shock about how our day went and that we finally had the chance to meet Taylor!

We are so thankful for this experience. :)