starts bawling again

I can’t watch the one with Peter Capaldi, in ‘The Husbands of River Song.’ That last scene was so hard for me to shoot because even though we shoot out of sequence - that scene - they left until the last moment to film. And I, of course, know what’s coming up now that she’s been given her sonic screwdriver, and yet, of course, River doesn’t; she has an inkling, but she doesn’t know.

So I had to work really hard not to cry and I didn’t succeed. We had to do a couple of takes, and I just started bawling! And again I saw Peter, you know he’s tough, he doesn’t show or share those emotions and the last few moments we were filming, I was looking at him and said, 'My God! You’re teary-eyed! Don’t do that, because it will likely be me, too!’
—  Alex Kingston, on why she can’t watch River Song’s final scene with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in The Husbands of River Song [x]
The Sound of Silence

Context: I am DMing a session in which the players have just defeated a sphinx on a boat. The players are currently rolling to see if they’re able to hold the sphinx down so they can interrogate her.
Halfling Rogue: *rolls a 17*
Half Orc Bard: *rolls a 16*
High Elf fighter and Half elf cleric: both roll a 2.
Me (jokingly): roll for self esteem!
Half elf: I got a twelve.
High elf: ….I rolled a natural failure.
Me: tears roll down your face as you realize that you are unable to accomplish this menial task. You are a disgrace to your kind.
Halfling: Rolling to see if I die from laughing at him. *rolls a 15* Yeah, I’m good.
High elf: Intimidation check to see if I can get them to stop laughing at me! *rolls a 1*
Me: You stutter out a “I could take you” before you start bawling again and drop your sword on the ground.
Half-Orc: Does the “sound of silence” starts playing around us?
Me: hello darkness, my old friend…

Protection ∾ zach dempsey

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request? yes
   “ Hiiiiii! I have a request if you’re taking them still, a 13rw (I’m a huge fan of your blog btw) where the reader is dating Zach and he figures out that Bryce did something to her (you can decided) and he loses his shit and attacks him. ”

pairing(s): zach x fem!reader , bryce x fem!reader , alex x fem!reader (platonic)

warning(s): mentions of rape 

a/n: i skipped writing the details for the fighting scene because i’m not really good with writing scenes like that, sorry!! but 13rw requests are closed !!
i wrote this in a different perspective because i can’t even imagine doing this in a reader’s pov. it made me get so much anxiety writing it, so sorry if this isn’t as good as my other fics.
oh, and if any of you readers were wondering, i am willing to write girlxgirl or boyxboy. just shoot me a request and i’ll happily accept. i’m sorry that it seems like i always write about fem!readers :(

words: 1169 (hehe)

[not my gif]

It’s been days since Y/N was last seen in Liberty High.

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uhhhhhhhhhhhh this is going to sound like a faux post, as many do, but i went into work just straight up SOBBING… and i always go on and on abt work just being work and never mattering to anyone there (or like, at all, to anyone, ever, lmao) bc i genuinely.. worry abt that and feel like that, but… like.. everyone was concerned? multiple ppl told me that if i needed to talk to any of them, they’d be more than happy to listen? @ one point i even had to leave the counter bc like.. i started bawling yet again and i didn’t want to be there all snotty and watery whilst trying to sell candy to ppl (bc like.. whom wants to see that also whom could even understand me when i’m like that) and when i came back this one sweet chick who i talk to semi-frequently was like “oh btw i left you a note” and just.. 

idek how to process any of that lmao? i almost started crying AGAIN bc it’s so overwhelming to even think abt the possibility of ppl GIVING a shit and not thinking i’m a complete waste of space and even after i’d calmed down no one treated the situation as weird or treated me any differently/avoided me like……… idk it’s so wild to think abt…….. being wanted/cared for. lol, as they say

You’ll Be In My Heart

A/N: Sooo this is based on my post last night about listening to “You’ll Be In My Heart” from Tarzan and imagining Patton singing it to Tiny Virgil when he can’t sleep. It’s…well it’s pretty much just that. Also this is my first go at writing any kind of Tiny Side fic, so if I messed it up a bit, don’t be afraid to correct me! (honestly that’s true for literally anything, I like to learn) I didn’t put the whole song because i feel like that just crowds the fanfiction. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! 

Warnings: None :) 

Pairing: Familial Moxiety 

Word Count: 849

Song: “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins (I mostly based it on the version that’s sung at the beginning of the movie right after Tarzan was found) 

Patton was sitting on the couch in the common space, watching Tarzan late at night. Everyone else had gone to bed long ago, but Patton hadn’t been able to sleep. No reason in particular, really, he just wasn’t sleepy. He figured making himself a warm drink and watching a loved and familiar Disney movie would help him.

It nearly did, too. He could feel himself start to drift off, right when he heard the crying.

Bolting up, Patton looked around, pausing the movie. For a moment, everything was silent. Then he heard it again, a clear wailing from a small child. He got to his feet immediately and walked down the hall to Virgil’s room. Sure enough, when he cracked the door open and peaked in, the younger side was curled under his blanket, sobbing.

“Virge?” Patton calls softly. He walks into the room, slowly making his way to the bed in case Virgil didn’t want any company. But the other side just kept sobbing, not showing any reaction to Patton’s appearance. Patton sat on the edge of the bed, near the small lump. “Hey Virge, kiddo, can you come out from under the blanket for me?”

There was a pause, and then some shifting. A moment later Virgil’s small head popped up from under the blanket. He took one look at Patton and started bawling again, throwing himself into Patton’s arms. “Dada!” he exclaims, burrowing his head in Patton’s chest. Patton wrapped his arms around the tiny side, swallowing past the lump in his throat at the sobs that came out of Virgil. He hated it when anyone cried, let alone the small child in his lap.

“Shhh, it’s okay. I’m here,” he whispers, rocking Virgil back and forth.

“I had a scawy nightmare,” Virgil sniffed, arms tightening around Patton’s neck. “I dwemt that you left me.”

“Oh honey,” Patton says, rubbing soothing circles on Virgil’s back. “I would never leave you.”

Virgil sniffed. “Pwomise?’

“Promise,” Patton says. He pulls away from the hug just enough to look down at the child. “Do you want some warm milk before going back to bed?”

Sniffling, Virgil nodded and wrapped his arms back around Patton’s neck. Patton picked him up and carried him into the kitchen, holding him the entire time that he was warming up the milk. He added a bit of honey to make it even sweeter, just how Virgil liked it.

The two of them sat in the living room, Patton’s movie forgotten. He held Virgil as the younger side drank his milk, still crying and sniffling a little. Patton ran his hands through Virgil’s hair as a way to try to get him to go to sleep. Even when the milk was finished, though, there were still tears running down Virgil’s face.

“Hey,” Patton says, turning Virgil in his lap so Patton could look down at him, “why are you still crying?”

“I’m afwaid,” Virgil admits, looking down like he was embarrassed. “I’m afwaid of dweaming again.”

Patton held Virgil close, rocking him again, trying to think of a good way to make Virgil not afraid anymore. He stared at the paused screen of Tarzan and an idea struck him. “How about a song?”

Virgil looks up at him. “Song?”

Patton chuckles. “Roman’s not the only one around here who can carry a tune you know.”

Virgil looks up at him with wide, curious eyes, and that was all the confirmation that Patton needed. He cleared his throat and started singing.

Come stop your crying, it’ll be alright

Just take my hand, hold it tight.

I will protect you from all around you, I will be here don’t you cry.”

Patton brushed away Virgil’s tears, wrapping him in a hug.  

For one so small, you seem so strong.

My arms will hold you keep you safe and warm.

This bond between us can’t be broken.

I will be here don’t you cry.”

Virgil snuggled against Patton, sighing contently. Patton smiled and pushed back the small trait’s hair. He rocked them gently to the song, hoping that Virgil took every word as the truth.

Cause you’ll be in my heart

Yes, you’ll be in my heart.

From this day on, now and forever more.

You’ll be in my heart.

No matter what they say.

You’ll be here in my heart, always.”

Patton leaned down to kiss the top of Virgil’s head. The younger one’s eyes were already starting to droop, his head lolling against Patton’s chest. Smiling softly, Patton stood and slowly started walking back to Virgil’s room. He sang the rest of the song as he put Virgil back into bed and tucked the covers around him.

Virgil snuggled down into the covers and reached out for Patton’s hand. He didn’t want his dad to go just yet. He wanted to hear the rest of the song.

Smiling, Patton rubbed circles on the back of Virgil’s hand, still singing softly. As Virgil was drifting off to sleep, Patton finished out the song.

“You’ll be in my heart,” he whispers into Virgil’s ear before kissing his forehead. “Always.”

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Gabriel and his s/o getting in their first fight


You’d arrived at the Overwatch headquarters several hours ago, but the pain that occupied your body was almost unbearable.

Most of your bones were broken, save for your right arm. Your head was pounding, and the wound dressings that Angela had put on the multitude of scratches, scrapes, and cuts itched like hell.

To say the least, you were pretty miserable.

And to top it all off, you had an extremely angry Blackwatch Commander staring at you.

You shifted your eyes towards the man standing in the doorway of your room, not daring to move any part of your body unless it was absolutely necessary.

“Are you going to just stand there or are you going to say something?” You asked, your voice sounding scratchy as you spoke.


You sighed, rolling your eyes slightly as you did.

“Are you going to say anything at all?” You asked again, wincing as a sharp jolt of pain shot through your left side.

“You’re reckless.” Was all Gabriel said, walking towards the side of your bed.

“Thanks for pointing that out, captain obvious.” You laughed a little at your comment, but the laugh quickly vanished as you noticed Gabriel’s jaw visibly clench.

“This isn’t time for jokes, you could’ve gotten yourself killed.”

You pursed your lips, a scowl encompassing your bruised features.

“It was a risk I had to ta-”

“You absolutely did not have to do that. If you had just listened to my orders, you wouldn’t be half dead and bedridden.” Gabriel interrupted, his hands squeezing the rails of your bed as he spoke.

You snapped.

“If I had followed your orders, everybody in that building would have died!” You shouted, your voice breaking as it reached the highest octave.

“The mission would have failed, and we would have been sent home failures. It was a risk I was willing to take!” You said again, staring the Blackwatch commander directly in the eyes.

His face remained stern, and it only made you angrier. How could he be so selfish?

“Get out.” You spoke quietly, although loud enough for him to hear.


I said GET OUT!”

You were still very angry. Very, very angry.

All you could think about though was the look on Gabriel’s face when you screamed at him to leave your room.

It was a look you’d never seen before, a look of genuine pain.

His jaw was no longer clenched at that point, and his hands were loosely gripping the rails of your bed.

And for a moment you swear you could almost see tears.

The image of Gabriel upset was enough to make you start crying.

Your unbroken arm reached over and pressed the “nurse” button that Angela had conveniently left you in case you needed something.

Almost immediately, she answered.

“Yes? Is there something you need,

“Can you get Commander Reyes to come here?” You asked, sniffling in the middle of your request.

There was silence for a moment, and you took the opportunity to wipe your face off with the blanket covering you.

“He’ll be there shortly.” Angela spoke again.

“Thank you.”

“Cariño.” Gabriel spoke as he peaked around the door frame, jerking you out of your thoughts.

He was dressed casually, a rare sight when it came to him. A gray hoodie hung loosely against his toned torso, a matching pair of sweatpants accompanying them.

You started bawling again.

“I’m so sorry I yelled at you Gabriel.” Is all you could say as tears began to stream down your face.

He half-sprinted across the room as you began to cry, his face looking slightly panicked.

“Please don’t cry, princesita.” He spoke quietly, his hand gently rubbing the top of your head as he spoke.

“I’m the selfish one. All I could think about was what would have happened if I had lost you. Please don’t be upset.”

His words made your chest ache, and it only made you more upset.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Was all you could repeat, your voice now slightly nasally as you repeatedly apologized.

Gabriel’s hands gently cupped your face, turning your face towards his slowly.

He pressed his forehead against yours, speaking to you again in a soft tone.

“Please don’t cry, mi amor.”

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Wait, does Bim remember what happened when he was possessed by Anti? I mean he was wondering what he was wearing when he woke up, but did he end up seeing what Anti was doing even if he had no control? Because I feel like he'd feel bad for the Host for almost dropping him off the roof even if it wasn't him in control

(You guys want me to write all the angst. Not just some angst here, a little fluff there in between. Nope ALL THE ANGST… But hey, I’m all for it. Let’s go, cutie pies!)

Bim looks down at himself, at the black t-shirt and the tattered black jeans. “What on earth am I wearing?”

Dr. Iplier explains slowly, as comforting as he knows how. “You got possessed by Anti who nearly dropped Host off the side of the building and tried to kill Wilford. They’re both alive, though.”

Bim brushes his hair, entirely wild and unkempt, back from his face and leans back into the pillow of his own bed. “I… don’t remember a thing.” But that’s a lie, it’s slowly coming back to him, bit by bit, and he fights it at every turn. He doesn’t want to remember.

Host screams against the gag in his mouth as he drops a few feet. Wilford’s anger begins to warp the world around him. Everything comes back in fractured segments over-layed with green static.

“The good news is, you’ll be able to get out of that cast soon,” Doc prattles on as Bim pushes himself up from his bed and wanders out of his room to find the Host. “Wait! Bim!” But he’s not listening.

He finds Host in his tower atop Peebles Place among his books and the soft light of dawn. Without his trench coat on, Bim can see the bruises on Host’s wrists as the blind man scratches furiously at a piece of parchment. It takes him a moment to notice Bim’s presence. “Trimmer?”

“Host, what happened on the roof… I let him-he…” Bim grips his hair in frustration, unable to put words to the thoughts tearing through his head. “It was so horrible.”

The Host ducks both hands behind his back as if to hide the evidence of what Anti did. “It wasn’t Bim’s fault. He wasn’t in control of his own body, and the Host knows that.”

“That’s not the point,” Bim cries, tears springing up in his eyes. “He could’ve…” He breaks down entirely at this point, leaning against one of the bookshelves for support.

The Host gets up and steps over, his hands guiding him until he finds Bim, and he gives the younger Ego a soft hug, so brief and fleeting that Bim isn’t entirely sure it actually happens before the Host is already pulling back and folding his arms around himself self-consciously. “The Host is alright now. Bim doesn’t need to worry about what could’ve happened because everything is ok now.”

Bim sniffles and wipes his eyes on the backs of his hands and wishes that he were in his own clothes so he’d feel less… outside of himself. “I won’t let it happen again,” Bim mutters, unsure if it’s a promise he’ll even be able to keep.

“Host knows,” he whispers back, turning his head to the floor. “Bim is a lot stronger than he thinks.”

Bim Trimmer nearly starts bawling all over again, and he wants to hug Host now more than even. But he feels like he’s already exceeded his hug limit for the day, so instead, he helps Host back to his desk and offers to get him a fresh cup of tea. And after that, for everyone’s sake, they don’t speak of the incident again.

I love the idea of an everybody lives au with Remus and Sirius raising a transgender Teddy. Like just hear me out:

Teddy would be around the same age as Harry and they would grow up together as best friends.
Those two then meet Ron when the Weaslys visit or something and the three become friends right away.
Later in their first year they Meet Hermione, they all find her slightly annoying at first but give her a chance and the four then become inseparable.
Teddy grows up happy. Sirius and Remus always make sure he’s loved and taken care of, a huge deal for Sirius, and he goes through his first three years happy.
It isn’t until his fourth year he doesn’t feel right.
He sees the way his body is changing and he can never get completely comfortable with it and he can’t figure out why.
He always hears the boys in his dorm talking loudly about getting facial hair or fooling with girls and he never knows why he can’t join in without feeling like he’s lying to himself and he’s so confused.
Even in the 90s the wizarding world isn’t the most open place for queer people so he doesn’t even know options exist.
He finally asks Hermione because he knows she’ll help and he trusts her completely.
He meant it to be an easy little question about what he was feeling could mean but his voice starts to crack when he gets deeper into it and he breaks down in Hermione’s arms because it hurts so bad what he’s feeling.
Of course Hermione knows about things like this to a greater extent than most and she explains everything she can think of about trans people.
And Teddy starts bawling again but this time it’s for joy because that’s exactly all he’s ever wanted.
He tells Ron and Harry the next day.
They end up being fine with it of course after much explanation by Hermione on what it all means.
Teddy starts going by she/her around those three. Hermione teaches her the little bit she knows about makeup and cloths. And the feeling she gets every time they say her or she makes her want to tell everyone.
She starts with her parents. She’s not particularly nervous, she knows they’ll be fine with it of course, but she still feels a twisting in her gut every time she thinks about actually starting the conversation.
She decides one day, a few before Christmas, at dinner that if she didn’t do it then she never would. So she says it in the easiest way she can think of, “I’m a girl,”. Forks stop scraping and two sets of eyes are on her. She feels tears well in her eyes, though she tries to fight them down. Before she can she feels four big arms wrapping around her and she just cries for what feels like ever.
From then on she starts going as she/ her everywhere she goes.
She always has Harry, Ron, and Hermione there to defend her against assholes. And Sirius takes her cloths shopping (“Dad those are from like the sixties no,” “I’m from like the sixties and you never complain about me,” “Dad just no.”) And Remus does research into muggle reassignment surgeries and just ahahahssg I love Trans Teddy au. Also nobody dying is a great thing too.

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Can you write something about Emison's baby taking their first steps?!! 😍

sorry this has taken so long! I hope you like it xx

Bacon was burning and Emily was sure she could smell orange juice spilling across the table. Ali was chasing their three month old puppy around the living room because, for some reason, Emily had insisted it was a good idea to buy their son a dog for his first birthday. Needless to say, it wasn’t.

“Come on, Chester” Ali said for the hundredth time as he refused to drop one of Finn’s blue teddy bears who, after seeing his puppy steal straight from under his nose, had erupted into loud and painful crocodile tears. “Em! A bit of help?” Ali snapped as she lunged forward, spinning on her ankle and almost flopping to the ground.

“I’m already burning breakfast, babe!” She yelled across the room as the smoke alarm started blaring. Hurriedly switching of the gas and chasing to grab the nearest tea-towel, wafting out the smoke as Ali neglected to discipline the dog, instead opting to attend to their screaming child who was strapped into his high-chair.
“Here we go, baby, no need to cry” Ali cooed as she bounced him up and down on her hip as Emily frantically put together three plates of (burnt) bacon and eggs. “he won’t stop” Ali chanted in a sing-song voice, taking over from Emily at serving breakfast and passing her son over to his mama.

“Hey, Finny” Emily said calmly, desperate to eat something. She rocked him gently as his tears began to subside, his nose catching the attention of the bacon that was waiting for him “that’s it, shush for your mummies” She muttered as she kissed the top of his head, a thick amass of brown hair tickling her chin. Eventually, he quietened down enough to be put back into his chair, his eyes eager for the food that lay waiting for him.

“How are you already the favourite mom?” Ali moaned as she poured ketchup over her charcoal bacon. Emily chuckled as she cut up her sons food, playing airplane with him as he grinned at the movements.

“I don’t think it was me, it was the food” She laughed, raising her eyebrows until Ali shot her the smile she knew her girlfriend loved so much.
“He definitely takes after you then” She teased. Together, they ate, completely content at the unusual morning peace that had settled around them. Chester had even fallen asleep in his basket, placing the teddy bear at the foot of Finn’s chair. At the look on his puppies face, Finn started bawling again, his arms reaching out as he begged to go and see him. Ali quickly lifted him up and placed him on the carpet in front of the dog, where he sat happily, curious and curiouser as he ran a chubby hand across Chester’s golden fur.

“Can I have a cuddle before you go to work?” Ali said, her lips tugging down at the corners teasingly as she sat on the couch. Em smirked, reaching for Ali’s hand who dragged her down to the sofa.

“You never have to ask” She said, kissing her softly as she wrapped her arm over her shoulder. She sighed heavily, dreading the day at work and wanting more than anything to stay here with her girlfriend and son. That’s when it happened. Ali’s breath caught in her throat, her whole body freezing. Emily’s eyes immediately shot to the dog and the little boy in the corner, and for a split second she feared that the worst had happened. She searched for a sign of blood or cut as she heaved herself from Ali’s embrace at sprinted the few meters that separated them, Ali close behind her.

“Wait” Ali said, placing a hand tightly on Emily’s arm as she pulled her back “he’s  fine. Look.” And so she paused, leaning back into Ali’s arm who steadied her. Finn had grabbed onto Chester’s body, bent over him as he carefully propped himself up on his own two feet. Emily could feel her heart beat faster as Ali took out her phone, a tear brimming in her eye as her grasp on Emily became tighter, both supporting each other in the shock.

“He’s-” Emily began

“Sh” Ali cut her off “don’t jinx it” They watched with bated breath as Finn let go of the dog, his own expression one of complete confusion but also joy as he stood supporting his own weight. Ali bent down, Emily too shocked to move, and held her arms out to give her son a target. “that’s it, baby” she whispered. He frowned briefly, sticking his thumb in his mouth and chewing. “Come on, Finny” she tried again “one foot in front of the other” For a second, his beautiful hazel eyes met her blue ones and he smiled. Flickering his gaze between both his moms, Emily now finding the strength to join Ali on the floor with a huge grin plastered on his face, he laughed. Neither of the girls said a word as his feet started moving slowly, like they were rusty. But at least they were moving.

“Oh my god” Emily exclaimed under her breath as he moved closer to Ali’s embrace “Oh my god!” She jumped up as he fell into Ali’s arms, and they both erupted with cheers, smothering him with kisses.

“You did it, Finn!” Ali called, holding him close to her chest as he giggled at all the attention, Chester now waking up again and barking at all the commotion. “you did it” she muttered, handing him to Emily who jiggled him in the air, causing more laughter from all three of them.

“He’s growing up” She mumbled, handing him back to Ali who graciously accepted him, kissing her on the cheek.

“Too quickly” she added. Emily nodded, reluctantly letting a tear fall from her eye. “Look at you, you big softie” Ali teased, bouncing Finn up and down because she couldn’t bare to let the laughter stop.

“Shut up” Em said back “love you” She muttered, smirking as she grabbed her bag for work.

“Love you too” Ali said, nodding towards the door “go. You’re gonna be late” And so, with all the pain in the world, Emily continued her day, as if the most ground-breaking and mesmerizing thing on the planet hadn’t just happened.

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la squadra with kids?

I wasn’t sure if you meant with their own kids or just around kids in general so I went with the latter! Please enjoy~! :D

- Ghost

Risotto Nero

·         Although Risotto’s not too uneducated with younger children he’d still be apprehensive at taking care of more than one child at once, he’d be fine looking after two but any more than that and he’d probably have someone else nearby to help with keeping an eye on them just so he doesn’t feel too out of his element and like he doesn’t know what he’s doing

·         He doesn’t mind looking after babies oddly enough, he can take care of them and almost takes on a parental role the moment he’s got a baby in his arms, of course being somewhat awkward about it at first but the moment he hears the baby gurgle and reach for him it’s almost like he’s been switched into protective papa mode, doing whatever he needs to so that he can make sure that little smile doesn’t falter from the little’s ones face for a second

·         Safety of the children is going to be his main priority because the last thing he wants if for them to get hurt whilst on his watch so he’ll be sure to child-proof wherever the children are or keep an eye on  them as the run around and play, being mindful and at the ready in case one of them strays too far or gets hurt or in trouble in any way

·         His hat always ends up going missing whenever he’s around kids – there is no way the kids can keep their hands off of it when it just looks so cool with the little balls hanging off of the ends (or could they be bells? We’ll never know)so it’s no surprise that they’ll be passing it from child to child to mess around with it until he finally decides to take it back (which will most certainly be a challenge when none of them are willing to let it go in the slightest)


·         Ghiaccio and children under most circumstances do not mix well in the slightest – it’s not that he can’t take care of them, in fact he can take care of a bunch of them just fine – but he can’t keep an eye on them all at once so if he’s entrusted with looking after more than one child he’s definitely going to be suffering for the first few hours that they’re in his care

·         One kid’s wandering off, another’s trying to eat something that is definitely not food (although from what he can see it’s alive whatever it is) all while he’s just trying to keep the rest in one place for five minutes, is that so much to ask?! Poor Ghia will take a while before he cools down enough to actually take care of them without getting everyone into trouble

·         He’s a lot better looking after older kids than the younger ones mainly because he can only listen to so many questions being yelled directly into his ear before he gets up and moves to the opposite side of the room; with that being said however he won’t downright ignore them all and will talk to them if they start up a conversation with him and will actually make an effort to listen to some of the things they say even chuckling a little when they say something particularly funny as he replies

·         You know that his hair is going to catch their attention and before he knows it he’ll probably be surrounded by a crowd of kids asking if his hair colour’s real and if it’s always been that curly, all the while trying to pull and tug at the curly mass to see for themselves so unless he stands up for the entire time he’s looking after them his hair is going to be the talk of all the little ones the entire time


·         Despite his stand pretty much revolving around killer babies Melone is terrible with children – it’s not that he doesn’t know how to take care of them it’s just that he gets awkward and freezes up knowing he has an actual kid on his hands that he’s responsible for (even if it’s just babysitting for someone else he’ll probably try to pass it off onto someone else Ghiaccio or at least ask for help taking care of them so he at least isn’t alone when something goes wrong)

·         He can’t stand babies and children that are too loud and will start to panic when they first start crying but he’s more collected and sure of his abilities taking care of them when they’re quieter so he’s a lot better at taking care of kids rather than babies; with that being said he isn’t too opposed to the idea he just needs a bit of practice beforehand before he can actually be trusted on his own without getting them into too much trouble

·         Once he gets the hang of it though Melone’s actually fairly decent at taking care of kids though, as soon as he’s got all his bases down he knows what to do and he’ll be relatively fine taking care of them on his own, heck if he babysits he’d be pretty darn good at it! Although some of his ideas to keep children entertained and not bored are often at least a little weird

·         If he has kids of his own you can absolutely bet that he loves making dad jokes and flustering his kids because it’s just too fun of a thing to pass up, so his kids can bet that he’ll take every opportunity to do so if he can – oh, they don’t want him to do that thing? How about he does the thing anyway~!  And don’t get him started on the puns either, his kids will walk straight into those jokes and he won’t waste a moment to take up the opportunity just to hear the chorus of groans echoing around him as he cackles to himself over just how terrible his own joke was


·         Pesci’s surprisingly good with children, arguably a lot better handling them than some of the other members of La Squadra *coughcoughIllusoandGhiacoughcough*so if he’s left to take care of a child he’d be pretty decent on the care front, knowing what to do to make sure they’re happy and healthy whilst the children are in his care so there’s very little worry of things going wrong when he ensures that the kids are all safe and at least supplied with whatever they want to keep themselves entertained

·         The only trouble he’d have with children is if they started to cry, at which point he’d begin panicking and trying to rush through his mental checklist trying to figure out what’s made them so hysterical and he’d get flustered trying to calm them back down again (heck he’d probably use the cry tactic to calm them down too either until the little one stops crying or someone else, probably Prosciutto, comes in to find out what the heck is with all the noise)

·         The neighborhood kids love this guy, in fact whenever they spot him you can bet they’ll all go flocking towards him to say hello and talk to him since he’s pretty welcoming rather than just ignoring them like some people would do and he’ll stop to talk to them for a while before going about with whatever he was doing previously which has given him a pretty good rep around the area he lives in

·         Overall Pesci’s okay with kids so long as he doesn’t panic too much, although he’s better handling toddlers and kids than he is with babies since he’d worry they’re way too fragile and he’d be pretty scared to even hold a baby, but with enough coaxing and reassurance he wouldn’t be too bad handling them so long as there’s someone else nearby in case something happens


·         Prosciutto is arguably one of the better people to put in care of a child out of all of La Squadra – he has that firm but fair attitude that can keep the kids content but will prevent them from getting into any unnecessary trouble on his watch; he’s probably taken care of a few children in the past too so he definitely knows what he’s doing rather than going in completely blind with childcare

·         He’s good around kids of all ages and knows how to take care of them accordingly so he can be left in charge of quite a few children and be able to handle things perfectly fine, but even he can only handle so many rambunctious little ones at once so if he has more than he can handle put on him than things are a little more prone to becoming hectic

·         Pro can be pretty blunt with kids so his way of comforting children will probably be straightforward but it might not be the thing a child want to hear to reassure them, but in the end he’ll at least be able to calm them down enough to direct their attention to something other than what made them upset, with that being said though he will soften up a bit if they’re crying and hug them if they’re in need of one, telling them that whatever’s the problem is going to be fixed and it isn’t the end of the world (which of course might not always be the case but he doesn’t want them to start bawling again)

·         Although you wouldn’t guess it taking in his child-caring skills at first glance, but he’s very mindful of certain cares and requirements some kids might need so if he has a child in his care he’ll be sure to check to ensure there’s nothing that the child’s allergic to or if they have certain medical issues that need to be kept an eye on, if there are any such things he’ll be sure to take care of them so that the child doesn’t end up with any unnecessary complications that could harm them in any way


·         Illuso…well he isn’t the best around kids – he’d much rather just let them do their thing and run around rather than take any actual part in playing games with them and keeping them entertained, which means if he has to take care of a child he’ll probably just get them a bunch of toys for them to play with but he’ll keep his distance and let them do what they want so long as it doesn’t get everyone else into trouble

·         Man in the Mirror certainly comes in handy because he can bundle the kid/s in there and just let the little ones run loose without the worry of things going wrong, of course he’ll give the area a once over beforehand but since he can control what comes in and out of the place them getting hurt when they’re in there isn’t too much of a concern to be worried about (not that he actually would care if he didn’t have to) although he might take them somewhere in the mirror world where they could run about and play whilst still in his line of sight like the park or another location

·         He’s not the worst baby sitter but he’s not exactly the best either, namely if a child gets upset or angry and he has to comfort them, something he can’t do in the slightest; sure with an adult he can just tell them to suck it up and that would be the end of that but when you have a bumbling child in front of you looking to you as if you’re the only one on the planet who can give them the answer they want is a far different story and he’ll probably end up awkwardly patting them on the back and telling the kid it’s okay now

·         He’s reliable whenever the kids trip or fall or get hurt in any way and will step in almost immediately before they even begin to cry or shake off the trip, acting almost on auto-pilot as he cleans any bumps or abrasions they might have and making sure that they aren’t too badly hurt; he’ll probably carry around a bunch of band aids with cute patterns on them to cheer the kid up a little once it’s all said and done but don’t expect him to give them sweets however – the last thing he wants to deal with is a bunch of kids messing his hair and clothes up with their sticky hands when they’re trying to get his attention for something


·         Formaggio is pretty laid back with kids generally so long as they aren’t constantly screaming their heads off, he can take care of them pretty well on his own and children find him amusing enough to keep themselves entertained just by having him around as they all run about and do whatever it is kids do

·         He’s fine watching from the side-lines as they play and have fun but has no problems interacting with them if they want him to join in too, in fact he’s probably the best at playing with children because he knows exactly how to make them laugh and giggle and keep them all happy for as long as they’re in his care; any arguments or spats between the kids doesn’t really last very long since he’d be able to settle them down not long after the arguments themselves actually start

·         He’s better with toddlers and babies than older kids since he knows the best ways to keep them calm and happy whereas older kids are a little more unpredictable to him, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like them though! He’ll make an effort to listen the children too even if half of the things they say are mindless babbling but he’ll make the effort to at least sound like he understands as he listens to them ramble on about the latest thing that’s caught their attention

·         If you ever need to convince a child to take a nap Formaggio’s your guy by far, no one knows how he manages it but he has no problems with it whatsoever (to the point where Melone keeps begging him to spill his secret on how the heck he does it) although half of the time Formaggio himself ends up catching a couple z’s himself for a little while so walking into a room where the kids are sleeping soundly and Formaggio’s snoring in the nearest chair or sofa isn’t really such a surprise anymore

Expect Nothing - Chapter I

Summary: Phil was expecting a restless sleep and a lot of crying. Phil was expecting having to move on without his best friend and to feel lonely.

Phil wasn’t expecting a familiar figure crying on his bed.

(But hey, life is full of surprises, isn’t it?)

Genre: Angst, post-breakup, chaptered

Word Count: 1.3K (this chapter)

TW: Alcohol consumption, may change in future chapters (or not, I’m not really sure yet)

A/N:  I didn’t go into hibernation, I promise! I’ve just been altering between writing this fic and deleting 90% of it for the last few months. I’m still not quite sure about it, but I feel like I’m maybe just being too harsh and demanding, so, yeah.

The fic won’t be more that 2 or 3 chapters btw, I just felt it would maybe sit better if I split it up into a few parts. 

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! :D

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this is just about babies (and andrew minyard): 

Aaron maintains that their move is a fluke. Katelyn’s curve of a smile indicates that perhaps it isn’t. Either way, the result is the same: for the first time since they graduated, the Minyard twins are living in the same city.

Andrew seems to regard the change with the same bored equanimity that he applies to most things, but when Katelyn texts Neil to invite them to their housewarming party he doesn’t say no. 

They’ve bought a place out in the suburbs, across town from Andrew and Neil’s apartment. Andrew has to park down the street because there are cars everywhere centred around the driveway.

“Busy,” Neil observes, grabbing the bottle of wine off of the backseat. Neither of them are exactly connoisseurs, so they’d asked the shop assistant for a recommendation of a suitable housewarming present. Neil had, anyway - Andrew had paid.

“Ex-cheerleader,” Andrew replies, which is kind of rude considering that Katelyn is also a qualified and successful doctor, but also true. 

When they knock Aaron is the one to the door for them, though not the whole way. “Careful. She’ll make a break for it.”

That’s a familiar concept for Neil as the owner of two inside cats. He looks down expecting a pet, and instead sees a very small arm worming through the gap at knee height.

It’s a little bit like something out of a horror film. Neil manfully doesn’t step back, mostly because Andrew is right there.

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I love the fact that Cyclonus and Tailgate are best friends.

Even though we want them to mack, I want them they have BFF moments.

Like someone’s being an idiot or fake and Cycs and Tails look at each other like in the office, or when Rodimus tells people to pair up everyone knows to stay away from them.

Or Tails running up to Cyclonus laughing so hard and he can’t breath. When he finnaly pauses to tell the story he looks at Cyclonus’ puzzled face then starts bawling again.

Or when their on a planet they go shopping in the markets and Cyclonus needs to keep Tailgate from impulse buying. Or them just plain old gossiping. Cyclonus doesn’t seem like he has trouble giving people his opinion. He probably loves it when he can rant about Drift or Whirl with his BFF husband.

Dead Joker x Reader - “The Last Goodbye”

It was The Joker’s idea for you two to come here for a few days. This is probably the most secluded hideout you have- deep in the mountains, right in the middle of the woods. Frost dropped you off and left, he’ll be back in 5 days. And then this happened…

“Would you please open your eyes?…Please?…” you beg, crying so hard it’s starting to make you dizzy. “Baby, please, say something, even if it’s something mean, I promise I won’t get mad,” you keep on caressing his face, hovering over his body. You really don’t know what to do at this point, you never felt this desperate before.

“J…J…,” you grab his hand and touch your face with it. “Why are you so cold?…” you let him go for a few moments so you can add more wood to the fireplace. You wipe your tears, whimpering and run to the window just to see the snow storm intensifying. You don’t even have Frost with you.

It was The Joker’s idea for you two to come here for a few days. This is probably the most secluded hideout you have- deep in the mountains, right in the middle of the woods. You left your cell phones at the penthouse since you don’t get signal here anyway. Frost dropped you off and left, he’ll be back in 5 days. And then this happened…My God, what are you going to do? Your heart is aching from the pain.

You stumble to the couch to get a blanket and cover J with it. He collapsed in front of the fireplace and you didn’t move him. You kneel by his side again, checking for a pulse you don’t feel and it makes you break down even more.

“Baby, say you hate me, hmm? That’s your favorite thing to say to me, please…say you hate me…”It’s hard to talk to him when your voice can’t find the strength to express the excruciating agony you feel right now. You find it harder to breathe and you wonder if this is a panic attack. You didn’t have one since you were a teenager. You slowly drop your head on J’s chest, cuddling to his body, trying to listen for a heartbeat. You’re hyperventilating and can’t concentrate on anything.

“Don’t leave me alone, you jerk… What am I supposed to do without you?” you whisper, closing your eyes while taking deep breaths, struggling not to pass out. You tilt your head so you can see his face and notice the little blood stream in the corner of his mouth.

You wipe it with your shaky fingers, anxiety and grief getting the best out of you. You start bawling again.

“Please wake up and say you hate me…just once…,” you plead, but he can’t hear you.


After your first night together

You are in a deep sleep when the ticklish movement around your neck makes you open your eyes. The Joker seems very preoccupied with your pendant.

“What are you doing, J?” you ask, still sleepy; he barely left you rest all night.

“Why are you always wearing this, Kitten? You know I can get you anything you want,” he frowns, switching the pendant on all sides.

“Here!” you take it back for a few seconds and open it, showing him the small pill inside.

“What’s this, Y/N?” he asks, curious. You really like how blue his eyes are when he’s not mad or upset.

“Poison antidote.”

He snickers:

“Who would poison you?”

“You’d be surprised how fast loyalty changes in our world.”
The Joker interrupts:

”Yeah, I know that, duh,” then he sees you getting sad so he continues: ”Wait, did it happen to you before?”

“Y-yes, once…a while ago. I was lucky I had the antidote with me. I will always replace if I use it. Want me to get you one? This small thing works wonders. They are hard to find and expensive on the black market, but it’s not an issue. I know where to get them.”

“Ha! Who would dare poisoning me?! I don’t trust anybody and only a few people can get close to me. No thank you, don’t want one, I like leaving on the edge.”

“I could poison you,” you giggle, “I’m really close to you right now.”

He smirks, pulling your gold chain towards him so he can kiss you.

“I dare you, Princess.” You laugh and wrap your arms around his neck when you notice the bite marks and hickeys all over you.

“Jesus, J, what the hell !” you look down your body and see there’s more.

“Get used to it, Doll, I don’t play nice,” he snarls, yanking you back in his embrace. “Plus, you played hard to get for so long I had to punish you.”

You sigh:

“What did I get myself into?… You’re lucky I love you.”

“I hate you too,” he bitterly replies, biting your lower lip.

“Auch, Jeez, stop it! You’re so bad ,” you furrow your eyebrows, pouting.

“I am,” he grumbles the words, annoyed, moving you on top of him.

“Say, didn’t you want me to kill somebody for you today?”  you inquire, pretending to think hard.

“I’m the boss and I say you can take the day off,” he slaps your ass, licking his lips.

“Is it paid or unpaid day?”
“Ohhhh, Daddy will pay you,” J grins, charging at your neck as you scream, trying to get off him and run.


You keep on walking around the living room, uneasy. It’s been a rough day. You try to calm down and you glance at the Joker. He’s sitting on the couch, writing on his papers.

“God, who do I have to screw to get a drink around here?” you mutter to yourself, cracking your shoulders and he is fast in lifting his hand up, still writing with the other:

“Don’t look too far, Kitten,” he chuckles, finally giving up on his project and getting up.

“How did you hear that?!” you are actually surprised.

“I can hear things when I want to, Princess.”


The Joker goes behind the minibar, messing around with all the bottles. You get impatient.

“What’s taking so long, babe?”

“Almost there, I’m mixing up your favorites.”

You go on the balcony and wait for him.

“Here you go!” he finally comes, handing you a glass of whiskey and sipping some from his own.

“Gosh, I need this!” you inhale, savoring the drink. After a few moments, you feel your lips tingly.  You don’t think too much of it until your throat feels like it’s tightening up and you start coughing.

‘”What’s wrong, Y/N?” J asks, trying to clear his voice. “I think it went the wrong way,” and he starts coughing too, harder and harder until he can’t hold his glass anymore and he lets it drop on the concrete.

Your ears are ringing and your lips are getting numb. “Poison,” you think, panicking and without hesitating, you take your little tablet from your pendant and give it to J:

“Take this, take it!” you want to put it in his mouth and he backs away. “Dammit, take it!” you continue to cough, trying to give it to him. He suddenly starts laughing, straightening his posture. You don’t understand what’s going on but you sure don’t feel good.

“Take a sit, Doll, you’re fine, there’s no poison, “ he pushes you on the chair and you feel you’re going to faint soon. He runs inside and comes back with your Epipen, goes down on his knees and injects the medication in your thigh. “You’re just going in anaphylactic shock, you’ll be fine in no time.” He continues to laugh.

You’re wheezing, looking at him in disbelief since you can’t speak right now.

“I pretended just to see what you’ll do and I added a bit of peanut butter in your drink since I know you’re highly allergic to it. You really thought it’s poison, didn’t you? I can’t believe you gave me the pill. For a henchwoman, you have no survival instincts,” he snorts, amused. “You’re so stup…” he shakes his head but can’t continue when he lifts up his gaze to look at your face.

You’re not crying, but tears are streaming down on face from the frustration and indignation you feel right now. He never saw you cry so he stops his speech. You push him with all the force you have left in you, fighting to get your breath back after your severe allergic reaction.

“What the fuck is wrong with you??!!” you scream as loud as you can and he just bounces back on his knees, having that smug smirk on his face you can’t stand.

“Relax, you’re fine. You really thought you were dying?”

“No, I thought you were!” you push him away again, rising from the chair, starting to cry for reals. You head back inside, tripping on your still shaky steps and head towards the master bedroom.

The Joker just froze in that position, shocked; he didn’t expect to hear that answer from you. He was just being…funny… and for the first time since he can remember he thinks that maybe his stupid dumbass went too far.

Once you get to the bedroom you get one suitcase out and begin to look for your guns and a few clothes to put in there, determined to leave. This is just too much. You still struggle to pull yourself together since the medication is working, when you hear the door opening and you just shout “NO!” without looking.

“It’s me, Y/N,” you heat Frost’s voice and you pass by him, collecting your things. He doesn’t really know what to say.

“Did he send you? Of course he did,” you answer for him, cramming your pistols in and zipping another compartment.  “I’m out of here! I had enough!!! Did he tell you what he did?!”

Frost knows better than upsetting you even more so he just sits there, listening while you continue to pack. “Wow,” he thinks, “this is a new level of big time fuck up even for Mister J. Too bad, I kind of like her.” Of course he does, you were always nice to him. Frankly, Jonny is surprised you lasted this long with someone like his boss. Three years is a long time, definitely a new record for The Joker.

The door is being kicked open and it startles you. The Joker drags his steps in, not smiling anymore, quite the opposite.

“Out, Frosty, you’re useless!” he barks at his henchman, irritated. Jonny quietly leaves the room, and J slams the door behind him, placing himself in front of it.

“Don’t leave…” he mumbles, biting on his cheek.

“Move, I want to get out of here,” you stop in front of him, distressed.

“Don’t leave…”

You try to walk around him and he pushes his back against the door so you can’t get out.

“Don’t leave…”

You just stare at each other for a while and he just keeps on repeating the same words over and over.

“Don’t leave… You know I hate you… Who else am I supposed to hate if you go away, hmm?”

You gulp, not being used to him acting this way.

“Don’t leave…yes?”

Probably 10 more minutes pass and you’re still there, reconsidering your decision. You must be out of your mind too.

“You’re such a jerk,” you finally speak, sniffling.

“I know,” he admits, sulking. “Don’t go…”

*** You choose to stay and ignore him for the rest of the day even if he follows you around like a puppy. When the night comes, you are going to sleep in the guest bedroom, alone, keeping your eyes shut and thinking about how completely idiotic you are for not leaving him.  
The Joker sneaks in, thinking you are asleep and slowly gets in the bed by you, carefully taking your hand and kissing it a few times so he won’t wake you. You pretend not to feel anything and after a while he crawls towards the side of the bed so he can get up and go. You reach your hand and yank him back, snuggling to his chest and you can hear his heart beating really fast.

“You’re so lucky I love you,” you whisper and he crushes you with his hug but you don’t complain about how uncomfortable it is.

“I hate you too,” he nuzzles in your hair, inhaling your scent. “I have to go soon, we are breaking into Gotham Bank tonight, I’ll be busy,” he starts purring, content you’re still his.

“Don’t forget to say goodbye when you leave, you never say it and it’s annoying,” you scold him, dozing off.

“Why do I have to? I always see you in a few hours anyway,” he protests but doesn’t argue too much.

“Because you never know…” you yawn, kissing his chest.

“Fine, I’ll say it now before you fall asleep: goodbye, Pumpkin,” he rolls his eyes but humors you since he just walked on such thin ice today.

“Fair enough…goodbye,” you yawn again, so sleepy you slur your words.


When you broke your ankle, you didn’t really know what to do. A henchwoman being out of commission for a while is kind of pathetic and 100% boring as hell.

“J, can you please bring me a bottle of water?” you request and he is fast to be the nicest, as always:
“Go get it yourself, woman, stop pestering me!” he growls, typing on his laptop.

“Ahhh, total sunshine, what would I do without you?”

He doesn’t reply so you take your crutches and hop towards the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. The Joker runs by you, opens the fridge and takes a few water bottles out then runs back to the living room, making sure to tease you:

“You’re soooo slow, do I need to hire someone else for my black list?”

He is already in the living room, placing the bottles on the coffee table by your recliner. Of course he didn’t want to bring you a bottle, but sure did it after you struggled to get it yourself. J has such a weird way of being…nice.

“Yeah, thanks a lot, baby, you shouldn’t have. God, you have absolutely no clue how incredibly lucky you are I love you,” you pout and drop back on the recliner. He leans over and kisses you:

“I hate you too, Princess,” he grins, delighted he was able to get on your nerves again. That’s like… his main job.” I have to go for a meeting, Doll; I’ll be back in a couple of hours; behave and if you think naughty things, don’t start anything without me, ok?” he purrs in your ear and it gives you goosebumps.

You giggle and kiss him again:

”Fine, I won’t.”

He gets ready to leave and you yell after him:

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”
“Goodbye, Pumpkin!” he shouts back, slamming the door.


After your ankle healed, the Joker decided to take a short vacation with you at your secluded cabin in the mountains. You brought supplies for a few days and Frost helped you carry all the stuff inside and then left. It’s so pretty with all the snow around but they say a storm will start soon so might as well build the fire and enjoy some down time.

“Hey, Y/N, do you want a drink?”

“Yes, I would love one, bourbon on the rocks, please,” you ask, building the fire. “You can leave it on the table, I’ll be done soon.”

The Joker prepares the drinks and puts yours on the table like you asked but starts drinking his. He comes by you, watching you struggle with the wood, but you almost got it.

“Thank for helping me, baby,” you complain, annoyed.

“I got us drinks, ok? My mission here is done. E-hem,” he coughs, a disgusted grimace crawling on his face. J drinks some more just to make sure and then puts the glass down on the floor.

“Yuck, this is gross. It’s strong and it tastes weird, don’t drink it.” He coughs some more, not being able to stop.

“That bad, huh?” you make fun of him, turning around to see his reaction. “Jeez, are you ok?” you lift yourself up when you see he won’t quit.

J drops on his knees, choking.

“Yeah, not funny, baby. I won’t fall for it again,” you try to lift him up when you notice the blood from his mouth dripping on the white carpet. “Oh my God!” you scream, fastly reaching for your pendant to take the pill out. He collapses to the ground, convulsing and you turn him over, placing his head on your knees, forcing the antidote down his throat.

“Take it! Don’t spit it out!” you shout, keeping his mouth closed, hoping he can swallow. You wipe the blood from his lips, trembling, stunned at what is happening. The Joker is attempting to say something but his eyes go in the back of his head and he stops moving.

It’s no way for you to know, but he was trying to say goodbye. He knew you would be upset if he leaves you without saying it. The words just didn’t come out, it was too late.


You are starting to feel the cold. The fire is dim and you have to use all you’ve got to crawl to the fireplace and add more wood to it.

You start crying again once you are back by his body, getting under the blanket with him. You gently brush his pale cheek with your fingers, not wanting to move anymore. You are probably hallucinating from your sorrow because you thought you heard something. You rub your eyes and lift yourself on your elbow, carefully watching J. You suddenly freeze: you can swear you saw his eyelids move a bit.

You cup his face, nervously panting  :

“J, J, can you hear me? J !!!” you shake him, hoping something will happen. A couple of minutes pass by and it feels like an eternity. You try again:

“Baby, are you still here? Hey, can you hear me?”

A low growl. Jesus, you weren’t hallucinating the first time!

“J, open your eyes!” you keep on stroking his cheek frantically when he suddenly blinks, not being able to focus at first. After a few moments his blue eyes find yours and he cracks a vague smile while you bawl your eyes out, clenching your fists to his shirt.

“Hey… Pumpkin…” you distinguish the muffled words.

“How could you do this to me, you jerk?” you laugh and cry in the same time, so incredibly happy to see he’s alive. “I hate you!” you bury your face in his neck, whimpering.

“Ahhh, finally on the same page…” the Joker struggles to speak. “I hate you too.”

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Fighting Tigers

Daddy Dean- Fighting Tigers

Pairings: Dean Winchester x daughter reader.

Request: From jiggysupernatural: 
“Heeey, I was wondering if I could have a daughter dean imagine?? Like, maybe they get into an argument and dean says something that upsets the reader so she goes into her room crying, then he apologises???xo And can you just make it really fluffy, I’m in great need of some daddy dean xo”

Word count: 2127

Y/N = Your Name

Y/E/C = Your eye colour

Summary: Your Dad (Dean) has been away longer then he promised whilst on a hunt. You worry about his safety but after a nightmare you overthink and believe that maybe he hasn’t come home because he doesn’t love you anymore. However, when you find your Dad being sewed up by Bobby after the nightmare you as run back to bed and away from him but he is following closely behind the to confront you on the issue. 

A/N: First of all, a big thank you to the beautiful user behind jiggysupernatural for the great request. I was unsure about doing a Daddy Dean but after help from ri-spn, (who was the one who introduced me to SPN and also happens to my best friend) we thought of a good plot and ran with that. Sorry it took a while to write out and hopefully this is fluffy enough for you. Every time I try to write something fluffy i feel like it just turns depressing somehow hahaha its surprisingly really hard. Also i might have had a bit to much fun getting gifs of Dean. As always please be patient with my rookie skills. Lots of love xxx Oh and this Gif seemed fitting but I didn’t know where to put so i’m just gonna leave it here:

Originally posted by stillsomewhatsane

Three days he promised. That was a week ago. No phone calls, no texts, no nothing. Your Dad was completely off the grid. This worried you. You stopped playing with your toys and watching the TV. Drawing wasn’t appealing, nor was exploring Uncle Bobby’s car yard. Nothing could distract you from the worry your young mind possessed for your absent father. You missed your Dad tremendously. Without his presence in your life, everything seemed duller.

You missed how he made you feel safe and loved, through constant hugs and kisses. How he would dedicate all his time and attention on you when he was home from work. He would do anything you wanted, take you out for ice cream or bowling, the beach or the movies, or the Zoo, that was your favourite. You walked among the enclosures hand in hand seeing the exotic animals. Occasionally getting lost because he couldn’t read the map but the two of you didn’t mind as you ran around the zoo chasing each other. When your feet got sore or you were too short to see over all the people, he would put you on his shoulders and carry your around. I just want him to be home, you thought. He shouldn’t be away for so long.

You knew your father’s job was dangerous, you had seen the scars he possessed. However, he never would tell you the details of what he did or where he went. However, you knew that the longer the job was, the more battered and bruised he was when he finally came home. He was never phased by the intricate pattern of raised scars on his tan and worn skin. When you asked where a new one came from he would brush it off and tell you he got it fighting a tiger. 

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You would fall for it and be awestruck with the fact your Dad actually fought tigers. But you weren’t surprised, your Dad was pretty tough. You copied his tough attitude yourself, when you got hurt you would try to be strong like him. When he would find you with a bee sting or grazed knees he would always make a fuss over you asking if you were okay. He would wipe your tears away and pull you in for a tight hug whilst planting a gentle kiss on the top of your head. He would inspect the wound and patch it up. He always managed to make you laugh somehow whilst attending to you. You would forget about the pain and laugh with him, which won you a wide smile on your father’s face.

Now it seems that image of his smile was slowly slipping from your memory. He had been away for longer then he said and it was all you could think about. Every time the phone rang you thought it was him. You anticipated hearing your Dad’s faint gruff voice over Bobby’s ancient phone, but it was never him. Bobby would just look at you with sad eyes and shake his head to confirm what you already knew.

Every time you heard a car travelling down the motor way, you would run to the porch and sit and wait on the steps. Only to see the car you heard, continue to drive past. In recent days, you spent hours just sitting on the porch steps and staring at that road waiting for the familiar sleek black shiny car to pull in. When the sun was finally going down and the mosquitoes were emerging, Bobby would come and get you for dinner. Then you would go to sleep where you were flooded with dreams of your father being hurt and you being only just out of reach of helping him.

You woke up with a cold sweat coating the top of your lip and droplets falling down your brow. It was just a dream you told yourself, over and over as you sat up. You dreamt that you stayed at Uncle Bobby’s forever and your father never came home. Not because he was hurt but because he didn’t love you anymore. You remembered the sad dream and started to overthink the situation; that’s probably what he’s doing now, he has never left you for this long before you thought. You were crying again and became hot with anger with the idea your dream was true. This wasn’t fair you thought why didn’t he come home when he promised? Why didn’t he tell you what his job really was? Why couldn’t you just live in one place and stop moving around all the time? Why was he always leaving you? You sniffed away the last of your tears and got up to go downstairs. You pulled on your one of your Dad’s shirts for warmth. It brushed against the floor when you walked and you had to push up the sleeves so you could use your hands, but you loved it because it smelt of him. It smelt of home. You padded down the familiar stairs rubbing your weary eyes shut. When you got to the bottom of the stair case you turned to walk into the kitchen. You opened your eyes to be greeted with the sight of your father swigging on a clear bottle filled with a brown liquid. Your uncle Bobby was beside him dabbing his right shoulder and then putting down scissors in which he used to cut the string, that sewed up a large gash. Your eyes bulged with the surprise of your father sitting so casually in the kitchen after being away for so long. You were going to run to him but you remembered the dream and how he didn’t keep his word. You were angry at him because he didn’t even give you a phone call to say he was alright, instead he had left you in the dark. So, you planted your feet at the bottom of the stairs instead of running to him, now all you wanted to do was run back to your bed. But then your soft Y/E/C were caught in his forest green ones. When he first saw you he smiled but after reading your body language, he could see something was wrong. His smile fell and he looked older. 

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He didn’t like you acting out of character, usually you would scream out his name and run into his arms. He was looking forward to this and was smiling the whole way home thinking about seeing your eyes sparkle once more when you would see him. So much so, he didn’t feel the pain of the wounds when he drove a little faster so he could see you sooner. He did feel bad for leaving you for so long, he didn’t mean to but he was captured and had escaped only today from the monster he was hunting. 

“Bug?” He questioned, “Where’s my hug sweetheart?” he half smiled. You were battling an internal conflict of wanting to be in your father’s warm embrace but you were so angry at the same time. You already had one foot on the first step when you looked back to your father with glassy eyes and a wobbling lip belonging to a small pout. You then quickly ran up the stairs crying, still furious with your father.

Dean was shocked and quickly put the liquor bottle down and gingerly stood up. He grabbed a tea towel and held it to where Bobby had finished sewing him up and followed you up the stairs. “Y/N” he called, but you didn’t respond. You had crawled under the covers and were crying, still wearing your father’s shirt. Dean walked into your room and switched on the light to see you hiding under the covers with small sniffles escaping from it. He knew something was terribly wrong, the last time you did this was when you found out your Mum wasn’t ever coming home again. You heard the door squeak as it was closed and saw your father’s shadow growing and growing as he came closer to you. You felt your mattress dip as a warming hand was placed on your blanket, patting your back, “Shush sweetheart, you alright…Y/N, what’s wrong baby” he soothed. Your sobs started to slow with your father’s encouragement until you could finally reply, “Y-You were away for so-o long Dad-dy…you sa-id you-‘d be three d-days and you didn’t come h-home for another w-week. I was so s-scared”. You then started to bawl again and Dean felt a wave of guilt crash on him, “Baby I’m so sorry-” he began, but you snapped at him, “You should have c-called. I thought you-u didn’t l-love me anymore” you sobbed. Dean was shocked and he couldn’t take it anymore. He peeled away the covers you were holding and scooped you up. He sat you down on his knee and he looked straight into you red puffy eyes, “Listen to me Y/N there is no way I’d ever stop loving you. You are my whole world sweetheart. I’m so lucky to have you. I don’t know what I do without you in my life. You’re all I think about and I do everything for you, including my job. It’s hard for me too when I leave you behind. I hate it! But I have too sometimes because I can’t take you with me, it’s too dangerous. Do you understand darling? I’ll always love you” 

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You continued to rub your eyes and nodded before another sob racked your body. You weren’t crying because you were angry now, you were crying because you were so scarred of losing your Dad and you had missed him so much. “Oh hunny sh-shhush… I got you now, Daddy’s home, I’m so sorry sweetheart” He comforted you once more as he pulled you in for a warming hug. The kind you had missed so much. The kind that you arranged your pillows at night to be like, but it wasn’t the same. Even wearing his shirt, the smell was off as it mixed with Bobby’s musty house. You let your sobs slow once more as you held onto your Dad’s shirt whilst his strong arms wrapped around you. In between soothing your sobs, he kissed the top of your head, pulling you in closer. He hated seeing you in pain, it broke his heart even more knowing it was his fault. “Silly Daddy’s phone ran out of battery, that’s why he couldn’t call you. I forgot to pack the charger” he chuckled through his lie, in hope of raising your spirits. “That was very silly Daddy” you croaked into your dad’s chest, which brought a large smile to your father’s face as it reached his eyes. You sat in his arms until you were feeling drowsy and warm again,

“Hey Daddy” you yawned,

“Yeah Bug”

“What happened to your arm?”, Dean had forgotten about the pain in his arm now that he was with you.

“Oh um…you know fighting tigers as usual baby” he lied

“He got you pretty good” you admitted

“Huh, I guess he did. But you should see the tiger.”

This brought a giggle out of you as you leaned back and sat up on your father’s knee. You started playing with the zipper of his jacket as the sniffles slowed. Dean pushed away the hair falling in your eyes and just stared at you with deep love. He was so proud of you. He never thought he would ever be this lucky or happy in his life and it was all due to you.

“Can we go to the zoo again soon?” You asked, still staring at your Dad’s zipper as you pulled it up and down.

“Of course sweetheart anything you want.”

“Good. I need to tell off the tiger that you fought again. No one messes with my Daddy”

Dean chuckled again, you were truly a Winchester girl. You fell back into your Dad’s chest and he automatically enclosed you again in his arms. You fell asleep soon afterwards. Dean gently picked you up and laid you down on your bed, tucking you in whilst you cuddled with your teddy. He planted a soft kiss on the top of your forehead, closing his eyes. He then crept towards the door and turned off the lights before pulling the door shut. You were already dreaming peacefully. This time no nightmares filled your slumber. You instead were dreaming about fighting tigers with your Dad. 

I’ll Take The Fall, Chapter Two

SPN FanFic

~What if Sam didn’t have to take the fall? What if his sister could do it for him?~

Sis!Reader, John, Mary, (Lucifer), Bobby, Dean

2,135 Words

Warnings: Minor Character Death

Chapter One ~ Chapter Two ~ Chapter Three

Y/N woke in a panic, cold sweat dripping down her back, a tight knot in her chest. She sat up quickly and looked around. The room was as she’d left it; the windows were sealed tight, invisible lines of salt intact in the creases of the sill. James was beside her, asleep on his side, rolled tightly in his blanket as usual. She could see nothing wrong; her ears picked up no reason for the abrupt wake up, but something felt off. Gingerly she climbed out of bed, careful not to wake up her husband. This was a common routine for her as she never slept very much. She’d go to bed with him, watch him fall asleep with a content smile and then stare at the ceiling until sleep took her away. Nightmares and thoughts of her brothers kept her from resting fully. Some nights she would force herself to stay awake just so she didn’t have to witness the crazy horrors that her brain concocted. She’d sit up alone by the dark window with her cell phone clutched tightly in her hand; she’d scroll down and rest her thumb over Dean’s name. She never called him; he never called her. But not a day went by that she didn’t think about him and Sammy.

She had moved on; it’d been over seven years since she’d laid eyes on either of her siblings. Since then Y/N had moved to New York, gotten a job at an art gallery, met and married an amazing man; things were great. Things were normal.

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newt being a dad would include’s // newt scamander

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a/n: soooooo cute ^

Newt being a dad includes (using a baby girl because Eddie has a baby girl) :

  • loving the feel of his baby in his arms
  • cooing happily at her, playing with her as he pokes the baby gently, laughing when her face lights up
  • his baby would try to grab his finger with her tiny cute fists, and Newt would tease her, waving his finger in the air, making sure she follows it
  • he would let Pickette go near her, and the little Bowtruckle would be so intrigued, and so would his baby girl, and the two of them would stare at each other until Pickette uses his stem arms to touch her nose, and she would giggle with laughter
  • when she sleeps, Newt would look fondly over her, staring at her and never getting bored of how cute she looks
  • he loves the idea that she is half of him and half of you. it makes him think that she is the most perfect child every possible to exist
  • newt would definitely panic over everything the baby did for the first year, probably
  • “(y/n) ouR BABY IS BURPING AM I DOING SOMETHING WRONG ?!!?” (a/n: we both have younger siblings like 9 years younger than us so)
  • when she cries, he would frantically try to entertain her with magic, like conjuring up jets of water to make cute figures dancing, or apparate from one place to another to make her smile
  • but then he doesn’t understand that sometimes she cries because she’s hungry or uncomfortable, and if she stops paying him attention and starts to bawl again, he gets so terribly alarmed and flustered, and in the end Newt gives up and hands her over to you. You would shake your head and laugh at his face, and he would playfully pout in pretend disappointment
  • you did have to spend about a month convincing him that he wouldn’t mess up and drop the baby or something
  • him usually being the one to wake up in the middle of the night if baby begins to cry cos i would imagine him to be a light sleeper what with all his creatures being legit babies ??
  • once she could walk, Newt would show her his suitcase, and you would become so worried as you watched Newt show her the more dangerous and wilder animas like the Nifflers. He would assure you that his creatures were perfectly safe, and you would roll your eyes, grinning, but still can’t help but worry over them a little
  • your girl totally being biased toward newt when she grows up, because he lets her try the more dangerous things like hang out with Occamys, while you would worry over minor stuff like her first year of school and boys she would meet
  • well, that’s what she thought, until she really did start talking about boys. Newt would cast her an evil look to get her to shut up, because to him she is still his little muffin and she can’t have any males in her life except her dad. Forever. So there, that boy named Alden she is convinced that likes her. You would have to face the Swooping Evil if you dare make a move on his darling, so be prepared!
  • growing up your child would be completely spoiled by newt
  • Newt would love her so much, there was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Even when she eventually brought home a boy, he promised to be extra considerate and less scary, because unlike Newt’s wishes, she does want to get married one day.

~kiera and roxanna


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Listen,,,,buddy, buddy pal,, I live for nursey outright, obviously, in your face flirting, with dex but dex just thinks nursey is making fun of him cause nursey found out he's attracted to nursey and guys in general. It gets to the point of nursey using a really bad line on dex one day and dex just dissolving into tears and nursey Freaks Out and doesn't know what he did wrong and dex is just sitting there crying from frustration and stress all combined and nursey is "!!??!?!!!!!!"

There’s a lot of things that happened to get them here.

Here being on the top floor of the library, huddled into a corner, with Dex crying and Nursey staring at him blankly.

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chormac and a reason for a breakup-then-makeup kinda scenario?

  • cho hated cormac mclaggen
  • she hated him so much that she didn’t 
  • and yes, they have been known to break-up before and get back together
  • but it was different this time
  • she swore it was
  • he had crossed the line 
  • the fact that he would even think he could invade her privacy the way he did
  • the fact that he even had the audacity to want to try and understand what she went through losing cedric
  • the fact that he went to her parents to find out where cedric’s grave was to find her there on cedric’s birthday was sickening
  • it was so sickening that she realized she was in love with him
  • and that was not going to work
  • because everyone cho ever fell in love with either got hurt or they died
  • and she couldn’t bear it any longer
  • she would not let that happen to cormac
  • it was tearful
  • it was full of rage
  • but not rage toward him like she knew he thought 
  • it was rage at herself for not letting people in anymore
  • it was rage at herself for doing this to him
  • she knew it wasn’t fair
  • but it had to be done
  • and now that she was alone on her bathroom floor
  • she laid her head down to feel the cold tiles press against her cheek
  • and she cried
  • she cried until she no longer couldn’t 
  • and she wondered if anything was worth it at all
  • was falling in love worth this pain?
  • was falling in love and actually keeping someone around worth it?
  • it confused her
  • and as she laid there motionless
  • she closed her eyes to remember the hurt behind his green eyes
  • and how he was so unbelievably calm about the break up that it made no sense
  • and how that must of meant he didn’t love her after all
  • cormac always fought back
  • he was a fighter
  • just like she was
  • but he left without a word
  • was the hurt she saw even there or was it imagined?
  • maybe she wasn’t worth the fight anymore 
  • she had so many questions with no answers
  • she took a deep breath and tried to make these thoughts leave
  • but they wouldn’t
  • she was so preoccupied
  • that she did not hear the turn of cormac’s key as it went into her flat’s door
  • and she didn’t hear him come and sit down on the tile floor with her until she suddenly felt his rough hand stroking her hair
  • she tightened her jaw and tried to not let another tear slip out
  • but it happened unwillingly
  • frustrated with herself
  • she started to bawl again 
  • she cried until she had no tears left
  • but he didn’t leave
  • his hand was still in her hair
  • and she felt him scoot closer to her until her legs were in his lap and he was leaning up against her cold bath tub
  • it might have been days later for all cho knew 
  • but she got herself together and sat up against the bath tub
  • she didn’t look at cormac
  • but he let his hand drop from her 
  • she could tell he was hesitant for her reaction
  • for what she would say
  • her voice was hoarse
  • her throat was dry
  • but she managed to croak out the only word that was on her lips
  • “why?”
  • he turned her head toward his so he could cup her cheek
  • his eyes were soft
  • but they were still fierce
  • they were so vibrant
  • they reminded her of her mother’s favorite jade necklace
  • “because i love you.” 
Dating the Reaper

“Oh no, oh no, oh no,” Seokjin whispered to himself, wringing his hands and bouncing on his heels. He knew it was a bad idea to come with Taehyung into this stupid haunted house. Taehyung had ditched him almost the moment the first ghost popped out of the side, and Seokjin was pretty certain he was laughing with Hoseok somewhere at his misery.

He jumped when the fake spider dropped from the ceiling, too scared even to scream. He wished he had Jimin with him. At least they could be scared together. And Jimin would be way too scared to ditch him by himself. He was going to not talk to Taehyung for forever. Not bring him lunch, either. That would probably show him. Especially if he packed lunch for Namjoon and Yoongi and Jimin and Hoseok and purposely left Taehyung-

“AHHHHHHHHH!” He shrieked when the grim reaper moved, his masked face illuminated from the bottom. He’d been so into planning Taehyung’s lunch demise that he’d forgotten to be on the lookout for potential threats. His legs gave out underneath him and he couldn’t help it – he started crying when his butt hit the clammy floor of the haunted house.

The grim reaper hesitated when Seokjin started outright bawling. Seokjin screamed again when the spider dropped – again, and started crying harder. “Uh.” The grim reaper said, and Seokjin tried to scramble back. “I’m actually just in costume, you know that, right?” The grim reaper tried to come closer but Seokjin scrambled back, shrieking again when his hand landed on a fake, bloody rat. “Jesus.”

The grim reaper knelt and a hand came up to slide the mask up onto his head. The man below it was good looking enough to startle Seokjin into silence from the difference. He hiccupped in surprise, reached back to push himself up, and his hand landed on the rat again. He screamed.

The good-looking grim reaper sighed.

The grim reaper had shoved him into a nearby coffin that was surprisingly clean. It was kind of dark, but Seokjin had shone his cellphone into every nook and it didn’t look like there were any bugs. Taehyung had texted him multiple times but Seokjin was ignoring each and every one. It was about ten minutes before the grim reaper had finished scaring the next batch of people and the coffin opened again. Seokjin cringed at the mask and he heard the sigh before the mask was pushed up again. “You’re going to have to make your way out sooner or later, you know.”

Seokjin shook his head wildly, clutching his phone to his chest. Just seeing the hallway (and the stupid fake rat) made his legs shake. “Can’t I just stay here? Or-or don’t you have a back exit?”

The grim reaper gave him a look. “You’d rather stay in a coffin? You know everything in here is fake, right? Like I’m not really a grim reaper?”

Seokjin blushed. “I’m not stupid.” He mumbled, “Also, that’d be problematic, if a real grim reaper shoved me into a coffin…”

The grim reaper gave him a look and then burst out laughing. “You’re kind of cute. What gave you the balls to come in here by yourself, huh?”

“My friend ditched me.” Seokjin grumbled, feeling his phone vibrate again. Taehyung was calling him, now. He ignored it.

“That the friend?” The grim reaper smiled. “All right, here’s what we’ll do. I’m gonna be on break soon, anyway. I’ll take you out of the back exit if you don’t mind being stuck in the coffin for another half hour.” Seokjin nodded enthusiastically, folding his legs under himself again. The reaper reached over to close it again, and then paused. “What’s your name?”

“Seokjin.” Seokjin said, smiling brightly up at the reaper.

The reaper grinned back. “Hey, Seokjin. Name’s Jungkook.”

Seokjin went straight home as soon as Jungkook took him out of the back exit after thanking him and bowing multiple times. He ignored all of Taehyung’s calls and texts, and when Namjoon finally called, he decided to pick up. [Holy shit, finally. We thought you died. Or something. Where are you?]

“I hate you guys.”

[It wasn’t my idea!] Namjoon protested. [I was getting lunch for you guys, remember? Lemme hand you over to Taehyung, he actually thinks you’re d-]

“No! I don’t want to talk to Taehyung. Tell him I hate him. Sincerely.” Seokjin scowled and punched the pink rabbit doll Taehyung had given to him for his birthday. “And that he can start packing his lunch because he’s dead to me.”

Namjoon relayed this information to Taehyung, and there was a scuffle on the other side, [Aw, babe.] Taehyung said, and Seokjin hung up on him. His phone rang again and he threw it to the end of the bed. His phone kept ringing and Seokjin reached, shut it off, and stormed downstairs to get himself something to eat.

Two days after in class, he walked straight to his desk, ignoring Taehyung’s attempts to throw himself at his feet. “Aw, princess, come on.” Taehyung pouted.

“I didn’t bring your lunch today. Begging isn’t going to change that.” Seokjin glared, placing the lunchbag down. He actually had brought Taehyung’s lunch with the others’, just in case Taehyung groveled enough, but Taehyung didn’t have to know that.

Taehyung looked hurt. “I’m not apologizing just for the lunch! I brought my lunch today.” He showed Seokjin a brown bag, opening it so Seokjin could see the squished PB-and-J inside. Seokjin wondered if that was supposed to make him feel sorry, because it did, a little. “I didn’t think you’d freak out that much. Why didn’t you pick up or reply back when I texted? I said I’d go back and get you. Were you really inside there for like an hour?”

“No, I just went home.”

“How’d you get out of there, anyway?” Yoongi asked, coming to sit at his seat as Seokjin’s partner. Seokjin just scowled and took out the top lunchbox to give to Yoongi. He didn’t miss the way Taehyung’s eyes followed the lunchbox. “I didn’t think you could go through the rest of that haunted house by yourself.”

“I asked one of the staff to let me out the back door.” Seokjin didn’t include the part about bursting into tears at the fake rat. Or the good looking grim reaper. “Go to class.” He snapped at Taehyung. He felt a little bad at Taehyung looked like a kicked dog, but not enough to forgive him for ditching him at a stupid haunted house.

Yoongi snorted as he watched Taehyung trudge out the door. Hoseok came about five minutes before the bell to get his and Namjoon’s lunch, and Jimin came about ten seconds before to pick up his lunch and run like hell to his class. “Doesn’t packing lunch for all of us get tiring?” Yoongi asked, pulling out the textbooks as the teacher for their first period walked in. “I know you say you like it, but you have to get up super early every morning. Also, I notice you that you actually do have Taehyung’s lunch, unless you’re planning to eat two by yourself.”

Seokjin raised an eyebrow. “Are you telling me you want me to stop?”

Yoongi shrugged. “Well, no, but still. We don’t do nearly enough for you.”

“Yeah, like ditching me at the haunted house.” Seokjin scowled, swirling his pen in his hand.

Yoongi didn’t have a reply for that.


“I don’t want to see Taehyung’s face, all right? Don’t tell him where I went.”

“Seokjin, stop being an idiot, and just-“

Seokjin didn’t hear the rest of Yoongi’s sentence. He’d already slipped out the back door, both lunch boxes in hand. He wasn’t quite certain what he was going to do with two lunches, but at least he knew where he was headed. He took the stairs two at a time. Students weren’t not allowed on the roof, technically, but not many students really used it. The lock on the door had been long broken even before Seokjin entered high school, and lay in front of the door. The heavy door creaked slightly when Seokjin pushed it open, but the roof was empty all but a lone person lying on it, basking in the sunlight with a book on top of his face to keep the sun out of his eyes.

Seokjin hesitated. Well, he had two lunches and it didn’t look like the other kid was eating anything. He walked over. His name tag was blue. While Seokjin couldn’t read the name on it, blue meant the kid was a first year. A little more confident, he tapped on the kid’s shoulder, and a hand came up to take the book off his face.

The grim reaper squinted his eyes up at Seokjin, and Seokjin’s jaw dropped.

“So,” Jungkook said, chewing thoughtfully, “You’re a third year at my school.”

Seokjin nodded, unsure what to think about the situation. “I didn’t know you went to my school. Wait, part-timing isn’t allowed.”

Jungkook snickered. “It’s not an official job thing. I just cover for my cousin whenever he has a date with his fiancé. It’s not that often. You know, I thought you looked familiar.” Jungkook nodded, taking another bite of what was originally Taehyung’s lunch. When Seokjin frowned, Jungkook grinned. “A lot of the first year girls have a crush on you, don’t you know? And a lot of the first year guys, too, actually.” Jungkook paused, and then nodded. “More guys than girls, maybe.”

Seokjin wasn’t completely unaware. He got a lot of chocolate on Valentine’s Day from girls, but he got more on White Day from guys. He was also kind of aware Taehyung and Namjoon spent a lot of their time scaring away the 1st and 2nd years from getting too close to him and he’d complained about never getting a chance to potentially date one of them. You don’t want to date them, hyung, I promise, Namjoon had said. You’re better off dating Taehyung. And I mean that seriously.

Jungkook grinned as he finished up the rest of his lunch. “This is good. I forgot lunch money, so I figured I’d just sleep, but this is better than anything the school has. How come you packed two, anyway?”

And so Seokjin told him the story of Taehyung and the haunted house, and Jungkook listened with more attention than Jimin or Taehyung usually gave his stories, chewing slowly and nodding along. “That’s why you got Taehyung’s lunch,” Seokjin concludes.

“So I lucked out.” Jungkook snickered. “How come you pack lunch for all those people, anyway?”

Seokjin shrugged. “I just do. They take care of me, though. Even though they say they don’t. Even Taehyung, when he’s not being a brat. Like I’m always forgetting school supplies. Yoongi has like an infinite amount of pens and extra notebooks in his locker for me. We’ve all known each other since we were babies. Family friends, you know. Plus, I like cooking. It’s not really a hassle.”

Jungkook carefully scraped the last bits of rice from the bottom of the lunchbox. “Lucky them, then. This tastes so good.”

Seokjin rocked on his butt a little then said, “I could cook for you, too.” When Jungkook raised an eyebrow, he added hastily, “One more isn’t that big of a deal. Plus technically I’m not packing for Taehyung right now, so it won’t even be one more…”

Jungkook smiled at him and Seokjin felt his heart flutter.

He ran off to the roof every lunch period, so he figured it was only a matter of time before Yoongi and Namjoon got suspicious and decided to follow. Jungkook didn’t even look fazed when the pair dropped onto the roof on Seokjin’s either side, sizing him up.

“Jeon Jungkook.” Yoongi read, eyes on Jungkook’s blue nametag. “First year.”

Seokjin saw Jungkook’s eyes scan over Yoongi’s white nametag and Namjoon’s yellow one, telling him they were 3rd and 2nd years respectively. Seokjin felt like he’d just brought his parents to meet his boyfriend. Not that he and Jungkook were dating. Or that Namjoon and Yoongi were his parents. “Stop it, you guys,” Seokjin said, sliding Jungkook’s lunch to him. Namjoon’s eyes followed the movement. “Why’d you guys follow me up here, anyway?”

Yoongi shrugged and took his own lunch box. “Had to see what our princess had been up to for the past few weeks. You’ve been giving Taehyung’s lunch to him? Taehyung isn’t going to be very happy.”

Jungkook shrugged. “Well, I’m not the one who left him in a haunted house.”

Namjoon raised an eyebrow. “How do you – You told him about that?”

Seokjin frowned and stabbed his rice with his spoon. Jungkook instead answered, “I was the person who brought him out of there. Grim reaper, you know.”

Namjoon’s jaw dropped.

Very predictably, Taehyung heard about it the next day and clung on to his side. “A first year. You’ve been giving my lunch to another first year.”

“You’d feel better if it wasn’t a first year?” Seokjin grumbled, placing a lunchbox in front of Taehyung’s face. He tried to dislodge Taehyung’s arm from his so he could go to the roof again, but Taehyung clutched on. “I gave you your lunch!”

“But you have another one for the grim reaper!” Taehyung pointed at the two lunches in Seokjin’s hands. “I’m going with you.”

Seokjin had no other choice, but as soon as Seokjin introduced Taehyung to Jungkook, a grin spread on Jungkook’s lips. “So you’re the ditcher.” Seokjin watched Taehyung’s face flush. “It’s okay, I’m thankful. Got to know Seokjin, you know?”

“You mean Seokjin hyung.” Taehyung growled, sidling up to Seokjin’s side and draping himself over his lap. Seokjin looked on, exasperated. He looked up at Jungkook, apologetic, but Jungkook only smiled and shook his head.

“No,” Jungkook said, opening the bottle of orange juice Seokjin always packed and handing it back to Seokjin. Taehyung muttered something about that’s my job. “I mean Seokjin. Because we’re dating, you know?”

Seokjin felt his heart flutter again even as Taehyung scrambled up, making Seokjin drop his lunch on Taehyung’s uniform jacket, and screeched, “WHAT?!”