This is what happens when a project isn’t working out the way you had hoped.
Did you know:
Knitters and crocheters refer to ripping out a project as “frogging” because frogs say “Rippit! Rippit!”

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A kind and very loving message to you all, to try your best today in accomplishing what you can of this list below.
Some of it is positive affirmations and other sweet words and care. Take the time to read if you need a pick up and reminders.

This Is ALL around positivity. Not just small stuff!

• Sweep or vacuum your carpet(s) and rugs
• Sweep &/ mop your tiled floors
• Try to wash your favorite clothes. Wear them tomorrow to get that nice boost of confidence
• Let some light into your room, it wards off nocturnal bugs and makes a room look more vibrant which can give some visual comfort
• Do what makes you comfortable
• Don’t be afraid to say NO if it makes you stressed
• Feel nervous about wearing that new piece you bought a little bit ago? Rock it. Rock it so fucking hard. I love you
• Don’t be afraid to get messy. Some amazing things take some grit! Like your self care. Its not always clean and easy
• If you want to hurt or kill yourself, message a friend, message me, or call your local emergency/crisis center
• Need some new coping methods to find? Talk to me. Always here to help
• You’re not alone in this. Ever
• If your sensory needs (this applies to all who have SPD or other conditions) are getting neglected, take some time to find out why and how you can ground yourself back with how you need to cope with sensory input
• Take your meds, please
• Drink some water if your body feels like it needs it but don’t overdo it
• Your mental illness doesn’t make you terrible and you’re actually quite wonderful
• Know that for all the injustice we face, we all have each other
• If you’re having mood swings or dissociating often, take some time for breaks and coping. Don’t try to suppress please
• There is always enough time to repair what you feel is broken
• You are the most important to yourself, remember that. Its not egotistical to love yourself and all the aspects that make you up
• People DO love you
• People DO care
• What your anxiety/depression/psychosis/other symptoms is making you think isn’t true: you’re not terrible, not ugly, not unlovable
• You can get through this, I mean it, no bullshit
• If your binder is hurting you, take it off and take a break because this can be seriously damaging and borderline fatal if you don’t listen to your body (no ace bandages or tape!!!)
• If tucking starts becoming stressful or is damaging you in any way, please take off whatever you use to tuck (never use tape)
• Your gender is valid. Ugly transphobes and other gender criticals and terfs are just ridiculous and don’t know what they’re talking about since they aren’t like us
• You won’t be in the closet forever, I promise. Things change like you wouldn’t believe
• If you want to quit smoking, I believe you very much can
• If you’re struggling with addiction or eating disorders, I understand your pain and struggle and love you very much. Please seek help, its never shameful to seek it
• Brush your teeth or at least rinse out your mouth with mouthwash or water
• Tell me about your interests, I’d love to hear it if no one else does
• If you’re in an abusive household or relationship, its not your fault. You don’t deserve it and I pray for your safety. Please reach out for help if you can try, I know how difficult it is to try and get around these extremely hurtful people and issues
• If you’re Muslim, I love you and pray for your happiness and wish you the best. I know hearing ignorance everywhere feels like garbage and I promise it isn’t at all your fault. Media paints you horribly here in the West (America) and its not your fault that racist asshole exist. Allah loves you so much, habibi (hope this is appropriate to you all, correct me if necessary)
• If you’re Jewish, don’t listen to those goyim who deny something like the holocaust and treat us like the stereotypes that got placed on us years ago
• If you’re part of a system, I love every alter and fragment that makes you. The trauma isn’t your fault and I love you all, we all are in this together as systems
• If you still have that accent of your natural language when you speak English, I think it sounds beautiful. Don’t be ashamed at all (especially by gross racists)
• If you’re dark skin or light skin, you’re amazingly beautiful. POC are always gorgeous/handsome/lovely and don’t need to look like white folks to be attractive
• You’re still valid if you don’t have dysphoria (sincerely a majorly dysphoric trans man that believes nonbinary folks and other genders should feel happy)
• Remember to do your important tasks if you can, like homework and assignments/projects before deadline please
• Do the dishes please, it’ll be so worth it and you’ll have room for your food
• If you’re a mobile-aid user, never forget you’re still whole and deserve everyone’s patience when you use your aids
• Overweight doesn’t mean ugly for anyone
• Penis =/= man, vagina =/= woman. You’re valid as you are and your genitals aren’t what define you whatsoever
• Social justice isn’t always a bad thing
• Stressed by drama irl or online? Do your best to take a break from both so you can focus on yourself
• If you’re poor/have little to no food and services, I feel you so much and pray food and funding comes your way asap
• Whatever disability/ies you have, I love you and wish you no future discrimination in any way
• Acne isn’t ugly, its natural for almost everyone
• Your bad symptoms aren’t truly bad, its not your fault if you have “toxic” or “scary” moods and traits from your mental illnesses
• Curly POC hair is beautiful hair. Do what you want with it and don’t let anyone tell you it “needs to be tamed” or “unkempt”
• Extensions/“weaves”/other methods of artificial hair growth aren’t shameful and its absolutely fine if you use them
• Don’t be afraid to break your boundaries as long as you’re safe, happy and know you can
• Make up isn’t inherently horrible and knows no gender- its for everyone. If you wear it? Amazing. All natural and none at all? Also very good and lovely
• If you’re dysphoric, just remember you will get there some day in what you want and need for transition
• Don’t want to or can’t transition? Still valid
• If you or your parents/family are immigrants, you belong here just as much as anyone else
• If you were part of the foster system or are part of social services, you’re still a good person and no matter how you came to the system you’re outstanding
• A wonderful shout out to those with skin conditions, don’t be afraid to wear revealing clothes
• If your terminal illness holds you back from life or makes you feel like you’re not going anywhere because you need to be inside clean and safe spaces, I promise you are doing great and just need to worry about your recovery
• Chronic illness may be tolling and i know its shitty when flare ups and fatigue feel like death but remember that you’re wonderful and deserve all the assistance and support you have and need
• Bad grades =/= being stupid
• Being autistic or having other forms of mental disability is amazing and deserves respect and more understanding
• Stigma and stereotypes =/= the truth
• Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do it. You have your personal reasons if you can or can’t do something and that’s all you. People who don’t know can shut up
• Toxic people deserve to be cut off, its not bad to take care of yourself and remove away bad things and people
• The emotional pain doesn’t last forever
• Needing money and doing crowd-funding isn’t shameful if you need it
• I wish you luck on all your testing
• Pep talk is naturally a good way to startoving yourself and its worth a try
• Its not “slutty” to wear small or revealing clothes. You’re not “asking for it” and you don’t deserve any assumptions or attacks by slut shaming people or perverts/offenders
• Reach out if you can if you’re in a difficult or harmful situation
• Watch some YouTube or your other favorite media stuff to feel a little better
• Your sexuality, gender, ethnicity and other attributes are not shameful, a mistake, or any other negative connotation you think applies
• Spray some perfume, light candles or other freshener to feel immediately good in your room and feel cleaner
• Write a note to yourself of what you hate about yourself and burn it (of course extinguish any leftover fire and be safe)
• Its good to wash your sheets and pillowcase and other fabrics to feel cleaner
• Donate any clothing, books, old devices, or other necessities for those in need if you have the time and supplies
• Don’t beat yourself up if you fail or don’t think you did enough (I’m sure you did)
• Mistakes are mistakes, the best you can do is learn from them and move on
• Your abuser didn’t love you if they hurt you, I assure you
• The hurt you feel is natural and you deserve the relief of letting go and moving on
• I’m sure your deceased loved ones are at rest and I assure you, you’re not bad or mean for not seeing their funeral or saying goodbye
• Your religion should be peaceful and you should feel good being a part of it, not angry or distressed
• Celebrate any and every victory, big or small
• Whatever people did to hurt you for no reason, its not your fault I promise
• Take care of yourself and manage what you can.
• I love you.

You did some or all of this and feel good? I’m very proud of you, and proud of your energy. It takes a lot of effort to listen and do.

You couldn’t do most or none of this, and don’t feel alright or feel like this “hit” you? Whatever reason you have (executive dysfunction/work/mental illness/low or no spoons/you don’t feel worthy/ etc), dont beat yourself up for it. I’m still proud of you. Its hard to recover and we’ve all been there and some still are. I love you. Learn to understand and empower yourself.

Please rb if you’d like. I bet it’ll help someone.