My Fantasy Manifesto

I’ve thought about what I should write about. Rankings? Waiver Wire Adds? Start-Sit? All these are informative and important but anyone can go to (insert website of choice).com and just look at the weekly rankings or recommendations of the so-called “experts”. Now I know all of you are saying, “Well the experts are paid to do this, what gives you the right to say that?” Let me say three things to that:

  1. EXPERTS CANNOT PREDICT THE FUTURE. Who saw the Julio injury coming?
  2. EXPERTS COMPARE THIER RANKINGS. No one wants to be the person that ranks Eddie Royal higher than anyone else every week.
  3. EXPERTS ARE SLAVES TO THEIR RANKINGS. Why ask them start or sit questions?.. just LOOK AT THE RANKINGS!

For years I was a slave to the rankings, a whore you might say. Sometimes it got me to championships, other times it got me to last place. Strangely, in both cases, it left me feeling empty and unsatisfied. Why you might ask? I recently discovered it was because I didn’t do it on my own. I owed my championship to Matthew Berry. I blamed Michael Fabiano for an ACL. It wasn’t fulfilling. 

So what can I offer you guys. Here it is simply. Make your own choices. I’ll try to give you my take on things and then you make a decision. I’ll try to avoid talking about rankings but I know eventually they will come up. I just want to share what I know to be true. I’ll go over my opinions on players, scoring systems, tactics, etc. But at the end of the day, I want you to make choices! It will be so much more fulfilling when you do! You’ll become a more intuitive and experienced fantasy player! You won’t be a slave to the expert rankings, instead you will be the “expert”!