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Sanvers in College: Alex Drunk Dials the Cute Girl from Bio Class

Based on this post: @hazingblur

Original prompt from @wlwprompts : “Person A is drunk and decides to randomly call that cute girl from biology class to tell her she’s pretty”

@lesbapocalypse you also asked for this so like.

She’s drunk and she’s stolen Kara’s phone, because it’s finals week and all bets are off and that cute girl from biology class?

She’s 1000% sure that her name is Maggie – Maggie Sawyer – not that she paid attention.


No. Of course she didn’t.

And she’s 1000% sure that said Maggie Sawyer is the same Maggie that her little sister has befriended.

And therefore, that cute girl’s number – and when she says cute, she means it, but god, she also means blazingly sexy – must be in Kara’s phone.

So she swipes the phone from her sister’s bag while Kara laughs with James and Winn. Swipes it and chugs another gulp of illegal punch and she finds Maggie’s name – complete with a picture, god, a gorgeous picture, because damn, those dimples, that hair, those downcast eyes – in Kara’s contacts.

Finds the name, and tries once, twice, three times, to successfully hit the big green button that makes the phone dial.

She giggles and almost bounces on the balls of her feet as the phone rings, rings, rings.

“Hey Kara!”

Alex freezes at the sound of her voice – her voice that she’s used to hearing only asking the best questions, only giving the best answers, in bio lecture, in bio lab – and she contemplates hanging up and leaving it to her sister to explain the butt dial.


But now Maggie sounds concerned, because she must hear the party in the background, and Alex has seen her smile, seen her nerdiness, but she’s also seen her motorcycle, her leather jacket, her gym bag. And she doesn’t want her to be concerned, to feel like she has to speed to the party to rescue Kara from whatever situation she might be in.

“Hey! No, nope, not Kara. I mean, of course you thought it was Kara, I took her phone, I mean, obviously you thought it was her – ”


“Not the blonde one!”



There’s a pause and she thinks she hears Maggie shuffling something.

“Danvers, you drunk? Are you with people, drinking water?”

“Awww, Sawyer, you care about me!”

“Well I sure don’t want you passing out in your own vomit, Danvers. I’ve been there, it’s not pleasant.”

Her voice is pleasant, though, and Alex collapses drunkenly onto a half-occupied couch, completely oblivious to the couple that had been making out, who shoot her irritated looks as they get up to find a better spot to kiss.

Alex thinks she hears that shuffling again, and maybe some wind, but she’s drunk and everything is oh so slightly hazy, but pleasantly so – pleasant, because Maggie Sawyer is on the phone with her, Maggie Sawyer cares whether she throws up or not. Maggie Sawyer. God. How can anyone be that perfect?

“I’m finnneee. I just… it’s just, I know you’re Kara’s friend, but we’ve never really talked, and I… even if you weren’t Kara’s friend, I’d have noticed you, you know. I mean, how could I not notice you? Do you know we’re in the same bio class? You’re always so smartest. The smartest girl in the class. The smartest and the cutest. And my sister’s friend! What are the odds, huh? Maybe we can calculate it with genome mapping or something. But we’re more than our code, right, we have to be. You believe that, right, Maggie?”

“Hey, Danvers, I’m not cutting you off, but can you do me a favor?”

Alex preens. Her last name sounds so nice on Maggie’s tongue. She wonders what else would feel nice on Maggie’s tongue. Everything, probably.

She nods before she realizes vaguely that Maggie can’t see her.


“Remind me which house is throwing the party you all are at.”

Alex squints as she tries to remember. “The one across from the science building. Where we take bio. Together. But now term is ending and maybe we won’t do anything together again. Not even that we did anything in bio together, because I was too nervous to – ”

“Danvers, whoa whoa. Can you do me another favor, sweetie?”

Alex’s heart backflips and she almost careens off the couch, because she called her sweetie, she called her sweetie, she called her sweetie.

The sound of wind on the other line increases in her ear, but maybe that’s just a side effect from how hard she’s pressing the phone to her ear, like the closer she clutches it, the closer she’ll be to Maggie.

“Yeah.” She thinks her voice might be higher, might be breathier, than it normally is, but that’s alright, because Maggie Sawyer called her sweetie.

“I know you have things you feel like you want to tell me right now, and I want to hear them, but only if you still want to tell me when you’re sober, okay?”

Alex blinks and furrows her brow at the phone, because – maybe she’s more drunk than she thought – Maggie’s voice seems to be coming from two places, now. One, through the phone, and one, less static-y, closer to her body.

She looks up from the couch and she startles, because Maggie is standing over her, crouching down next to her as she hangs up her phone, all basketball shorts and hoodie and flip flops and hair hastily tied back into a messy ponytail.

She’s grinning softly, but she’s breathing kind of heavily, like she’d just sprinted from her dorm room. Because, Alex realizes dimly, that’s exactly what she just did.

“Hey Alex,” she says as Alex splutters, as Alex fumbles to sit up straight, to fix her hair, to hang up Kara’s phone without dropping it.

Alex thinks she may be imagining it, but Maggie’s voice is softer, now, more breakable, now, more vulnerable, now, than it had been when they’d been on the phone. When Maggie had been on a search-and-give-water-to-the-drunk-girl mission.

But now that she’s arrived, water bottle she must have grabbed on the way out of her dorm in hand, her voice is shy, and her eyes are shy, and her eyes are something that look a little scared.

“Hi Maggie,” Alex whispers, and then giggles because she’s not sure why she’s whispering.

Maggie grins, and it’s the sweetest sight Alex has ever seen. She made Maggie Sawyer smile.

“Why did you come all the way here? You didn’t have to come all the way here, I – ”

“Well, clearly your sister doesn’t know what you’re up to or how drunk you are, because if she did I would have heard her in the background telling you to think before you dial and all that stuff.”

Alex covers her face with hands made clumsy by alcohol.

“Ugh, I’m sorry, you’re right, I shouldn’t have – I ruined your night, I embarrassed myself, I’m sorry, Maggie, I – ”

“Hey, hey, no, that’s not what I meant.” Maggie gets up from her crouch to sit on the couch next to Alex, and she opens the water bottle for her and presses it gently into her hands.

“Drink. Please?”

“I’m not that drunk.”

Maggie just nods, and Alex does as she’s told.

She finishes the entire bottle in one chug, and Maggie just watches her with cautious but glistening eyes.

“Okay, come on. Kara!” she calls across the room, and Kara seems to materialize next to them instantly.

“Maggie! I thought you weren’t in the mood to party toni – Alex? Are you okay? What – ”

“Here. Your phone.”

“How did you – ”

“Tell you in the morning. Right now, I’m gonna take your sister back to my room – no funny business, I promise – and help her sober up a little. Okay?”

Kara glances between Maggie’s disheveled appearance and Alex’s drunken one, and she kisses Alex’s cheek.

“Don’t give her a hard time, okay, Alex?” she teases, and Alex giggles as she stands unsteadily, both Kara and Maggie stabilizing her.

“When do I give anyone a hard time?”

Kara just kisses her again, just thanks Maggie, doesn’t object to their arrangement, because she trusts Maggie not to take advantage of her sister, and she knows that her sister would like nothing more than to get to know Maggie better. She just wishes she’d have had the courage to reach out sober. But they’ll work on that. The three of them.

Alex leans on Maggie, who’s wrapped her arm around Alex’s waist, and revels in the contact.

As they walk, she rambles about the chemical structure of alcohol. About its impacts on the brain. Maggie listens and Maggie smiles and Maggie nods in all the right places, and Maggie lets her talk, lets her talk, because she’s focused on making sure she doesn’t let the taller girl stumble and fall.

When Maggie shoves her dorm door open, Alex freezes.

“You know I’ve wanted this since like, the first time I saw you. For you to take me back to your room. To…” Her eyes flit down to Maggie’s lips.

“To kiss you.”

Maggie gulps and slips away from her, taking care to keep her hands on Alex’s arms to help her stabilize.

“Go pee.”


“You’re this drunk? You for sure need to pee. Bathroom’s right there. Can you make it on your own?”

Alex nods with tears in her eyes, and Maggie hates herself a little bit, but she’d hate herself a lot more if she let this conversation continue.

The bathroom door shuts and the water flushes and the sink runs for a long, long, long moment.

When Alex stumbles out, it’s with confusion and the shadows of hurt in her eyes.

“Did I do something wrong? I don’t have to stay here, you didn’t have to – I just thought – you ran to… to rescue me, and you gave me water, and you took me home, and I thought that meant you like me as much as I like you, and I –

"Alex. Alex, Alex, look… We can talk about all this when you’re sober. If you still want to talk about it. I promise. But right now? Right now, we can talk biology. Or astrophysics, or about the dessication and revival of tardigrades, whatever you want. Just not us. Not now. And certainly no kissing. Okay?”

Alex slumps down onto Maggie’s bed without asking, and Maggie just grins and kneels to help take Alex’s boots off.

“Why not?”

“Because you’re drunk, Danvers,” Maggie giggles like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“It’s never mattered to any guy,” Alex almost whispers, and Maggie stiffens, and her nostrils flare, and her eyes are more serious, more full of rage, than Alex has ever seen them.

“Well, it matters to me. Okay? Come on.”

She helps Alex swing her legs up onto the bed, holds her up to take in one more glass of water, hastily poured, and she kicks off her flip flops and grabs a pillow from the other side of her bed.

“You’re not gonna come to bed?”

“The floor’s perfectly fine for me, Danvers.”

“But – ”

“When you’re sober. If you still want to. I promise, Alex. Okay?”

“You promise?”

“Yeah, Danvers. Yeah. I promise.”

But Alex is asleep, a small smile on her face, before Maggie even finishes her promise. Her promise to her best friend’s big sister, who she’s been trying to gather the courage to ask out for months now.

She snuggles down onto the floor and – eventually – falls asleep with a smile on her own face, too.

Ms. Jealousy

Confusion crossed Maggie’s face as an unfamiliar text message tone went off in her back pocket while she sat at her desk trying to complete the mountain of paperwork she’d be assigned. As she reached into her pocket and pulled out a phone that felt very different to the touch, she quickly brought it around to examine it.

Yup. Just as she suspected. The phone wasn’t hers, but her girlfriend of almost 7 months’.

The phone was covered with a case that read “Be with you, may the force” with Yoda’s signature ears coming into view at the very bottom. (A birthday present from Winn and Alex had loved.)

She pressed the home button on the iPhone and looked at the message on the screen over the picture of Maggie and Alex laying together on their couch both looking up at the camera with large smiles. (What? It could be important!)

From Lucy :) :) (9:44 am): I’m coming to see your ass. It’s been too long. Hope you missed me a lot ;)

Maggie’s eyebrows furrowed and she immediately felt a flood of jealousy down her spine.

Who the fuck was Lucy? And what was she doing sending Maggie’s girlfriend winky faces?

Maggie had to text back. It was for science, right? She had to find out what the X was in the equation.

To Lucy :) (9:45 am): And why would I miss you?                      

Maggie knew that Alex liked to give attitude through all forms of communication, except when her and Maggie were alone and Alex was the sweetest, most gentle human Maggie had ever met, but that was strictly reserved for Maggie and sometimes Kara.

Another message came quickly after that, startling Maggie slightly.

From Lucy :) (9:45 am): Oh, come on. You miss me and you can’t even deny it. You’re probably excited to see me, but I know you and you like to be a grumpus. Let me know where you’ll be at noon. Can’t wait to see you ;)

Another fucking winky face. Maggie was seething.

She stood quickly and pulled her jacket on.

“Where are you going? Cap wants these papers done by Friday.” Her partner McConnell asked.

“I’ve got some business to take care of.” Maggie growled. “Let Cap I’m headed to the DEO on official business.”

“Want me to come? You know I dig a good fight.” The man smirked.

Maggie wanted to slap it off of his pale ass face. “No. This is business I can handle on my own.”

She made her way out of the precinct and to her squad car quickly, her anger fueling her tiny body to walk faster than usual.

It only took her 20 minutes to get to the DEO where she parked her car in the huge lot with all the Agents’. As she made her way into the large building, she tried to get her thoughts in order.

Was Alex really cheating on her?

Maggie felt her heart ache at the thought. She had fallen for Alex harder than she had ever fallen for anyone. How could she not? Alex was smart, beautiful, caring, loving, understanding, strong, and so much more. She made it a point to tell Maggie how much she loved her every single day. And when she wasn’t telling Maggie, she was showing her. Through kisses, small touches, drawn baths, food ready when Maggie got to their apartment, and many other ways.

If this was all true, Maggie would be ruined.

Tears pricked her eyes as she flashed her badge of clearance, the Alex had begged Pam to give to Maggie, to the guards watching the front. She pushed them back once cleared and headed straight the elevator.

15th floor.

There she found Kara, J’onn, Winn, and Alex all around the center panel going over something on Winn’s iPad.

Winn was the first to see her and his face lit up like a kid on his birthday. She knew that Winn thought she was one of the coolest people he’d ever met. Besides Alex of course.

“Hey, Maggie!”

Alex’s head shot up at the name the biggest smile spread across her face. If Maggie hadn’t been angry, her heart would have leapt into her throat at the sight.

(Who was she kidding? Her heart was going crazy at the sight of the woman she loved.)

“Hey, Mags. What are you doin’ here? I thought you were caught up with paperwork all day?” Alex asked, the smile never leaving her face.

But Maggie really wasn’t in the mood for small talk.

“Can I talk to you?” Maggie asked, the emotion heavy in her voice. She glanced at Kara, J’onn and Winn who were all watching on with pointed looks. “Alone.”

Alex’s face showed confusion for a minute and Kara heard her heart rate pick up and J’onn heard her mind begin racing through what could possibly be wrong.  

“Uh, sure. Let’s go to my office.” Alex stated with a shaky voice.

As they walked away, Kara turned to J’onn with questioning eyes. He sighed back. “This isn’t going to be a pretty conversation.”

Maggie and Alex reached Alex’s private office a couple minutes later. The office was small, but nice. It was the size of an average bedroom and was furnished with a desk, a couch, a small television on the wall, and a twin sized bed.

It was where Maggie found herself napping while Alex was finishing work in her lab and Maggie didn’t want to be alone in their apartment. Alex would often finish in the lab and press kisses all over Maggie’s face to wake her up and take her home.

So many amazing memories.

Tears pricked at Maggie’s eyes again.

Alex sat on the bed and Maggie opted to stand with her arms crossed and her lips pursed. There was a few moments of silence as Maggie tried to get her emotions together in order to begin the conversation.

Sensing the emotions on her perfect girlfriend’s face, Alex decided to start the conversation. “Baby, whatever it is, you can talk to me.” She stated softly. The fear in her voice was evident.

Maggie took a deep breath. “I’m only going to ask you this one time, and you better not fucking lie to me.”

“Okay.” Alex nodded.

“…Are you cheating on me?” Maggie whimpered out, her eyes filling with tears as she got it out.

Alex’s eyes widened at the question and she immediately shot up from the bed. “What?! No!”

Maggie pulled out the phone to show to Alex with the message still on the screen. “Don’t fucking lie to me, Alex! Who the fuck is Lucy? And why is she asking if you miss her? And why is she coming to see you?”

Alex’s eyes quickly read the message on the screen. “Wait Lucy? Like Major Lucy Lane?” Alex cocked her head to the side. “Babe, Lucy is my boss. Her dad is the General. She oversees the desert base of the DEO and handles all of the affairs we have with The White House in D.C.”



Alex’s face immediately softened. “Lucy was one of my best friends.”

Maggie felt so so stupid.

“Oh.” Maggie swallowed.

“Yeah. And I never mentioned her because we had a bit of a falling out before she left and I really haven’t had the time to think about it, you know, with dealing with aliens trying to kill me every day.” She chuckled.

Maggie looked down at the ground and bit her lower lip. She felt so guilty for accusing Alex of cheating. Alex had never been anything but amazing to her, and she might have just ruined it all.

“Hey,” Alex softly stated, stepping forward to lift Maggie’s head to meet her eyes, “it’s okay. I understand.”

Maggie let tears fill her eyes again, but this time in remorse. A few fell before she got out a strangled, “I’m so sorry, Alex.”

“Maggie, it really is okay.” Alex smiled at her girlfriend, reaching up to wipe the tears away with her thumbs. “I mean, I get why you got so upset. If I had read a message like that with a winky face from a girl in your phone that I didn’t know, I would be pissed too.”

“But I just assumed. I didn’t even give you time to explain.”

“Again, I probably would have done the same thing. We can’t help our emotions.”

Yet again, Maggie was shown how amazing her girlfriend was and she was falling in love with her all over again.

“How did I get so lucky?” Maggie asked herself out loud while she reached up to cup Alex’s face.

“Eh. I’m not all that.”

“No. You’re everything. I love you so much.” Maggie whispered.

“I love you, too.” Alex leaned down to place a sweet kiss on Maggie’s lips. “Now, can we just freak out a little because Lucy is coming?! She’s always the life of the party, and to be honest, you’re probably going to love her.”

“I bet I will.” Maggie laughed. “But she isn’t allowed to send you winky faces.”

Maggie pretty much had a patent on that and it was enough to set Alex’s body aflame.

“Good luck with that. That woman is a flirt.” Alex chuckled.

Jealousy flared up in Maggie’s abdomen again. “If she flirts with you, she’s gonna go from Major to Minor in about 20 seconds.”

“Calm down, Ms. Jealous pants.” Alex joked, poking Maggie in the stomach. “I only have eyes for you.”

“You better.” Maggie joked back.

There was a pause and Alex gasped. “That makes so much sense! Of course I had your phone. I was really confused as to why Lena was thanking me about the ‘tips’ I’d given her.”

Maggie couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of her mouth at the sight of Alex’s grimace. “Sounds about right.”



It took one look at Lucy Lane to have Maggie draped all over Alex all night. The woman was beautiful. Actually, beautiful was an understatement.

Hell, if Maggie was single, she’d be all in.

And Alex was right. Lucy was a flirt. And Maggie was pissed.

Maggie decided at that moment that she most definitely did not like Lucy Lane. 

For Ray! (Happy Birthday, @comebackbehere23)

(Below is how I imagined Maggie’s face when she was pissed. Smol angry marshmallow ;) 

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Sanvers learning/exploring casual intimacy. Holding hands. Hair playing. Just... little touches. Maybe Maggie isn't used to it, maybe Alex isn't, meybe neither is. They quickly learn to crave that warmth and presence, though.

dude this was such a fun prompt, thank you so much for sending it my way! :D :D <3 

at at first maggie is startled because alex’s hand on the low of her back as alex reaches above and in front of maggie for a couple of coffee mugs is harmless. it was innocent, it wasn’t intended to start anything, 

but maggie can’t stop thinking about it. the whole day, it sits there in the corner for her mind, a happy reminder that maggie can’t quite compartmentalize. 

and then it happens again, but this time she’s cooking dinner and she’s trying sauce with a growing series of spoons and all of a sudden alex is saying “babe turn this way” and is swiping her thumb along maggie’s jaw and maggie is struck, because alex wiping stray sauce from her face is so, so, casual. but it feels so deliberate, it feels like alex could have done any of a hundred things, but she chose to put her hand on maggie’s hip and she chose to lean in close and she chose to use her thumb and maggie just doesn’t know what to do with all those choices. 

it makes her feel silly,

the fact that alex doing something like catching her hand and pulling it into her lap when they’re out in the bar, or wrapping an arm around maggie’s shoulders and tugging maggie into her side at movie night, or running her fingers through maggie’s hair when they try to catch up on the voice, or, or, or 

maggie can go on and on, because maggie remembers all of the little ways alex danvers touches her. not just the ones that set her skin, her core, her very being on fire - but the little ways, the little ways that maggie is so sure alex doesn’t even notice she does until -

“you smile,” alex says, when the question finally crawls its way across maggies face “just your eyes,” she pauses, trying to explain it “you light up. when i do something like this,” and they’re strolling down the road, towards nowhere in particular as alex laces her fingers with maggies “and i like to make you smile.” 

and maggie swears she falls in love right there, in that moment - realizing that every touch was a testimate to what alex felt, feels, without alex demanding anything in return. 

[but maggie gave alex all of herself, all of her heart, because she knew there were no safer hands] 

Alex Refusing to Stay in Bed

They kiss until they can’t breathe.

They kiss until they can’t stop laughing.

They kiss until their hands won’t stop roaming each other’s bodies, and they need to save that for home.

Their home.

Their home because they need to have more firsts, more firsts, more firsts.

All the firsts.


Because they love each other.

Because they’re in love.

Alex can’t stop smiling.

Neither can Maggie.

But they have to stop kissing, they have to stop touching each other, they have to stop repeating I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, or Alex will pass out. And, for that matter, so might Maggie, from sheer emotion.

Alex starts swinging her legs off the side of the bed, and Maggie startles.

“Whoa whoa whoa, Danvers, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Thought you said I was a badass.”

“You are, of course you are, but – “

“Well badasses can get out of bed.”

“No, badasses know when they need rest, and when they need to stay in bed.”

Alex pauses at that, tilting her head – a habit she’s acquired from the woman who loves her, loves her, god, she loves her, and Alex lets out an impromptu giggle – and she squints.

“Your logic makes sense, Sawyer.”

“Good,” Maggie nods, and starts to ease Alex back down by the shoulders.

Alex refuses.

“But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna listen to it!”

“Alex!” Maggie protests, but her laughter gives her away, because if Alex wants to get up, then she’s going to get up, just like she held on. 

She held on.

She held on.

“Make yourself useful, Sawyer, and help a woman out here,” Alex commands breathlessly, and Maggie is helpless for her.

Helpless for her, and that helplessness is the best thing she’s ever, ever felt.

“I’d like you to note my objection,” she murmurs, even as she can’t stop smiling, as Alex loops an arm over her shoulder, as she loops an arm behind Alex’s waist, and they shift, and they stand slow, steady. 


“Noted and respectfully disregarded, Detective,” Alex flirts, and Maggie has never, ever been so happy to be overridden in her life.

I hit my head falling for you

ONE-SHOT: Set after Kara saves Lena in 2x12

Also on Ao3 and 

Kara flew faster than ever before, cradling the barely conscious CEO in her arms as she zoomed them as far from the mountain as possible. It wasn’t until she’d landed that she realized there were tears streaming down her face. She walked slowly, as if afraid she might hurt Lena if she moved any faster. J'onn was beside her in an instant, holding the door for her. Making sure Lena was securely held in her arms, she entered the building. She made it only a few steps before Winn and Alex met her, both looking very concerned.

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Remember When (3/?)

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairings: Cat/Kara, Alex/Maggie

Rating: M (eventually)


It had taken all of Kara’s willpower to leave.

Cat had been so tired she’d nodded off on the couch once or twice after dinner. Kara had finally insisted Cat go to bed, resisting the urge to pick her up and carry Cat there herself. After some huffing and puffing, Cat had finally relented, once more giving Kara an inscrutable look as she’d bid her goodnight and retired to her room.

Kara had lingered awhile longer, making sure Carter was comfortable with the situation. He’d been determined to be there for his mother, and Kara couldn’t have been prouder of him if he were her own child. She’d kissed him on the crown of his head and left the penthouse, but she hadn’t gone far.

Quickly changing into her super suit, Kara had hovered outside Cat’s window, watching over her until Cat had fallen into an uneasy sleep. Kara had wished she could slip back inside and settle on the end of Cat’s bed to guard her dreams, to watch the rise and fall of her chest with every breath, to have proof Cat wasn’t gone, only the memories between them.

She’d flown for more than an hour after that, trying in vain to clear her head, but her thoughts were still a jumbled, grieving mess. Giving up on finding any kind of clarity, she returned to her apartment, drifting quietly in through the open window.

Her boots touched the ground and Kara stood there, the weight of the day and all it had taken from her enough to bow her back. She grabbed hold of a chair, trying to keep from falling to her knees. If she let the tears come, she was afraid they might never stop.


Twitching in surprise, she glanced up, startled to find Maggie standing there awkwardly in front of her, worry in her dark eyes.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to…” Maggie trailed off as she caught sight of the tears in Kara’s eyes. Her head tilted in sympathy. “C’mere,” she murmured, stepping closer and pulling Kara into a hug.

Read the rest on Ao3.

Or start at the beginning.

NC Nights Reports

Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex/Maggie
Rating: T
Summary: National City’s gossip magazine becomes enamored with everyone’s favorite couple and gets the scoop of the year.
AN: For the 250 word prompt: “A third party mistakenly thinks Person A told Person B how they feel and congratulates them for finally getting together.” This is the longer version since 250 words is hard, y’all. Also, total crackfic. Thanks Boxer for the beta.

“Congratulations, you two.” Winn’s voice boomed through the command center, startling Alex and Maggie from where they were conferring over cups of coffee.

“For what?” Alex asked.

“You didn’t see? You were the lead story on National City Nights.” Winn held up his tablet to show an image of the cover of the latest edition of the muckraking tabloid.

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Maggie and Alex are dating and J'onn wants to meet Maggie and talk to her about their relationship. Alex is happy that J'onn is looking out for her. (Write this if you have time, please.)

It’s not how she wanted J’onn to find out, and it’s far from what J’onn would have preferred, too.

Far, far, far from it.

Because when he walks into his earth daughter’s lab and Detective Maggie Sawyer is on the lab bench with her shirt tugged hastily up and her fingers woven into Alex’s hair, whining as she holds her head steady to her chest, he really thinks he’s seen enough of this damn planet.

“Agent Danvers,” he clears his throat, and Maggie’s breathy whining of Alex’s name becomes a curse and he didn’t know Alex could make that kind of squeaking sound.

“Sir,” she breathes, zipping her pants and helping Maggie pull her shirt down, her fingers trying to pat her hair back into some semblance of acceptability as she snaps to attention, lips swollen and slightly parted, breathing hard for very different reasons, suddenly.

Maggie doesn’t turn around as she hops gingerly off the lab bench, because she’s trying so hard to just breathe, breathe, breathe. Because she’s been here before, been caught by someone’s dad before, and it hadn’t been pretty – to say the least – and she was so stupid, she should have known that something so reckless and impulsive would destroy everything.

Like she always does.

“At ease, Alex,” J’onn says, and there’s something in his voice that Maggie can’t identify, and – when she chances a glance up at Alex’s face – she can tell that Alex can’t quite read it, either.

“Detective Sawyer, can I please speak with you for a moment?”

“J’onn, she – ”

“No, Alex, it’s fine. It’s fine.” It’s most certainly not fine, but she squeezes Alex’s hand and she winks softly at her and she puts on a brave face, because he is much more powerful than that father who’d called her into his garage and beaten her senseless for kissing his daughter, but she’s long since trained herself to keep a brave face, so she does.

J’onn doesn’t look at her as she follows him out of the lab, feeling a combination of distinct dread and the panicked urge to laugh, because Alex is supposed to be the one feeling like a teenager again, not her, but god, she does.

He leads her into an office and he gestures her into a seat.

“Prefer to stand, sir,” she clips, forcing herself to look up into his unreadable eyes.

He speaks without preamble, and what he says shocks her. And she didn’t think she could be shocked by much anymore.

“Do you love her, Detective Sawyer?”

“I… Sir?”

“Sit,” he says again, and he sits, too, this time, so she follows suit.

“Detective Sawyer, I know a lot of things about you. Protocol, you understand, for letting you into the DEO so frequently, for partnering with you on cases these past weeks. I know that you won an impressive amount of Intel competition awards throughout high school; that you suffered a compound fracture in your left arm when you were sixteen years old; that you rose to the rank of detective more quickly than anyone else in your graduating class at the academy, largely due to your extensive knowledge of alien life and your community work with LGBTQ children. I know, too, that your first girlfriend in college was an alien of unknown origin, and you helped her fix her pod so she could go back to her planet, even though it broke your heart when she told you she was planning to leave.”

He pauses and Maggie tries not to feel naked. “I…”

J’onn speaks again, and his voice is different, now, a little lighter. A little less stoic DEO Director, and perhaps a little more the stoic DEO Director space dad figure that Alex idolizes so much.

“And now, I know more things about you than I ever wanted to know, and good god, I wish now more than ever that Martians didn’t have such impressive memories.”

Maggie blushes and starts to stammer out an apology, but J’onn continues. “So, now I know that you’re deeply attracted to Agent Danvers. But what I don’t know, Detective Sawyer, is if you love her.”

“You wanna know if I’m good enough for her,” Maggie rasps softly, tears in her throat, and J’onn watches her face closely.

“It hasn’t been that long, you know. And she… she’s just coming to realize… things… about herself. That’s for her to tell you about, and she was planning to, you know, soon. Just trying to find the right time.” She looks up at him and gulps. “But that’s not what you asked. It hasn’t been that long, but I… yeah. Yes. I love her. I… I haven’t told her yet, because I don’t want to rush her, I don’t want to pressure her, but I… I know it hasn’t been long, so maybe this is stupid, but I love your daughter more than I’ve ever loved anyone. She… she’s just… you know Alex, she… she’s perfect. For me. She’s perfect. And as for whether I’m good enough for her? Probably not. Almost definitely not. But I’ve been trying to be, every day. And I’m not going to stop trying to be.”

The skin around J’onn’s eyes crinkle slightly, and his lips tilt upward.

“Alex! You can stop hovering in the hallway now.”

Maggie startles and turns, her mouth open and her eyes wide. “How much of that did you hear?”

“Enough to know that two of the people I love most in the world have got my back,” she whispers, and the tilt of J’onn’s lips becomes a full smile, and Alex crosses the room and slips into his arms.

“Thank you for wanting to protect me.” She turns to Maggie, and there’s pure vulnerability, pure love, in her eyes. “And I feel the same way about you.”

Maggie’s breath hitches and she licks her lips and she can’t speak.

J’onn clears his throat. “Do you two need the afternoon off? Because I certainly don’t need to witness anything – like that – ever again.”

“Yeah, sorry about that, J’onn, I – ’

“We’re just not going to discuss it, Agent Danvers.” His voice is gruff, but his warm hand on her shoulder, and then on Maggie’s as he leaves the room, gives him away.

“Maggie, I – ” Alex steps closer to her and takes her into her arms.

“Never again, Agent Danvers!” J’onn calls without turning around, and Maggie and Alex laugh, laugh, laugh, into each other’s arms.

And if they cry, just a little bit, it’s out of the sweet relief of being so, so loved.

Jesus x Younger! Shy! Reader - Don’t Change Yourself

Requested by youngand-beautiful

Originally posted by richonnegrimes

Summary: You have a huge crush on Jesus, but your uncertainties about his feelings towards you push you to try and alter your appearance to appeal to him. However, Jesus finds you stunning just the way you are.

Warnings: Cheese Beyond Belief


“Y/N, he’s here!” Maggie hissed to you. You made a strange noise between a gasp and squeak, freezing completely on the staircase. “I-I-I don’t know if I can-”

“Don’t you dare,” Maggie warned, glaring at you dangerously with her pale green eyes. “I did not do your hair, make up and outfit for nothing! You are going to talk to him!”

“I’m scared!” you moaned, gripping onto the banister for dear life as Maggie grabbed your other arm and tried to drag you down the stairs. You were currently in her house, which was also within a good view of the main gates, meaning you could monitor who was coming in and out. Maggie had done an amazing job with your appearance and keeping a watchful eye out for Jesus, but the hardest task yet was actually getting you to approach him.

You reckon you must’ve fallen in love with the man the moment he bumped into you on that run with Rick and Daryl. Albeit, he did swipe the keys from your back pocket without you noticing and stole the truck, but he still had an overwhelming charm to him. Maybe it was his bright azure irises or his long chocolatey hair - you didn’t know. All you knew is that you had it bad for Paul Monroe.

Lately, he’d been coming to Alexandria quite a lot to meet with Rick and discuss trading arrangements. Somehow, you’d always have an excuse to go to Rick’s house and talk to Jesus about little things like the weather or crop growing tips, but just him acknowledging you never failed to make your heart flutter. “Woman up, Y/N. Go do it, now,” she demanded, finally yanking you down the stairs and onto the ground level. “Take a moment and just look at yourself, look at how beautiful you look!”

You caught a glimpse of yourself in a nearby mirror and you couldn’t help but agree with Maggie. You were wearing a white summer dress with red floral patterns decorating the skirt and your short/long hair was curled into tight ringlets. Maggie had even adorned your lips in dark rep lipstick to match the design of the dress. You did look attractive, yes, but you still had a low self-esteem level. What if he rejected you, or laughed in your face? You’d never be able to leave the house again.

“You can do this, Y/N. I know you can,” Maggie reassured you. You gulped and took a moment to take a deep breath. “Alright, I’m nowhere near ready to go anywhere near him yet, but…you’re right. I forced you to go through all this hard work to make me look presentable, so I might as well,” you said. Maggie smiled sweetly at you and gripped your shoulder, giving you the proud look a mother gives her daughter on their way to her graduation. “Go,” Maggie encouraged, faking tears playfully. “Go find your love!”

You laughed and hit her shoulder, before walking out the front door. You felt the sun shine down on you and you felt a warm feeling spread inside your chest. I’ve got this, you thought to yourself, walking towards Rick’s house.

But your confident facade faded the moment you saw the man of your dreams, conversing with Daryl. You seemingly choked on air and hid behind the bushes near the pond, calming your throbbing heart and peaking around the corner to catch a second glance. He was dressed casually, wearing a white button up with the sleeves rolled up to the crook of his elbows and blue skinny jeans, combat boots coming up to his shin. You watched as he was nodding at something Daryl said, his eyebrows furrowed and and lips pressed into a thin line. Then, he suddenly laughed loudly and clapped Daryl’s shoulder, blue eyes bright with humor. I swear, his smile could outdo an angels’s...

You then saw him turn and walk away and you noticed that your opportunity was slipping between the cracks of your fingers like sand grains. You stood up and sped-walked towards Jesus, ignoring Daryl’s wolf whistle as you passed him. “Uh, hi, Jesus,” you spoke from behind the older man. You cringed at how shaky your voice was. Jesus turned around and grinned at you, taking in your attire.

“How’s it going, Y/N? You look good,” he complemented. Your cheeks heated up and you giggled a little, happy that he had noticed your efforts. “Oh, I’m fine. How’re you?” you asked back. He nodded.

“I’m doing alright.” he answered. You desperately searched for something, anything to kill the silence but you surfaced with nothing. What is there to even talk about? Oh hey, Jesus, I totally wanna participate in a game of tonsil tennis with you right now! Not creepy at all! Maybe you should just do it, just ask him out! I mean, the worst he could say was no, right? You began to work up the courage and smiled at your long-term crush, your heart beating wildly.

“Jesus, I was wondering maybe if-?”

“Hey, listen, I gotta go and meet with Rick and talk about some trading conditions, but I’ll catch you later, alright?” Jesus didn’t wait for your reply as he walked away, leaving you standing there like a gaping fish. You didn’t even register what had happened until he was but a speck in the distance, and you felt hot tears fill your eyes.

Rejected. Again.

You felt your bottom lip begin to quiver and your hands start to shake, a deep dread filling your body. You felt so stupid, how could a mature, handsome man like Jesus possibly even spare you, a barely eighteen-year-old girl, a second glance? You didn’t even stand a chance now, let alone how you look every day.

You took a few steps back, before making a mad dash back to Maggie’s house, furiously wiping at your salty tears and nearly falling multiple times in your dumb heels. You burst through the front door and startled a relaxing Maggie, running straight upstairs and ignoring her demanding to know if you were alright. Devastated, you threw yourself onto the bed and furiously wiped away your lipstick with the back of your hand, sniffling and coughing like a child.

That’s what I am to him, a child.

He probably had a whole line of grown women waiting for him back at Hilltop, and then some. Because he’d always just be out of your reach, even though he was literally ten minutes away from you. There was a gentle knock at the door and Maggie walked in, a concerned expression on her pretty face. “Y/N, what happened?” she whispered, coming to sit next to you.

“I-I feel so stupid,” you sobbed into your friends’ shoulder. Maggie shushed softly and brushed your hair back from your face, holding your head up and wiping your tears with the edge of her shirt. Her sad eyes demanded an explanation. “I-I-I was about t-to ask him out, b-but he cut across me as if he knew what I was ab-bout to do, like he tried to avoid the question. Oh Maggie…” you gripped her tightly as your burrowed your face into the crook of her neck. “Oh, honey, that don’t mean a thing!” she told you, but you shook your head fiercely. “He doesn’t like me, Mags, I told you!”

“Maybe he’s more nervous about you than you think,” she suggested. You laughed coldly at the idea.

“Jesus? Nervous? Are you kidding me? This is the man who stole our supply truck, and then came after us again when we took it back. Nervous my ass,” you said. Maggie smiled grimly and sighed, taking a tight hold of your hand. “I see the way he looks at you sometimes, almost like how Glenn looks at me. There’s something there, Y/N, trust me.”

Just as Maggie said these words, the doorbell rang and she got up to go and answer it. You closed the door behind her and laid on your back once more, sighing in a depressed manner. More like he looks at me the way Carl looks at that Ron kid.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Come in, Maggie, I don’t know why you’re knocking,” you mumbled. The door opened and in walked none other than Jesus himself. You shot up and your eyes went wide with embarrassment, both from how you acted earlier and your current state: mascara ran down your cheeks and your lipstick was smudged like a clowns. Your eyes were bloodshot from crying and it was pretty obvious that he could tell from the look of sheer pity that he was giving you. You folded your arms and looked away.

“What do you want?” you said coldly, your voice still shaking as always.

“I’m sorry that I upset you earlier,” he said, walking in and closing the door behind him. You nodded.

“It’s…Whatever,” you said distantly, pretending not to care when you really did. Why was he here? Just say sorry? “No, it’s not. Because I hurt you when I didn’t mean to-”

“Look, Jesus, I get it. You’re not interested in girls like me. I understand,” you cut across him swiftly, taking a deep breath after to restrain yourself from crying again. He cocked his head to the side in confusion. “Girls like you? What do you mean?”

“Girls who’re too young, who are too immature for you. Girls aren’t attractive or pretty in any way. I’m sorry for thinking I stood a chance,” you admitted, letting your arms hang limply by your side.

“What? Y/N, no, no, I-” Jesus walked over to you quickly and held both of your smaller hands in his large ones, the heat radiating from his skin onto yours. Your heart jolted and butterflies fluttered in your abdomen. “What on earth made you think that I don’t find you attractive?”

“Wh-what?” it was your turn to be confused, now. “I thought you liked women who were the same age as you and who were more pretty than girls like me,”

“Well, you thought wrong,” he said, looking at you earnestly with his sapphire eyes. “Y/N, I don’t judge people based on their maturity and their looks, I judge them on their personality and their qualities. Besides, why would you try to change yourself for me?”

“Because I like you,” you blurted out. “A lot.”

“Oh, well that I knew, but that still doesn’t answer my question,” he said, a hint of a smile creeping onto their lips. You blushed stop light red and your mouth opened in horror. “You knew? This whole time you knew that I-”

“Liked me? Yeah, of course I did. It’s pretty obvious,” he chuckled. “But that still doesn’t mean you have to try to change how you look, how you act for me. All in all, I found your little attempts pretty adorable because you’re such a sweet girl, but really…I think you’re perfect, just the way you are, just the way you look.”

Your stomach began contracting; your mouth became deprived of any moister; your heart began thrashing inside your ribs. He…he thought you were perfect. He actually felt the same about you. He actually cared. “So, just stay exactly the way you are. After all, that is why I’m quite sure I love you,”

“You love me?” you choked out. This was all happening too fast - just a second ago you were convinced he was creeped out by you and now he was confessing his love to you? “I’m almost 100% sure of it, yeah.” he said. He had said it. He just said it, but there was still that little box of doubt in the back of your head that held you back from taking his word completely. “Yeah, but what if-”

Soft, moist lips met yours in a forceful kiss, his calloused hands wrapping around your waist like a vice. With your body pressed to his like the laws of physics did not exist, you felt all worried melt away into oblivion. The only people that mattered right now were you and him. One of his hands trailed up your back and laced itself into your hair, yanking it harshly so you would gasp and his tongue would have a chance to enter. You couldn’t help but moan as the damp muscle writhed about in your mouth, lashing at your own tongue while you sprawled your hands onto his chest. Your lips moved with one another in sync, a deep carnal desire blossoming in the very pit of your stomach.

His name may be Jesus, but you were sure about to do some unholy things to him if he didn’t stop tempting you.

Finally, he broke away and panted heavily, looking directly at you.

“No ‘but’s. No 'what if’s. Just trust me, that’s all I ask of you,” he said simply. “Can you do that?”

“Well, it depends,” you said, equally as breathless.

“On what?”

“If you’ll kiss me like that again,” you said, before pulling him in for another make out session.


That was terrible xD I’m sorry!


Can you do a reader x group thing where the reader gets bit and everything gets emotional (Hinted carl x reader, Glenn x Maggie x reader parent relationship) but they find out she’s immune??? That would be amazing 😘😘🤗

 I hope you like it!💕

It was late at night and you were still trying to find the way back to the barn where the group was staying at. You had an arm wrapped around Carl’s shoulder as you limped through the woods, leaning all your weight on your left leg. A walker that was laying on the ground had caught you unaware and bit you in the ankle, ripping your flesh apart and exposing your bone. 

-We’re close. –Carl tried to calm you as you leaned on him for support. 

-How do you know that? –you asked in a whimper, the pain was becoming unbearable. 

-Just trust me, (Y/N). –he said softly and continued leading the way. You finally saw the barn at the distance between the trees. Carl rushed to it and he opened the door abruptly, bringing you in with him.
Everyone got on their feet and walked towards you with concerned looks on their faces.

-Oh my God, what happened? –Maggie ran to you and kneeled to see your wound. 

-Carl, what’s this? –Glenn asked as he slowly lowered you to the ground.

-She… She was bitten. –he answered. You heard everyone gasp around you.

-We need to chop it off, before it’s too late! –Maggie cried as she held your leg, the blood on it stained her hands but she didn’t care. 

Glenn took his belt off quickly and tightened it around your leg, a few inches don your knee.

-No! –you yelled and shuffled your leg away from it, trying to get it off. 

-(Y/N), we need to do this, otherwise you will die! –Glenn held your hand and tried to make you calm down, but you didn’t want to go through the pain of getting you feet chopped off with an axe. 

-Please, let us, (Y/N). –Carl kneel next to you and brushed your hair out of your face. –What am I supposed to do without you?

The tears streamed down his cheeks and it made your heart ache, you had never seen him so sad since his mom died.

Everyone else stayed back, they knew that Maggie and Glenn were like your parents, so they had to be with you more than anyone; and Carl was in love with you, he didn’t want to be apart from you any second, specially in that moment.

-No, please, don’t. –you shook your head. –Just let me die, please.

Glenn held your hand more tightly as Maggie cried harder, they didn’t want to cut your leg off either, but they refused to let you die.

-It’s what I want, please. –you wiped a couple of tears with the back of your hand and gave them a reassuring smile. 

-(Y/N)… –Maggie whispered, locking her teary eyes on yours, giving her last try at convincing you, but you just shook your head and held her hand inside yours.

-Okay. –Glenn murmured and placed a kiss on your forehead, his hand lingered on yours for as long as his lips touched your skin. He pulled away and Maggie hugged you tightly, she cried against your hair and left one last kiss on your cheek.

-I’m gonna miss you. –she whispered. –Say hello to Beth from me.

Carl smiled at you, trying to hide his grief. He cupped your face in his hands and kissed you on the lips for a couple of seconds, then he pulled away and smiled again. 

You heard Maggie sobbing on a corner and Glenn rubbing her back, trying to calm her down. The rest of the group said goodbye to you, the pain that it brought you was surely worse than the one you were feeling on your ankle, so you just wanted everything to end already.

-Should we do it now? –you heard Rick asking Maggie. She shook her head vigorously and Glenn agreed with her.

-Perhaps we should wait until the morning. –he said.

-She’ll be a walker by then, we can’t have a walker in here, not with Judith here. –Rick told Glenn.

-Rick, we’ll take care of her when it happens, but just… Just let her be here for the night. –Glenn pleaded. Rick nodded and walked away. 

Carl brought you some blankets for you to stay warm, you thanked him for it and wrapped them around your body. He laid next to you.

Maggie went to you a couple of minutes later and sat by your side, feeling your forehead with the back of her hand and then with her lips.

-You don’t have a fever yet. –she frowned. –That’s strange.

She laid down and caressed your hair, staring at your face as she did. It reminded you of that time when Andrea’s sister died and she watched her the whole night as she turned. You wondered if Maggie would stay by your side as you became a walker, she would do so willingly, she loved you as much as you loved her.

Glenn sat next to Maggie and stared at you as well, you remembered that time when he had told you that you were family to him, that the three of you were a small but united family. 

You felt weariness wash over you and you knew it was coming, so you closed your eyes and laid your head to rest.

You opened your eyes abruptly and felt the sunshine on your face. You turned around and saw Carl sleeping next to you; on the other side, Glenn and Maggie were also sleeping. You wondered if you were a walker already, but you knew who they were perfectly and you had no desire to eat them. You scowled and looked down at your ankle, the wound was still there so it hadn’t been a dream. You touched your forehead with the back of your hand and noticed you didn’t have a fever.

-What the… –you muttered as you turned your head from side to side. Carl slowly opened his eyes and noticed you were awake, he sat on the ground quickly and stared at you carefully.

-(Y/N)? –he called and you turned your head to him. He examined your eyes and noticed that there was no pale veil over them, they were shiny and bright as ever. 

-Carl… –you whispered and he seemed startled. –What’s going on?

Maggie woke up as she heard your voice, she grabbed your arm immediately and made you turn around to face her. 

-You’re alive! –she exclaimed. –Oh my God, you’re alive!

-B-But you were bitten, I saw it. –Carl stuttered in disbelief. Your eyes were wide open, unable to believe that you were not a walker. 

-It’s been more than ten hours since you were bitten, how can that be? –Glenn asked. People started to wake up and gather around you. Everyone was confused, but Glenn, Maggie and Carl didn’t care, they were too happy that you were alive.

-Could she be… immune? –Glenn asked Rick, he just shrugged. 

-Could be, or it could be that the transformation will just take more time in her. –Rick patted Glenn’s shoulder. –Don’t get your hopes up, maybe we’re still in time to chop off that leg.

-Hey, (Y/N), what’s this? –Carl asked as he caught a glimpse of a scar you had on your shoulder blade. 

-Uh, that’s a wound I got while I was with Maggie, Sasha and Bob, after the prison. –you answered casually. Carl looked at the wound, then back at you. –What?

-It’s a bite. –he told you. You frowned and pulled down the collar of your shirt on the back side, uncovering the wound.

-That’s definitely a bite, (Y/N). –Maggie said as she inspected it. You could barely see it, so you never really knew it was a bite. 

-Are you sure you’ve had it since the attack on the prison? –Carl asked you. 

-Yes, I’m sure! –you told him. Everyone exchanged looks with each other and whispered things. 

-(Y/N), you’re immune. –Maggie smiled widely and pulled you into a hug.
-But why? –you questioned, running your eyes from face to face, wondering if anyone had the answer. You fixed your stare on Rick. –Did Jenner ever say anything about it?

-He might had, I don’t quite remember. –he said hoarsely. –But it’s great that you’re alive, (Y/N).

Convalescence Pt.11

Sunday 10th July 2017.

Amelia yelped with surprise as Owen pulled her into the driver’s seat of the van, making her straddle him.  Towering over him now, she reunited their mouths, muffling his moans as her hands pulled at his hair. Within seconds, his once neatly combed back hair had become messy and raging, like a fire.

The abrupt and loud sound of a car horn at 6:30 in the morning startled Maggie awake. Dazed with sleep, she was almost certain she’d dreamt the noise until Ryan entered her room with a questioning look on his face.

“Aunt Maggie, Mr. Owen’s car horn went off,” he stated, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“I know,” Maggie yawned, hopping out of Amelia and Owen’s bed, “I’ll go check and see what caused it.”

“Do you want me to come with you in case there’s a bad guy?” he asked, following Maggie to the bathroom.

“Sure.” As she splashed water on her face and woke completely up, she began to ponder on the circumstances surrounding Owen’s horn going off. He and Amelia were supposed to have come home since last night, and if his horn went off then that meant his truck was in the yard. Which meant…

“Actually,” Maggie said, stopping abruptly at the front door of the house, “Why don’t you check on your sister and make sure she’s safe. I’ll yell if I need you.” Before the little boy could answer, she slipped out the house and closed the door behind her, her slipper stepping on what was clearly Owen’s leather jacket and, next to it, Amelia’s. Sighing to herself, Maggie picked up the two jackets and began following the trail of clothes. At the bottom of the steps, she found Owen’s shirt. On the lawn, she found Amelia’s shirt and bra and Owen’s trousers. At the base of his van was where she found their shoes and her pants and, sticking halfway out the driver’s door, she finally found Amelia’s underwear.

Moving all of the gathered clothes into one hand, Maggie used her free hand to knock on the foggy, driver’s side window. A few seconds after, the glass lowered by a few centimetres as blue orbs looked through them.

“Oh, hi,” Amelia said casually. She was facing the back of the seat, almost like she wanted to hug it, a generally unusual position.

“What are you doing?” Maggie asked, annoyed.

“Nothing?” she answered.

“Where’s Owen?”

The glass lowered another couple centimetres, revealing flaringly messy golden hair and another pair of blue eyes.

“Hi,” Owen greeted, his face flushed with embarrassment. Thank god all the windows were fogged from their body heat, he thought.

“You know, you two aren’t the only people who wanted to have sex last night,” Maggie grumbled, slipping their clothes in through the window, one by one, “I don’t even want to know what you were doing that caused you to blow your car horn.”

“Thank you,” Amelia grinned sheepishly, taking the clothes from her. “We’ll be up in ten minutes.”

Rosie sat on Owen’s chest as he lay on the bed, grabbing his hands and pulling them away from his face so he couldn’t hide himself. There wasn’t anyone else for Owen to interact with, seeing as Ryan was studying and Amelia was fast asleep, next to him. After the events of this morning, and those following after, he couldn’t blame her for being exhausted; he was tired too. But his thoughts were keeping him up. Everything about last night, the way they moved as if nothing had changed, it was all still coursing through his brain, making it physically impossible for him to sleep.

He could feel her hands tugging at his boxers, encouraging him to get rid of his last piece of clothing. Pushing his waist up, Owen shrugged the underwear down to his shins and his member grazed against her opening before he gently pushed himself inside of her.

Deep in thought, Owen hadn’t even noticed when Rosie ventured off his chest and to the bed, sitting in the middle of him and Amelia. Amelia’s back was faced away from them and her shirt was slightly scrunched up, revealing the scar running along her lower back. He watched as Rosie grazed her tiny fingers across the scar before looking up at Owen with a small pout and a worried gaze.

“That’s a boo boo,” Owen told her.

Rosie looked back at the scar and tried to grasp it with her hand. “Boo boo,” she muttered under her breath. After a few seconds of looking at it, she lowered her face to the scar and planted a kiss over it before looking up at Owen for approval.

“All better,” he said, kissing the top of her head, making her smile and giggle.

Monday 11th July 2017.

“Do you think we’re sitting too close to each other?” Owen whispered in her ear as the two sat on the couch and waited for their therapist to arrive.

Amelia looked at the space between them before looking at him. “I think so.” They both shifted further away, hoping their behaviour wouldn’t allude to Sunday’s activities.

“Good morning,” Tim chirped as he entered his office, brief case in hand, “How was our little outing on Saturday? Did we get a little busy?” Owen and Amelia stared at him with pale, blank expressions as he rested his things down and pulled out his notepad. Noticing their slightly terrified gazes, Tim grinned. “Oh relax; I’m not going to punish you for having sex.” Amelia and Owen looked at each other before looking back at him.

“Why are you assuming we had sex?” Owen scoffed, slowly destroying their united front to keep their secret copulation exactly that, a secret.

“Because I set that date up so that you would and I knew you would,” he shrugged, “Everything that you two have told me helped me to get to that conclusion.” He pointed at Amelia. “You might’ve probably been the one to instigate it. Owen has very good willpower, except when it comes to you, so I’m sure he barely put up an argument when you approached him.” Owen slouched further in his seat as his cheeks turned red and Amelia averted her eyes as she blushed and smiled a little, finding the comment hilariously true. Opening his briefcase, Tim pondered if their recent copulation would help them get through the topic he wanted to address today.

The therapist flipped his notepad to a new page. “Let’s talk about the twins.”

There was a soft knock at the door before he came inside. “Everyone’s asleep.” She nodded her head, not looking up. Owen sighed, coming closer to the tub before lying down on the floor and looking up at the ceiling. She had been quiet and reserved like this since their afternoon session. With her knees to her chest and her arms wrapped tightly around her legs, Amelia sat still in the bath, eyes still red from crying earlier, just like Owen’s.

After a long period of silence and stolen gazes, mostly from him, he finally dared to ask, “What are you thinking about?”

Inhaling deeply, Amelia responded, “Babies. What are you thinking about?’

“The leftover chicken we have in the fridge,” Owen answered truthfully. He glanced at her and saw her smiling, so he smiled too.

“Bring the chicken,” she giggled. A few minutes later, Owen returned with a half bucket of fried chicken and some napkins. “Don’t you want to come in?” she asked when he sat back down on the floor. Owen looked up at her, a little caught off guard. She seemed like she wanted her space, but it appeared that he was wrong.

“Okay.” He stripped himself of his clothes and slipped in the tub right behind her, displacing a considerable amount of water in the process. He grabbed the bucket and handed it to her, letting her choose a piece first. For a couple minutes, they sat in silence and ate, the little sounds of their chewing being the only noise.

“I would have told you no,” she said suddenly.

“No to chicken?” Owen tried to clarify.

“No to your proposal,” she added after swallowing a bite, “If I hadn’t been pregnant at the time, I would’ve said no.”

There was an awkward silence as Owen stared at his chicken. “A flat no or a ‘we should wait longer’ no?”

“A flat no.” When Amelia heard no response, she turned to look back at him and chuckled. “I’m kidding, Owen.”

A relieved expression took over his face. “That’s not funny.”

“Waiting longer would’ve been my choice,” she pondered to herself. “There’s a lot of things I wish I’d done differently.”

Owen’s heart raced, excited to finally have her open up to him outside of a therapy session. “Things like?”

“Thinking about your feelings about the miscarriage,” she whispered, recalling the harsh words he’d spat at her, earlier today, about how everything was always about her.

“Amelia, what I said today…”

“Was true,” she finished for him, “I didn’t even stop to think how you felt. I never do.”

“You got hurt,” he justified, “It didn’t matter how I felt.”

“It did,” she challenged, “They weren’t just my babies, they were yours too.” She turned to look back at him again. “How do you feel?” He hadn’t expected their conversation to go this way.

He thought about the question briefly before answering, “When I picked Rosie up from day care a couple days ago, there was this mother collecting he kids. Little, twin babies; identical.” He smiled to himself before continuing. “I wanted to run them all over with a wood chipper, as harsh as that sounds. That’s how I feel.” She leaned into him, resting her head in the crook of his neck. Owen gripped her thigh under the water and squeezed it anxiously, wondering if to ask the question that had bene bothering him for weeks. Taking a chance, he blurted out, “Do you want any more kids.”

Without hesitation, Amelia answered, “I do. I just don’t know when or how or if to even risk it.”

“I doubt you’d get hit by a car again,” he said, making her roll her eyes.

“It’s not that. It’s the fact that anything could happen. I don’t think I’d survive if I have another…” Her eyes watered at the thought. “I’m afraid to risk it.”

“I’m afraid too,” he agreed, lifting his piece of chicken, “But chicken helps.”

Amelia laughed, looking at her almost finished drum stick. “It does.” She sighed and closed her eyes, nuzzling her nose against his neck. He responded by placing a kiss on the top of her head. This was the first time they’d talked like this, without a therapist overlooking their every move, and it was extremely satisfying. Raising her head to look at him, Amelia smiled contently.

“What?” he asked with a soft smile, catching the wistful gaze. Lifting her hand out of the water, she grasped his chin and pulled him in for a delicate kiss, which answered everything.

I’ll keep you safe // part 5

 Words: 2619
Carl grimes x reader
The walking dead

Prequel / part 1/ part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 6


It had been a while since our fight with the Saviours, my stomach had expanded a lot and Maggie was near ready to pop. I was sitting on the couch in our living room looking at a bunch of letters I had written. 

“what you got there?” Maggie says, startling me and sitting beside me. I hurry to wipe the tear away and smile sadly. I hand her the stack of envelopes. She looks at me with a small confused smile when she takes them from me. 

“what are these for?” she asks. 
“wedding invitations” I whisper. She raises her eyebrows. 
“you’re already married and we don’t know anyone else…” she says extremely confused. I nod and laugh. 
“yeah I know, its silly I guess. But it’s all the people we lost” I whisper. She gulps and starts looking through the huge pile, reading the names as she goes. 

“Ed and Sophia, Amy, Jim, Otis, Dale, Shane, T-dog, Lori” she mutters. “Axel, Ben, Merle, Andrea, Patrick, Karen, and David, uhm Hershel and Beth” she whispers, I grip her hand. “Mika and Lizzie,” she gulps. “Tyreese, Noah, Reg Deanna and Aiden, Jessie, Sam and Ron, Denise, Abraham, Spencer, Olivia and Glenn” she finally cries when she says Glenn’s name. She looks up at me shocked. “why?” she chokes out. I shrug. 

“I started writing down names of people I lost and every time someone did I added it, unfortunately, the list got pretty big. Even though they’re gone, I still wanted to send them an invitation, everyone personalized, it’s pretty stupid but I guess it’s how I cope” I mutter playing with the button on my blouse. She grabs my hands with one hand and cups my cheek with the other. I look up at her. 
“I think it’s wonderful. They would have loved to see you and Carl get married.” She stutters. I nod and let the tears fall freely. 
“its weird huh?” I whisper. She furrows her eyebrows. “being married. It’s the same but different.” I try to explain. She nods. 
“you love them before you get married but you have a newfound appreciation of them now and just want to be by them constantly” she explains for me and I nod, the tears falling faster. “I don’t know if you’re crying about the envelopes or Carl” she teases and I giggle. 
“damn hormones” I laugh and she laughs too, her own tears starting to fall. 
“I know” she smiles pointing to her face. 
“knock knock” Michonne taunts coming in with Rick, Carl, Sasha, Daryl, and Rosita. We wipe our faces. 

“we heard all of that” Rosita laughs. 
“Did you really write everyone a letter?” Sasha asks sitting down next to me. Rick, Rosita, Michonne and Daryl sit in front of us while Carl pulls me up so I’m standing and sits in my place, I open my mouth to protest but he pulls at my hips seating me on his lap. I blush when everyone raises their eyebrows. 

“can we read some?” Daryl asks. I nod. Rick reaches for Glenn’s, Carl reaches for Loris, Michonne reaches for Andrea’s, Maggie reaches for her families, Daryl reaches for Merle’s, Sasha reaches for Tyreese’s and Rosita reaches for Abrahams. Daryl goes first. 

“Merle, you are invited to the wedding of Carl and y/n. I didn’t like you very much, to be honest” Daryl laughs when he reads the first line. “you basically just tried to kill us and specifically Rick every time you could. You hurt Michonne too, they are my family but you were once too. You helped save my family back at the start, although they are gone now, you gave me extra time with them so thank you very much.” he finishes. 

Tyreese, you are invited to the wedding of Carl and y/n. When we first met you at the prison we were really weary about you but you became one of our most loved, valued members of the group. You gave me advice on how to talk to Carl and how to shoot a gun, which is pretty much the most important things in my life. You always made me laugh and you were so caring. You saved me after the prison went down and them few days we were together before finding everyone, back at the little house, it felt like family.” Sasha says, crying a little. she looks at me and I smile. “can I keep this?” I nod. 

“Abraham, you are invited to the wedding of Carl and y/n. You are my little ginger ball of sunshine you! You look tough on the inside but you’re really soft and cuddly really, it’s a side I had the pleasure of knowing about you and I’m really glad I did. You did everything for other people, including your demise. Which was the noblest thing any of us have ever done.” Rosita mumbles wiping her tears away. 

“I didn’t mean to make everyone cry” I laugh awkwardly. Carl rubs my thigh. 
“it’s great y/n” Michonne smiles starting to read her letter. 

“Andrea, you are invited to the wedding of Carl and y/n. I’m really sorry for the way you died and the way we treated you beforehand, you were trying to help but you couldn’t see things couldn’t be helped by sitting around a fire trading stories. Your boyfriend was way out of hand but I understand that you just wanted to start a life, after Amy and how we left you at the farm. We weren’t the best ‘family’ but I hope you died knowing not a single one of us think you had hatred in your heart, we miss you a lot.” Michonne murmurs. 

“Hershel and Beth. You are invited to the wedding of Carl and y/n. Hershel, you reminded me so much of my grandfather, I went every Saturday to his house after my grandmother died and we spent a lot of time together. He was pretty much my best friend. He died shortly before the breakout and knowing you made me remember him. The way you took us all in on your farm was very noble, we were complete strangers but you did it anyway. I want to thank you for saving my beloved Carl, we were only young and I thought he was dead. You were only a vet but you saved his life and made this wedding possible. Thank you so much. Beth, you were my best friend. Before we came to Alexandria, and I met a new girl called Enid (you would love her) you were the closest to my age, we talked about anything and everything until all hours of the night, I forgot we were in an apocalypse and just thought we were having a sleepover, for a short while but it gave me happiness for that short while. I’m really sorry to both of you, that we couldn’t save you. You didn’t deserve to die” Maggie stutters out, remembering her family. 

Glenn, you are invited to the wedding of Carl and y/n. Glenn other than Rick who is the most amazing father to Carl and Judith, then me. You also treated me like your daughter. I am very grateful for that. The things you have been through, from delivering pizza’s to killing walkers.” Rick chuckles looking up at me, he shakes his head with a smile and looks back to the letter. “you have grown into such a courageous man, you even held on right until the end. I promise I will not let anything happen to Maggie or your baby. I miss you, a lot. I really miss coming to you late at night, sitting on the watch tower drinking hot chocolate and talking about life. Nobody knew we did that but it was one of my favourite things about new life. I’ll miss your laugh.” Rick finishes and Maggie lets out a quiet sob. Everyone looks at Carl expectantly, he shakily rips open the letter. 

Lori, you are invited to the wedding of Carl and y/n” he whispers then coughs to get away the lump in his throat, I take his hands that are holding the letter and rub circles over them. He exhales deeply. “You were my mother in this apocalypse, a better mother than my own ever was or could have been. I loved you with all my heart and you didn’t deserve the way you died. I don’t care what Rick or Carl or anybody said, you did your best and you were a wonderful mother. I wish I got to have more time with you, I wish you were here on my wedding day, brushing my hair like you did every day, preparing me to marry your son. I am one of or the luckiest people to have met you and you’re family. I wish you could be here to see our wedding and see Judith grow up. She’s so wonderful, she’s starting to look like you. I wish I could tell you how much I love your son, how he is my rock and without him, I’d simply die. I wish you could see the birth of your grandchild, or even meet Michonne. Probably a touchy subject but she’s Ricks new girlfriend, she is amazing. She takes care of all of us and she keeps Rick happy, all of us which is the most important thing right. I love you and miss you, so much.” Carl finishes with a whisper. 

Everyone just stares at me. Michonne and Rick take my hands, both of them giving me a meaningful kiss. I just smile at them, tears pooling in my eyes. 

Carl wraps his arms around me and puts his head on my back, then moves up and rests it on my shoulder. He rubs my stomach and then puts his hands back to my thighs but I gasp and stand up holding my stomach. I start crying and everyone jumps to their feet. 
“Baby what’s wrong?” Carl panics. I just laugh through my tears walking towards him, taking his hands on my stomach. “what-” he starts but then looks up at me wide eyes. 
“what is happening?” Rick grits. 
“Squid, they’re moving, kicking” Carl stutters bending down to my stomach. He places a kiss on my belly button. “baby” he whispers resting his head on my stomach. I stroke through his hair as he whispers into my stomach, to quiet for any of us to hear. He stands up and Rick rushes to me, he holds his hand out and looks up at me expectantly. I bite my lip and nod. He places his hand on my stomach and squid kicks again. He lets out a little sob, Michonne places her hand on next and the baby kicks against her hand too. They look at each other then at me. 

“this is amazing” she whispers hugging me. I hug her back and when we break away everyone has a little feel for squid. Maggie is last and she places her hand on my stomach, she smiles and goes to say something before she gasps and clutches her own stomach. 

“Maggie” I gasp. She grabs my hand. 
“my babies coming!” she grits. My eyes widen. 
“now?” I gulp. She screams. 
“yes, now” she pants her grip on my hand tightening. Rick jumps into action grabbing the wheelchair we kept in here for emergencies and rushing her out to the infirmary. The doctor from the hilltop had joined us recently so he could be here for both of our babies. The entire way there her hand never leaves mine. Everybody else follows behind us. We get in there and Harlan looks up from the medical book her was reading and gets the bed ready. He puts gloves on and jumps into action doing his doctor things. 

“Maggie, how far apart are the contractions?” He asks quickly. 
“about 2 minutes” she grits squeezing my hand that had gone white. His face pales and he nods. 
“this baby is coming right now!” he panics. Out of respect Sasha, Rosita, Daryl, Carl and Rick leave, leaving Michonne and I. Michonne takes Ricks place on the other side of Maggie and we help her through. 
“Push” Harlan spits. She does so and screams out while she’s doing so. 
“come on Maggie, you’re doing great.” Michonne soothes, I just stand there in shock. She is sweating and crying. 
“one more push and they’ll be out!” Harlan mutters. Maggie nods and exhales, then inhales a lot. She nods at me and I hold her hand tighter. 
“come on mags” I soothe and that pushes her over the edge, her eyes snap shut and she pushes as hard as she can, screaming and groaning. The baby comes out and starts crying, Maggie sighs and lays back. Harlan wraps the small baby up and hands it to Maggie, she starts crying. 
“what is it?” Michonne asks looking at Harlan. 
“It’s a boy” Maggie whispers. “It’s a little Glenn” she exclaims letting the tears drip down. Michonne and I both start crying too. I sit in the chair next to Maggie, just as tired as she is. Michonne and Harlan leave to give us some privacy. She turns over to face me with a tired smile. 

“are you ok?” she asks concerned when she sees me fiddling with my fingers and biting my lip anxiously. I nod half-heartedly then shake my head with tears streaming. 
“I don’t know if I can do it” I sob. She sighs and brings her hand up resting it on my cheek. 
“you are one of the bravest people here, you’re braver than Gabriel” she laughs and I giggle too. “you can do this, and you’re going to bring a beautiful baby into this world and they are going to play with they’re cousin and aunt Judith all day long” she smiles and I nod back. “you want to hold him?” she mutters. 
“yes” I whisper back, biting my lip. She hands me the tiny baby and he nuzzles into me when he settles in my arms. 
“see you’re a natural, not that we had any doubt. We watched you with Judith you know before all of this happened. You are great with her.” She says. I smile back. 
“you think?” I mumble. 
“definitely” we hear a male voice say and our heads snap to the door. Carl is standing there with an unreadable expression, the others standing behind him staring at the baby in my arms. 
“oh hey” I say standing up, looking at Maggie who nods I head over to Rick and hand him the baby. He holds out his finger and the baby grips to it tightly. 
“just like Glenn” he teases looking up at Maggie who nods. Carl wraps his arms around me. 
“I think you’re ready” he whispers pecking my forehead. 
“you heard that?” I sigh. 
“yeah, but you’re going to be the best mother” he encourages. I smile up at him, nuzzling my head into his neck, rubbing my nose up and down as a silent ‘I love you’. He holds my stomach and the baby kicks again. I look up at him with a grin. 
“someone likes their daddy a lot.” I tease and he just smiles back, watching everyone meet Maggie’s baby, Maggie accidentally falling asleep in the corner. I catch her and giggle a little to myself, I don’t blame her. 

anonymous asked:

If you're taking prompts rn,so I startle excessively easy and it's just annoying and no I've ever met/read about does that, and I was just wondering if maybe you could write something where Maggie does for whatever reason and Alex is a nice supportive girlfriend, I'm real embarrassed about this b/c my friend raised a book so I could move and I flinched really hard and she thinks I'm weird now. You don't have to, but thank you anyway, do or don't it means a lot. Thank you

You are not alone in this at all, wonderful Anon!!! Thank you for reaching out and asking: I hope this satisfies!! <3 <3 <3

Maggie Sawyer is unmovable in the field.

She can unmovingly stare down the barrel of a gun, and she can keep herself steady enough, calm enough, sturdy enough, to grapple down men twice her size.

Out in the world, she is unmovable, because she forces herself to be.

But when her fingers aren’t curled into fists, when her fingers aren’t curled around the cool metal of her gun?

Maggie Sawyer is jumpy. She’s shaky and she’s wide-eyed and she startles easily, so easily.

Alex discovers this more quickly than she figures out why.

She discovers it because Maggie is cooking, and Maggie’s got her headphones in, and she’s rocking her hips gently to music and she’s humming to herself, and Alex loves it, because this is her girlfriend, her girlfriend in her apartment, cooking them both dinner.

So she goes up behind her and she puts soft hands on Maggie’s hips.

And Maggie jumps, and Maggie yelps, and Maggie trembles.

Alex jumps back like she’s been burned, hands up in surrender, hands up in I’m sorry it’s only me don’t worry I’m not going to hurt you I’m sorry.

Alex says nothing, letting Maggie catch her breath, letting Maggie collect herself.

“Sorry Danvers,” she says, pulling out on of her earpods and pretending to laugh it off, but Alex knows her, and Alex knows she’s trying to hide how shaken she is. “Was a little wrapped in my own world for a minute there.”

Alex lets it drop, nodding and softly smiling in understanding but not pushing the subject, because she’s never seen Maggie look so uncomfortable.

It happens again when Alex is sitting on the floor, her back against Maggie’s legs as Maggie sits on the couch and plays with her hair while Alex reads, glasses on and breathing soft and even. Relaxed.

Until suddenly, Alex sits up straighter, exclaiming excitedly, because in her reading, she’s just cracked a chemical equation she’s been puzzling over for weeks.

And Maggie flinches, Maggie startles, Maggie bites her lip painfully to keep down the yelp, at the suddenness of Alex’s movement, at the suddenness of Alex’s sound.

Alex turns and kneels and puts her hands on Maggie’s thighs.

“I’m sorry, babe, I just… I just realized something about some chemical thing. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Maggie tries to shove it off again. “You didn’t scare me, Danvers.”

Alex just looks up at her softly and sighs, and rubs her hands up and down Maggie’s thighs, soothingly, soothingly.

No one has ever done that.

No one has ever looked at her gently, apologized quietly for startling her. No one has ever looked at her like she deserves to be soothed, like she deserves to be held, like she deserves to be paid attention to.

Everyone else has always looked at her like something is wrong with her. Everyone else has always looked at her like she’s an annoyance, like she’s an embarrassment.

But Alex Danvers? Alex Danvers is on her knees, in her glasses, a look of pure love, a look of pure concern on her face, because Alex Danvers notices, and Alex Danvers doesn’t mind, and Alex Danvers wants to help, because Alex Danvers cares.

And that’s what breaks Maggie, and that’s what heals her.

“Sudden sounds and sudden movements… sudden touches… I get…”

“Startled,” Alex supplies softly, a small, sweet smile on her face as she reaches up slowly, slowly, slowly, waiting for Maggie’s nod before she proceeds, to stroke Maggie’s cheek.

Maggie nods and turns her face into Alex’s soft touch. “I’m sorry, I know it’s annoying – “

Alex shakes her head vehemently and she leans up slowly, slowly, to kiss Maggie’s nose, her eyes, her forehead, her chin, her cheeks, her mouth.

“You are never annoying, Mags. You’re perfect, babe. If you startle easily, then it’s my job to slow down around you, and I will. I will. I’ve got you, Maggie. I’ve got you. Okay?”

Maggie chokes on tears because no one else has ever… ever.

She nods because she can’t speak, and Alex crawls up onto the couch and holds out her arms for Maggie to slip into. She gathers her up and she pulls a blanket over them both, and she kisses Maggie’s hair and she hums softly in her ear.

“I love you,” she whispers when Maggie’s breathing evens out. “I love you so, so much, Maggie Sawyer. Exactly like you are.”

My Boys: Better Days - Chapter 2

Hey Guys, here goes a faster update.

thanks @soccerplusgirl for being an amazing beta.

My Boys: Better Days - Chapter 2

“Amelia, this is not the best way to do that,” Owen tried to be gentle as he observed Amelia’s awful gift wrapping skills “It shouldn’t have loose ends.” He explained, trying hard not to be cynical.

Amelia gave him an icy glance and sighed out loud.

“Fine,” She gave up, more amused than she would ever admit “You finish this and I’ll go make us coffee.”

It was early Saturday morning, and they were using the time when the boys were still asleep to wrap the Christmas gifts they had gotten during the week. The kitchen table held a pile of cars, balls, lego sets, and action figures.

“Who’s getting a plush Darth Vader figure?” Owen frowned at the toy, inspecting it.

“Danny. You know how obsessed with Star Wars he’s become.”

“This is just wrong,” Owen scowled at the toy “Darth Vader isn’t supposed to be cute and fluffy. He is dark and cruel.”

“Exactly,” Amelia stared at him. “I don’t want my toddler with an evil doll. The cute one is more positive.” She argued.

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by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairing: Alex/Maggie

Rating: T

Author’s Note: I don’t usually have the time to do prompts, but @ally77blr asked for a Sanvers story incorporating the tattoo Chyler has on her back and I was too intrigued to resist. Hope you like it!


“How do you want to play this?” Maggie glanced back at Alex, as the taller woman settled into a crouch behind her. Alex was geared up in her DEO finest, from her gear-laden tactical vest to her combat boots. Maggie wondered what it said about her that she found the look hot as hell.

“Your op, Detective Sawyer,” Alex replied, keeping things formal with a small team lingering behind them. Maggie decided Alex giving her complete control was kind of hot too. Alex’s dark eyes sparkled in the low light, though, amusement lifting the corners of her lips only enough for Maggie to notice. The agent seemed to be reading Maggie’s mind.

Maggie shook her head, banishing her warm feelings for the woman while she focused on the job at hand. She clicked on her walkie, relaying commands to the three other teams in a low tone. When she was done, she glanced back at Alex. “Stay on my six, Danvers.”

“Happy to.”

Snorting softly, Maggie shook her head again and ordered the strike.


Slipping off her kevlar vest, Maggie tossed it in the back of the police cruiser. Her damp black t-shirt clung uncomfortably to her skin and she plucked at the front of it, billowing it out to stir a little air.

“Nice job.” Alex appeared on her right, still looking cool and collected in her gear. “That went off without a hitch.”

“Once in awhile they do.” Maggie reached out, flicking one of the many objects on Alex’s vest. “You ever actually use this stuff?”

Alex grinned. “Always prepared.”

“Yeah. You’re a regular boy scout, aren’t you?” Maggie teased before releasing a tired but pleased sigh. “You’ve gotta be hot, though. Feel free to take that damn thing off.”

“You trying to get me to strip, Detective?” Alex asked with humor. They’d been dating a few weeks now, but things hadn’t progressed beyond kissing, cuddling, and cautious, but clothed, explorations of one another. The last few days, Alex had been throwing up hints left and right that Maggie had the green light to push things further. Tomorrow night, Maggie planned to do just that after their date.

“When I finally get you to strip, it’s going to be for me and for me only.” Maggie stepped closer, murmuring the words so none of the other strike team members would hear. A few of them had already left, hauling the suspects off to be processed, but a handful remained, watching over the crime scene techs as they got to work.

Alex’s eyebrows lifted at that, but she swallowed, clearly affected by the suggestion. She reached around, ripping the velcro straps on her sides free before carefully lifting the vest over her head and stowing it. Maggie grinned as Alex leaned past her, her black polo riding up and exposing a strip of Alex’s back.

Maggie went still in shock. “Is that a…” Her fingers brushed over a swath of color on Alex’s skin, just above her black cargo pants, and Alex bolted upright so fast she nearly hit her head on the open trunk.

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Teddy Bear Picnic- 1p2p Ame single dad au

It’s every parent’s nightmare- waking up and finding their child nowhere in sight. Tommy hadn’t even been out that long nor had he meant to fall asleep. The park is always a little lonely on Thursday morning, and Tommy likes to take little Amelia out to play. He’d been sitting on a bench watching his adventurous 8 month old baby girl, Amelia, play in the sand.

The thing is, though, that he’d also been up until 3 with her. She’d been colicky and angry, crying as hard as she could. It’d taken Tommy hours to soothe her down and get her to fall asleep. The little girl’s mom had showed up with a baby and a birth certificate that listed him as the father before dropping off the map again. So he’s always dealing with all these late night angry baby fits on his own.

Honestly, Tommy isn’t even sure if the girl is biologically his, but blood has never been a great indicator that people will get along. All Tommy knows is that little girl is his in all the ways that count, and he adores her.

Which is why when he wakes up on the park bench he’s in an utter panic.

It had been an accident. After being up so late and with the sun so warm, he’d found himself dozing. He should’ve picked his girl up instantly the first time his eyes started to close, but she’d been so happy playing in the sand that it felt mean to end her play so soon. They hadn’t even been there that long yet, and Amelia would’ve definitely kicked up a fuss.

Still, a fuss is much better than missing. He begins to shout for her, panic in his voice as he looks around for places that might have tempted the girl to crawl off- if she’d just went on an adventure and someone else hadn’t picked her up…

Bile riles in his throat at the thought, and he shouts louder, pausing between to listen for her tiny baby voice to answer.

Amelia!? Amelia!!!”

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how a kiss should taste (1/2)

supergirl, alex/maggie, 2k words.

in which they’re both waiting for the other to make a move, and alex finally does. explicit. [ao3]

Maggie starts to make a habit of showing up at Alex’s apartment on Friday nights. It’s gotten to the point that just getting out of work on Friday gives Alex a little flutter in her stomach, the kind that people apparently feel when they’re in the beginning of a relationship with someone they’re actually interested in. Who knew that romantic comedies were only lying ninety percent of the time?

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