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1RM week comes to a close, overall a great week for my #gainz I added 25lbs to my front squat (280lbs) and 30lbs to my bench (290lbs). I think my body genetically thinks it skips leg day. #crossfit #villagecrossfit #strongertodaythanyesterday #startingstrength (at Village CrossFit)

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*Pats self on back* (Yesterday's Workout)

Despite being ridiculously hung over and not feeling an ounce ready for the demands of yesterday’s workout, I finally squatted 200# and pressed 95# (the bigger 25# plates make me look bad ass lol) And not to mention,  I’m super close to hitting a 250# dead lift.

Squats- 45x5x2, 85x5, 125x3, 165x2, 200x3x4

The first set felt super heavy on my back. In my head I was like “oh shit, this is going to be bad.” A bit of a grind on all sets (or at least it felt that way), but I got through it. It feels awesome breaking the 200 mark. *Pats self on back* Video coming soon.

Press- 45x5, 60x5, 75x3, 85x2, 95x2, 95x3x3

I only got 2 reps up on the first set. Not enough hip drive or rest after heavy squats. Set 2 was a grind and a half. It felt like an hour went by for one rep. I redeemed myself on the last two sets though.

Dead lift- 135x5, 175x3, 215x2, 240x5

Overall a great workout. It took way too long to recover, but that was my own doing. 

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1RM week concluded, overall very pleased with my progress. Made huge #gainz on all my lifts. Today front squat was 280lbs and bench was 290lbs. #crossfit #villagecrossfit #strongertodaythanyesterday #startingstrength (at Village CrossFit)

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Yesterday's Workout

It was a light squat day, but I still felt the need to flex my “guns” in my new beast mode t-shirt. It’s been quite the emotional roller coaster over the past couple of weeks, so this simple thing somehow made it easier to focus.

Squats- 45x5x2, 85x5, 115x5, 135x5, 155x5

Bench- 45x5, 65x5, 85x3, 100x2, 115x4x3

My bench hasn’t felt heavy in a long time, but today it felt more like a grind. Still got through all of it with no missed reps. 

Chins- Assisted x5x3, x10

Ugh, I hate chins, but I am getting stronger. I will do body weight pull-ups!

Today's Workout- Beast Mode
Today I worked from 6:15am-8:30pm and somehow managed to muster up a beast mode of a workout. I even wore my fancy new T-shirt. See below.

Squats- 45x5x2, 85x5, 125x3, 165x2, 195x3x4

So close to 200#! First two sets felt heavy as shit, but the last two felt awesome. Can’t wait to break the 200 mark. 

Press- 45x5, 60x5, 72.5x3, 82.5x2, 92.5x3x4

Once again so close to another bench mark. 25# plates here I come!

DL- 135x5, 175x3, 205x1, 235x5

Felt a bit shaky on the 4th rep, but settled in and finished strong on the 5th.

Now I must sleep, it’s been a really long day. 


380x5 deadlift at a bodyweight of ~186lbs #deadlifts @crossfitmidline #strength #startingstrength #500

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