- ̗̀ 18.01.17: Preparing in advance for 2nd year ̖́-

Is it okay for studyblrs to post about reflecting on failures and steps going forward?
Well YOLO because I am. Uni hasn’t started yet for me but I’m working on doing as much as I can in advance beforehand. I unfortunately didn’t pass my first semester of politics and I’m repeating. I made the constant mistake of studying from annotated slides more than my textbook. Working on making sure that doesn’t happen again by going step by step with my syllabus and answering all the outcomes from my holy grail textbooks. Step in the right direction…right? ❁


Haven’t drawn my space boyfriend in a hot minute. Then I decided a mugshot would be an acceptable subject for some reason lmao.

So long story short, Weyoun, Dukat and Quark are all in trouble (hint: Weyoun started a barfight) and Weyoun is like “YOLO” which is so redonk because I mean, he has lived like eight times so far XD

I just really wanted to draw Weyoun, leave me al on e.