• (after watching chapter 11)
  • Rooster Teeth:So...what did you think?
  • Me:*takes all of the RWBY characters*
  • Rooster Teeth:Wait-
  • Me:*wraps them all up in a fuzzy blanket and gives them some hot cocoa*
  • Rooster Teeth:What-
  • Me:*gently places them all out of Rooster Teeth's reach*
  • Rooster Teeth:But-
  • Me:You can have them back when you learn to LOVE THEM and TREAT THEM WITH SOME GODDAMN RESPECT

style test, just in case i actually start that personality swap au ask blog i always wanted to do

i have a lot of variations of my art style, but this takes the least effort tbh….. at the same time it fits the ask blog feel??? i guess???? 


I   c a n t   b r e a t h e

10 Pagan Prompts

(inspired by @edderkopper)

  1. Discuss a part of nature with significant meaning to you.  What does it represent or mean to you?  How does it impact your practice?
  2. Consider a deity/spirit/being you honor.  What sort of guidance have they offered you?  How have they impacted your life?
  3. Think of a pagan holiday you celebrate.  What is an overarching theme of that holiday? (ex: selflessness, simplicity, family, romance, grieving, letting things go, thankfulness…)
  4. Share a story of a memorable holiday celebration.  What did you do?  What made it so memorable?
  5. Share a lyric/quote/prayer that has impacted or is a part of your practice.
  6. Describe one of your favorite ways of interacting with/honoring nature.
  7. How has one of your identities impacted your experience of paganism or interactions with other pagans?  (Ex: race, disability, sexuality, gender, language, age…)
  8. How has/does/might your family view(ed) your paganism?  How have/might they react(ed) to your practice?
  9. How has an experience of grief impacted your practice?
  10. Share a favorite craft, recipe, or activity related to your path.

if you answer any of these, please tag me?  I would love to read about your practice!!