just gonna drop every gf-related doodle i’ve drawn this month here, because boy have i slacked off on actually posting stuff lately. 



i forgot to mention here! the next portion of The Swaingels has been sketched out! i actually just have some intro stuff, filler feature pieces, and cover stuff to work on–and i posted the sketch for the cover with this part, too! (ALSO, if you couldn’t tell, this is based on Jason Manns–this is pretty much how i imagined Station Breaks was formed)

so i have about 60 pages i need to clean up already?? my original goal was to have this finished by nashville, but now i’m keeping my fingers crossed for seattle. i’ve come to the conclusion that with this one i’ll probably try to sell digital versions of it, and have a pretty small physical stock


chronicles of bakugou-sensei pt.2


The Most Popular Overwatch Ships

(according to Archive of Our Own)

Out of 10,998 fics: (as of February 20th, 2017)

1. McCree/Hanzo (2137)

2. Soldier 76/Reaper (1885)

3. Pharah/Mercy (899)

4. Roadhog/Junkrat (597)

5. Widowmaker/Tracer (587)

Compare to these stats taken on January 10th. Most significant change is that Roadrat has taken #4 away from Widowtracer by only 10 fics. Reaper76 has gotten the biggest spike with over 400 new fics in the last six weeks.

Why start off soft when you can just make angst?

blame @spaceliondad and her AA streams, because the S3 ending gave me serious Doctor who and rose vibes. Tony would make a fantastic Doctor, he already has the guilt.

In all seriousness, thanks to Erica for introducing me to the gold that is AA, and providing the opportunity to meet awesome people in the fandom, I had a blast.