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Closed RP//yowzariversong

John Smith hadn’t been in the school long. In fact, he had only started working there that year, and he was still quite shy around his co-workers. He was an English teacher, with a doctorate in philology, and people usually teased him about being a simple teacher in a local high school. But honestly he couldn’t see himself anywhere else.

He had been walking through the hallways carrying some books, stacked all the way up until his eye-level, that he needed for the next lesson. Of course he didn’t see the person walking towards him until they both crashed and his books scattered through the ground. He looked up at the woman and his cheeks blushed almost instantly. Of course, it had to be her.

They had been running into each other for the past two months, and getting stuck in all kind of situations, normally to John’s embarrassment. He started to apologise but only managed to stutter terribly, and finally looked down at his books. He knelt to pick them up. “I’m so very sorry, Miss Song,” he muttered, but suddenly got up, wide eyed, “it is Miss, isn’t it? I didn’t mean to offend you, I just…” he added, way too quickly to allow her to speak. He stopped and leaned again silently, suddenly wishing the ground would swallow him up.