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omg do you have any headcanons abt trans yurio bc im in tears over your art


(this turned out so much longer than i intended and it includes headcanons about everyone else too but WHATEVER HERE YOU GO)

- viktor is the first person yurio comes out to (he knows viktor is bigender so he trusts him with this)
- viktor immediately goes into supportive dad mode and starts buying yurio all new clothes
he is ready to fight anyone who misgenders yurio
- he makes yurio hot cocoa whenever he has cramps and then calls otabek over to spend time with him

- yurio is terrified of coming out to his grandpa at first (yurio trusts and loves him but that just makes the possibility of rejection scarier)
- his grandpa doesn’t quite get it at first but he tells yurio he’ll always be there for him no matter what and is careful not to misgender yurio from then on
- he ends up doing lots of research on different gender identities and things he can do to make yurio more comfortable about himself

- yuuri ends up getting yurio his first binder for his birthday
- yurio cries and won’t leave yuuri’s side for the rest of the day; they end up falling asleep cuddled together on the couch
- viktor takes pictures
- the next morning yurio threatens murder if they ever speak a word about his reactions to anyone
- viktor has already posted the photos on his instagram, so…
- “Then I guess you’re getting fucking murdered.”

- yurio comes out to otabek a few weeks after they become friends
- otabek blinks and says “Oh, ok. I’m nonbinary so…”
- and then they bond over their mutual transness
- yurio does otabek’s makeup sometimes and otabek gives him all of his sick biker jackets that don’t fit him anymore

- yurio is honestly a little offended that yuuri never officially came out to him as genderfluid (he figures out because of an offhanded comment from viktor)
- “What the hell, have I been using the wrong pronouns for you this whole time?!”
- Yuuri shrugs and laughs. “No, any pronouns are fine with me.”
- “Well…you still should have told me, katsudon. It’s…it’s cool.”
- “I know it’s cool.”
- “Pff, shut up.”

- yurio quickly finds out that there are barely any people in their friend group who aren’t lgbt+
- chris has a boyfriend, phichit is bi and aro, guang hong and leo are dating, seung-gil is nonbinary and into dudes
- when he comes out to them, they all sort of laugh and give him a big group hug with a “welcome to the club!”

- he comes out to yuko via text and she writes a long ass message back gushing about how proud of him she is and that she loves him so much

- mila reaffirms yurio’s manliness whenever he gets dysphoric and slips phrases like “my boi/my guy/my dude” in everyday conversations
- she and viktor have an unspoken agreement to give anyone who deliberately misgenders him the asswhoopin of a lifetime

- yurio starts T when he’s 17 and literally nobody has ever seen him this cheerful
- he doesn’t squirm when viktor kisses him on the forehead
- he actually willingly hugs Yuuri while he’s making dinner
- he posts selfies on his instagram of him smiling and documenting the changes in his body ever since starting T

basically i have way too many feelings about trans yurio don ttouch me


Ok so here is the household I’m probably gonna start to play with soon and I thought I should introduce them. I usually make pretty boring sims so I tried to give them actually interesting traits this time. More about the sims under “keep reading”. This post is gonna be full of grammar mistakes ohmygod.

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I saw this post about an Ace Attorney character concept where the witness only makes emoji faces to express emotions (and their name is Eemo Jee) and thought I’d try to design them!! Other bad pun names include Chell Jones, Connie Nexton, Winona Fiona, and Rei Tweet.

I tried to be pretty simple with her design, while still trying to make her personality stand out.  She’d probably be involved in a case as a witness because the selfies she posted online were taken at the time and place of a murder or she blogged about it.

During her testimony, she would occasionally speak in hashtags and start typing on her phone when she’s nervous. And her breakdown would be THIS (rapid flashing warning):

guess i just made an ace attorney oc WELP

Peter + Wade

- Peter starting an instagram or vine or something.

- Peter really regretting that if he starts one as Spiderman it’d pretty much give JJ free material and cut into his funds.

- Wade starting a Deadpool vine/instagram and taking the worst pictures ever.

- Wade and Peter crashing Comic-Con in their costumes when they both realize the other’s never been.

- Peter convincing Wade to take normal, civilian selfies.

- Wade taking a few but not posting them anywhere.

- Peter offering selfie swaps and Wade finally taking more.

- Wade taking a metric ton of selfies with them both while they’re on dates or chilling.

- Wade and Peter trying to come up with costume ideas for the next comic-con.

- (So no one dies of asphyxiation. Anyway, there were way too many of them around)

- Wade suggesting things like stormtroopers, and the Hound and zombie!Khal Drogo

- Peter pointing out that they’re boring; and he’s not dressing as Leia or Daenerys anyway

- Wade asking him what he wants him to go as - a Human Being?

- Peter realizing after he hits him he was making a community joke

- Peter giving up for the moment; and the two cuddling up to watch movies

- Wade trying to cheer Peter up after something happens.

- Wade realizing that he’s actually a pretty decent cook when he tries.

- Peter perching up on the fridge with his cellphone while he cooks.

- Peter taking advantage of the position to get new pics for the phone.

- Peter watching as Wade’s apartment gets cleaner with each visit.

- Wade getting thrilled when Peter keeps getting more relaxed around him.

- Both of them realizing how much better they sleep with the other around.

- Wade trying to do his own patrols.
- Peter asking, after the first patrol, for him to leave the weapons behind.
- Wade pointing out that would leave him punching people.
- The two of them coming to agreement on a middle ground.
- Wade buying out the nerf section of the Times Square Toys R Us.
- Wade patrolling with nerf swords and guns, and zip ties.
- Wade borrowing the bad guys’ phones to call the cops and tell them where to look.
- Peter letting him come on patrol with him after he’s behaved a few months.

-Peter having the realization that he finally has someone;
- it’d be next to impossible to lose
- he doesn’t need to worry will get hurt
- even if it still gives him a heart attack seriously Wade

- Peter and Wade fighting over blankets in the winter
- Huddling on rooftops to try to warm up during patrols
- Wade throwing snowballs at the bad guys to save ammo
- It’s super effective
- Building snowmen on the roof
- Getting in frozen to the bone and making hot chocolate
- Wade making snow cones later that night with real snow

- Wade keeping a battery powered fan in a belt pocket in the summer
- Both of them hiding on a roof with their masks off fanning themselves
- Shoving blankets in the freezer when the AC goes out at Wade’s

Feli: lots of capslock, abbreviates everything on whatsapp to the point only italians understand (Ludwig has given up at this point), way too personal on twitter, very sarcastic. Will start a political discussion on facebook and no one can stop him. The guy who posts too many selfies and has a very popular tinder.

Gil: The guy who worships Gronkh to an unhealthy degree. Always tags you in everything on facebook and browses privately for light smut because he’s too embarassed to admit he is *gasp* looking at pictures of couples making out on the internet. Will refer to this activity as “watching porn” to other guys in order to make himself look cool.

Lud: Very innocent. Comments on every youtube video he watches with “great work” even if it’s just a reupload. Is responsible for the dog videos on your facebook. He has a pinterest but doesn’t openly admit it (it’s for baking). Tries really hard to understand Feliciano in the whatsapp group chat but can’t keep up. Recently bought himself a manual on text speak from 2013 and studies it like a foreign language. Often asks what “idk” means which leads to much frustration.


i was tagged by @actualhawke and @nonbinaryhamlet to do a six favorite selfies from 2015 so here’s this

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Hello to the cutest people ever!
I’ve been feeling really Christmassy and fluffy, so I decided to share some of my love! You guys are amazing, every single one of you, you make my days better with you gifs, fics, graphics, selfies, text posts etc., and I couldn’t be more grateful four you guys! Thank you all for being my friend (whether you want that or not, you are! mehehe), and thank you for being awesome!
I wish you all a beautiful Christmas with your friend, family and loved ones, a happy New Year, and a stress-free Winter break! (Don’t forget to be safe during these times!!!)

sidenote: I’m starting to realize that I didn’t put way too many of you guys here, but with new Holidays urls, themes, icons etc, I’m not able to find you all, but you’re all still my baes!!
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