starting to post way too many selfies

Feli: lots of capslock, abbreviates everything on whatsapp to the point only italians understand (Ludwig has given up at this point), way too personal on twitter, very sarcastic. Will start a political discussion on facebook and no one can stop him. The guy who posts too many selfies and has a very popular tinder.

Gil: The guy who worships Gronkh to an unhealthy degree. Always tags you in everything on facebook and browses privately for light smut because he’s too embarassed to admit he is *gasp* looking at pictures of couples making out on the internet. Will refer to this activity as “watching porn” to other guys in order to make himself look cool.

Lud: Very innocent. Comments on every youtube video he watches with “great work” even if it’s just a reupload. Is responsible for the dog videos on your facebook. He has a pinterest but doesn’t openly admit it (it’s for baking). Tries really hard to understand Feliciano in the whatsapp group chat but can’t keep up. Recently bought himself a manual on text speak from 2013 and studies it like a foreign language. Often asks what “idk” means which leads to much frustration.

Peter + Wade

- Peter starting an instagram or vine or something.

- Peter really regretting that if he starts one as Spiderman it’d pretty much give JJ free material and cut into his funds.

- Wade starting a Deadpool vine/instagram and taking the worst pictures ever.

- Wade and Peter crashing Comic-Con in their costumes when they both realize the other’s never been.

- Peter convincing Wade to take normal, civilian selfies.

- Wade taking a few but not posting them anywhere.

- Peter offering selfie swaps and Wade finally taking more.

- Wade taking a metric ton of selfies with them both while they’re on dates or chilling.

- Wade and Peter trying to come up with costume ideas for the next comic-con.

- (So no one dies of asphyxiation. Anyway, there were way too many of them around)

- Wade suggesting things like stormtroopers, and the Hound and zombie!Khal Drogo

- Peter pointing out that they’re boring; and he’s not dressing as Leia or Daenerys anyway

- Wade asking him what he wants him to go as - a Human Being?

- Peter realizing after he hits him he was making a community joke

- Peter giving up for the moment; and the two cuddling up to watch movies

- Wade trying to cheer Peter up after something happens.

- Wade realizing that he’s actually a pretty decent cook when he tries.

- Peter perching up on the fridge with his cellphone while he cooks.

- Peter taking advantage of the position to get new pics for the phone.

- Peter watching as Wade’s apartment gets cleaner with each visit.

- Wade getting thrilled when Peter keeps getting more relaxed around him.

- Both of them realizing how much better they sleep with the other around.

- Wade trying to do his own patrols.
- Peter asking, after the first patrol, for him to leave the weapons behind.
- Wade pointing out that would leave him punching people.
- The two of them coming to agreement on a middle ground.
- Wade buying out the nerf section of the Times Square Toys R Us.
- Wade patrolling with nerf swords and guns, and zip ties.
- Wade borrowing the bad guys’ phones to call the cops and tell them where to look.
- Peter letting him come on patrol with him after he’s behaved a few months.

-Peter having the realization that he finally has someone;
- it’d be next to impossible to lose
- he doesn’t need to worry will get hurt
- even if it still gives him a heart attack seriously Wade

- Peter and Wade fighting over blankets in the winter
- Huddling on rooftops to try to warm up during patrols
- Wade throwing snowballs at the bad guys to save ammo
- It’s super effective
- Building snowmen on the roof
- Getting in frozen to the bone and making hot chocolate
- Wade making snow cones later that night with real snow

- Wade keeping a battery powered fan in a belt pocket in the summer
- Both of them hiding on a roof with their masks off fanning themselves
- Shoving blankets in the freezer when the AC goes out at Wade’s