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“It was always a circle, from our hero’s family home to an underworld to the rallying of the tropes, and Gareth always wanted to get Jyn back home again; it starts with the home and end with (a metaphorical) home.”  - The Art of Rogue One, Josh Kushins

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I read somewhere one time, that the reason we always go back to the person that hurt us. Is that its easier to get back with someone that already knows everything about you, then to start over. It’s natural for us as humans to wanna keep things the same. Such as eating at the same restaurant and ordering the same meal every time. Having to let a new person learn everything about you, even the things you might not want them to know isn’t easy. Having to introduce them to your family, hoping that they will accept them just like they did with your ex, makes that first family gathering stressful. Hoping that he will accept you once he learns all your flaws, and even going through your first fight can be difficult as you don’t know what he does when he’s mad/upset. Even though you know going back to your ex is a bad idea and that things really haven’t changed. It’s what seems like the easiest option so thus that's what you do, knowing, in the end, it’s not going to work. 

“I know I shouldn’t miss him,” she whispers into her glass of whiskey. “I know he chose not to want me anymore and I can’t force him in my life, even though having in my life would be equally painful,” her lip trembles as she brushes away a rouge tear. “But he was the first person in a long time that felt like he knew me. I wasn’t pretending, I felt like I could be myself around him. I let him in, I started to trust him and now he’s just gone.” She gulps down the rest of her drink and slams it down, tears now flowing freely.

Her friend studies her, rolling the unlit cigarette between her fingers.
“You miss him now, but eventually you won’t. He’ll just become someone you started to love. Someone who taught you that you can love again.” Her friend flicks the lighter and takes a drag of her now lit cigarette. “Maybe, that’s the only reason he came into your life. As a short sweet lesson who wasn’t meant to be permanent, but to show you that you are capable of love again.”

—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write.

endless list of favourite characters: nathan drake (uncharted)

yeah, well, you know, as thrilling as the next adventure might be, in the end…you’re always left with that same feeling. sometimes you gotta…choose what you’re gonna keep and…and what you’re gonna let go.


“I had to buy him some time and had to tell me, you know.”


You loved that woman, Vicomte. What’s more, you still do. Quite desperately. If you had not been so ashamed of it, how could you have treated her so viciously? – Christopher Hampton, Les liaisons dangereuses