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hello! i always see people say they'd like louis to be asked more deep and thoughtful questions that show just how intelligent and amazing he is! what sort of questions would you like louis to be asked?

Hi anon :) 

This is a wonderful question!! I would love to just hear more about the entire music/writing process (I’d also like to hear him talk about politics because I feel he cares a lot but I doubt that would ever happen haha): 

1) Is it a deliberate choice to now sing in his own accent as opposed to the American one they all adopted within 1D

2) when he writes a song - does he start with the melody concept or a lyric, or more of a story concept? 

3) when creating a melody, does he prefer piano or guitar-based? Does he play the melodies himself? 

4) does he use voice notes when noting things down for songs? 

5) where does he prefer to write? Julia Michaels said she can’t write on the road, but needs to be in a specific space to get the creative juices flowing. Does he relate to that? 

6) Does it feel different to not have to write on the road? 

7) Does he prefer writing with the same group of people or does he like switching it up? 

8) When choosing people to collaborate or write with, how does that go? Does he have a particular concept he knows those people will be able to help him with, or does he have particular people in mind he’d love to work with and therefore books a session with? 

9) Does he think about narration when he writes a song? (ie from what/whose perspective he’s telling the story) 

10) What is the song he’s most proud of, sonically and lyrically? 

11) His tracks so far are quite eclectic/varied in sound. What style does he think fits his voice the best? And what will be the unifying/converging element on his album that’ll make all these songs into a cohesive unit? 

12) Would he rather make music he’s proud of, or songs he knows fans will like? 

13) How does he feel about pop activism? Should all songs evoke feeling or should we draw meaning from them? 

14) What does he think about fans taking a song and making it into their own anthem that they ascribe meaning to - when he hasn’t talked about the meaning of the song himself?

Also feel free to add your questions I’m sure people have loads more :)  

Repercussions When Dating In School

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Pairing(s): Sehun x Reader, Namjoon x Reader(Brief)

Warning(s): Implied Smut, Angst, Implied Professor/College Student Relationship

A/N: So this is something I wrote a while ago, it’s not that great but I hope you guys like it.

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ID #58332

Name: Dom
Age: 16
Country: Sweden

Hi I’m Dom and I’m just a short dude from Sweden. I mainly went on here to look for a pen pal because I’m going to be an exchange student in the US next year and I’d like to come in contact with someone from or someone who has lived there in order to learn the culture a bit more, so that I’m not entirely lost when I arrive. (But if you’re not from freedom-land that’s ok)
I like drawing a lot, I draw everything from realistic portraits that I sell to more cartoonish styles. Other than drawing I watch series and read books. I love exploring, traveling and writing, now this is starting to sound somewhat basic and unoriginal hahaha. I now realise that I suck at making myself seem appealing on here but trust me I’m not as dull as I’m making myself appear, at least I hope not.
I occasionally watch anime and read manga. I’m currently really into the show supernatural, have been for quite a few years now (help).
I’m always up for talking about series, books, philosophy, cats, LGBTQ+ stuff, mental health and basically anything you could call nerdy.
I sometimes try to hard to be funny and send too many videos about animals doing cute things to people. But I’ve been told that I’m nice so at least I have that going on for me.
I really hope that you’ll want to be my friend, I don’t have a lot of them thanks to my crippling awkwardness Thank you and good bye.

Preferences: I prefer writing online, I have snapchat, whatsApp and tumblr (obvs). I’d like to talk to someone between the ages of 14-17. Someone not fricking racist, homophobic or transphobic please. Don’t care what gender you are and where you are from doesn’t really matter, having friends from all over the world is just awesome.

Scarecrow - Arkham Asylum Vers

I have to stop with the rogue illustrations for now. I don’t have that much time at hand and the illustrations take up a lot of time. I don’t like working on one piece for over a week, so I’m taking a break on them. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop drawing. Just not fully illustrations :)

On other news, I was thinking about starting to do commissions once I have more time again. If someone is interested. Maybe? I was also thinking about starting a patreon page. Again this is just a maybe. ><


&& MIKE - it’s a travesty we don’t see more of mike and nancy’s relationship in season two, especially with the both of them visibly struggling with mental health. and while they could talk to mom (not dad he’s useless garbage), it’d be so much easier just to lean on each other. talk about if and how they’d ever be normal again. about their anxieties around relationships, or lingering guilt from the last year. i think mike means a lot to nancy, and she’s regretting not being there for him more. especially now that she’s dating big brother of the year, jonathan byers. the comparison is just mortifying.

&& ELEVEN//JANE - with jane starting to integrate (finally) with the rest of life in hawkins, i see nancy trying to step in as her older sister; just like mike promised she would be a year ago. hopper and joyce are wonderful, but they can’t tell eleven what styles are in at the moment, or teach her what looks best with her short hair. nancy can tell her brother isbesotted with jane so would welcome any opportunity to get to know her better. besides - jane’s had a tough life. nancy finally has an iota’s worth of understanding of what that’s like. she’s listen.

&& JOYCE - her new boyfriend’s mother. the og bad ass of hawkins. nancy recognizes that for all the garbage talk around town, joyce is probably the best mother she knows. so sweet and kind to all of them, even when the world is literally about to end. i could see nancy latching on to joyce the more time she spends at the byers house, just chatting with her over dishes. nancy admires joyce in a lot of ways - her tenacity, her loyalty, her positivity in the face of no hope. she hopes to turn out even a little like that.

&& HOPPER - someone please give me a thread where nancy gets anxious, hating just acting like the town has gone back to normal, so she reaches out to hopper to ask if he’ll train her. she likes to shoot guns, and she’s good at it. and she wants to be ready, of course, if anything else ever happens. i could totally see them out back of the station, staging increasingly difficult sharp shooting challenges from each other and trading insults. and also discussing mike and jane, of course - i have this hilarious head canon that hopper lets nancy shoot special weapons when she agrees to tell him what’s going on with the middle schoolers.

&& WILL - nancy feels horribly that she had to hurt will to save him. of all mike’s friends, she’s always believed will to be the most senstive, and secretly wondered if that’s why all the creatures from the upside down targeted him. so knowing he was in there when she burned him eats her alive. someone please please please play her trying to apologize to him with me.

&& DUSTIN - that was such a sweet moment between them in the gym. i think nancy’s really growing into her role, for the first time, as a big sister to all of them. with steve on one shoulder as his devil when it comes to girls, i could totally see nancy taking it upon herself to be the angel. correcting steve’s bad advice, saying hi to him in the parking lot to up his ‘cool’ factor with the other middle school girls, anything to coax that brilliant smile from him again.

…. && everyone tbh. i never tire of jonathan and steve. just hit me up.

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Hi Annie, I need makeup help. I need new makeup, like, bad, but I'm always a bit lost on what to get. Naked seems to be the new trend? I have brown eyes, and I like neutrals + gold, and purple for fancy occasions, and winged eyeliner if I have ten extra minutes in the morning. Can you advise me, like with a specific palette or something? I've been looking online for an hour now and I'm more lost than when I started...P.S. You're really cool and also gorgeous

OMG thanks man, you’re too sweet, but thank you thank you. I’m just a geek with makeup ;-) I have brown eyes too and pretty much any color can look good with our eyes but especially purples and golds. 

AND HOLY SHIT ARE YOU IN LUCK TODAY. Because it’s BLACK FRIDAY and everyone is having a sale. Though not Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palettes. And a lot of people love those, but I kinda think they’re a bit overrated. I have the Naked 3 and the Naked Smokey and felt like, a serious sense of accomplishment when I bought them, but I don’t reach for them very much. It’s like … a lot of the shades are very similar in them and the shimmers sometimes are not that great, they fade away easily and I’m like, why did I pay 50+ bucks for you? But those were the first like, definitive palettes so they are famous. They started the palette craze. I almost bought the Naked Heat but then realized I already have all those shades in other palettes and they all kinda look the same. 

If you want to go Naked though, I think the Naked 3 is the best one. It started the whole “rose gold” thing ;-) I’d go into a Sephora or an Ulta and swatch them against something like a Tarte or ABH palette. 

HOWEVER. If you like purples and golds there’s some great stuff going on right now, there’s a trend of warm/berry tones in palettes. 

I’ll go from least expensive to downright expensive. 

Check out the Colourpop palettes. The “You Had Me at Hello” and the “She” palettes sound up your alley with the golden tones and purpley and mauve tones. The shadows are very pigmented and very blendable. I adore them and they are very affordable. Their shadow pots are smaller, but I honestly love it that way because you get to a point where you have these shadows in palettes and you can’t possibly use them all up. Colourpop has two formulas, the pressed powder and the “super shock”. I’d recommend going with the pressed powder first, the super shocks are cool but they take some getting used to, they have a strange texture, kinda puttyish. They don’t apply well with a brush, best with finger application and I am attached to my brushes. 

Colourpop can be overwhelming though because their makeup is hella good but also cheap and they are always coming out with new shit and it’s easy to go a little overboard with them ;-) They are a makeup addict’s best dream/worst nightmare. 

Another great one is the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette. It’s got everything and it’s affordable and the shadow formula is bomb. Straight up. The looks you could create with it are endless. It’s got shimmers and mattes and metallics and just … everything. 

Also, just today I bought a few Juvia’s Place palettes. The Saharan II and the Zulu. I had to take advantage of their sale and free shipping. They never have free shipping. I LOVE their shadows, they’re soooooo pigmented and the price is right. They are a black-owned business and in the beauty industry that indicates that you’re getting PIGMENTED AF shadows and vibrant colors. 

If you want to go for the most beloved palette in the entire world that would probably be the ABH Modern Renaissance. Everyone loves that palette. It’s an amazing formula. 

The new cool kid right now is the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk. I swatched it in the store and it was impressive but I couldn’t do the 65$ price tag ;-) 

And then one more, I hope I haven’t confused you more, but I have to tell you about this one. The Tarte Clay Play Face Palette is priced ridiculously low right now on the Sephora website. Shadows and contour. All the neutrals you’d want. I totally bought one.

Also if you haven’t tried it yet, the Kat Von D tattoo liner is THE BEST for your wing game. You can get a sample size at Sephora if you want to try it before buying a full-size. 

So yeah, get me talking about makeup and I’m not gonna be able to shut up. This was a long one and I hope I didn’t overwhelm you or confuse you more lol. Good luck dude, and let me know if you got anything and how you liked it! :-D I’m always happy to help/give my 2 cents. 

And for my fellow makeup addicts, please leave us your suggestions too!  

(⊙ ‸ ⊙);; wait srsly?

I really love to dress up, but I’m not good at making costumes. I daydream about cosplay a lot more than I’ve done it. 

Because daydreaming about it is fun, I started daydreaming a few days ago about how I might be in town for a local con next year, and a close friend of mine recently moved back to the area. Now, we’ve done a lot of dorky things together over the past decade and beyond, and we have have a rather intertwined fandom history. So as I started daydreaming of a character I thought would be fun to do, I didn’t feel right cosplaying her without her dynamic duo partner, so I asked my friend:

Two questions: If money and the laws of physics were no object, what would you like to cosplay with me? If we realistically were to do it, what are your thoughts? 

As a bit of a joke to show I didn’t have my heart set on the particular duo that came to mind, I threw out a set of characters from a manga she lent me yeeeeeeeeeeeears ago, since they’d be difficult to cosplay and I didn’t even know if she remembered how we likened ourselves to those characters at the time. 

She ecstatically replied that she’d always dreamed of cosplaying these characters with me and started throwing out ideas for how we could get around our lack of costume-making skills. 


I guess I need to review this series since I hardly even remember the details of the plot. 


Upon my second viewing of this scene (there have since been many more), I noticed Mary’s gray roots showing at her hairline. Now, having myself started graying at age 12, and being completely silver by my early 20s, I don’t associate gray hair with old age or grandmas or whatever, and I think Mary would be SO PRETTY with gray hair! It looks like she’s got a lot of white under her color - can you imagine how that would set off the green of her eyes?!

To avoid confusion: Mary on the left, me on the right 😂

Cinny got her tank redone today courtesy of @hemightbegiant.  She’s got a lot more digging room now and two partially buried hides to get her started.  Luke also mixed in top soil so she has more substrate to dig in, and it should hold better without collapsing on her.

Right now she’s playing the floor is lava because she doesn’t like the changes.


[based on this vine]

i can’t remember for sure but i feel like @swordsoprano is to blame for this


There’s a lot of discorse about the new season and that’s understandable BUT I want you guys to look at something with me for a second. 

 I wanna talk about Keith and Lance. We all know Keith’s going through a lot, the blade of marmora is convincing him his own life matters less than the mission, that if he died it would just be for the greater good of the cause. So he’s pulling away, trying to make it so that Voltron doesn’t need him so that he could be… disposable. 

So Keith talks to Shiro and tries to get him to go back to being the black paladin. And *cough cough* fake *cough* Shiro tells him to buckle the heck up and stop whining and just be the black paladin. He doesn’t see, in that moment just what Keith is trying to do. So he gets mad. 

This is a face of pure dissapointment in Shiro. And Keith sees it. He really sees it, and feels it too. But he doesnt know what to do about it.

He’s the lone wolf, right? He doesn’t know how to function in a team properly. In the B.O.M he’s much more independant. Yes, he gets orders and people he goes on with missions but if you really watch most of those missions involve very little teamwork. 

So Keith is pulling away, but at the same time he’s getting the rejection from everyone in the team that’s pushing him away. When he shows up late in the begining of episode one Hunk, Pidge and Lance are super pissed at him, right? 


No, go back and look at Lance. He’s not angry. He’s worried. 

Yeah, he says “Are you even taking this seriously?” But think about it. Keith is someone who throws himself into missions. He takes everything he does seriously and he puts a 100% of himself into what he does. He doesn’t half ass things, and it pays off. He gets results. 

Lance is used to seeing Keith do well. At the Garrison he was top of the class, when he was still with Voltron he usually spent his free time training. And now, all of a sudden he’s late to missions, falling behind while he’s the leader. 

Not only that but remember this scene? 

 Again,everyone looks super pissed right? No look at Lance. 

And remember the dialogue? 

Allura:You keep saying you’re sorry but your actions say otherwise. Do you realise that your actions put the entire team in jeoprady? 
Lance: And not Just the team but the refugees too. 

and again, look at his face as he says it. 

He’s not angry. He’s confused there. Think about it. What did Keith tell Pidge when she tried to leave? That other people’s lives were at stake if she left. Keith cares about the people he’s out there protecting. Lance understands that this is not how Keith normally is. 

We know that they got closer in season 3 with Lance opening up to Keith and all and you might even call them friends. Sure he’s not as close as (the real) Shiro is to Keith, but he’s close enough to see Keith isn’t himself. 

But what if… what if Keith did open up. 

I get that this might be somewhat of a reach BUT if you watch Keith’s vlog, it’s very likely he wasn’t alone when he filmed it (he looks like he’s talking to someone off camera. but also tells them to get them out of there. Not only that but the camera turns off and from how emotional he got and the way he was walking its unlikely he turned it off and if you watch Allura’s vlog, she definitely gets closer to turn it off). Now my first thought would be that seeming it’s tech related it would be likely that Pidge would be with him. 

But it doesn’t seem like something that Pidge would be into. Sitting and making vlogs with the paladins. Not her style. 

Okay so maybe Coran? He was the first to upload a vlog, and the camera might be some castle gear? Sounds reasonable enough. But why only be there for Keith’s vlog? Allura was definitely alone during her’s. Also, I dont see them having the kind of bond where Keith would say any of that to Coran. No offense Space unc, we love you. 

OKAY so not Coran or Pidge… so maybe Allura? 

No, the bond isn’t strong enough. As someone who is pretty similar to Keith in defense mechanisms, I don’t see him trusting her to a point where he’s this open with her especially after what happened the last time he opened up about his Galra identity. 

(We all know where I’m going with this, but for argument’s sake; I will keep going. Feel free to skip ahead.) 

Okay so Hunk maybe? He has the tech know-how and stood up for Keith during the whole Galra thing. Even if he did tease him a little… Okay but even then they haven’t really had much bonding since then. I suppose it’s possible if Keith was feeling particularly vulnerable and whatever. But… Would Hunk really bother Keith to make a vlog? and would Keith ask Hunk to help with a vlog? 

It doesn’t really seem in character. Yes, they’re closer but still… not close enough. 

So that leaves Shiro and Lance. First, lets look at why I don’t think it’s Shiro. 

As we know Shiro is someone Keith looks up to. He’s always extremely respectful towards him and it shows in his facial expressions and way of speaking. 

but then look at this; 

Thats not a face Keith would make at Shiro.

You know who he does make faces like that at? 

L A N C E 

So lets think about this. Does Lance have the tech know how? Well he’s always stealing Pidge’s shit so I’mma go ahead and say, yeah to that one. Allura seems equally technically inclined as Lance, so seeming she has no trouble with it that makes sense. 

And even if Keith didn’t ask Lance to help him with his vlog, you know what does seem Lance like? Suggesting Keith makes a vlog. 

So lets asume here, for a moment that Lance knows about Keith’s abandonment issues. That would explain why he looks so worried in the screenshot from before, right? He knows Keith is feeling rejected by his team and he knows that Keith’s behaviour has changed since he started working more with the blade. 

But while they got closer in season 3, and Lance has a better understanding of Keith now, I also think Keith was eager to put some distance between them after that outburst. So he starts working with the blade a lot, right? Meaning Lance hardly sees him. 

So they take a few steps back in their friendship.

And then Kolivan calls Keith to a mission that they all know will be dangerous and look at Lance’s face. 

Yes, you could read it as Lance not wanting his spotlight gone BUT remember that Lance isn’t as shallow as he seems at first glance. He’s not the loverboy he pretends to be and few realise it, but he masks a lot of his emotions. 

Yes, Lance thrives on attention. But do you really think that he would prioritise a show over a mission that could give them a great boost in power? No, this isn’t about the show, this goes deeper. He’s worried. He’s worried about Keith. 

He doesn’t want him to go. He needs him around. But he cant tell him that. Especially not in front of everyone. 

So what does Lance do? 

He makes a stupid argument, its not much, but it’s all he’s got. “We can’t razzle dazzle the crowd with four lions.” 
We need you, I need you. Thats what he’s trying to say. 

And Keith refuses. 

So Lance has that same expression. He’s looking at Shiro in dissbelief this time because he can’t believe he’s letting him go. 

So what we’ve established thus far is the following; 

-Lance definitely feels closer to Keith than he used to. 
-Lance was probably there during Keith’s vlog.
-Lance isn’t as straight forward as people think he is. 
-There’s probably some distance between them right now. 
-Lance has noticed Keith’s change in behaviour. 

So with all that in mind, do you really think Lance doesn’t see that Keith is in a bad place. He knows something is up. He can feel Keith pulling and he’s trying to tell him that they need him around but he doesn’t know how to say it. And then… then Keith tells them he’s leaving. 

yeah, everyone looks sad, but look at Lance. He looks deep in thought. What do you think he’s thinking? He just realised he lost Keith. And he gets it. Suddenly it all makes sense. Keith more or less reforced the bond between Black and Shiro and he was acting strange, showing up late. This is what’s been up with Keith and Lance finally figure out that this whole time, he was losing Keith. 

But he gives it one last try. 

Who am I going to make fun of? 

It’s so much more than a playfull jab. Think about it. Really think about it. 

“Who am I going to make fun of?”

Who am I gonna talk to? 

Don’t go. 

the signs as shit my friends say
  • aries: fuck you, i'm NOT hangry!!!
  • taurus: if this is about your relationship status, i'm going to need another bottle of wine
  • gemini: if you're half jewish, does that mean i can be half gay?
  • cancer: a zebra. two zebras. dos zebros!
  • leo: someone save me, i'm about to get bareback fucked by this exam
  • virgo: i put a funnel in the cheerios thing and now it's starting to look more like a tree!!
  • sagittarius: another day, another soprano screaming off-key in the practice room next to mine
  • libra: oh, no, he's great, he just does a lot of coke
  • scorpio: i'm putting my name down as "olive ostrovsky has daddy issues"
  • capricorn: the gordon ramsay version of "yes daddy" is "yes chef"
  • aquarius: i'm passionate about two things: recycling and REVENGE
  • pisces: you're a syrupy disaster!!
Tools for Mentally Ill Students #1

Hey guys! So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I use to control my mental health and keep me on track to recovery. Little things that make life easier for when everything seems hard. They’re not going to work miracles, but they can at least help, so I thought I’d share them with you. Here’s part one.

The DBT Wellness Planner

This planner uses dialetical behaviour therapy to help you bring order to your life and keep track of your emotions. I received it as a gift a few months ago and it has helped SO much. I really recommend this.

Anxiety and Worry Workbook

A lot of students cannot access therapy, whether because of money or your family or whatever. Workbooks can help you start developing skills by yourself. It’s hard, but if you put just a small amount of time into it consistently, you could really help yourself overcome symptoms. Add it to your schedule like homework. I have chosen this workbook because anxiety is something so many students struggle with.

Fidget Pen

We all know by now that fidget toys can be more distracting than anything. However, a lot of people with anxiety and similar symptoms can find fidget toys grounding. This pen is perfect for study, as it’s less likely to be taken away from you by an ignorant teacher. Just make sure you’re the kind of person who is helped by these things!

Sleep Supplement

Sleep is something most students struggle with, and the side effects can be seriously damaging to your mental health. You may be able to get a sleep aid from your doctor, but many don’t prescribe them to young people for fear of them forming a habit. A natural sleep supplement might be a good alternative. Though they don’t work for everyone, and are not as strong as prescription meds, supplements with things like melatonin, magnesium, and valerian root can give you a little extra push towards sleep. I find them especially useful when I can’t sleep because of anxiety. (Always keep in mind your specific body and needs before taking supplements).

Pill Reminder Clock / Reminder Bottle / Portable Bag

Remembering to take meds can be hard. Even apps can be easy to miss and ignore. That’s why I’ve added three different options to help you remember your meds. The first is an amazing alarm clock that says stuff like “Good morning, please remember to take your morning pills”. The second is pill bottles with caps that automatically count down from when you last took your meds. The third is a set of containers that fit into a small, discreet portable bag. 

Fitness Tracker

Regular exercise can be vital to help you regulate emotions and sleep. A fitness tracker can help you keep this up. You don’t have to fork out for a Fitbit, especially since you’re a student. There are plenty of cheaper options out there. One like this, with a heart rate monitor, can also be good for tracking anxiety. 

Intake-Tracking Water Bottle

We’ve all heard it a million times- we should drink more water. It’s not gonna cure us, but it does help our overall health. However, it can be hard to remember to drink enough, which is where bottles like this come in. It’s clearly marked showing you how much you should have drunk by different times of the day.

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I wish you would write an outsider POV Sterek, maybe from their neighbor's POV?

This is embarrassing.

Holy, fuckmuffins, this is embarrassing. She should not do this. She should turn around and go back home. She should just be at home. Forever. She can order groceries from Amazon and socialize with people over the internet and she thinks she could be very happy to just live at home. It would be fun. 

Also, she would be alive. Because she is not sure she will be after all is said and done. 

She gets to their door and then seriously considers just turning around. It would make her a fundamentally bad person but she could be okay with that. 


No she can’t.

She takes a deep breath, wishes that Jenny wasn’t at her father’s this weekend because maybe a cute little four year old would help, and then knocks anyway. On her next door neighbor’s door. 

It had to be her next dooor neighbor. Someone who she will probably have to see again. 

And, of course, Murder Man opens it. He is already glaring at her.

He is going to kill her

“Hello?” he asks and she realizes she has just been standing there. Staring. Which, like fair, he is gorgeous but mostly she’s staring because it is just now occurring to her that she should have told someone where she is going before just coming over to share this bad news. 

“H-hi,” she says finally. “My name is Tammy and I live in number 406–right next door actually and I-I’m so sorry but I’ve just… I’ve just scratched your car.”

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If you run into a wall and pretend it doesn’t exist, you’ll never make progress. The wall will never change, so you’re the one who has to change.

Happy birthday to my dear Allen!!


Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 6k


He lays there, blanket pulled to his torso, eyes shut, he looks like the rest of them, and she feels her heart ache. She can’t help but notice how young he is, he can’t be any older than twenty-six, and here he lays with no one around him.

“Hi there,” Y/N whispers, bending down to height of his ear, “I’m your nurse Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N, and I’m here to take care of you. Make sure you stay healthy for when you wake up, make sure you don’t get any bed sores yeah? I’ll keep you company, keep you updated on what’s happening in the world, tell you some funny jokes, I’ll even let you in on the latest company gossip, but you gotta do me a favor,” she whispers, placing her hand on top of his. It’s a cold hand, rough, and she knows it’s supposed to feel that way, but it maker her heart ache even more. Y/N closes her eyes, taking in a shaky breath, “you have to pull through this and live, yeah? Because when you wake up, it’s going to be your turn to tell me all about yourself, yeah?”

She opens her eyes and sighs.“It’s late now, one a.m., but I’ll be back later to check in on you,” she gently brushes the hair out of his face and stands, “we’ve got a deal. You can’t fail me.”


Y/N is Harry’s beautiful nurse who he can’t stop thinking about, to the point that he’s willing to give up his old memories and life to make a new one with her.

“Good morning!” Y/N sings.

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so its probably a little late for who killed markiplier theories but

i was watching some fan videos and i was reminded of just how often damien can be found cradling his cane, squeezing and rubbing the silver head of it against his palm. especially when he’s stressed, or upset, or trying to think.

it’s obviously some kind of fidgeting for him. something to keep his hands occupied while his mind works, to take his frustrations out on. and as wkm progresses we see him do it more and more, with growing tension.

now i’m not sure what happens to that cane, seeing as dark starts out with it at the end of wkm but obviously the dark we’re used to doesn’t carry it. that’s not what this theory is about.

what does dark like to do? i mean, besides the neck cracking and being a manipulative little shit.

he clasps his hands behind his back. a lot. almost constantly, really, if he isn’t gesturing (at least when he’s standing). damien used to do this too, occasionally, but more often he fidgeted with his cane. so, my thoughts?

either dark disposed of/stored away the cane because of the painful memories attached, or something happened to it in his quest for vengeance. but without that de-stresser, without something to put his hands on, he’s shifted gears into the position we’re accustomed to seeing him in. he channels that energy into his hands and locks it away, hides it, uses it to make himself look prim and proper and trustworthy. a man who knows what he’s talking about.

it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if behind his back his fingers and hands are twitching and shifting with the old urge to twist silver and wood between them.

【TRANS】 EXO’rdium[dot] Live Album - Interview

Q: What does Chen mean to the other members?

Xiumin: Chen. Out of the EXO members, I spend the most time with Chen. Even if we don’t speak, I think I know what Chen is thinking. Thank you for following me well and it’s a relief that you’re in EXO. You know my infinite affection, right?
Suho: Chen. Thank you for following what I say. I play around with you a lot, but I do it because I like you so you can joke around with me comfortably. I want to hear more of what you say.
Baekhyun: Chen, we’re coworkers who joined EXO at a similar time. He’s a friend I can lean on. Chen, it’s hard to sing high parts, right? To you who smiles even during unpleasant times, and for taking care of the members with bright energy, I’m grateful.
Chanyeol: I think Chen has always been consistent. From the start, until now. If there has been a change, it’s my heart for Chen. I like Chen more than before, and I’m more comfortable with Chen than I was before. Sometimes I want to say to him, “You should be more greedy,” I care for him that much. But I want to say to Chen, “Be with us in the same way in the future.” Since I like Chen so much now.
D.O: To Chen who I really love, I’m really thankful that you always share good energy to the members through a bright appearance.
Kai: Chen hyung, when you yell out high notes onstage, I really feel catharsis. I always think Hyung is cool, and I’m proud. I ask you for awesome stages in the future, too. And take good care of your throat so it doesn’t get damaged.
Sehun: I always respect Hyung’s positive mind. When the members are tired, I always receive strength from Hyung saying, “Just do it slowly.” I think I’ve learned how to [work] slowly but straightly from Hyung. I think the team’s atmosphere has become better because of Hyung. I’m always thankful.

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Bruise [ IX ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 6k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

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Red was the color that painted your skin through the sleepless night alone. Your eyes grew red from the endless stream of frustrated tears that dripped down your temples. Your cheeks changed hue from rawness, the sleeves of your sweater scratching away at them until they near bled. Your phone battery drained to zero, red painting the icon when you stared at it, debating calling him so his voice could fade your consciousness. Your lips drew too much blood to the surface when you bit down on them to stop another sigh from slipping out, desperate for it to all stop. Desperate for everything to be a dream you could wake up from rather than something you had to deal with when the sun rose back up into the sky.

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