starting to hate facebook

The amount of people supporting the no campaign makes me so sad and so angry. Every day since this survey started, I’ve had to see hateful lies and misinformation on Facebook, posters on the street and flyers in the mail.

“Children deserve a mother and a father”

“Homosexuals aren’t natural”

“Children will feel confused and sexually vulnerable”

“Gay parents abuse their children”

“Same sex marriage will make children question their gender which is unnatural”

I’m so sick of seeing this every day. I want to repeat: It is hateful lies and misinformation.

There has been an increase in LGBT+ youth contacting suicide hotlines and seeking mental health help since this started.

This is awful, feeling invalidated and hated by the majority of the country, having those messages shoved in your face, being called a bully because you want to stand up for your fair treatment and equal rights.

Please don’t listen to the no campaign. Remember it’s all lies. They are hateful little people. You can’t give up because of them.

You are loved.

You are not unnatural.

You are not corrupt.

You deserve respect.

You deserve equal rights.

Even if they win this time, we’ll keep fighting and we’ll win next time.

Love will win.

@Facebook dude who started hating on the guy who called Uprising a story mode and expressed interest in seeing it done for more plot.

Just because you see Overwatch as only a competive fps DOES not mean others aren’t allowed to hope for more plot. And different game modes. Especially when there clearly is a really fun back story. News flash some of us only play vs AI and non-competitive. *gasp*

You disagreeing with the game style isn’t what really pissed me off
What really pissed me off was you having the balls to tell everyone who agreed with him to get away from “your game” and go play Destiny etc because those have plot for you.

Fuck you man…don’t you dare tell people to stop playing something they like. You troll.


Anon hate, social media feuds and a murder

This is one of the craziest cases I’ve read about lately. It starts with Jenelle Potter (34), a Tennesse woman that because of a series of medical conditions lived in the care of her parents, Marvin and Barbara. She didn’t have a job or many friends. Most of her interactions were through social media. Still, she’d managed to get a boyfriend called Jamie Curd. 

According to Jenelle, she started getting anonymous hate messages and threats through her Facebook. Because her parents monitored her account (and please remember this woman is 34 years old), they were also aware of this. Jenelle thought that the one behind the nasty messages was Billie Jean Hayworth (23), one of her social media friends. Billie was the girlfriend of Billy Payne (36), a man some people say Jenelle had a crush on. But according to Jenelle, Billie’s motive was that she was “jealous of her good looks”.

Then, on January 31st 2012, Billie Jean and Billy were found dead in their home. Both had been shot once in the head. Billie had died holding her 7 month old son, who was unharmed but covered in his mother’s blood when he was found. 

Police became aware of the problems the murdered couple had with Jenelle, so they questioned the family and the boyfriend. After Jamie failed a polygraph test, he told authorities he’d been texting with a CIA agent named Chris that had told him his job and only job was to protect Jenelle.

Are you scratching your head yet? After this weird statement, Jamie also confessed it was Marvin Potter, Jenelle’s father, who had killed the couple. Marvin was arrested and admitted what he did, claiming it was to protect his daughter because they were threatening her life.

During a search of the Potter’s house, police found tons of documents that had been shredded. When they put them together, they saw there were from this alleged CIA agent warning Marvin and Barbara that Jenelle was in danger. However, the letters were full of mispellings and written in a childish manner. Police traced the IP to guess where? The Potter’s house. According to prosecution, it was Jenelle who’d pretended to be this Chris to trick her parents into killing Billie and Billy. How they believed it, if it’s true they believed it, I don’t know.

Marvin, Barbara and Jenelle were all tried for first degree murder, found guilty and will spend their lives in prison. Jamie got a deal of 25 years in exchange for his testimony. Jenelle still claims innocence.

Total Drama Facebook #6 - “The NoCo vs Coditty vs Coderra  Debate”

International Title - “Can we skip the flame war on the grounds that it basically already happened here?”


Exo On Facebook #3 (via exomyface)

(In which DO is a bitch, sorry not sorry)

No… don’t mention the numerous mistakes… please XD


But whatever.. at least it’s funny. 

Right?!? It is funny tho..?! Right?!?!?!? XD

God, I’m insane. And I’m not gonna read this whole thing again otherwise I’m gonna start hating myself XD but enjoy

In The Limelight

Prompt from blangstpromptoftheday from umblangst: Kurt is a famous fashion designer and Blaine is his boyfriend, and also 10 years younger. Blaine is constantly getting hate messages and so has gone as far as deleting twitter and Facebook. They start putting his hate mail in letters and one day Kurt is awoken to soft crying and torch light where Blaine is reading. He reads them too and he spends the night posting several messages to accounts called things like “hate-blaine” and “kurtdeservesbetter” telling them how he just woke to sobbing.

Author Notes: TW for bullying, cyber bullying, fat shaming, self image problems.

Everyone who was anyone in the fashion world had heard of Kurt Hummel. It was impossible not to have heard of him, the industry raved about his out of the box styles and his ability to weave a whole fashion line to fit or even precede the latest trend. He was the best, his clothing sold for hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on what it was. He enjoyed his work, each design reflected something in his life, from his deceased Mother, to his Father and most of all, his boyfriend Blaine.

Blaine Anderson was a barely 20 singer who Kurt had met by accident at a coffee shop. Kurt heard the singer and fell in love, Blaine had the voice of an angel and he actually knew quite a lot about fashion. He helped Kurt on projects, secretly though as Blaine didn’t want to be in that spotlight. He wasn’t as emotionally strong as Kurt, wasn’t able to stand in front of a whole load of people and talk about his fashion choices.

Kurt liked having Blaine around, it was grounding, seeing someone who wanted to be in front of a crowd, but only a small one. Blaine only wanted to make art and help people, he was okay with being behind the curtain as opposed to in front with Kurt. It was how they worked, Kurt helped Blaine by being supportive of him and trying to build up some confidence in him while Blaine grounded Kurt and made sure he didn’t fly too far to the sun.

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zayn made a joke, whether or not you found it funny isn’t my concern. My concern is when people take it too far, take it too seriously and start spamming his Facebook and insta with hate comments and comparing him to trump, which is far more shitty than whatever zayn said last night.