starting to feel guilty for the spam

Recently, I’ve received a lot of messages asking me to give shout outs and promos. I find that kind of disrespectful to me. I’m not trying to call anybody out or make you feel guilty if you have asked me. I know how you feel; I’ve been there. I started out with 0 followers/readers as well. I came into this fandom knowing no one and nothing about the fanfic community on Tumblr. I was patient and allowed people to come to me on their own, not spamming ask boxes for shout outs. I’m not going to be a part of that type of thing. I didn’t want to do it when no one read my stories, and I’m not going to be on the other side of it either. Asking me for shout outs is using me and my blog. I always told myself when I first started posting, “If your content is good, people will come.” It worked out for me. I’m not telling you what you have to do. You can ask other blogs for shout outs, but do not ask me. I hope you all succeed with your stories.

anonymous asked:

You post more on your nsfw blog then here...why?

Because this blog feels more like an obligation and less like a place for me to express myself if im being honest. In general, the things i want to talk and draw about have no place here; its why ive reactivated my remlit account, its why im on my nsfw blog more, its why im making ANOTHER blog dedicated to aus unrelated to ghoul grumps.

I started out loving making content for this blog because it was my introduction into interacting with people on a larger scale. But as my depression got worse and other personal shit happened, it became more of a task to keep up with this blog. I have a very strict policy on interacting w minors on my nsfw blog and because of that strictness, im now even more detached from them than i was before. I personally need to separate all of my content in neat lil sections and right now, bc i have the freedom to explore nsfw stuff (something im still getting used to), all of my energy goes there.

Theres also the fact that i have commissions, something I definitely DID NOT have when i first started here. I have other art and obligations that take priority over this blog and id feel bad about neglecting them. I have a SHITTON of asks piled up on this blog and I dread going through that inbox everyday. Tons of asks that i want to respond w actual pictures but i have zero motivation to go through with it. And it piles up and up and up until i dont even want to look at it anymore. It makes me feel guilty about starting any possible pictures when theres so many people ive already ignored.

Then theres The Discourse™ that i want to talk about because it personally makes me feel better to see if other people relate or understand me but instead I have people treating me like a fucking child, and since then, ive refrained from stating my opinions. There are people in this fandom im no longer talking to and bc this community is so tight knit, i would rather stay on the downlow and pretend its not an issue than risk getting spammed with messages on why im not talking to so n so.

Tl;dr this blog doesnt make me nearly as happy as it used to. Depression/Anxiety has made me more and more miserable and i can express myself more on my nsfw blog than on here. I will still produce content here but i honestly cant tell u when it will happen. I dont know if your were just curious or if you felt entitled to understand why im putting more effort in places you dont think deserve effort but theres an answer for you nonetheless.

hey y’all

as you may have seen i’m taking a break from writing for now because i’m just not enjoying it and i want to take some time to fix that!!

a lot of things related to writing have been stressing me out and one of them has been the prompts hanging over my head so in a few hours i’m going to start posting prompts from my inbox for other people to fill 

if you have sent me a prompt that you do not want another person to write then please message me and i will delete it!!

i know i could probably just leave them in there until i start writing again but the whole point of my break is just to go back to basics and making writing as stress free as possible and tbh if i have 22 (22!!!!!!) prompts waiting for me to fill i’d feel guilty and tbh that’s just not something i want to do 

i promise not to rant here like i have been so basically prepare yourself for a prompt spam and if one of them inspires you to write then have fun ^__^

I haven’t been on deviantArt in MONTHS because writer’s block and life and just plain feeling guilty that I had nothing to offer there.

So I posted a new chapter of Winter’s Mind (finally) and then started in with responding to all of the lovely favorites and comments and …dA stopped me, saying it thinks what I’m trying to send is spam. *sigh* I just want to send love to all of those faithful readers on there and apologize for being gone for so long. I can’t help it if there’s a lot! ffs

Tumblr AU ideas
  • My ship is better than yours.
  • Holy shit, that’s a nice selfie.
  • Help me, I’m new and my friend says you’re surprisingly tumblr famous. What the fuck is a promo?
  • I’m having a sexuality crisis in your inbox.
  • I wrote a ficlet for your AU idea, so…here ya go.
  • You wrote/drew something for me?!
  • You agree with my unpopular opinion. Thank you for existing.
  • You are reading that scene all wrong and therefore let me systematically destroy your argument. I will defend this to the end of the earth do don’t even bother trying to argue with me.
  • I accidentally misinterpreted your post and started arguing with you about it. I realize my mistake, but now my honor is on the line so I can’t back down.
  • You run the confession blog I’m pouring my heart out too and i forgot to put anon on.
  • I hacked your popular blog.
  • Wait, I recognize that place. Do we live near each other?
  • I accidentally reblogged your post like eight times because the button got stuck. Please don’t look at my blog.
  • I commissioned you for art but I have no idea what I actually want. I just wanted to somehow break the ice and talk to you. Also your art is amazing.
  • We’ve been RPing for months now and our characters are totally into each other. The only reason I can write it so well is because I’m hopelessly in love with you.
  • I keep adding bad puns to your post.
  • You asked the one question on an ask meme that I didn’t want to answer.
  • Oh my god, you’re talking to me. I’ve been stalking your blog for months. I am not worthy.
  • I added a Supernatural GIF to your post and you hate Superwholock.
  • I accidentally followed because of tumblr mobile but I actually like your blog?
  • We are competing blogs. I will destroy you.
  • We got put in a network together because our mutual friend started it and made us join. I don’t even like the show that much. Wait, your blog is quality.
  • Dude, why are you suddenly spamming my dash with pictures of bees?
  • You posted something sad and I wanted to say I understand and that I hope you feel better.
  • You forgot me in your Follow Forever.
  • We’ve been mutuals forever but I suck at talking to people.
  • You’re my guilty pleasure blog.
Rapmon spam


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He raps

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He glares

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He poses

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He teases

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He plays

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He stretches

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He dances

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He winks

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He beckons

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He is…

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…kinda cute

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Like wtf how is he this cute

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Really tho

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Ok, so I’m done with the gifs. Namjoon is someone I’ve been thinking about lately, and it’s because of a Tumblr post we’ve been seeing recently. It’s the one about sad but real truths about bts.

 After reading it, I felt really guilty. I have always liked the others, but Namjoon had always seemed a bit awkward to me. Of course he is. Before he’s a idol, he’s a young adult. So, yeah. 

But when I see pictures of BTS aegyo, I fangirl over the others, then scroll past Namjoon. I’m not that surprised about Namjoon and Suga’s thoughts on BTS, cuz it’s true. 

I came to be an A.R.M.Y because of Jungkook. And I love Jungkook like crazy. But for every twenty kookies I see one PokeMon. Probably less. It made me feel really sad, so I started making a RapMon spam, but I got sidetracked by his cuteness. Thanks to this spam, I’m mentally screaming at Namjoon to STAY IN HIS LANE. And I’m grateful to who made that post because it made a lot of us aware of Namjoon.

I’m not saying we should do hashtags or whatnot, but if you read this, maybe do a RAPMON SPAM for your followers or any kind of appreciation post. Tell other people to do so. Just the smallest things make people happy, and Namjoon mightbe able to see more PokeMons.

I’ve made a resolution to comment on every fic that I kudos from now on…multiple times if its novel length.

Since I started following (and getting to know) authors through tumblr, I’ve realized how much work goes into these beautiful stories. A LOT more than I ever realized.

I have to admit, I’ve been VERY guilty of never commenting (mostly due to social anxiety tbh)…but fanfic helps me so much and brings me such joy to read. So I’m gonna try to tell the authors how much I appreciate them. I may even go hit up some old favorites and comment on them too.

@corariley I’m sure you noticed the comment spam…LW is the first fic I’ve read since I made my resolution 💖