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Throwback to Halloween when I was Austin McKenzie as Melchior


hey everyone! i think i’m going to start using this blog more often…and i want to get to know fellow reylo shippers from around the world!

reblog this post with your name and where you’re from! reylo trash cans need to stick together, you know ! :)

i’m katie from florida, usa!

Guess who’s baaaaaaack! I started not being as active back when there was a LOT of fighting about underage people being into even SFW little space because I was 17 at that time, but now I’m nearly 19!  I’m gonna start posting on this blog more often now because I was a bit nervous about getting harassed by people.

Anyways, it looks like a bunch of people I used to follow aren’t active as much either, so please like/rb this post if you post 100% SWF content. Thank youuuuu <3

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Kurohina HCs

• Kuroo knows Spanish because his grandmother is Hispanic, Hinata loves hearing him talk in that language

• Kuroo offered to teach Hinata, and Hinata was ecstatic to learn but quickly learned that it was difficult, he still tried with some motivation from Kuroo, he still doesn’t really know how to speak it but is able to understand somewhat what kuroo says to him

• Hinata is really smart, not in terms of academic, he actually has a lot of knowlage about random things that aren’t volleyball

• Hinata really likes space because it’s really interesting and his mom always talked and read bed time stories to him when was a little kid and Kuroo likes to listen to all the facts he has (Hinata wanted to be an astronaut when he was younger but outgrew it when he saw the little Giant and realized that he really liked volleyball)

• He also really loves animals especially dogs, but his mom allergic so they could never own one so he always goes to the shelter to play with them and when Kuroo and Hinata got together, whenever kuroo came to vist he would always take kuroo with him

• Kuroo has always preferred cats because they’re not that high maintenance as dogs and the cats he owned were never really needy but they were affectionate but once he started going to the shelters with Hinata he fell in love with a particular dog, a kishu inu, because of its white fur and it’s energy

● At first during sex Hinata isn’t loud at all because he’s really embarrassed, so Kuroo has to hold his hands away from his face and reassure him that it’s okay and the sounds he makes are really cute

• The very first time they had sex was super awkward because neither of them really had experience and Kuroo had researched how to properly have gay sex because he doubt porn was accurate, in the end it was super clumsy, a lot of trial and error and giggling but in the end it turned our nice because it was a special moments for both of them

• Kuroo still felt super embarrassed because he was the older one and at least should of had some knowledge about it

• they’re both into causal touches, like kuroo likes to put his hand on Hinata’s hair, it annoyed Hinata at first but got over it when he realized that Kuroo meant no harm. Kuroo also likes to have his arm around Hinata’s shoulder. They both like to hold hands. Hinata likes to softly bump shoulders with Kuroo ever once in awhile when they walk side by side

• The first time they called each other’s first name was when they were in Kuroo’s room and Kuroo was just laying in his bed when he just said ‘shouyou’ and Hinata was on his side using Kuroo’s arm as a pillow playing a video game kenma let him borrow and he was just like ‘hmm’ and kuroo kept calling and you can tell from the from the tone of voice that he was smiling and and hinata was blushing, then all of a sudden Kuroo turned to hug hinata and kept whispering shouyou and hinata finally let go of the game device and asked what in a really soft voice. Kuroo then hugged hinata tighter and say “I love you, shouyou” and hinata was really red by this point and just buried his face in Kuroo’s neck ans whispered “I love you too….. tetsurou”

• Hinata and kuroo just cuddles the rest of the day with big smiles on their faces

      Okay, so if at any point there’s a long delay in videos, just assume that, unless otherwise stated, I’m either busy, or having some technical issues. That way, I won’t have to start off these posts with the same tired introductions and excuses. Cool.

 So, I really want to start uploading more often on this blog. It’s just so difficult to do, though. It’s difficult to find time to work on videos when you’re a grad student with a part time job, and it’s difficult to actually work on videos when your laptop is complete garbage. So, I’ve been thinking that I may start posting smaller scale videos. That is, I’ll just do one recording of my playing on just the violin, or my cello, or the piano, or whatever. This way, I’ll at least be posting content during my busy times. Don’t worry, though. I’ll still be making videos like this, but only when I have time.

Anyway, this video. I started it around this time a year ago, got distracted by other stuff, and put it on hiatus until a couple of days ago, when I finally finished it. I’ve never played this game, actually. I just happened to hear the music in an enslate of another, unrelated Youtube video, and I thought it sounded nice. So, here it is. Enjoy, “Crysta,” from Terranigma!

anonymous asked:

I was just taking the opposing side as see the complaints about us talking about how the shouldn't be redeemed or shattered. It starting to see this more often on certain blogs.

i dunno what this means because i’m bored but whatever, i believe if the writers are so hellbent on the Diamonds being sympathized with by the audience then the least we deserve is bismuth unbubbled and proved that she was right and colonizers are demons.

knowing how boring and hypocritically pwecious this show is, we aint getting Bismuth and the Diamonds will be forgiven through the power of hugs and crytyping

- mod s


I know I haven’t really been posting much writing here lately.  Honestly, it’s been a pretty lame semester, emboldened by the passing of my childhood dog.  It’s been tiring and I’m really just looking forward to it being over. 

About a month ago, I was contemplating finally just abandoning Tumblr.  Engagement is down, content-creation is down.  Why bother, you know?  Tumblr’s a really cool platform, though, and I’ve since found some new blogs that have started getting me to check in more often.  I was thinking of actually moving over to Medium, which also seems pretty rad.  I set up an account and everything and there’s a lot of interesting stuff posted over there, but I honestly just don’t really feel like experimenting with a new platform.  Tumblr works.  There’s still a little following on here and I do share this elsewhere and know some people that read this stuff through cross-posting. 

Anyways, perhaps it’s silly to commit to doing more writing while I’m facing finals, but maybe through publicizing it, it will force me to keep to it.  Maybe not.  I will probably duck out a bit when finals come closer, but regardless, I’m here for now.  I have a few topics rumbling around in my head that I wouldn’t mind finally putting to paper.

Catch ya on the flip.


Throwback to a bunch of my old Homestuck fanart! These are all from my old art blog. 2013 was the year I started drawing more often and I owe a lot to HS. I actually improved a lot that year! It’s been a long and wild ride, but I definitely won’t forget this story and I definitely won’t stop drawing Homestuck characters!

*Please do not repost the images

Can You Use a Safety Pin to Remove Mascara Clumps?

I love a good makeup tip and that’s exactly why I started up this blog; to provide helpful makeup tips & tricks, but more often than not I come across some pretty random (and dangerous) beauty and makeup tips.

There’s nothing worse than applying a coat of mascara and then going in for another only to end up with the clumpiest lashes known to man kind. So there’s no surprise that you would want to eliminate them.

There are some great tips to help eliminate mascara clumps, but using a safety pin to remove them? Not so great. A quite popular beauty tip is to open up a safety pin and drag it in between each lash to help “separate clumps” and “make lashes look longer”. It’s dangerous on so many levels, you not only have the risk of poking your eye out or pricking your skin, but if it isn’t properly sanitized you don’t want it anywhere near your eyes. If clumpy lashes are a problem either switch your mascara, wipe the wand on a tissue before application or get yourself a lash comb to help separate the lashes.

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