starting this one rn

The fact that The Glass Scientists started about 2 YEARS AGO and it still hasn’t even been a full day in the story yet


guys i just made a spotify playlist with all the songs astro have recommended to us and i’m so happy

anonymous asked:

fuck off every one all of you ! you are the one started this ! !

dude im too sick rn to make a proper response can you send this again like tomorrow when im better?? i cant even drink my meds rn bruh

Thank you for your patience, sweetheart~

i have been on a “young stans” kick as far as drawing goes. i don’t think they were the kind of kids who liked being dressed up at all for any reason.

With the new year and my art block finally over, I have finally made an art blog. 

I wanna start an amedot fic like a big one. I have no ideas rn… If anyone has some cool ideas just drop one in my ask box. I’m not amazing at writing so if I don’t feel like I can do very well with the ideas you give me please don’t feel bad


@ everyone……play this at my funeral