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endless list of favourite characters: nathan drake (uncharted)

yeah, well, you know, as thrilling as the next adventure might be, in the end…you’re always left with that same feeling. sometimes you gotta…choose what you’re gonna keep and…and what you’re gonna let go.


female awesome meme ♡ [1/10] lead female characters 

riley matthews (girl meets world) - there is no end to my horizon 

i was looking for pictures of Albus because I need references of his hair and i found this:

and honestly if this isn’t the most “don’t talk to me or my son ever again” picture then i just don’t know…


Get To Know Me Meme » [1/5] Video Games | Odin Sphere

There exists an ancient prophecy… “The beast of despair feeds on man and destroys hope. The unleashed frenzy of death yearns for the light of life. The advancing inferno scorches the throne’s surroundings. In the Cauldron that breathes despair, the blood of the ancients boils. When Leventhan, last of the dragons, devours the stone of blood, the path shall be closed and void will cover the world.” And so begins the tale of five warriors…

In another place in the universe we are getting ready for the hiatus that will start next week and we’re gonna make stupid memes again and go totally crazy and when they’re gonna announce the s5 main, it’s gonna be even and we’re gonna see a good portrayal of mental illness and finally have a mentally ill person speak for themselves and tell their own story, see it from their point of view, and we’ll see how you can be loved and live a normal life despite a mental illness and the struggles that come along with it. we’re gonna see even reunite with the balloon squad and they’re gonna talk about everything that happened in great detail, so no misunderstandings are left. and they try to become friends again, hang out again because they missed each other so much and isak supports their friendship wholeheartedly and he’s just happy for his boyfriend that he’s back together with his old friends. we’re gonna see isak and even’s struggles in their relationship but also their unwavering love for each other and no matter what happens, they always stick together and nothing can break them apart even though it can get complicated but then again, even is the best thing in isak’s life and vice versa, remember? and they would never give up on each other.
In another place in the universe we’re gonna get a season 5 with Even as the main and it’ll finally do him justice.


if anyone else needed more evidence that i should delete well here it is