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Mattress surfing

Okay so in Princess Diaries 2, Mia goes mattress surfing down the staircase, well im pretty sure the batfamily would do that. Like c'mon they got to have a giant staircase in the manor.
-It would be a day Alfred is out so they won’t get in trouble.
-Stephanie saw the movie and had been dying to do it so she recommended it.
- There are plenty of mattresses anyways.
- Dick going into a handstand once while on it. Another time he did a flip onto to it.
- Damian actually smiled. He might call it stupid but boy did he enjoy it.
- Harper goes down with Cass the first time and then tries to figure out how to make it go faster.
- Tim being the one who falls off the mattress half way down the stairs.
- Jason getting a running start then hopping on.
- While waiting his turn, Duke has his Snapchat going as everyone goes down the staircase. He also figures the easiest way to carry the mattress.
-Barbara is pumped. She’s secretly been wanting to do this. Totally cuts Dick in line. Oldest first right.
- Cass is a natural. Never falling down once.
- Bruce coming home and stares at all of them and just walks away. Nothing new to him.

A real life-saver

You run headlong through the night. You can hear the sounds of pursuit behind you, but you don’t dare look back. Over and over in your head you berate yourself for coming out here – the prize you’re playing for seems all but worthless now, and the price of losing has suddenly become much higher than you can afford.

Your heart is pounding in your chest – you were never that fit to begin with and the beats have started to run together into a single throb. The sounds behind you are coming closer and dawn and safety are still a long way off. Even as you frantically navigate the rocks and trees in the filtered moonlight your mind is searching for anything to give you an edge. The stones and trees make great obstacles but poor weapons, and the bag thumping against your legs is now empty of all but a few necessities that you never travel without – A sudden burst of hope adds a bit of strength to your faltering legs, as you stretch your hand into your bag, searching by touch because taking your eyes off your path means falling and falling means losing. Your fingers, slick with sweat, find what you were looking for among the lint and erasure shavings. You pull it out triumphantly and put it to a use that it both was and was not meant for – it was always meant to save your life, but not under these circumstances.

The night grows slightly less dim, as your heart manages to find a yet faster rhythm and your lungs burn. Your legs feel looser and are moving faster too, so fast that you feel as though you’re on puppet strings, an out-of-control joyride with someone else at the steering wheel. You dodge boulders and jump fallen logs and somehow your puppet-limbs stay under you, until at last the light shifts from blue to red as a sliver of sun shows over the horizon and shines through the trees. Dawn is almost at hand and you have almost gotten out with your life – the prize is long forgotten. As the sun pulls away from the edge of the world you leap the stream you had forded when you had set out at dusk. Your mad dash doesn’t stop there, continuing across the quad and to the dorms. You run up the stairs because you just can’t stop moving, and the puppet strings finally tangle, sending you face-first into a concrete edge, but you’re up in a moment because there is no pain and you can’t stop moving. You pull out the key to your door but drop it three times because your hands are shaking ­– in fact now that you’ve stopped moving you’re practically vibrating, the motion refusing to die.

Your roommate is woken by your graceless entrance to the room. Their first expression is relief, at seeing you back, quickly chased by concern, probably because you’re shifting your weight from foot to foot and your head is whipping back and forth taking in the whole room while your hands fly out from your bed to your pockets to your hair because you still can’t stop moving. They tumble out of bed – sleep chased off by your erratic behavior –  and try to hug you, pet your hair and reassure you that you’re safe now, you made it back. You push out of the hug, arms flung out to their fullest extent. You can feel that your eyes are open too wide, and your mouth as well, less of a smile than a baring of teeth. Your roommate flinches back from your expression.

“Where are my rings, I should put them back on,” the word hurtle off your tongue at the speed of thought and into an impressive, unintelligible multi-syllable collision. You don’t wait for your roommate to respond, already tearing through your things looking for the iron rings you always wear – except tonight when you thought it was a good idea to challenge the Gentry to a game. You pull them out of the clutter, but your hands are shaking so badly that you only manage to get one of the five on, dropping the other four to the floor. You bend down to get them and after far too many tries they are all safe on your fingers. Your roommate is slightly less cautious once they see the iron sitting comfortably against your bare skin, but you still whip around to them and begin to babble again.

“Sorry sorry sorry” as you start to spin in circles on the spot, just to keep moving, bring the shaking back under control, “sorry don’t mean to scare you I’m fine really I swear I managed to get away they didn’t catch me I just can’t stop shaking right now I’ve had way too much coffee except I haven’t had any I guess the EpiPen hasn’t worn off yet I’ll be fine.”

When the day met the Night - Chapter Eight

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I was snapping at everyone and everything. I’d once again lost my temper, this time with Bluebell. She had been walking around with one of Shannons drumsticks banging the floors and walls in the huge room that was adjacent to the Lab. Every now and then banging on the drums. A few of the boys were in there chatting and laughing, seemingly oblivious to the noise. Finally losing my patience, I stormed in there. “Cut it out Bluebell!! Jesus, Jared, can’t you stop her from doing that? It’s driving me insane!!!” I shouted. They all turned to look at me in surprise, then turned to look at Jared, Bluebell’s face fell and tears started running down her cheeks. She turned to Shannon who was sitting next to her, holding out her arms for him to pick her up. Jared took a deep breath and walked over to me, “okay baby, I’ll get her to stop” he said quietly. I shook my head, “Isn’t it bothering you?” I said exasperated, “we’re used to a lot more noise than you are” he said grinning. I exhaled in frustration, “I can’t deal with it today” I whispered to him, embarrassed by my outburst. He nodded, “it’s fine, go lie down, have a rest” he said. “I don’t want to lie down” I said, irritated by him now trying to placate me. “What’s wrong?” he said patiently. “Nothing …. I …. nothing” I said sadly. I turned and walked away feeling even more frustrated. I walked into the kitchen and started throwing around pots and pans, in an effort to try and make dinner but more to fend off the emotions that were threatening to consume me. I felt Jared’s hand grab my wrist and the other hand pulled the saucepan out of it. He turned me towards him. “Do you want to talk?” he said raising an eyebrow. I looked away shaking my head. “Come on” he said taking my hand and leading me outside. We sat down, the warm breeze ruffling his hair as he turned to look at me. “What’s wrong baby? You’re not happy and this, you losing your temper like you did, that’s not you, the only time you’re not crying or snapping is when we’re in bed, I know something is the matter” he said running his fingers down my cheek and my neck. “I’m frustrated and I’m bored, you’re always telling me to take a nap, or lie down, relax, I can’t just do that all the time, I feel like a 50’s housewife” I blurted out, he nodded a small grin appearing on his face. “Well I worry that you’re tired, that’s why I tell you to rest, I can see you’re restless, but I don’t know what we can do about that” he said with a frown. “Nothing, there’s nothing to do and …. I’m dreading you leaving and that’s not helping” I said with a sigh. “I keep telling you to come with us” he said, I shook my head. “No, it’s exhausting for me and for Bluebell and you need to give your full attention to the shows, I don’t want you worrying about us” I said firmly. “I’ll still be worried about you” he said. “Yes I know, but it’s different, I can’t hang around hotel rooms and backstage” I said. I rubbed my ever growing belly. 28 weeks and counting. He put his hand on it hoping to feel a kick. “God you look beautiful” he said smiling widely. My heart started pounding and I lost my train of thought at the sight of that blinding smile. “I want to … take me to bed” I murmured. He raised his eyebrows, “its 3 in the afternoon” he said laughing. “They won’t notice” I said shrugging. He leaned over kissing me briefly, “I think they might, be patient until tonight baby” he said against my lips. I growled impatiently. “I don’t have any right now!” I snapped, pushing him away and standing up. I started walking away when I felt him grab my upper arm. “You’re being a sulky toddler” he said, now his turn to growl. I poked my tongue out at him, he raised an eyebrow at me and then gave me a little snarl. He pulled me by the hand inside and through the house. As we walked past the kitchen we caught sight of Shannon. Bluebell was sitting cross legged on the counter and he was getting her a drink. They looked up at us curiously, “can you watch her please? It seems everyone is in need of discipline” Jared called out. Shannon shook his head grinning. I gasped but he kept walking. We got to our room and he slammed the door shut turning the lock. “You have no patience hey? I ought to smack your ass” he said low and sultry. I shook my head, I wasn’t afraid of him, he liked it when I played along. “I could think of something more pleasurable to do to it” I said as he placed a hand on either side of me, bracing himself against the wall, he dropped his head for a moment then looked up at me, his eyes now filled with lust. I licked my bottom lip moving my hand down to slip into his waistband slide into his sweats and jockeys, not stopping until I reached my goal. I leaned up and bit his neck gently just below his ear, while stroking his cock. I heard a growl from the back of his throat as he pushed against my hand. I kissed his neck moving down peppering kisses along his jaw. My hand moved out to grasp the waistband of his sweats and I started to pull them down slowly. Over his hips and down his thighs, his cock springing free, jutting up eager for my attention. He kicked them off quickly and pulled off his tee. I looked down at it then up at him raising an eyebrow. I slowly started to bend down, to get on my knees, but he grasped my arm. “No, no, over here, you can’t kneel on the floor” he said in a hoarse voice and pulled me towards the bed, sitting me down on the edge. I leaned towards him flicking out my tongue giving his head a swipe before taking it into my mouth and sucking on it hard. He groaned softly pushing his hips towards me, one hand automatically sliding into my hair. I grasped him firmly, before taking him fully into my mouth. As I pulled back he moved forward again, thrusting in, I felt him hit the back of my throat and fought the urge to gag at the sudden intrusion. He slid back until just his head was sitting on my tongue, then just as quickly he thrust back in. I put a hand on his hip gently holding him back. “Sorry, fuck …” he groaned barely able to get the words out. Then he pulled out completely, I looked up at him with a questioning look on my face. “I don’t want to lose control” he said shaking his head. “Don’t worry, I want it” I said, my voice full of need. He exhaled slowly then I felt his hand tighten it’s grip in on my hair, holding my head firmly in place, “open up” he ordered. My lips parted eagerly as he started to fuck my mouth, alternating between deep thrusts then short frantic ones. I could feel him starting to shake, his movements became erratic and I knew he was close. “Open up when I tell you” he panted urgently. One more thrust and he pulled out grabbing his cock. “Now baby” he growled, I opened my mouth in anticipation of his release. The hand that was in my hair jerked my head back and he started pumping himself faster and faster, until I felt the first spurt of hot cum hit my tongue and throat, filling my mouth and running down my throat. He groaned loudly as he started slowing down, then finally stopping. He let go of my hair and his cock and turned collapsing onto the bed, pulling me down next to him. His breathing started to return to normal and he kissed me tenderly on the forehead. A little while past and just when I thought he had fallen asleep, I felt a hand slide up and grasp my neck giving it a gentle squeeze. “On your hands and knees baby” he whispered in my ear. I carefully got up and slipped off my tee and pants, unhooking my bra and tossing it all off to the side of the bed. Then got into position, waiting for him. He slid off the bed and stood at the edge, his hands grasping my hips gently coaxing me backwards towards him. He ran them over my back then down towards my ass, grasping my cheeks and kneading them gently. Then spreading them, taking in the sight of my arousal, I was wet now and could feel my wetness dripping down my thighs. “I never get tired of looking at you like this, always so ready for me” he sighed, the pleasure evident in his voice. He ran two fingers up my slit, gathering my moisture and dragging it up to my puckered hole, one finger gently pushing into there. Playing here was something new he had introduced me to, something he promised me I would come to like as well. He had been slow, gentle and patient with me. I was not quite ready to take all of him just yet, but I was getting there. “Are we nearly ready for this baby?” he said in a low voice. “Soon, I need a little more time” I said breathlessly as he slowly withdrew and pushed in again. “Mmm, okay I can wait” he murmured. He pumped his finger into me, then added another one, I breathed slowly, allowing myself to relax and enjoy the sensation, I felt myself pushing against his fingers involuntarily and I heard him exhale, pleased that I was excited by it. “I can’t wait until you let me fuck you here” he said, pumping his fingers into me harder a few more times then pulling them out. I knew he was struggling to control his need to take it then and there. I could feel my pussy aching now, wanting the same attention. He pulled out and slid his fingers teasingly up and down my slit again, rubbing his finger over my clit, circling it and driving me crazy. I was beyond aroused now, pushing back against him, I could feel his cock, he was hard again. “Please, I want it … you, now” I begged. Without a word he plunged into me, burying himself deep into my pussy. I felt everything clench, my walls tightening around his length. “Fuck” I cried out, he exhaled slowly at my cries of pleasure. His hips moving faster as he held mine, keeping me firmly in place. His thrusts harder each time, I tried to resist my climax, not wanting this ecstasy to end. Suddenly I was unable to hold on any longer, I lost control, tumbling over the edge, biting my lips to stop myself from screaming out. Jared gave a few more hard deliberate thrusts, until he spilt himself into me with a low groan, his body shuddering as he slowed down, finally stopping. He pulled out and then helped me to turn and lie down on my side, pulling me so my back was against his chest. “I’m going to miss you Harper” he breathed kissing my shoulder. “Me too” I said sadly “I don’t know how I’ll bear it, being apart”. “It wont be long and I’ll be back here with you” he said. I nodded silently, savoring this time together, wanting it to last, but knowing it was fast drawing to the time he would leave me.

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Any mcr history new fans should know? I've been a fan for just over two years now and still have no idea who Bert McCracken was or what he did, so I feel like I should know about him and more about the band haha

Oh, geez. A history of MCR for the new fan…I wouldn’t know where to start (or stop) without running the risk of boring everyone following! Your best bet is to read articles (I try to scan as many as I can), and invest in an old/used book about the band. I personally like this one and eventually I’ll get around to scanning the photographs in it.

As for Bert, you can find some more info here. The thing to remember is that the entire band was abusing alcohol and drugs (prescription and otherwise) partly as a way to deal with their own anxiety and depression issues. As someone with depression and panic disorder myself since I was 14 (started presenting as young as five), and a brother that was addicted to intravenous heroin, I relate to both the band’s mental health issues AND I dislike those that try to keep people struggling with substance abuse stuck in the cycle.

Good luck!

-Mama Odie

NOTICE: Expired by April 8th

It’s that time again, babies!

We’re finally starting run throughs and tech rehearsals for our spring production. I’m having very busy, long 13-14 hour days.

That means a few things:

• My in game activity is going to drop during weekdays to a hiatus point. So you’ll only see me on tumblr or on weekends!

• I might not have the energy to reply to roleplay posts/reblogs until the weekends when I get some rest.

• I am going to be INCREDIBLY irritable. It doesn’t mean you did anything. It means that my energy is so unbelievably low from all the rehearsals and sleep deprivation. I hardly have time to even eat during what us thespians call “hell week”.
I am head of the costuming for this show, and I am doing 98% of all of the costumes by myself, on top it that I have a lead role so I have to pause what I am doing, run on stage for my parts and do all costumes in between. I’m very behind on them so It easily stresses me out.

And to add to it, I’m still a student and have rigorous academic work to maintain.

• I will cry at literally anything. For no reason. I will be emotionally PERFECT. But my body is going to be beyond tired, stressed, and anxious. I will be in tears and tell you I’m fine and mean it, crying is just how I expel stress. It happens every show. It’s OK. ❤️

• If you don’t message me, you MIGHT not hear from me. No, I haven’t lost interest in you. I don’t dislike you. I’m not avoiding you. Honestly I’m either working or sleeping. I take every opportunity I can to catch some Zzz(s) during hell week.

BUT I WILL BE BACK SOON AFTER (like always) It’s only about two weeks away and then it’ll all be over! ❤️

April 8th, ladies and gents!

Until then, see you on the weekends! Hang with me!

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“Don’t strain yourself before you’re ready.” With injured Yurio maybe

Thank you for sending me a request! This is set post-series.

“Now, it’s your first day back, so take it slowly and don’t strain yourself before you’re ready,” Yakov commands sternly, his arms folded as he frowns at his youngest student.

Outwardly, Yuri nods obediently, but he’s not even remotely paying attention. He already had to take a week off of skating because he was sick, and he needs to get back in top form before the Russian nationals. When Yakov finally finishes lecturing him, he pushes off the barrier and warms up in a hurry.

“Good to see you back, Yuri!” Mila calls as he passes her. He grunts in response. Yuuri gives him a little wave from where he and Victor are discussing plans for their routines.

He starts to run through his short program, and is annoyed to find himself tiring more easily than usual. Still, he continues to push himself, ignoring the burn in his muscles. A week off definitely should not be enough to make him this out of shape.

After his fifth run-through of Agape, he’s having a hard time catching his breath, but he decides to move on to his free skate instead of taking a break. He wants to be able to perform it without any falls at his next competition.

His plan quickly falls apart. Allegro Apassionado is difficult when he’s rested, and right now it takes every bit of his focus to do the step sequences adequately. His performance is sloppy at best, and Yuri finds himself growing more frustrated as he goes along.

He’s only halfway through the routine and his limbs already feel like lead; his movements grow sharper and angrier, less graceful and precise. With a huff of frustration, Yuri throws himself into the final step sequence.

His determination to finish at all costs proves to be his undoing, as he lets his focus slip a bit. The next thing he knows, his feet tangle and his ankle twists sharply, sending him tumbling to the ice. He pushes himself up immediately, not wanting to lie there like an infant, but his ankle throbs sharply in protest when he tries to stand. Cursing, he falls back to the ice.

“Yuri’s down!” shouts Mila upon spotting him trying to get up. He shoots her a sharp glare but she ignores it.

“Are you okay, Yurio?” Victor asks, skating over with Yuuri on his heels.

“That’s not my name! And I’m fine, so leave me alone!”

“Are you sure?” Yuuri asks, crouching down carefully next to Yuri.

Yuri refuses to look at him. “I just twisted my ankle, it’s nothing.”

“Well, clearly something is wrong, or you wouldn’t be sitting here instead of skating,” Yuuri points out. “Here, let me and Victor help you off the ice.”

“I don’t need your help!” Yuri retorts instantly, but he leans heavily on the two older skaters on the way across the rink and unceremoniously deposit him on a bench. Yuri is grateful to be off his feet again.

“I told you not to push yourself too hard today,” Yakov scolds. Yuri just scowls, but can’t really argue. He unlaces Yuri’s right skate and carefully eases his foot out of it, noting Yuri’s hiss when he touches his ankle. “As I thought, it looks like a nasty sprain. That’s another week off of skating.”

Yuri pouts when he says that, and sulks through the entire doctor’s visit that follows. Yuuri and Victor insist on accompanying him for “moral support.” He’s pretty sure that they’re just trying to annoy him to death.

When he finally gets home, he’s grumpy and miserable and not even remotely ready to spend the next week going stir-crazy with boredom. He eagerly answers his phone when it shows an incoming call from Otabek.

“Beka, you won’t believe what just happened!” he complains immediately upon answering the phone. “I’m going to be stuck at home for a whole week.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Yura.” Otabek is more than used to hearing Yuri’s rants. “But I think I might have something to cheer you up.”

“What is it?” Yuri asks doubtfully, too glum to really get excited.

“I just purchased tickets for a flight to Saint Petersburg. How do you feel about having a guest for the next week?”

Yuri is too happy to speak for a few moments. “That sounds great, Beka,” he chokes out when he finally has his voice back.

“I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon, then,” Otabek promises before hanging up. His spirits lifted, Yuri turns on the TV to find something to watch. He’s already counting down the minutes until his friend arrives.

Midweek 10k in 52:44 around the neighborhood. Felt decent, but a little worn down… Maybe I’m starting to get the cold that everyone has at home. But finished and stretching and icing now. 👌

I have GOT to start running somewhere else on these “kinda long” runs though. It’s nice keeping an eye on the neighborhood, but it’s so monotonous. Once it warms up more I can push Summer in her stroller instead of out for a quick run during nap time. Maybe I should start listening to podcasts again. ✌️🏃

Fun fact: when I spent a week in Italy last fall there was this one time where my friends and I were trying to cross the street but the particular street was very busy and had confusing traffic lights, and for some reason we waited until the last second to cross the street and FOUR LANES OF TRAFFIC started moving towards us and we were idiots so we just started running, and since I become a meme queen when stressed, as I sprinted I started shrieking “wELL THE CARS START COMING AND THEY DON’T STOP COMING”

and I’m ashamed to say those were almost my last words

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Do you think it would be better to start walking before I run? I don't do any exercise currently and running is super exhausting for me. Should I work up from a nice steady walk to a run or just start running?

Hi i think its definitely a great idea to start walking then running! Do it like you take a walk, then next time you run 5 minutes, and when you feel like its easy go for 10 minutes and work your way up! Stay safe❤


Now that Nami had fully acquainted herself with how to run the family business, she was given the opportunity by her and Haru’s father to start running operations!

In celebration, she had everyone, including Luciano and Elizabeth, meet her at her favorite restaurant (she has always had the attitude – “the more the merrier”)!

keith, waking up in cold sweat at 2 AM: i love lance with my entire heart, soul and being 

imagine wizarding universities tho

  • dodging ppl landing/taking off on their brooms
  • also the assholes that fly too low
  • muggleborns that still prefer skateboards/bikes
  • floo rush hours
  • when ppl stand around in the fireplace instead of immediately moving out of the way
  • running late but not being allowed to apparate bc several hundred times people miss their mark and land right in the middle of a class
  • being near that one person that smells v strongly like the magic equivalent of weed
  • when ppl bring their kids and they fuck shit up have accidental magic
  • muggleborns taking ge muggle studies and wanting to fight the outdated instructor
  • so many oral exams good god
  • you mourn the fact that time turners were destroyed while you’re trying to finish an essay 10 minutes before class
  • buying your own potions ingredients?? $ y $ i $ k $ e $ s $
  • trying to find books for research but they’re always floating around and incorrectly reshelving themselves
  • accio was banned in the library but everyone uses it anyway
  • ppl just have to practice constant vigilance to avoid the books flying to the spellcaster
  • the magic fucks w the phone signal and wifi
  • half the teachers dont accept typed work
  • getting lost on campus but the maps keep telling you different things
  • trying to have a snack but the chocolate frog gets away
  • accidentally bringing weasley’s wizard wheezes as a snack
  • comes to class 15 minutes late with pumpkin frappuccino
Why the Harry Potter fandom is important

Last night after walking down Regent Street and marvelling at the Christmas lights and how very much I love London(which happens anytime I walk around central London), I sat waiting in Leicester Sq. Me and my Hufflepuff fellow @andyouknowitis were off to see the midnight showing of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. 

After a little while, the scarves began to emerge. A girl sat down next to me wearing a Slytherin scarf. Later replaced by a girl in a Ravenclaw scarf. Two Gryffindors came up to me and went ‘Would you mind taking a picture of us? We saw you and thought ‘She’s wearing a Hufflepuff scarf, we’ll ask her’. Me and the two girls got chatting about fandom and the excitement for the movie and they wandered off. I sat back down and then two girls in robes walked by and grinned at me. 

A guy dressed as Newt walked by and jokingly cursed a group of people, more friends in scarves began to appear, wands came out, hugs were had. The cinema was crowded, full of posters and people squealing over them. In the very long queue for food, one guy found out how long the adverts were and I asked whether he was a Ravenclaw, turned out he was. 

Eventually we all found our seats, shuffling around in the dark trying to place drinks and popcorn, balancing the IMAX glasses and jostling for space. The lights dimmed, the Warner Bros logo appeared on screen and we all cheered. Here we were, one big nerdy family in the middle of the night about to experience new wizarding world material. 

The movie was brilliant, we all laughed a lot, we cheered and clapped and gasped. We marvelled at the beauty on screen and were so very aware of how much we just really bloody love magic. 

It’s been nine years since the last book came out, back when most of us were in our teens and  early twenties. And yet he we still are, smiling at the people in scarves and laughing in a movie theatre, nearly ten years on. Older and adulter but still very much in love with this fandom. 

After the movie, we wandered off to House of Minalima, a place in Soho run by the people behind the art of Harry Potter. We got to talk to them and look at all the amazing things surrounded us. The creaky, wobbly old house imbued with magic whilst the drunken Muggles cavorted outside. It felt like the Leaky Cauldron, hidden away in London at 3am. We chatted to Potterheads, it’s London, you don’t talk to random people but with this, how could you not? 

The world has been a bit rubbish of late, it’s terrifying and scary and a lot of unkind people seem to be winning. But we still have Harry Potter, we still have kindness and joy and excitement  and magic. We need that, we revel in it and thankfully this fandom ain’t going anywhere. In ten years time I’d still like to be grinning at people in fandom scarves like we’re part of a secret society. We got this Potterheads, we ain’t going nowhere.