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HS!AU! Tony has absolutely hacked all of Rhodeys sm accounts to make sure everyone knows they're official. HS!AU Steve has given speeches about his amazing bf Sam. At pep rallies. Just qb Steve starting to pump up the school but it turnin into a 90 minute speech about Sam. Bucky stole T'Challa's letterman jacket and won't give it back, he wants everyone to know they're together. Basically they're white boys are fools.

WELL i already have a hs!au centered around sambucky but this is good

Well, it’s official. I’ll be the starting QB; at least for our first game on the 12th against the Rams. We’ll see about the rest after that, though my focus is one game at a time anyway so that’s more than okay. Feeling pretty blessed and quite thankful for this opportunity. Now it’s all about training hard this upcoming week, showing what we’re made of and giving people something good to watch for our annual Monday Night Football. Let’s go Niners~

Well – guess I’m gonna be the starting QB this Sunday. Talk about a dream come true and yet the circumstances don’t really make this situation a happy one. The show must go on as they say though, huh.