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I'm looking for a fic where Blaine and Finn are in college, they live in a frat house, and then Kurt comes to live with them. Blaine eventually falls in love with Kurt and Finn is not happy. Thanks.

Not Exclusive by @nellie12

Finn happens to be doing well for himself in the University of Florida. He is starting QB for the Gators, and he’s a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and his grades aren’t terrible. He also has his favorite step-brother coming to visit from New York, and Kurt has no idea he’s about to have the Spring Break of a lifetime until he meets Finn’s best friend and frat mate- Blaine Anderson.

Not Exclusive

Author: Nellie12

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 129,051

Summary: Finn happens to be doing well for himself in the University of Florida. He is starting QB for the Gators, and he’s a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and his grades aren’t terrible. He also has his favorite step-brother coming to visit from New York, and Kurt has no idea he’s about to have the Spring Break of a lifetime until he meets Finn’s best friend and frat mate- Blaine Anderson.

Tropes/Genre: college!Klaine, angst, fluff, humor, romance, 

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Godric’s Hollow: A Slasher AU

This is what happens when I binge watch both season of Scream while reading Drarry and drinking (the harry potter/drarry fandom has not experienced my weird drinking inspirations like teen wolf did so get ready for some EXTREME nonsense)

Bluck up Biscuits 

  • Godric’s Hollow is finally recovering from the horrible murder spree local recluse, Tom Riddle, went on sixteen years ago
  • Harry Potter lost both his parents to that deranged slasher freak and has been living in foster care since then
  • he is infamous in town as the only person to survive the rampage of Tom Riddle
    • the cops shot Riddle right as he was taking a knife to Harry
    • cool scars bro
    • including that one on his forehead
  • okay so we have Harry as our outcast kid who is totally going to be accused of being the killer
    • not even a stretch from the actual books
  • Draco Malfoy is pretty and popular and so very very rich
  • his dad is the mayor
  • like opening of this story everyone is just like “he is gonna die first! he is too rich and slutty!”
    • lies Draco is a virgin
    • harboring a very big crush on one scruffy outcast
  • Ron is the kid who is a little too meta, he knows so much about insane killers
    • he was legit our view into the wizarding world in the books so this fits
  • Hermonie is the friend who keeps demanding some one calls the cops or to stay in during the curfew
    • fucking cannon let’s be real
  • more about the other kiddies later
  • it’s fucking plot time bitches
  • September in Godric’s Hollow
  • things have finally turned around for this town, they are not Murder Hollow anymore in the press. They have a farmers market and a twice yearly dog parade. Next year they are getting a half marathon
  • but every town has SECRETS
  • Tom Riddle’s rampage of death and his subsequent shooting still hangs heavy on the town as the sixteen year anniversary approaches!
  • Quarterback Cedric Diggory is found brutally murdered in his family pool and everyone has to wonder if the terror has returned to Godric’s Hollow
    • this is happening in America
    • we are the birthplace of slasher films and i demand american gothic nonsense in this!
  • They did never recover Riddle’s body!
  • the team is devastated
  • Harry & Ron with video cameras taking shots of the memorial and generally looking sketchy
    • they are making a documentary about how the town isn’t properly handling the Tom Riddle aftermath
    • they are going to send it to the caines film festival
    • harry is the star as the only ‘final girl’
  • Draco just wants to know who killed his captain!
    • how much anime have i been watching?
    • not sempai!

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Can you recommend fics where at the beginning either Kurt o Blaine has a lit of casual sex but then they fall for each other.

In College You Know Who You Are by Magick (Rated NC17 - Complete) Kurt goes to college in NYC while Finn goes to college at OSU. Once in a while he goes back to Ohio and visits Finn on campus, where he meets Blaine during a party. The two hit it off immediately but are not looking for a relationship for whatever reason but both have needs, so they settle for a one night stand. Kurt keeps running into Blaine every time he comes back to Ohio (either intentionally or not ;)) and they quickly become friends with benefits. They also have phone/Skype sex and eventually hang out more together outside of the bedroom whenever Kurt is in town, until they realize they might want their relationship to be more than just physical.

Not Exclusive by Nellie12 (Rated M - Complete)

Finn happens to be doing well for himself in the University of Florida. He is starting QB for the Gators, and he’s a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and his grades aren’t terrible. He also has his favorite step-brother coming to visit from New York, and Kurt has no idea he’s about to have the Spring Break of a lifetime until he meets Finn’s best friend and frat mate- Blaine Anderson.

The Way You Touch Me by ControlofwhatIdo (Rated M - Complete)

Written for a prompt on the gkm: confident!knowledgeable!virgin!Blaine and baby penguin who had a drunken one night stand!Kurt figuring out their relationship in and out of the bedroom, with lots of hurt/comfort and sweetness and much better sex than Kurt’s one-night stand.  AU where Kurt and Blaine don’t meet until their first year of college, so Kurt never did get that ‘you matter’ talk from his dad, and Blaine is a confident, sexually knowledgeable virgin. A year in their relationship as they explore sex and each other. Affectionately called the confident!virgin!Blaine/innocent!notavirgin!Kurt college AU.

Husbandly Duties by anxioussquirrel (Rated M – Complete)

Kurt and Blaine have never had sex. They haven’t even discussed having sex. They have been best friends for the last two years. Now they’re suddenly getting married and it turns out they have very different expectations about intimacy. Dystopia AU.  *Don’t know why I never read this before!  There’s so little angst for a squirrel fic – I love it!!

Legally Wed Series by glitterandpaws (Rated M – Complete in three parts)

Fill on the Glee Kink Meme for this anonymous prompt: An AU (dystopia?) where there are laws that force gay teens to get into a civil union with each other, in order to keep them from ”preying on the heterosexuals”. The law would also establish gender roles inside the same-sex union, trying to normalize homosexuality as much as possible.

Kurt and Blaine both grew up in this society and, while aware that it’s not fair, they accept it as fact and don’t want to risk imprisonment for disobedience. They get married to eachother by the state, without their consent, and are expected to consummate the marriage within 24 hours of its official announcement. Blaine gets assigned the role of husband.   The three Klaine stories in the verse are the following in order:  Under Oath, State Of Affairs, and Bond Maturity

First game tonight as a Buc against Point University. Actually pretty nervous, can’t even lie. You’ll be there, right? Kick-off is at seven and I’m starting QB, as a freshman
I can get you tickets if you don’t already have them, I’d just really like to have as many friendly faces as possible in the crowd.

Well, it’s official. I’ll be the starting QB; at least for our first game on the 12th against the Rams. We’ll see about the rest after that, though my focus is one game at a time anyway so that’s more than okay. Feeling pretty blessed and quite thankful for this opportunity. Now it’s all about training hard this upcoming week, showing what we’re made of and giving people something good to watch for our annual Monday Night Football. Let’s go Niners~

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Ok I'm glad I went anon for this. In your opinion what are best Klaine smut fics?

Then Began Again by fierybeams (Rated NC17 – Complete)

Kurt wants to do something special for Blaine’s birthday. Blaine requests that he roleplay as his younger, seventeen-year-old self. Conversation, anxieties, and lots and lots of smut ensue. Featuring blowjobs, rimming, fingering, anal, and light spanking. Warnings for some reference to Kurt’s experiences with bullying and assault in season two.   *THIS. IS. HOT.

Spring Showcase by avidlywriting (Rated M – 11K Complete)

“How about you and me go talk in private? Hmm? I could give you some…pointers maybe? I think tonight we can definitely work on you hitting a high note.” This one-shot is an alternate Klaine meeting that consists of pure PWP smut with maybe a sprinkle of fluff and feels. Klaine Prompt: Dom!Kurt and Sub!Blaine NC-17

Long Overdue by Zavocado (NC 17 - Complete)  librarian!Blaine, badboy!Kurt, and lots of smut. SMUT SMUT SMUT SMUT.  But AFTER the smut, there’s a sweet Klaine story.

Home Videos by endofadream (NC17 - Complete) Blaine gives Kurt a DVD to watch when he’s alone…yeah…lotsa sweet smut for your home reading PLEASURE!!  It’s really, REALLY good!

****Sweat by Nellie12 (NC -17 Complete) badboy!Blaine  REALLY REALLY good and hot hot hot just so damn good!

Not Exclusive by Nellie12 (Rated M - Complete)

Finn happens to be doing well for himself in the University of Florida. He is starting QB for the Gators, and he’s a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and his grades aren’t terrible. He also has his favorite step-brother coming to visit from New York, and Kurt has no idea he’s about to have the Spring Break of a lifetime until he meets Finn’s best friend and frat mate- Blaine Anderson.

Saints & Sinners by brokenlovesong (Rated NC17 - Complete)  

Father Anderson is closing up the church for the night when Kurt, his best singer from the choir, requests to make a confession. Before Blaine can stop it the confessional is hot and he is in the middle of things not suitable for one in his job.WARNINGS: explicit sex, what can be seen as dishonoring the church. Don’t like, scroll by.

Bathhouse Verse by spinmybowtie (Rated NC17 – Completed in 4 parts)

Blaine is a regular “performer” at a NYC bathhouse. Kurt suspects nothing until he hits the steam room.

*SO FREAKING HOT (and fluff) – cannot rec this golden nugget enough – READ IT!

The Texans made easy work of the Raiders who were without their starting QB Derek Carr. Rookie Connor Cook was pressured all game by the Texans defense and he threw 3 interceptions as the Raiders offense stalled. The Texans will face either the Patriots or the Chiefs in the divisional round next week.

  • B. Osweiler 14/25 168 yds 1 TD and 1 rushing TD

  • C. Cook 18/45 161 yds 1 TD 3 INT

via IG: sportscenter

Well – guess I’m gonna be the starting QB this Sunday. Talk about a dream come true and yet the circumstances don’t really make this situation a happy one. The show must go on as they say though, huh.

The Reality Check

                                        Hana al-Junubiyya (pen name)

A friend of mine recently went through the unexpected break-up. It was an emotional explosion because she and the boy had finally made it to the comfortable realm of “Islamic” dating, and the relationship had worked its way to the cliff point of marriage (it’s a plunge, and you gotta have the right company for that trip). Families got involved, and we all know what that means: Nikkah on the horizon. And then it ended–abruptly, unexpectedly–and left an emotional wreck.

“It’s over,” she said.

But is it really?

We all know the story doesn’t end here. We are talking about emotions, people. Emails, phone calls, Instagram stalking–that itching tendency to be there when he needs you.

Our lives are like stories. And, as with any good novel, the turning point of “It’s Over” isn’t the actual end. There is also the denouement (look it up, it’s the term your 11th grade English teacher should have taught you). It’s the dragging of the storyline and what happens after the climax. From here on out, there are no surprises but we know we’re not at the actual end, either. We’re just coasting to the inevitable.

The same thing happens with our relationships. We still have the continuation of “you and me” after the “It’s Over.” They stay with you somehow. He still texts her. She still messages him. There is that gravitational pull to each other at parties. You feel that kick when you see a picture of them with someone else (or multiple elses). And, of course that sense of validation when they confirm your existence through a social media-ed “like” or comment.

But if I asked you the reality of TODAY, what would you say?

“No, we are not together.”

And that, my friends, is the key. It’s about the Reality Check–that brutal kick forcing you to face the facts. It’s the question you ask yourself (“What’s the reality of TODAY?”) that reminds you of how things truly stand. You might write the answer on a post-it note, doodle it on the margins of your notes, or just mutter it under your breath walking home. Basically, the Reality Check is your weapon of choice to crush that overly heated imagination. It grounds you to: “What are we really?” Employed at the start of a relationship, it keeps you from jumping ten steps into the future when you’re actually only at the third. Or, if “It’s Over,” the Reality Check anchors you from flying into some alternate universe.

When it comes to the denouement, we each have our setbacks and individual timelines on how to move on. We might manage to keep our emotions at bay and practice our emotional planks (link to Adham’s article) but then there are those moments. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that slip up: When we sneak into that private joke, share a song you know she’s going to love, or send him that selfie because heck, you’re having a freakin’ awesome hair day. All those things that are friendly-borderline-flirtatious but no-there-was-a-relationship-so-really-it-ALWAYS-means-more. Yeah. Those moments suck because there’s that flicker of, well, emotions. And it’s fine to feel what you feel. Just realize that whatever (remaining) attachment you have to this person is residue. It’s the leftover primer from that “once upon a time” relationship you’re scraping off the walls.

In those moments, it’s important to remember that you are not a loser. Don’t erupt into agony the next time you call her because you feel like she’s the only person who ever really truly understood you. Why wouldn’t you? If it was (at some point) a good relationship, then you depended on each other. So it’s natural to reach out to the person who said: “Hey, I’ll be here for you when you need me.” (Sike.) Yeah, you really shouldn’t have made that call but hell. Whatever. You did. And that’s ok. Just ask yourself:

What’s the reality of TODAY?

“We are not together.”

There. Hold that. Because the key to moving forward is to not pretend some alternate reality of a non-existent relationship. And if you don’t know how things stand–well, then it’s time to communicate.

Aside from the denouement, let’s face it–we’re also really good at ruining things from the get-go. We miscommunicate (or just don’t bother to get the facts straight) right from the start. We function off of assumptions, one-sided conversations that sound pretty rationale in our heads, and cultural bullsh*t that we’ve internalized because hell we’re slightly f*ked. In these moments, the Reality Check could work wonders.

Take, for example, the story of Quirky Boy (QB) and Sassy Girl (SG). Sparks fly (why wouldn’t they–quirk and sass go hand-in-hand). They go out (hang out/whatever you do that you do) a few times and then QB starts thinking (…great). May be the girl lives in another state, works crazy hours, or fantasizes about going back to school.

“Well,” QB says to himself, “that’s problematic. How can we have a relationship if she decides to do a rotation far, far away? How can we ever really be together when she lives across state lines? What if she chooses a school or career that keeps her busy all the time?”

So QB twists his mind over these questions and situations of impossibility. At this point, SG (completely unaware of QB’s frenzied thoughts) is more occupied with: “I wonder if he likes me enough to ask me out next week?”

The next phone call is scripted something like this:

(SG picks up the phone, excited.)

QB: It’s over because it can never work out.

This scene (based on a collection of actual tales) is the classic (and all too repetitive) mistake of building assumptions and treating them as facts. It’s also a scenario that might have been avoided (or untangled) by asking: What’s the reality of the situation? Where are you TODAY?


In this case, if QB* had Reality Checked-it, he would have realized that he actually doesn’t know shit. He has no idea of how SG prioritizes her values. He doesn’t know SG well enough to assume the outcome of her decision-making process. He shouldn’t make assumptions because, as human beings, we are blessed with Free Will and independent minds. For QB to leap to any conclusion about SG (without her input, mind you) is disrespectful and a major cockblock to his potential happiness. You are your worst enemy, sometimes.

Fact: Relationships are complicated. Living in our heads makes it even more of a clusterf*ck. So let’s stop having one-sided conversations in our minds. Check the reality of the situation and function from on-the-ground facts instead of these man-made assumptions. A relationship is a journey. Don’t leave the other person behind when you’re deciding on the future.

And if you’re one of those making your way through the denouement, then God speed. It’s a rough path but an emotional course we all (or will) experience. Relationships end–whether through a breakup, divorce, a dissolved friendship, or even death. Let’s face it: sadness and loss are part of the human experience. I’ve only recently come to terms with this myself, and it all goes back to faith. Last fall, I was reading a book about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s life and came across the story of how emotional he became on seeing Khadijah’s jewelry after her death. She was the first love of his life. Our emotions are a part of our humanity, which also makes them a part of our Muslim experience. So feel what you feel but stay grounded in the present. Check in and function off of the reality of the situation. I know. It can be hard to face your self sometimes (and the truth of it all) but this is only the starting point. Happiness (with yourself) is a continual work in progress (just like with any relationship). When you’re ready, there’s a sweetness to that next beginning. Amen.

*Let it be known that the author isn’t ragging on the male sex here. We’re all pretty screwed up and prone to fall prey to cultural pressures, familial expectations and this whack timeline of where you should be that sometimes bleeds into our thought processes. Reality check yourself, my friends (of all sexes).