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Making Your Murder Board (or, Creating Fiction Through the Mind Map Method)

Hello, all!

With Camp NaNo quickly approaching, I find myself facing the daunting task of writing two novellas without much of an outline in place. I can’t imagine that I’m the only one in a situation like this, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite methods for organising my stories.

In the past, I’ve certainly been the type to write out a full outline with Roman numerals and topic sentences like it’s a fifth-grade book report from the 1980s.

While I can’t deny that this can be incredibly helpful when it comes to writing specific scenes and keeping timelines in place, it’s a bit too technical when it comes to more grand-scheme ideas that get the plot rolling in the first place. I don’t know about you, but I like to visualise my stories on a large scale before I start getting down and dirty with the details.

Enter the mind map.

I personally like to refer to this as my Murder Board, as it makes me feel like I’m on Criminal Minds and trying to solve the case by connecting all of the little red strings and thumbtacks. It can get pretty involved and can look damn scary depending on how many details you include, but I absolutely swear by it.

This strategy was recommended to me by a friend, and I can’t offer enough praise for it and how much it’s helped me to get my stories on track. If there are any of you out there still struggling with how to string your plot bunnies together in time for writing to start on July 1st, I definitely recommend taking some time to put one of these together.

I’ve illustrated my preferred method below using Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as an example. As a quick disclaimer, I’m the type of writer that puts a lot of emphasis on character. As such, this method is specific to character and relies heavily on the primary protagonist’s perspective— if your story isn’t particularly character-driven, this exact method may not work for you. I still strongly advise giving it a shot, as you never know what sort of details will be uncovered as you work on putting together a map.

With that in mind, let’s begin! (I apologise in advance for the quality of the photos— my camera isn’t the best)

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you never need to carry more than you can hold

Birthday fic for @whoacanada.  

Read on AO3

               It takes four pies and more loaves of bread than fit onto the counter for Bitty to admit he’s stressed. He knows he’s in denial, but he really thought that avoiding his problems with baking was something he would grow out of by the time he’s graduated.

               He’s been wrong about a few things lately.

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Marvel-ous July

After my long hiatus, I’ve decided to come back with a bang. And what’s a better way to do that than have posting a fanfic a day for the entire month of July? 

Throughout my hiatus, I’ve been gathering up ideas and wrote a few pieces even. Now, I’m ready to share them all with you. So I’ll hope you guys are interested, because I can’t wait to get back on Tumblr. I miss you all so much!

So throughout July, I will update this post so that it’ll be a masterpost of July writings by the end of the month. Cover photo made by the lovely @queen–valeskaxx!

Please send in any feedback you have throughout the month, because a lot of the posts will depend on what you guys want.

So shall we get started?

Week One

  • Saturday, July 1st: Blizzard (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
    You and your three-month work crush get stuck in a Target store when a blizzard hits town. Fluff ensues.
  • Sunday, July 2nd: What are the Odds? (Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
    After a summer of hookups, you are now ready for your first day as a NYPD officer. However, nothing could have prepared you for the surprise that was in store for you. Your team consists of all your summer one-night-stands. What are the odds?
  • Monday, July 3rd: Good Luck Charm (Avengers x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader)
    You take the boys to a hockey game.
  • Tuesday, July 4th: A Slice of Your Childhood (Steve Rogers x Reader)
    You’ve been struggling on what to get Steve for his birthday. Deciding to bring back a piece of his childhood, you made him his mother’s chiffon cake.
  • Wednesday, July 5th: Movie Clichés (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
    I’m a realist who looks down on movie cliches. Bucky is an optimist who believes in true love. What happens when we make a checklist of movie cliches and try to complete all of them in one week?
  • Thursday, July 6th: Ultimate Fangirl (Avengers Cast x Reader)
    My Marvel, inner fangirl gets exposed during my DC press tour, and now that’s all I talk about during my interviews. When going onto Ellen DeGeneres’ show, she not only has questions in store for me but a surprise as well. 
  • Friday, July 7th: Never Letting You Go (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
    Based on ‘Closer’ by the Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

Week Two

  • Saturday, July 8th: ‘What are the Odds?’ Part Two (Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
  • Sunday, July 9th: Who’s to Blame? (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
    Bucky Barnes is the most eligible bachelor in New York, a ladies’ man and a dick even. He’s also your best friend. However, he gets into a freak accident and he ends up losing his left arm. His confidence is shattered, and it’s up to you to show him that he is still the man he was before the accident.
  • Monday, July 10th: ‘What are the Odds?’ Part Three (Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
  • Tuesday, July 11th: ‘Who’s to Blame?’ Part Two (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
  • Wednesday, July 12th: Thrift Store Shopping (Avengers x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader)
    Steve, Sam, and Bucky go thrift store shopping. Steve happens open an old Captain America poster, and Bucky and Sam insists in buying it.
  • Thursday, July 13th: Pepper Potts’ Niece (Avengers x Reader)
    Your aunt happens to be the Pepper Potts. And she landed you a week at the Avengers Tower. You steal the hearts of the Avengers fast through your baking. But your vacation ends with a twist when HYDRA decides to attack the Tower, taking you hostage.
  • Friday, July 14th: ‘What are the Odds?’ Part Four (Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Week Three

  • Saturday, July 15th: Who Put a Ficus in the Elevator? (Avengers x Reader)
    During your first quarter of college, you’ve gone to many frat parties. Let’s see how the Avengers react to their sweet little Y/N becoming a party girl.
  • Sunday, July 16th: Better Than a Stripper (Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers)
    Bucky never planned on the night ending in handcuffs and a hole in his ceiling. But what else do you expect when it comes to his 30th birthday party?
  • Monday, July 17th: ‘What are the Odds?’ Part Five (Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
  • Tuesday, July 18th:Who’s to Blame?’ Part Three (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
  • Wednesday, July 19th: ‘Hot Guy’ (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
    It’s finals week, and that means lots and lots of studying in the library. However, a certain stranger keeps distracting you from your studying.
  • Thursday, July 20th: ‘What are the Odds?’ Part Six (Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
  • Friday, July 21st: ‘Who’s to Blame?’ Part Four (Bucky Barnes x Reader) AND ‘Who’s to Blame?’ Final (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Week Four

  • Saturday, July 22nd: ‘What are the Odds?’ Part Seven (Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
  • Sunday, July 23rd: ‘What are the Odds?’ Final (Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
  • Monday, July 24th: “‘Hot Guy’” Part Two (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
  • Tuesday, July 25th: You Don’t Know Me (Steve Rogers x Reader)
    Based on ‘You Don’t Know Me’ by Michael Buble
  • Wednesday, July 26th: “‘Hot Guy’” Part Three (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
  • Thursday, July 27th: The Real You (Avengers x Reader)
    Ever since you joined the Avengers, you felt the need to keep to yourself. The Avengers were Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, so a lot was riding on what they thought of you. However, when you bump into an old friend of yours at a gala event, your facade breaks. Let’s see what the Avengers actually think of the real you.
  • Friday, July 28th: “‘Hot Guy’” Part Four (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

hello everybody!!!

i thought it would be fun to host a little event called 10 days of dodie! 

to participate, all you have to do is post your original content* each day with each given theme! any blog type can participate

tag each post with #10dod and/or #10daysofdodie 

also, feel free to follow me if you want! it isn’t required but it would mean the world!

*original content can be gifs, graphics, photo edits, typography, or anything else as long as it is created by you!

the start date is july 1st and it will end july 10th

on with the themes:

day 1: favorite dodie song

day 2: favorite doddleoddle video(s)

day 3: favorite doddlevloggle video(s)

day 4: favorite collab

day 5: favorite dodie outfit

day 6: doddleoddle or doddlevloggle?

day 7: favorite cover sung by dodie

day 8: favorite poem written by dodie

day 9: favorite performance

day 10: favorite dodie lyrics

thank you so much for participating!!! 

reblog to spread the word!


When? : the whole month of July (starting from 1st july !)

How to joint? : reblog this post ( You must be an op related blog) message us to let us know.You can participate if you’re an ask blog or an RP blog ( OC , canon and AU are all acepted)

Event mods:
@ask-trafalgardwaterlamy @askfuturepirateluffyko

More details: there will be activities like a talent show, a contest about the most original, the most beautiful and funiest look based on any sea creature (merman, mermaid, sea monster, fish etc.)

Event chat room: the link of the chatroom will be posted just before the event start ( a day or two before the 1st July)

Dress code: your muse must look like any sea creature

Pls tag any event by #AquaWorldEvent2k17

Bonus art prize giveaway !

There will be prizes at the end of the events for the winners of the contest. There will be 4 art Prizes, 1 for each winner of the outfit contest ( 1st, 2nd , 3rd Place ) and we will pick someone from all the participant. Everyone have a chance to win.

6969's 1 Year Anniversary FAN LIP SYNC PROJECT


I’m back, and with a new idea for a new video!
As some of you might remember, I did a fan lip-sync earlier this year of us all doing Take on Me (which u can find here: ) and it went really well!

So to celebrate Danny’s favorite song and it’s 1st anniversary EVER, we’re gonna do a fan lip-sync in honor of that!

Starting next week (July 1st), submissions are open to send me your videos.


Film yourself dancing/lip-syncing/acting out parts of 6969 (WE NEED A LOT OF ENERGY FOR THIS ONE, SINCE ITS A SPACE OPERA LOL)

You have three options: lip-sync to Danny’s lines, Steel Panther/the Dick Elders’ lines, or if you wanna just dance or act out parts, go right ahead! (and if you’re badass, try doing Danny’s dance in the second chorus ;) )

You can dress in anything, but keep it casual (nothing too exposing)
Refrain from acting TOO crazy (ie twerking, being too sexy etc)
And be sure to get me at least half/the whole song in one video or parts.

Submissions end on August 24th (and I’ll be reposting this with reminders for you guys!

Please submit your video in a wav file to

If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me on here or even my twitter dms!


30-Day OTP Art Challenge

Draw Your OTP…
1. Holding hands
2. Cuddling somewhere
3. Gaming/Watching a movie
4. On a date
5. Kissing
6. Wearing each other’s clothes
7. Cosplaying
8. Shopping
9. Hanging out with friends
10. With animal ears
11. Wearing kigurumis
12. Making out (I’m trying to keep this as a SFW blog please :’D)
13. Eating ice cream
14. Genderswapped
15. In a different clothing style 
16. During their morning rituals
17. Spooning
18. Doing something together (this can be anything!)
19. In formal wear
20. Dancing
21. Cooking/baking
22. In battle, side by side
23. Arguing
24. Making up afterwards (I repeat the SFW thing :‘DD)
25. Gazing into each other’s eyes
26. Getting married
27. On one of their birthdays
28. Doing something ridiculous
29. Doing something sweet
30. Doing something hot

Let’s try n’ start the 1st of July ✨

Hello, everyone! As a reminder, Stormpilot Week starts on July 1st! (Hopefully you guys are more prepared than I am. :P But if not, no worries, there’s still time! That’s what this post is for–a lil reminder to get ready before the week actually starts if you can! And, of course, you don’t have to make something for each day. Just do however much you have time for!) These are the themes:

Day 1: July 1st - Matchmaker BB-8 OR Poster boys of the Resistance
Day 2: July 2nd - Fake married/Fake dating OR Alternative Meeting
Day 3: July 3rd - Hurt/Comfort OR Everyday life
Day 4: July 4th - Soulmate AU OR Role Reversal
Day 5: July 5th - Deleted Senes from The Last Jedi
Day 6: July 6th - Any AU
Day 7: July 7th - Fanwork Appreciation

If you’re confused about anything, check out this more detailed post, and after that, if you still have a question, you can ask us here! We hope to see a lot of you participate and can’t wait to see your creations! :)

NANA Week 2017

NANA Week 2017 will start on July 1st and end on July 7th!  That’s right, it’s 7 days of NANA!

While I’m calling it NANA Week, anything to do do with Ai Yazawa and any of her series is accepted for NANA Week!  This is a week to celebrate NANA, Paradise Kiss, Gokinjo Monogatari, Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai, Kagen no Tsuki, and everything Ai Yazawa or to express what any of these works mean to us with our own creative content.

Optional Prompts

Just be sure to tag your submissions that week with #nanaweek, #7daysofnana, @ me (7daysofnana), or get it to me somehow so I can reblog it for everyone to see.

So mark it in your calendar, reblog this so as everyone who might be interested can get involved, and have fun! 

Be sure to follow me for weekly reminders and to see everyone’s lovely submissions ~ <33

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Month 2017 – July 7th to August 6th

July is fast approaching and many of you voiced their concern about the possibility of 5Ds month taking place in just a little over a week. While ultimately the majority voted for the schedule to remain the way it was originally planned, the crowd asking for it to be moved to August was only marginally smaller! Seeing this result I decided to come up with a small compromise: Instead of starting the month on July 1st, Yusei’s birthday on July 7th will mark the starting point of the event! Giving everyone another week to prepare and hopefully allowing those of you who are currently stuck in school to participate at least in the second half of this 30 days long fandom marathon!

The rules are simple starting on July 7th there will be a new prompt for every day leading up to August 6th! And it is your duty to create any and all kinds of fanworks based on them! Fanfics, edits, art, meta, headcanons – the possibilities are endless! Nothing is too obscure or too low-effort – everything will be reblogged as long as you made it and you tagged it with #ygo5dsmonth2017!

Let’s make this month super awesome and create lots of new content for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds!!!

For further explanation please refer to the guidelines page!

A list of all the prompts can be found here!

And obviously if you have any more questions or concerns you can shoot me an ask!

IN FOUR DAYS, signups open for @samwilsonbirthdaybang !! Signups start July 1st and run through July 31st! Wanna participate? We’re looking for…

- FIC WRITERS. Write a Sam-centric fic!
- ARTISTS. Based on the Sam fics!

We’re accepting all kinds of art!
- Drawings/paintings/digital art
- Graphics
- Audio works including playlists and podfics

If you have questions, let me know, or reach out to the blog and the mods will be happy to answer! :)

Unofficial Rec Bulletin #169

You can submit fics to be include in these here. Other recs/promos/etc can be dropped in our ask box. More info about the bulletin and submitted recs here. Link to previous bulletins.


Fic Recs:

Other Recs/Promos

Fic Recs:

Colder Weather by Shannon-Kind [M, 24,500 word count]

(au, super au, angst, creature!cas, pining!dean, pining!cas, depression, suicidal, bigbro!gabriel, challenge fic)
recced by @ellis-park

“I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but there are some people that just seem to suck the joy out of the world around them.” Dean chuckles darkly in understanding. “My parents were like that.”
Dean Winchester doesn’t suspect his new friend Castiel’s sincerity. Castiel Novak is a Pranat. One wrong touch, and anyone from his species can digest the joy from the world around them. Unwilling to doom any one town to that fate, Castiel overcomes his ‘disability’ by driving an eighteen wheeler between the hubs of a large shipping company and living on the joy from the packages in his care. A few smiles here, a hearty laugh there, but at least he can believe no one is too deeply affected.
When a terrible snowstorm forces him to pull into an empty parking lot, a kindhearted cook brings him inside the empty diner for some coffee and company. Over several visits together, they begin to share friendship, and maybe something more. But as much as he craves it, Castiel can never allow himself to touch Dean Winchester. Not if he wants his new friend to lead a happy life.

Non timebo mala - I won’t fear evil by romachebella, supernaturallyconfussed11 [NC-17, 69,500 word count]

(au, angst, dark, porn, mafia, historical au, hurt comfort, bottom castiel, !sastiel, !dcbb 2014, challenge fic)
recced by @slashhaven11

Non Timebo Mala is a story about hope and not losing it even in our darkest moments.
Sam Winchester is a trained assassin whose moment has arrived; the job that he has waited for has come to him. A murder contract, which will lead him to his long lost brother who is caught in the arms of the Yakuza.
Castiel Novak: An American translator working in the embassy gives refuge to a criminal one night only to be thrown into a whirlwind of crime and passion that he never thought he would experience.
Dean: An American in the yakuza and the face of the Kuro Tora company, a front for the yakuza’s activities in post war japan. He is strong and almost indomitable, until he meets the American translator who promises him something that he lost a long time ago

Take a Look to the Sky by chicktar [NC-17, 185,200 word count]

(au, angst, dark, abo, noncon, protective!cas, mechanic!dean, neighbors, bonded, bottom!dean, abusive family, bdsm)
recced by @chicktar

AU with Castiel and Dean as neighbors. Alpha Castiel has been pining for his neighbor Omega Dean. Castiel discovers Dean after he has been raped and tortured and all of his protective instincts kick in. Not sure where I’m going – this is my first fanfic ever, so I’m just trying this out to see where it heads.

Walk into the Tide ‘verse by ahrent [T, 14,800 word count for verse]

(au, fluff, angst, amnesia, hurt comfort, mechanic!dean, teacher!castiel, protective!castiel, !samjess, domestic, marriage)
recced by @winchesterwithwings

The first time Dean met Castiel was at a wedding. They would have a lot of firsts. It was the start of a love story, of sorts.

Other Recs/Promos:

DeanCas Graphics Challenge

This monthly challenge provides graphics makers a forum to explore Dean and Cas through a series of ever evolving lenses! July’s challenge is Aesthetics. Example prompts will include vibrant, pastel, greyscale, vintage, neon, etc. Rules can be found here and here!

DeanCas Tropefest 2017

The Dean/Cas Tropefest is a big-bang style challenge for experienced fic writers & artists. Authors have the summer to write a fic at least 15k in length that incorporates two or more tropes. Artists have six weeks to illustrate two or more scenes from the fic(s) they claim. Check out the Rules and Schedule. Art claims are open NOW!

Destiel Harlequin Challenge 

The Destiel Harlequin Challenge is a writing and art challenge for lovers of cheesy romance novels - and what is not to love!! These fun fics started posting July 1st, so check them out!

SPN Canon Big Bang

All canon fics, all the time! That is the basis of this new big bang. Bring your case fics, monsters of the week, angels and demons and have some Canon fun. Postings began July 3!