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rules: put your music on shuffle, list the first ten songs that play and then tag ten people

1. i’m gonna be (500 miles) - the proclaimers
2. night sky - chvrches
3. itchin’ on a photograph - grouplove
4. that’s what you get - paramore
5. you’re welcome - dwayne johnson (moana soundtrack)
6. the business of emotion - big data
7. missy - the airborne toxic event
8. mess around - cage the elephant
9. gold guns girls - metric
10. heart it races - places like this

i tag: uh. anyone who wants to do this! because i’m shit at tagging people and i don’t want to annoy people fhdjfjkdhsd

For The Widows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti
Sufjan Stevens
For The Widows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti


If there’s anything to say, if there’s anything to do,

If there’s any other way,

I’ll do anything for you


composers with instagrams (1/?)
franz schubert, pyotr tchaikovsky, and fryderyk chopin 

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Can you believe I listen to Young Forever everyday and cry buckets of tears? Lay the song dissection on me ~F

oh my god fhasdlgadg there is s omuch happening in this song, i’ll try my best to address them best i can. you could spend three days listening to it on repeat and still find hidden parts in the instrumentation or the vocals or the soundbites i just ugh. while reading this, please keep in mind that i’m not a professional musician nor am i an intense music student nor am i even particularly good at playing my any instrument(s), so if you belong to one of the categories above: please don’t hate me lmao

1. electronic vocals (?)

in the original ver of young forever, the addition of electronic sounds manages to enhance the piece w/o overloading the listener. a lot of top 40′s lay on too much of these toggling effects after recording & i get bored of it real fast; it’s banal af and most songs ends up sounding the same. however, whoever produced this / was in charge of sound editing did a great job avoiding a lot of overdone trends ! 

the song opens with a really quiet, rather high vocal scat (for lack of better words) that is repeated throughout the rest of the piece w/o trying to catch attention. the whole point of this motif is to bring variety to the basic synth piano that starts off namjoon’s verse, but it keeps getting looped back over the chorus and is half-drowned out by the melody later on. it’s an interesting decision to bring it back again, esp when the casual listener won’t catch it.

when most of the instrumentation cuts out around the 2min mark with jungkook’s line, it becomes more prominent again, returning the theme of “quietude” back to the audience. the ending is pretty bare to the bones musically, but this high line is reminiscent of the beginning of the song, and brings everything back full circle. it’s drowned out most of the time, but i’m still in love with this tiny lil touch idk

2. usage of silence

right when namjoon’s voice comes in, the editor made the deliberate choice to leave in his intake of breath. this serves the purpose of making the bass line feel more impactful (aka that note drop u hear; i’m still trying to place what instrument that is) it’s the juxtaposition of the opening, the intimacy of the inhale, and how namjoon gets past the first couple words w only synth support all serve to intensify that first real heavy note

not to forget, hoseok’s verse builds up the tension so high before wiping out completely. it’s the two (? maybe three) lines of percussion and the synth (sounds like unwinding VCR tape) that crescendo with his voice. the whole thing seems to “break” as it reaches the climax, serving to make his scream at the end even more intense. the whole rap part has been leading up to it, and i get chills every goddamn time mmfalsdkhg

this is the same with jungkook’s part. the vocals have a more noticeable percussion line, and the snare (?) drum speeds up + crescendos into the silence. only when EVERYTHING drops out with him, do the busywork of all these melodies and countermelodies smooth out into clapping, the high opening line, and very obvious piano. there are also tons of layered vocals weaving in and out.

there is so much power in the silence as well. the silence right after hoseok’s verse where he yells into the deep, his lines climbing higher n higher every time, silence at 2:03 when jungkook sings, and silence at the beginning of the song. all of it is important to bring about a suspended, anticipated feeling to the listener ?????????and it makes things the song less cookie-cutter + more interesting

3. that One Bass Note

when counting in 4/4 (idk if it’s cut time or not lmao; both seem to work fine w the rhythm), that low bass comes in on the down beat of every two measures, so the suspension is more engaging than to have one every bar. it’s a really small thing, but it helps with the languid, drawled-out sorta feel that this song aims for.

both yoongi AND namjoon have very minimalistic starts to their lines. their rap begins on the pickup and the third word or so is really emphasized bc of the drop (idk what’s producing the noise tho / what exactly to call it). hoseok still gets that bass note, but he starts right on the down beat, which immediately changes the mood of the piece, but draws relatively little attention to it ????

4. musical buildup

the song gets built up verse by verse. namjoon starts with that high line, sparse piano chords, a sort of high-beeping noise that sounds like synth woodblock or something lmao. that sound goes off on the 3rd beat of every measure, while that bass note is the down beat of every second bar.

yoongi gets a fuller sound with low vocals, synth piano in a high ass tessitura (likely to compliment the opening motif), a really nice percussion line, and some nice low bass-y chords to bring in more depth. this is when the song starts sounding healthier, heartier, more gut-wrenching.

hoseok gets double percussion with the start of his lines. there’s a brassy, brush-like sound going on every beat, and a rat-a-tat-tat sorta thing that starts outta it at 1:06, and then takes up a life of it’s own. it has nice syncopation & it gets held off to every 3rd beat, right until taehyung starts singing. then it becomes a consistent line in the background of the song and it makes me nut so hard every time

this signifies a change in the overall dynamics and sound (???i guess) bc it calls in a more harried tone when vocal line goes In For The Kill. from then on, things stay pretty consistent (the electronic woodblock and that one bass note too!), except there are a bunch of easier heard percussion weaving in and out which is expected

5. layered vocals

throughout the song, there are tons of echoey lines, the ones that branch off from the main lyrics right away, others that circle back and show up while hidden way in the background. all it of constitutes to a hallowed sort of feel, like you’re standing on the beach or off a cliff or in a canyon with nothing around you for miles and miles and miles and it just???it takes that feeling of being Alone / at the end of ur time and really drives it home. this effect really goes with the theme of the song, especially when the lyrics turn out to be a death knell of sorts ;((

ex: there’s one really muffled, hidden line mirroring the melody at 2:21, and the first time i tapped into it i Freaked??? who tf is singing????? why is this so genius??? it grounds the half-belting real nice-like. not to forget the way bts harmonizes with themselves but also leave spaces for single words to shine thru (until filling out all the gaps by the end) goes so well with the theme of playing with silence in this song. it’s Genius, i’m telling you. Genius.

6. the singing itself

the vocal line has a natural progression from the lower melody to higher notes. jimin and jungkook both have high ass riffs in falsetto, but every one drops a third, i think. i don’t have enough theory under my belt to break the melody down further (like why the notes sound good or the sound is very unique etc), but the choral parts are my fave bit. i love the minimalistic instrumentals (clapping on the off beats god ,,, always gets to me) while vocal line sings their hearts out on top of it (ಥ﹏ಥ) and then all of bts joins in. the full multi-layered voice effect is so nostalgic n sentimental and that’s exactly what they were going for with this???

wow truly incredible i love bts

in conclusion:

this song utilizes typical effects often heard in pop music, but they’re used in very unique ways that help the listener stay engaged. the sound mixing is impeccable, the melody is neither repetitive nor boring, and hidden instruments as the moving line are done tastefully.

also: silence? yes. silence.


below is every official metric album and its listed tracks (not including EPs or movie soundtracks or pagans in vegas [i may add pagans in vegas later on]). each track corresponds to a certain prompt or question. send me the title of the track, and i’ll respond to the prompt/question assigned to it. note: questions are not always 100% representative of the meaning of the song.


IOU - what’s a childhood dream of yours that reality has ruined?
HUSTLE ROSE - what did you do the last time you felt empty inside?
SUCCEXY - are technology and the media improving or ruining your life?
COMBAT BABY - how do you feel about the friend you fight with the most?
CALCULATION THEME - have you ever loved someone you couldn’t be with?
WET BLANKET - do your friends have friends that you don’t approve of? why don’t you?
ON A SLOW NIGHT - would you change yourself for fame and fortune?
THE LIST - what’s one thing unique about you that you want to change? what would you change it to?
DEAD DISCO - how do you feel like the modern day music?
LOVE IS A PLACE - what’s the last thing you fell in love with that wasn’t another person?


EMPTY - when’s the last time you gave up?
GLASS CEILING - what’s one social norm you’ve never abided by?
HANDSHAKES - how much will you sacrifice to get to the top?
TOO LITTLE TOO LATE - what’s always on your conscience?
POSTER OF A GIRL - what’s your substitute for romance?
MONSTER HOSPITAL - which war is one you just can’t win?
PATRIARCH ON A VESPA - is there a proper way to grow up? what is it?
THE POLICE AND THE PRIVATE - what does it take for you to trust someone?
ENDING START - what’s something you regret agreeing to do? are you going to do it anyway?
LIVE IT OUT - has anyone tried to stop you from doing what you wanted? did you do it anyway?


GROW UP AND BLOW AWAY - would you take the chance to relive your childhood?
HARDWIRE - if your partner cheated on you, would you stay with them?
ROCK ME NOW - what’s your hometown like?
THE TWIST - what’s one thing you’ve done drunk that you regret?
ON THE SLY - have you ever wanted someone to hate you? do they?
SOFT ROCK STAR - how low will you go for the approval of others?
RAW SUGAR - what’s your wildest dream? 
WHITE GOLD - what’s keeping you from achieving your dreams?
LONDON HALFLIFE - what would you tell your past self?


HELP I’M ALIVE - what makes you afraid? how do you show it?
SICK MUSE - have you ever felt pressured to love someone? 
SATELLITE MIND - who’s one person you just can’t get out of your head? how does that person make you feel?
TWILIGHT GALAXY - have you ever given up on a dream because it was stupid?
GOLD GUNS GIRLS - why aren’t you satisfied?
GIMME SYMPATHY - would you rather burn out or fade away?
COLLECT CALL - who’s the person you depend on the most?
FRONT ROW - have you ever tried to make it big? did it work?
BLINDNESS - what does life mean to you?
STADIUM LOVE - should it be a dog eat dog world?


ARTIFICIAL NOCTURNE - how do you escape reality?
YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH - were/are you a dangerous teen?
SPEED THE COLLAPSE - have you ever ignored a warning? what happened to you when you did?
BREATHING UNDERWATER - how did your last relationship end?
DREAMS SO REAL - have you ever given up on fighting for a cause?
LOST KITTEN - do you know anyone who’s too dangerous for their own good? how do you deal with them?
THE VOID - have you ever pretended that you were having a good time when you weren’t?
SYNTHETICA - what’s one thing about yourself that you will never change?
CLONE - what’s one thing you regret not doing?
THE WANDERLUST -  have you ever run away from home? have you wanted to?
NOTHING BUT TIME - what’s one thing you want to achieve before you die?

Music tag

I got tagged by the sweet lil @sassybookshelf
Ok listen i’ve been tagged to do this before but i haven’t done it cuz the only kpop i listen to is EXO sjfkek(and some winner and nct but only 5 songsjdjeh) and i thought it wouldn’t be approptiate for a kpop blog bu imma do it anyways

Instructions: Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping

Fake Tales Of San Francisco - Arctic Monkeys

Sliver Live&Loud - Nirvana

Go To Sleep - Radiohead

Don’t Go - EXO (oh thank god ///this would have been really embarrassing without any exo song)

Oh Ms Believer - Twenty One Pilots

REALLY REALLY - WINNER (neol johahae///im addicted to this song and FOOL)

Californication - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd

Violet - Hole

Artificial Love - EXO (would you look at that 3 kpop song wrow)

Tagging: @hoegiwa (yess show me your music) @sad-yoongi (it could be similiar to mine except bts skfieka) @yeol-stole-my-soul (sry for tagging you in so much🙈) @penguinsoo0112 @actualprincepcy @sekaisoosgirl @parkcyeollie @chanssoo i really dont know whom to tag fuwhfja

for auld lang syne, my dear

Otayuri Week Day 2:  Social Media or Celebrations

Words: 1.7K

Featuring: a group chat, an inconsolable instagram fandom, and a new year’s engagement

AO3 link

Skating Gays

–10 Dec, 14:32–

Christophe: So what’s everyone doing for new year?

Katsudon: …why?

Christophe: I’m going to London and wondered if any of you wanted to join me


Katsudon: We will?

Victor: I’m booking plane tickets now so yes, pack a bag

Phichit: This is going to make for some great Instagrams I can see it now

Phichit: I’m in

Kazakhstan’s Hero: I’ll go if Yuri goes

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Skulls Layered
Skulls Layered

Make sure you listen with headphones!

I wanted to hear what Skulls sounded like layered and decided i’ll share it bc it’s hecka cool. Tell me what you think!

Other edits:

The Draw (x) Of The Night (x)

Tagged by @thisismylifecollage to do one of those “put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs” things. I’ll include some links too for funsies.

  1. FHKD (Pat Lok Remix) - Honne, Pat Lok
  2. Swept Away - The xx
  3. Awake - Electric Guest
  4. This is What You Came For (R3hab Remix) - Calvin Harris, Rihanna, R3hab)
  5. Silver & Gold - WILD
  6. Snap Out of It - Arctic Monkeys
  7. Man on the Moon - Zella Day
  8. Faded - Alan Walker
  9. Lake Michigan - Rogue Wave
  10. Build it Better - Aron Wright

Am I only supposed to tag one person? I’ll tag @orangeyouglad8 because I see you postin’ music now and again.

“I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory
Is this where it gets me, on my feet, sev’ral feet ahead of me?
I see it coming, do I run or fire my gun or let it be? 

Burr, my first friend, my enemy 

Maybe the last face I ever see

If I throw away my shot, is this how you’ll remember me?
What if this bullet is my legacy?”


“pretty lips and soft brown eyes, her hand around my wrist. the air is quiet, being softly, as we just exist.

i would kiss her, if she wanted, happily comply. but i am scared and she’s unsure- we’re both a little shy.

she’s not perfect, i’m not perfect; this i know is true. we could just be flawed together, i think that would do.

i don’t know how she is feeling, i’m too afraid to ask.  still i know i’ll always love her, as friends or 

something else.

pretty lips and soft brown eyes, her hand around my wrist. the air is quiet, being softly as we just


  - a sapphic lullaby